Rust - A GREAT RECOVERY to a HOPELESS Wipe (Movie) 

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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Blooprint 3 days ago
You guys reallllly thought I was going to do just ONE video for 1,000,000 subscribers didn't you? HAHAHA! You were so right!!! Yeah, one movie was the plan. This video ended up being longer than I anticipated but you can't complain about back to back movies can you? Hey, while you're reading this, maybe go check out my second channel? ❤️ us-first.info/more/3mG1jxWYgBoJwSaJrke3YQ
Scott Williams
Scott Williams 9 hours ago
@provisualgaming 1
future5ives 17 hours ago
BLOOOOOOO did you even realize at 44:05 at lighthouse right after you checked the bodies and someone started to compound bow you that "THEY NEVER FOUND YOUR GUN"? ITS SITTING RIGHT ON THE LEDGE WHERE YOU DIED. you didn't notice when you checked the first body because you were in loot menu.
Adil Ibrahim
Adil Ibrahim 21 hour ago
you should have given your base to linger
Bolt Day ago
No you cant we love it
Tuxedo Man
Tuxedo Man Day ago
May I ask what day do you stream on twitch so that I can watch or is it just random
soi 4 hours ago
at 44:05 the person that killed you left the p2, you can see it on the ground
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper 4 hours ago
Where was the shrek meme video after saying this is my swamp
J R 4 hours ago
they should balance the game better to make it more doable for solos. make raiding more expensive. Also rust is boring and pointless once you reached level 3 weapons. what's the point in getting more loot. the game is basically over. cool game though but it has its flaws
jr leonor
jr leonor 4 hours ago
0:09 lol that got me xD
Amadeius 4 hours ago
Hey blooprint reply if you want a cookie
Addie Chee
Addie Chee 4 hours ago
Bro do not engry you can kill he i trus you you are pro!
Sondys 5 hours ago
If you go on frost,s US-first Channel you can see the new video vid frost and blooprint :):)
DBurgur 5 hours ago
Your buddy joins you, you get the lighthouse kill, and he says “SHEEESH!” the same way the camper did! Conspiracy confirmed
Jeff Powell
Jeff Powell 5 hours ago
welcome to my everyday experience playing Rust, LOL
Gamer1815 5 hours ago
This man is the Dream of Rust
Biscuit Games
Biscuit Games 5 hours ago
love your content man
LeeroYy2 6 hours ago
can we have some qaulity time on Rust ? im dutch bud perfect english xD
DynamoDad 6 hours ago
Still watching the video, it's getting boring very fast hearing him complain about his own server.. "I can't play the game, so many people in the middle of nowhere... why are there 3 people on the beach?"
SLAMMIN SALMON7 6 hours ago
Ol ling. Lol thank you for the video
Scorchlette 6 hours ago
What's the base design Blooprint
Garrett huiatt
Garrett huiatt 6 hours ago
Hay man
Ryan Grimm
Ryan Grimm 6 hours ago
Lol his first victory in a long time was the two of them killing a solo.. the exact thing he was complaining about
VISVGE 6 hours ago
do a wipe in a missile silo bro
Chuckles 7 hours ago
"we ended up with a metric FUCK TON OF ROCKETS" 1:10:15
onii -chan
onii -chan 7 hours ago
This wipe is literally rogue lineage. No matter where you go there’s a fucking Gaia dweller waiting and ganks you when you try and progress
zero cat
zero cat 7 hours ago
What is the name for the small wooden wall he uses for pvp?
Cory in da hus
Cory in da hus 7 hours ago
Rust youtube is kinda cringe
[]C_r_o-t_i_x[] 8 hours ago
44:05 min in Theres the p2
Justyn Haywood
Justyn Haywood 8 hours ago
22:30 is that Jason Bourne
Used To It
Used To It 8 hours ago
It’s funny seeing bluprint rage we need more
MagicManTyler 8 hours ago
hey man, love your videos :) you should add more pop to your solo duo trio server, because lets be honest, 200+ people ques are not fun to wait in
Xseries Turbo
Xseries Turbo 8 hours ago
It’s so upsetting the fact your videos are fake and you got caught out:( really loved your vids man
STEELBADGER 8 hours ago
Davide Siclari
Davide Siclari 8 hours ago
No mate, the lesson is: never run solo on servers which aren't "solo only" ones, because it doesn't matter if you have 50 hours or 5000, your wipe is gonna be SHIT. LoL
Mellow Rebel
Mellow Rebel 9 hours ago
swales winter and a few more had this shit going on.
Drew Bear
Drew Bear 9 hours ago
I really wanna play this game, fuck i need a pc
Gabriel Parsonis
Gabriel Parsonis 9 hours ago
What does movie mean?
Mellow Rebel
Mellow Rebel 9 hours ago
Marco Bell
Marco Bell 9 hours ago
Asmr seasion
beter then tfue
beter then tfue 9 hours ago
6:35 him sees someone: GET OUT ME SWOMP!!!
Secret Ninja
Secret Ninja 9 hours ago
Love the DB salt
TikiShootah 9 hours ago
The guy plays on a normal "vanilla" full pop server, and freaks out because it's hard. Well ofc it is, that's what makes it great.
Mellow Rebel
Mellow Rebel 9 hours ago
Cendren 9 hours ago
25:11 I thought he was gonna start rapping there
Bamboozler 9 hours ago
I knew shrek could mald but didn’t know he collected sulfur to make rockets
Gust Man
Gust Man 9 hours ago
Correct I did not know how you were going to recover when you where getting big loot.
