Russ vs Jack Harlow - The Crew League (Episode 1) 

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Team Diemon v. Team Private Garden
On the first episode of #TheCrewLeague, #JackHarlow and his good-natured day ones on Team Private Garden take the court against #Russ and Team Diemon.

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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Dawson Crowley
Dawson Crowley 2 hours ago
Russ a lil bitch for bringing retired NBA players and college players
David 111
David 111 2 hours ago
"We gotta get a birth certificate for that boy" lmao
TheBlockbuster1000 2 hours ago
Does anybody know what song is playing in the background during harlows halftime interview?
Independent Thinker
This the monstars vs the looney tunes right here this that space jam 😆
Shawn Mccall
Shawn Mccall 3 hours ago
russ is better then drake dead ass if russ had the machine drake has more ppl would say the same
Garvin Boateng
Garvin Boateng 6 hours ago
Lol wtf Russ 3:47😭😂😂😂
InsaneTrain HD
InsaneTrain HD 8 hours ago
Maybe get some refs next time with some bigger balls.
4800 Cast
4800 Cast 9 hours ago
Hunter Nauman
Hunter Nauman 10 hours ago
Russ would fuckin find all former UCF players. Plus who knew he was shaped like a tator tot? He’s so whack man
7XWavy 10 hours ago
its been fuck russ since forever
hugegmoney 12
hugegmoney 12 11 hours ago
When the next one come out
Okay Nitro
Okay Nitro 11 hours ago
Lol russ whack
Joe Cloonan
Joe Cloonan 13 hours ago
these are gold hahaha
Juno White
Juno White 14 hours ago
Anyone knows the song at 15:27 ?
Mandaw Seck
Mandaw Seck 15 hours ago
These Hispanic refs funny ash
Jesse shepherd
Jesse shepherd 15 hours ago
These refs are what we need in the nba rn lol
Matthew Negrete
Matthew Negrete 16 hours ago
If he said "so I can D you up" instead of "so I can guard you" would've been legendary.
Gerio 16 hours ago
Harlow team hacking like a mf🤣
M M 16 hours ago
Russ is like this is my camera man giannas this is my other camera man Lebron may of heard of him he is a baller and my home boys steph curry and Damien lillard you know just my boys
domenic molinaro
domenic molinaro 17 hours ago
Jack Harlow is goated and him and Drusko need their own shown
Leavemezalone 18 hours ago
Jack over here being she as fuck
Prod. vVs
Prod. vVs 18 hours ago
Big Titty Tim just said, imma talk the talk, and they walk that walk for me. bruh.
Carliito305 18 hours ago
Y’all find any little reason to hate on Russ it’s hilarious 😂
lgarla23 19 hours ago
Something aint right...Russ recruiting D1 players to play in a pickup game
Ouzii 21 hour ago
Harlow is sus 😂 12:30
nuqa 21 hour ago
anyone else know another russ song besides losing control .edit nvm i forgot the song what they want..
Dflow 22 hours ago
Why didn’t jack recruit Tyler’s brother he’s nice af💪🏽
Sebbatical Productions
Jack Harlow: “I’ll bounce back in 5 mins” 😂 have to love him.
John John
John John 22 hours ago
Jack is so fking sus wtfff
LiL Bird
LiL Bird Day ago
Before this start imma just assume Russ brought a bunch of d1 athletes cuz he can’t hoop at all
Bryce Curley
Bryce Curley Day ago
Russ makes it so easy to hate him, and I do
Kenny Albert
Kenny Albert Day ago
Russ with the luciferian hand signs
Seb Hernandez
Bro This Man Russ being the dushebag he always is brings in a whole professional team instead of his “friends” smh Jack got robbed
Your boy Obito
Diontre McLoyd
This is really a cry for help, Russ doesn’t really have friends
Diontre McLoyd
Russ met these boys off the internet and they been friends from social media
Luke Myers
Luke Myers Day ago
Man Jack should’ve brought Tyler Herro
Witch of the Wilds
AJ is a god.
Man Man
Man Man Day ago
Just came here to say no one likes Russ.
