Russell Westbrook Leaving Rockets After Trade Request! 

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Russell Westbrook Leaving Rockets After Trade Request! Russell Westbrook reportedly told the team he's "uneasy about the team's accountability and culture" and wants to return to being a floor general!
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Nov 11, 2020




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Coke Month ago
He can just go back to okc
Distxnction X
Distxnction X 2 months ago
Westbrook is a great point guard. He isn’t much of a team player. He’s leaving to team because his stats aren’t the same since OKC.
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 months ago
"James Harden remains committed" 😂
Aaron Louis-Jean
Aaron Louis-Jean 2 months ago
Knicks may be the better fit, they can build a team around russ trading these young stars or something
Miguel Angelo Suazo
Miguel Angelo Suazo 2 months ago
The rockets wont trade westbrook to the clippers for paul goerge he would probably get traded to another team
Miguel Angelo Suazo
Miguel Angelo Suazo 2 months ago
IDK the trade for " Russell Westbrick" for "Wayoff P" ??
SnagWrld 2 months ago
Andrw 2 months ago
If the Clippers trade Paul George then the franchise is doomed. Paul is a great player he's even better than Kawhi the problem is that he is currently going through something that affected his game. But I can tell Paul George is back, he's happy again ang engaged. See you at the finals.
EJs WORLD 2 months ago
Imagine George and harden thats a naughty combo
De-Wayne Miller
De-Wayne Miller 2 months ago
Junior 2 months ago
Westbrick of Russell??
Quintin Aparente
Quintin Aparente 2 months ago
I doubt that westbrook will go to the clippers cause they still got that pat bev and russ west beef
CHAD TV 2 months ago
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Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner 2 months ago
Ressel wustbrook
maso 2 months ago
Westbrook just cares about his numbers. He is NOT a team player.
Anthony Jimenez
Anthony Jimenez 2 months ago
He just wants to be a liability for another team.
Archie Ailar
Archie Ailar 2 months ago
So what??? Any team should not accept....he is worse I believe than Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson. He is not just a cancer of the organization but incurable disease with his so called super ego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both James Harden & him have super selfish and attitude in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont think he can fit in any team at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris xO
Chris xO 2 months ago
Funny thing is he carried Houston for most of the year while having two surgeries this year, yet nobody wants to call out Harden
DjBeowulf Remix
DjBeowulf Remix 2 months ago
Harden in lakers
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza 2 months ago
Clive pg is staying they he siad wants to retire on the clippers
Japhet Boristhene/Drummer
Wow that talker got same Giannis voice! 😮
Dean C
Dean C 2 months ago
In all fairness they will never match up against my Lakers!! Fuck everyone
Daniel Quiroz
Daniel Quiroz 2 months ago
Like Westbrook, but I can’t see Westbrook leading a team to a chip. He needs a leader and a good one, Russ is a lieutenant and a damn good one but he needs a damn good general
Brandon Dineo23
Brandon Dineo23 2 months ago
Should just go back to OKC and take back Chris Paul
Jarhead Calvin
Jarhead Calvin 2 months ago
Who cares about racist basketball
DeybYao31 2 months ago
Westbrook and pat bev on clippers? That would be Hilarious. 😂
Scottish Football Calls
I don’t care TBH.
Jon L
Jon L 2 months ago
Westbrook sucks.
He fits on the knicks. Clippers r too stacked
Yes. Westbrook belongs on a better team. Those idiots got rid of a center. They're never gonna win.. naw we need him on the knicks
Coc Girl
Coc Girl 2 months ago
He just overrate for everage player.
Andy Mcvey
Andy Mcvey 2 months ago
Having Westbrook isn’t a positive ....basketball is a team game , something you’d think he would have learnt by now
sean sescon
sean sescon 2 months ago
Russ is the new kd smh
CY_CHO 2 months ago
I heard rockets will get the Great Khali as their center.. i dont know if that was true 🤔
Paulo 2 months ago
This guy has played with KD PG James Harden And he still requesting a trade loOol
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 2 months ago
Westbrook's could be so much better if he just plays his role. He tries to do too much
David Uko
David Uko 2 months ago
Well they’re both bricklayers so 🤷🏾‍♂️
Sometimes Blue
Sometimes Blue 2 months ago
Knicks is ass
Igotbirdspigeons 2 months ago
Actually PG and Russ are due for big seasons
Igotbirdspigeons 2 months ago
Pls go to the clippers give us PG
BigHead Covers
BigHead Covers 2 months ago
So Beverley and Westbrick will be a teammate?
