Russell Westbrook Traded To Wizards For John Wall! 

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Russell Westbrook Traded To Wizards For John Wall! 2021 NBA Free Agency
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Dec 2, 2020




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Comments 100   
Noah Tran Truong
No it is not a good trade because Westbrook is fast
Joy Month ago
Nice trade for Wizards to get an MVP
Bj Riddick
Bj Riddick Month ago
Start making parody’s again
Earl Daniels
Earl Daniels Month ago
Best hoopers from Georgia and this is why us-first.info/player/video/fsyBdoqIdWJfrIU.html check it out and let me know your thoughts! Preciate the support
35 HUSSLE Month ago
Russel EastBrook 😂🤣🤣
lil bosshogg
lil bosshogg Month ago
Would do Parodies again
TY K Month ago
I mean I personally think, Beal, Westbrook, Bertans, Hachimura, and Bryant is a solid team
ItsyaboyJay Month ago
0:40 So no one is gonna talk about the score
Happy Turtle
Happy Turtle Month ago
he must be mad
YG Month ago
can you bring back the parody’s🥺
El Mafioso
El Mafioso Month ago
Im Glad you stopped making those Cringy ass Videos
Mama Cuh Cuh
Mama Cuh Cuh Month ago
literally my reaction: bruh
milo lee
milo lee Month ago
Sad to say it,as I really like westbrook's competitive,all out attitude on a basketball court....but he became "insignificant" the moment he left okc. He might never have won a ring there,he played iso ball most of the time,but the fans,management etc loved him...now he is a travelling mercenary,drifting in the cosmos of the basketball world,hoping to land on a team that will help him light up like he was doing a decade ago.....it ain't gonna happen Russ,it ain't gonna happen.
Weeb Month ago
Ogey I did this EXACT TRADE on 2k20 about a few months ago. I'm SHOCKED
Diether Santos
Diether Santos Month ago
Uh-Oh! I saw the schedule earlier in 12-14-2020 will be NETS vs Wizards KD vs Russell Eastbrook First ever battle in the east
James Colaljo II
he is now russel EASTbrook 😂
Sahat Gultom
Sahat Gultom Month ago
Westbrook not great player
Felipe Reyes
Felipe Reyes Month ago
Your voice though bro lol
Viki Month ago
Good trade. Period!!!
Mike Owens
Mike Owens Month ago
Bro john wall over Westbrook will be 100% better
youngkingfray Month ago
Rockets traded away sellout Russ for John wall a player that hasn’t played in nearly three years and a pick.the pick is the only real benefit
Azim 04
Azim 04 Month ago
Wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff omggggggg what
A S T R O Month ago
Washington won this trade
ace matitu
ace matitu Month ago
No team wants both of them. Must be greener on the other side. Damn. They both receives nothing
Jianrenzo Tejada
Nah nets are going for harden so wall will be alone in rockets
Keith S. Heather
Great deal. For washington.
Jonathan Muro
Jonathan Muro Month ago
Terrible trade for both teams
Deriontae Moffett
Don’t say nun if Russ go off
Antwan Thompson
Antwan Thompson Month ago
Even though John Wall been going through injuries he still is a force to be reckon with
Ghostchile1980 Month ago
Cause he’s so negative
Casey Ribaric
Casey Ribaric Month ago
Westbrook and Boogie won the trade, everyone else lost... Harden lost a lot
Rai Month ago
Now Russ really not winning a championship
pato sandoval
pato sandoval Month ago
i feel bad for beal
Jason Yang
Jason Yang Month ago
Wall is a piece of shit
Squiddy Jamzzz
Squiddy Jamzzz Month ago
"I never thought in a milnion years" lol your accent is unmatched man love your vids
COF The CFO Month ago
Them rockets be taking off. 🤓
Attrition Month ago
bro john wall been irrelevant for the longest, dude made of glass
theJryde33or35 Month ago
The rockets are falling even tho I am a warriors fan it’s sad to see are west rival fall apart
_bermuda Month ago
Cause NOBODY wants to play with Russ.