#Loudstyle Day ago
I love this shit lmao 😂
Senko San
Senko San Day ago
bro russ is such a bitch he recruted a NBA players to a REC like tournament
Yuki Day ago
this is like wild n out but baller style
Anjelino Sharkey-Elena
Lmaoooo Russ so lame
Luke Collins
Luke Collins Day ago
Next year they should invite more actual artists, not clowns like Russ who will cheat and take any low road to try and win
Ty Sanders
Ty Sanders Day ago
jack funny just without tryin😂💀
Y.K Supe
Y.K Supe Day ago
Bro AJ rompza is from Chicago ain’t no way him and Russ go way back 😂 tf
J0 .s
J0 .s Day ago
Enjoyed it more than the other games . Shit was funny as hell
Wyndell Rice
Wyndell Rice Day ago
Lukas Eschler
I bet Russ recruited big Tim
Oumar Diand Jr
This channel is dope
This vid only got 1mill views cause of jack
HernandezNC Day ago
hopefully Diemon got against my boys 150 dreamteam
Kahlil Jones
Kahlil Jones Day ago
Druski said Jack ain’t tryna fight 😂😂😭
ClassicCrazy Day ago
ayoo jack kinda sus
Louie Day ago
No disrespect but who 24kgold ?
Jay Portal
Jay Portal Day ago
devonte williams
Aye we need these refs in the league for real 😭
Trash WiFi YT
Russ would do some fuck shit like recruiting D1 ballers. TF
Zeke Day ago
Russ built like 6ix9ine
Bailey B
Bailey B Day ago
I can't help but to laugh at russ on this one bruh man is so sus, got the pros on the team cuz he hittin AIRBALLS lmaoooooo
Shawn Clashes
tf is a ufc hooper
Reggie Slim
Reggie Slim Day ago
The nigga wit da beard look like Nba Herm 😂😂
Patrick McKiernan
Russ brings his teams average height to 5ft
Simo King
Simo King Day ago
Bro fuck russ, this dude brang former nba players and college players who aren't his friends like wtf, it its like that Jack shouldve Brought Tyler herro
sylvia bell
sylvia bell Day ago
Jack a lil fruity....
Russ been a walking L still is
these refs aint shit lmao
Honza Sebera
Honza Sebera Day ago
2:34 Man looks like a 33 years old mom that shops at LV
Russ is so easy to hate
IsaacWGK 2 days ago
Wasnt even one clip of russ with the ball LOL
kevin ritota
kevin ritota 2 days ago
harlow is fucking hilarious
Bruno Pinto
Bruno Pinto 2 days ago
Russ couldn't play physical even if he wanted to haha
nataya goris
nataya goris 2 days ago
Jack Harlow is a real one for just bringing the homies
Bruno Pinto
Bruno Pinto 2 days ago
Jack won this show for sure, he was the only one to bring the real crew.
Bruno Pinto
Bruno Pinto 2 days ago
Really Russ
Terrance Williams
jack is always saying something gay to druski
BangBang 405
BangBang 405 2 days ago
Bro Russ been a weenie lol dude hate to lose just like he lost his rap card
BasicFranko 2 days ago
i thought tyler hero taught jack how to shoot 🤣
Versace Karl
Versace Karl 2 days ago
THE REFF are ass bruh
Lil Mac Media
Lil Mac Media 2 days ago
If I was on the court I’d punch tf outta Russ
Lil Mac Media
Lil Mac Media 2 days ago
Lil Mac Media
Lil Mac Media 2 days ago
Russ brought a D league team 😂😂
Eddy Cruz
Eddy Cruz 2 days ago
They should get rice gum ballin
Bondz Tube
Bondz Tube 2 days ago
Russ out here buying friends
Sylent Jay
Sylent Jay 2 days ago
that boy aj knows wat he doing
D Monnzy
D Monnzy 2 days ago
Everyone hatin on Russ saying he recruited guys to his team. He put up 6 points on his own including the game winning shot. Other team only had 9 points all together. Smh
niggiechuy 2 days ago
Russ doesn’t have any real homies?
niggiechuy 2 days ago
Jack is cool
Robert Wallis
Robert Wallis 2 days ago
Russ a bitch for this one
pheonixflame59 2 days ago
ཀ༑༎༑ འལ
I watched this whole shit live & yall clownnning russ with this edit. It’s hilarious to see thru the bullshit honestly.
Jackson4172 2 days ago
Russ if you read my comment you a sorry as nigga 😭😭 “they my homies” smh
aKiddy 2 days ago
U gotta rate Harlow got his actual homies not like russ he got actual basketball players that he don’t even know like that
Michael Sessoms
Michael Sessoms 2 days ago
Russ spent then 100k to get them 😂
Ameen Mohsen
Ameen Mohsen 2 days ago
Russ is ass for recruiting players he doesn’t have relationships with
FaceYourOwn 2 days ago
If they get j cole n his sqaud in this. He'd go undefeated every season
CatapJuanMiguel T.
I thought russ is big😆
Harsh Tyagi
Harsh Tyagi 2 days ago
Jack made a song bout his homie but didn't bring him damn
Black Gold TV
Black Gold TV 2 days ago
Do quando vs Lil durk
DUEL REACTZ 2 days ago
Bro the kid chewing the gum is irritating my soul