Gary Sales Jr.
Gary Sales Jr. 2 months ago
Westbrook and pat Beverley is kinda awkward to play with each other
Tyler Bonds
Tyler Bonds 2 months ago
Can you start back making the 2k videos please
sam mou
sam mou 2 months ago
Russ&westbrick co; opening business next to a city near you.
King Life
King Life 2 months ago
Send him to the knicks, hes done trying to get a ring.
HAWA NIKO 2 months ago
Pandemic P or Westbrick?
ThomasPlays 2
ThomasPlays 2 2 months ago
if you dont do parodies anymore why dint you change yo name to kingclive or something
Workout Youtube account
Rockets need an actual center. They got the tiny dude tryna guard monsters in the paint.
KUIZON X 2 months ago
If Russ goes to the Knicks he'll be the James harden in that team
steven rubio
steven rubio 2 months ago
I almost spilled my drink when you said "Pandemic P" that shit was funny AF😂
Steven lazar
Steven lazar 2 months ago
Chris Paul be like: 😌
Always_Serpico 2 months ago
Why would Clippers trade one playoff choke artist for another? They definitely need to get rid of PG, but not for Westbrick.
Giannis Ksanthopoulos
Russ must team with Giannis
Richard Nieves
Richard Nieves 2 months ago
In Detroit
Tobsi XI
Tobsi XI 2 months ago
Once they get Danuel House back they wont need westbrook anyway... right skiuuup? 😂
Goated Forlife
Goated Forlife 2 months ago
Russ just got out of injury and had covid we could of atleast take the lakers to 6 or 7 if he was back to 30 to 40 points russ
Raphael Mari Espina
Raphael Mari Espina 2 months ago
not true
Chill Will
Chill Will 2 months ago
Dang,that block from Lebron James really ended Russell’s career.
Royal Me
Royal Me 2 months ago
Lebron the only player who can tame RW and win with him.
Bobby Maverick
Bobby Maverick 2 months ago
Come on you a liability, you not winning a ring with that phat contract, you not worth the cap space you leading a team won't win a ring
Keith S. Heather
Keith S. Heather 2 months ago
PG for RW - great deal !
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Gabriel R. Johnson III
Russell Westbrook has to be a nightmare to be teammates with. He's all hype and can't even win big games.
daniel barreto
daniel barreto 2 months ago
Clippers need a winner to compliment kawaii.
Mnaya TV
Mnaya TV 2 months ago
Westbrook to the Knicks...💫💥
Goated Forlife
Goated Forlife 2 months ago
Not gonna happen knicks fans yall rly say this every year that your gonna get an important player lmao
Luiz Filipe Teixeira
Poor George.
Jordan100% 2 months ago
James Harden feeling like Russ when KD left him 💀
Sunita Thakur
Sunita Thakur 2 months ago
Francisco Tavera
Francisco Tavera 2 months ago
No Westbrook only plays for stats it would be a lost for the clippers
ROLL-TIDE 504 2 months ago
Hello no Paul George is trash send Russell Westbrook to play with Zion. New Orleans
Goated Forlife
Goated Forlife 2 months ago
PG is good and can shoot 3s he just choked in the playoffs i bet he won't do it again
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 2 months ago
JH and PG isn't bad. I can see it working, however PG needs to work on his game a little in terms of his ability to run the floor, shed a little weight and work on conditioning since he shouldn't really be an iso player, I understand that is natural to him but he will never have the explosive power he once had before his injuries. Since the Rockets are a very fast paced team he will want to be a Klay Thompson piece, getting open on the floor off-ball and then when he gets the ball the defence will not be set, therefore he should be able to get better shots/drive opportunities. In terms of Russ and Kawhi... huh.. I don't know how to think of this as Russ can't shoot, he has to dominate the ball to work in a system, Kawhi has to dominate the ball to work in a system... I think Kawhi off-ball isn't as effective as Kawhi running the offense but at the same time, Kawhi has the same issue as PG, love to iso into a defender who is average or worse. And it just involves double teams coming off bad shooters (Russell is one of the worst shooters in the NBA) or even unreliable shooters in general... It really isn't a fit. What I would have loved is for Rockets to try and package a deal to get Mitchell Robinson, however I think the Knicks aren't as stupid as they appear at first sadly. (Free Mitch Robi!)