Owyn Dietert
Owyn Dietert Month ago
Kyza Domwayup
Kyza Domwayup Month ago
Gnaiss you always talking about my team 😡
Black Karma
Black Karma Month ago
Well at least 2 of my wishes came true. Gm and westbrook gone.Can we a get a Center next ?🙏🏼🙄
Black Karma
Black Karma Month ago
@k1ngzesrel Santiago @k1ngzesrel Santiago let me guess ... u are a Lebron Lakers fan. So many things point to it. 1. You want to shut down my comment for the aid of the Houston rockets, one of the lakers biggest rivals , which means you dont want ANYONE to have a chance of a fair chance with the lakers . So yall suggest or defer with shrugging off any suggestions for REAL competition. 2. You want to act like everyone is stupid because you dont have the ability to debate a valid point of competition. I bet u say "what are you talking about" instead of being intelligent enough to agree that WE NEED CAPELLA BACK OR SOMEONE BETTER. I bet u anything Lakers will get capella real soon as soon as davis AND McGee AND Howard gets hurt bc they are the BEST Centers in the league ON THE SAME DAM TEAM. The truth is Lakers fans are afraid of Real competition. And it shows because they simply run from a debate with petty "what are u talking about" remarks.
k1ngzesrel Santiago
@Black Karma My point is u don't need to ask for a Center in Rockets because they already have Cousins, then u replied "Anthony Davis is a Center also." wtf are u saying about?
Black Karma
Black Karma Month ago
@k1ngzesrel Santiago stfu bot!
k1ngzesrel Santiago
@Black Karma wtf is ur Comment about
Black Karma
Black Karma Month ago
@k1ngzesrel Santiago Anthony Davis is a Center too.
Russell Eastbrick
He have fallen that low huh ?
John Mahelona-De Leon
Honestly even though I’m a lakers fan i think Houston should’ve traded harden and kept Russ Hustons had a long run with harden and even with good pieces he couldn’t get it done they should’ve built around Russ who at least has been to the finals before
John Mahelona-De Leon
Cc Forever yeah but to build around a player I’m saying I’d rather build around the person who averaged a triple double than an iso player
Cc Forever
Cc Forever Month ago
Wall Is a much better player than Westbrick , I mean Westbrook. I.q. wise less turnovers and definitely a better scorer.
headless jeep ya ya
Russell Westbrook turned into Russell Eastbrook
Yriyah Yriyah
Yriyah Yriyah Month ago
Damn I’m from dc and Wall gon be missed. Wall a way better team player. Wall to the Rockets gon be a real threat. Chemistry w Beal and Russell?
Omid Noory
Omid Noory Month ago
Did not see that coming
Baked Yoda
Baked Yoda Month ago
I didn’t see Lebron in the title, wtf
Chill The Boss
Chill The Boss Month ago
I'm glad to see the east gain another All star
Brandon GF
Brandon GF Month ago
How the trade went Rockets: good luck Wizards: U too
Dark Prophet
Dark Prophet Month ago
This comment made my day 😂
christian figueredo
Chidiebere Enemuo
😂😂😂 WYSIWYG!!! what you see is what you get!
Jonathan Muro
Jonathan Muro Month ago
Richard Hudkins
Richard Hudkins Month ago
There basically the same player good defenders good playmaking and bad at shooting
Iris Percentie
Iris Percentie Month ago
Why not Bradley Beal?
Leo Goodman
Leo Goodman Month ago
The rockets messed up we don’t even know how John wall will play it’s been so long
SwaggMeTheFO Month ago
Dumb trade
dsa0224 Month ago
thats poor business management for you. 90% of the teams success is based on proper management. You can have all the good players you want but if people on the business makes bad decision it goes down the toilet
An Dre
An Dre Month ago
good trade 4 rockets.... cause brooks always make teamplay broke...😂🤣
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy Month ago
lol when westbrick came thats make a fall apart also
Iggins Wiggins of Andrew
What ? Are they punishing Beal? Bruh
Iso aholicx
Iso aholicx Month ago
Russell my favorite player
Iso aholicx
Iso aholicx Month ago
Wow your saying Russell Westbrook is bad bc you said 1 bad contract for 1 bad contract
Alvini Vault
Alvini Vault Month ago
If wall is at least 80% the rockets won the trade
Jamel pounds
Jamel pounds Month ago
for the rockets yes but the wizzards no
Carter Moses
Carter Moses Month ago
Before:Russell Westbrook Now:Russell Eastbrook
Alexander Alcantara
Being from Houston,we won this trade
Zachmeister TV
Zachmeister TV Month ago
Hous need Center not another guard. I think chemistry will not work in that lineup.