SnipeRRR07 10 hours ago
marqed 10 hours ago
sheeeesh x64
Eero aaltonen
Eero aaltonen 10 hours ago
No way man u did made it more than 1mill i remember than u had like 1k subs so big glow up 😎
davidehu 10 hours ago
I can't stop saying sheeeesh every two minutes. Rust community send me this drug. Sheeeesh ,_,
BeeDoubleOh 10 hours ago
“We ended up with a metric fuck ton of rockets” bro has me dying over here
Sapunelu 10 hours ago
This almost feels... scripted.
Speedi 10 hours ago
1:16:38 blooprint down bad
Mads Svender XD
Mads Svender XD 10 hours ago
You didn’t load in the same place as you logged off at day 1
Justchill Man
Justchill Man 10 hours ago
The game is so boring now
Minecraft Blocky Chris
"omg he just ducked" no he was like that your just bad
Clashofclans 11 hours ago
Damn bloo maybe try something that isnt solo, you arent as good as you once were
Nicolas Faircloth
Nicolas Faircloth 11 hours ago
The music at 58:24 vibin
Clashofclans 11 hours ago
Doesn bloo have his own server
ivan nl
ivan nl 11 hours ago
bro a movie after another a disappointing ending 2 times in a row
KiD On 144Hz
KiD On 144Hz 11 hours ago
I love your videos😍😍😍
BDBRBOX 11 hours ago
Sheeeesh is now part of my vocabulary hahahaha!
Jedzia Dex
Jedzia Dex 11 hours ago
Blooprint: "A metric fuck-ton" That's heavy!
K. McVicker
K. McVicker 11 hours ago
Is it normal for you to bitch about every single death?
Colin Seecharan
Colin Seecharan 11 hours ago
Bruh at 42.54 he got the rarest item the chair 1/150 change to get that.
Can Berk YILDIRIM 11 hours ago
22:30 Ahahahahahahah
xDKitten Is Exotic
xDKitten Is Exotic 11 hours ago
he turned into shrek
CENK ALİ IŞIK 12 hours ago
your jokes are killing me man funniest part was:i am garbage is living his name
Mark Nunez
Mark Nunez 12 hours ago
16:11 *Unlocks* triangle hatch key lock.
marqed 12 hours ago
it's all ogre
Cam Smith Johnson
Cam Smith Johnson 12 hours ago
i find it funny how after you kill the bear around 2:30 there was hella nodes but yet its super rare for me to even find one
iKaiito 12 hours ago
0 : 2
Zaidoon Almahdawi
Zaidoon Almahdawi 12 hours ago
The people who shoot you when they are getting shot at as well are retarded to the second power
Cosmic 12 hours ago
wHaTs tHe bAsE dEsIgN bLoOpRiNt?
Alex Leishman
Alex Leishman 12 hours ago
did he pick his lvl2 workbench up or did he craft an extra one, also can you pick up work benches now?
Zakee Brown
Zakee Brown 12 hours ago
the way u said ¨i was down bad¨ im deaaaaaaad
Truluzer 12 hours ago
Polar bear... I got killed by him yesterday lol, Great video btw.
Tait Devine
Tait Devine 12 hours ago
I gotta disagree, Bow pvp on wipe day is fun for one, but second the loot you can get is other peoples bodies loaded with stone, wood and metal. It may not be weapon and armor/clothing profit, but there is a huge chance that one of those bow kids are loaded with stone and wood trying to get a base down, which = new base for you, or new expansions for you.
Aspiren 13 hours ago
It’s crazy how similar every rust video is
CheeryFlame4611 13 hours ago
Aarik Thompson
Aarik Thompson 13 hours ago
sulfur to cooked sulfur to gun powder to metric fuck ton of rockets
WarOnGwar 13 hours ago
Nivel Full
Nivel Full 13 hours ago
I love how you make them vids so long and connect an amazing story through your whole wipe. Never played Rust, but thanks to you I will for sure once i upgrade my gear.
Veersal 13 hours ago
I know u play baseball now give me money:)
JAJAJA 13 hours ago
58:38 OOP! What’s wrong
Evan Gambino
Evan Gambino 13 hours ago
“Another green card” bro can I have one
Nub95 13 hours ago
thumbnail i like
Boggyb25 13 hours ago
Stupid title but good video lol
Victor Rezende
Victor Rezende 13 hours ago
The title should've been The Shrek Experience
Narathip Assavadejmetakul
Good video but he really need to fix his aim
pomerade gbr2
pomerade gbr2 14 hours ago
"we can raid any base in the server" ... passes by 4 bases because they're "chonkers"
Meh Darren
Meh Darren 14 hours ago
I mean u can be a duo and all the solo horror will be gone
Sina 14 hours ago
so u log off downstair and wake up upsair damn u walk in ur sleep
Chase Kasko
Chase Kasko 14 hours ago
The fast needle philly thank because interest mechanically spill during a elite antarctica. hard-to-find, ugly knot
Exqualify 14 hours ago
was this scripted?
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 14 hours ago
U should make a tutorial for new people
Davin Rort 2
Davin Rort 2 14 hours ago
49:19 captions: head over to *bandicam*
Kenny Steen
Kenny Steen 14 hours ago
Why u mad, thats exactly how it is when i play rust solo. but i get gangbanged by 3 guys from the moment i spawn on the beach, til i get raided =)
Lomas 348
Lomas 348 14 hours ago
I love ur videos i love hoy u win in soné videos and when ur done u just give ur base to someone or help someone
Hunter Reynolds
Hunter Reynolds 14 hours ago
Love the new profile pic btw
Weird champ
Weird champ 14 hours ago
xqcL bloodprint pog
Ryan Petrillo
Ryan Petrillo 14 hours ago
Misses 5 SAP shots 4m out "No skill DB... my bad I should've crafted one that's why I lost"
Joshua Cardon
Joshua Cardon 15 hours ago
metric fuck tun haha
Type_R 15 hours ago
are you sure this isn't a rage compilation
House Of Cards - Rust