陈俊峰 2 months ago
I heard Hornets wanting Westbrook. Not sure if they willing to give up protentials like Rozier or Bridges.
Pablo Singh
Pablo Singh 2 months ago
man i feel for kawhi he in a lose lose brick situation pg or russ lol damn no more rings
michael g
michael g 2 months ago
Yea he should be on the clippers
Pinoy Hustle
Pinoy Hustle 2 months ago
Trade him to pelicans, zion and west 🧱 is a good tandem
Everyday We James
Everyday We James 2 months ago
Can you do them 2k videos again . Those were yo best videos lol
Iggins Wiggins Of Andrew
I think the Warriors would be a great fit for Westbrook. Imagine westbrook at pg. Curry at sg. And klay at so. And draymond at pf. Yes westbrook is n on ball guy, but curry plays extremely well off the ball. Curry averaged 27.3 without the ball in his hands every play. Not only that, but a guy like westbrook doesn't necessarily have to be a good shooter. He could play his part and slash. The trade to get him is an issue though. I would put Wiggins, the 2nd overall pick, and the 2021 top 3 protected pick from the Timberwolves and maybe a guy like Jordan Poole and Kevon looney for westbrook. With the 17.5 million dollar exception they could sign oubre as well. Move draymond to center oubre at pf. Salary cap would be fucked up though. These are my thoughts.
IronPlastic Machine
IronPlastic Machine 2 months ago
Westbrick quitted again. Hahahaha
Jordan 2 months ago
If Westbrook goes to the knicks that team would be stacked they would have Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Russell Westbrook. Lmao Okc all over again
SamTrash Gaming
SamTrash Gaming 2 months ago
Bro we need cp3 to clippers not westbrick
SamTrash Gaming
SamTrash Gaming 2 months ago
Bro we need cp3 to clippers not westbrick
Daniel Stern
Daniel Stern 2 months ago
Yul Ja Ma
Yul Ja Ma 2 months ago
As a floor general. Bucks
Coopergaming12 2 months ago
Lesssgo harden westbrick a ball hallger thats why it did not go 4-2 series vs the lakers but like westbrook god its so frustrating dude harden gotta stay
MARUZ DUMADAC 2 months ago
Everybody is moving to the east because lebron and AD IS on their way to wash everyone in the west
Typically Hydra
Typically Hydra 2 months ago
The New York Kings: *We want Russ* Los Angeles Clippers: *Hes mine*
Typically Hydra
Typically Hydra 2 months ago
James would be sad
InjusticeBerserker 2 months ago
It’s an even trade they (pandemic p and westbrick) are both mediocre all stars.
Family phone Phoenix
Trade paul for Russ. I can go with that
Jay Games
Jay Games 2 months ago
I mean PAUL George 😂😂😂
Jay Games
Jay Games 2 months ago
Russ he fit good on the clippers but he want someone like paul grapefruit again
Jay Games
Jay Games 2 months ago
That’s like a good trade realy fair
stuart lawrence
stuart lawrence 2 months ago
Westbrook needs to leave the NBA
Steven N.
Steven N. 2 months ago
Westbrook going to new York Knicks, Mark my words
Andrea Lettich
Andrea Lettich 2 months ago
It s possible
Leonora Gonzalez
Leonora Gonzalez 2 months ago
Yes it os
youngkingfray 2 months ago
He should go to the knicks to Average 30 points he like chasing stats
Shaked Ben David
Shaked Ben David 2 months ago
Clippers should trade Westbrook for Paul George
DAT_KIDD LIK_LIK 2 months ago
I just can’t see Westbrook and kawhi together
Vedanth Vallury
Vedanth Vallury 2 months ago
Luke Samerson
Luke Samerson 2 months ago
Pandemic P is a thing 😆😆😆😆😆
Ayyub Sulaiman
Ayyub Sulaiman 2 months ago
that is a good reason to leave
Abraham Alfieh
Abraham Alfieh 2 months ago
I feel like clippers should trade people they don't need and leave Paul George. Example 2 or 3 ppl for russ. So u have kawhi russ and pg. Make it a good trio if possible