ALL98 Month ago
free beal
PhillyG Month ago
If LeBron blocked Bronny it would just be a meme 😂
Adam H
Adam H Month ago
Westbrook bout to average a triple double again
David Armstrong
David Armstrong Month ago
WHAT I'm out man y'all trippin. Lol
D ASSASSIN Month ago
W for the Rockets
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
Westbrook Trade the Washington Wizards for John Wall & the 2023 First Round Pick
Sayaman Melendres
Always want to be the front actor... No wonder russ can never achieve the champion ring
Storm Month ago
Wizards gave too much away for a washed up "brick layer" ..just like Houston they'll end up regretting this decision.
PapiRy Month ago
Thats crazy lebron being able to play wit his son
1Lifeonearth Month ago
nobody fucks with my boy giannis
MJ Month ago
Westbrook and Beal best backcourt in East besides D Rose and Liangelo
Kevin Lim
Kevin Lim Month ago
Russell should go back to OKC
翼235 Month ago
Russell, what are you doing? やばー!
Archie Ailar
Archie Ailar Month ago
RIP Wizards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
V - GAMES Month ago
Yes now washington is a pleyoff teammm
Johnnie Coleman
Johnnie Coleman Month ago
Can u start back doin parodys
Chris Ijadele
Chris Ijadele Month ago
LeBron should go to the Cavaliers for his last season just for old times sake
who is shock after the trade because my nba 2k20 mobile in my association mode westbrook is in the wizards and john wall in rockets WOW
dwayne carter
dwayne carter Month ago
Noooooooooooooooooo..... nobody wants to watch washington.
Dennis Scrotum
Dennis Scrotum Month ago
Bradley Beal punching the air rn💀😂
BugattiDreams Month ago
All Iknow it, John Wall is gonna kill lol he’s back and better than ever. And he’s like 50x smarter than Westbrook far as decision making goes and he’s a better shooter. Rockets will be fine
Ibnziyad Tariq
Ibnziyad Tariq Month ago
Lol nobody wants westbrick
Goncalo Almeida
Goncalo Almeida Month ago
Deni-beal-Russ BIG 3 GO WIZARDS
Maximum Overdrive
tHe rOcKets cOntInUe tO iMploD bruh stfu, thats a good ass roster
Michael Santiago
Bradley Beal needs to leave the wizards‼️
SUB NOW Month ago
Every star that has played with James gets traded smh
newell pickett
newell pickett Month ago
I just noticed Russell Westbrook went to Kevin Durant hometown
Davey J
Davey J Month ago
John wall , Boogie cousins , james harden
Ares Kaya
Ares Kaya Month ago
Mannnn i know we don’t have the assets but i want beal on mavs so bad 😩 it’s jus perfect fit we need a shot creater next to lukas playmaking and he can also defendddddd 😭
CBaez13 Month ago
They traded a dumpster for a toilet filled with day old sh*t. Lol what a waste
Robin' Your Hood
Bruh Wizards just finessed the rockets. John wall hasn't played in like 2 years and is questionable and westbrook is a great player and ultimately makes the wizards a good team
ao23 Month ago
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Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Month ago
@Robin' Your Hood i watched his pick up games with harden and I was surprised at how explosive he looked. I think he will be much better than people think plus he's a much better passer and free throw shooter than Russ and he is 2 years younger than Russ still
Robin' Your Hood
@Michael Jordan Wall always relied on his speed and u know he won't be able to move as freely as he used to, because of his injury and u cant deny that he will get worse because of that
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Month ago
@Robin' Your Hood boogie wasn't playing injured tho like Wall was. Plus KD said Wall looked amazing in pick up games and he changed his shot. Wall will be a much better fit with harden and plus they got a first round pick too
Robin' Your Hood
@Michael Jordan Lol u believe him? Boogie said same last year look how it ended up
Swiftybal Month ago
John wall is still good he will do better than Westbrook
Firman Syah
Firman Syah Month ago
YabiGalit Month ago
Russell EASTbrook
Coopergaming12 Month ago
Im a die heart rockets fan and we traded him yesssss