RunAway Rollback!!! Almost Wrecked A Wrecker!!! 

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More snowstorm craziness!!! Having to travel on icy roads with unit #15 our Peterbilt 337 with a Century LCG12 to recover a passenger vehicle that slid off the edge of the road and was on the edge of a 20' drop off. To make it even more challenging, the car was on an icy hill in the middle of nowhere and drop-offs on each side of the road. Oh, did I mention that this was at night, by myself, in an area that had no cell reception? And another thing, guess who forgot their tire chains and ice cleats? Yeah, not a great night. Please SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER!!! Thanks for watching and God bless!!!
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Feb 19, 2021




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Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt 16 days ago
First, allow me to thank all those who were concerned for my safety in this video and those who gave constructive suggestions. Others may have missed part of the purpose of this video. In the video I pointed out the fact that there were things that I would have or should have done differently on this job. I also pointed out that I went on this job not completely prepared in the fact that I did not have my tire chains or my snow/ice cleats for the wheel lift to keep the truck from sliding. I also did not have salt on the truck. All of these things I normally carry on the truck during the winter months and they were put in the truck that same evening after I unloaded the car, before I left the shop. I was caught unprepared. I am not perfect. I am not always prepared. Nobody is perfect and nobody can be 100% prepared for any situation.... I persevered. I didn't give up. I recognized and overcame the obstacles before me. I learned from the experience and I took actions to correct the problems that I observed. To me, these were the things I hoped people would take from this video. We are all flawed and find ourselves unprepared, but we can overcome and learn from these experiences. Thanks for watching and God bless.
Matthew Eberly
Matthew Eberly 6 days ago
Can you run On spot chains on a tow truck ron
Chris Kulpa
Chris Kulpa 8 days ago
@Buck Rogers He's said in other videos that other members don't really like to wear cams and he respects that. That truck is out all the time as well so he's not in it much. Likely just haven't been involved in jobs where Ron's been at/needed.
Chris Kulpa
Chris Kulpa 8 days ago
@Matt R Hindsight is 20/20 but I was kinda thinking the same thing. I know he said that the ice cleats for the wheel lift weren't in the truck but I would think that may have helped a bit. TBH I was happy that he ended up pulling from the side road. I think that was a much more advantageous way to git er done. :) There was a bit of a downhill from the intersection that likely helped with being able to pull the car up off the embankment.A bit more dangerous for the traffic but much safer for Ron and most likely successful method IMHO
Chris Kulpa
Chris Kulpa 8 days ago
@Aleksei Khudiakov Most likely because if Ron didn't have cell reception, whoever called it in didn't either so couldn't pick up GPS. Possibly could have from the hilltop to at least narrow in on it I suppose
Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell 11 days ago
The new dash cam is very nice, but as a retired trucker, I miss being able to check your mirrors (it's a habit for sure) so how about a rear-view cam and put the footage from it in a little box window on the right hand side of the main view, except when you're backing up of course. As for using the side road besides being gravel, it had the added advantage of being below the grade so the car would have had to pull the wrecker up hill towards the intersection instead of sliding your truck across the road. Hindsight is always 20-20 ;) ✝︎'s blessings
Aj Banzon
Aj Banzon 18 hours ago
Ron is their a 1 shift and second shift and a third shift at the shop so you can tow cars , truck etc.
Elpapijun Day ago
Awesome job👍 Never give up is right. And u made it work. Alone, not with everything u may have needed, but u made it work. Glad ur safe! And hope you didn't have anything else that night,. You sure needed a goodnight rest. Bravo👌
liffey man
liffey man Day ago
Wow, you earned your money tonight. Well done Ron.
Mr. I don' Like Showing My Name
I was expecting credits to roll during the closing time lapse. Well done sir. You gave someone a real gift.
smackdaddy Big Daddy
Don't you use road flares
John Anyzeski
John Anyzeski 3 days ago
I enjoy all your videos Ron. This one seemed a real challenge. By yourself, at night, no cell phone coverage, icy roads, cold conditions. Yikes! Good job!
Brent French
Brent French 3 days ago
I like the dash cam. Has good night vision. What is it?
Cool Moment
Cool Moment 4 days ago
This guy honestly earns his money!
Phillip Neale
Phillip Neale 4 days ago
Ron you did not want to be out there that night. I remember you saying "I love my job" was that going through your mind that night. Well done buddy and stay safe
Timothy Ivins
Timothy Ivins 4 days ago
Ron, I like ur video's keep them coming, I learn alot from watching u & ur crew be safe out their & please remember everybody slow down & move over
Timothy Ivins
Timothy Ivins 5 days ago
I like ur video's Ron be careful & u & ur crew stay safe
Bruce Parrish
Bruce Parrish 5 days ago
Wow what a good dash cam.
jerry83ism 5 days ago
Love the footage from the dashcam. It gives a much better view of the road than using the GoPro on the rear cab window. Glad you got the job done safely (given the difficult conditions & without chains). Looking forward to the next one Ron, keep up the good work
JUNIOR'S TOWING 5 days ago
the cold and ice makes a huge difference. stay safe brother
Matthew Eberly
Matthew Eberly 6 days ago
I love the new dash cam what kind is it so can get one for my big rig and how is ur cousin doing after his fire last year
Justin Prestidge
Justin Prestidge 6 days ago
As a alabamian we do not know how to drive in Winter conditions. Even though it's probably a rental the Alabama car can't drive in the snow.
texaslstar 6 days ago
Sometimes your caught in the middle of an effort and hindsight is always 20/20. Keep learning and moving forward! Get some hot chocolate and a hot shower... God bless you, your family and employees.
Daniel Harsh
Daniel Harsh 6 days ago
I am not sure that I would want you job.
Daniel Harsh
Daniel Harsh 6 days ago
You did learn a few things. I am happy that you survived.
MagentaRV 6 days ago
I am pleased to see that you loaded all of the things missing after the run... I'd suggest perhaps a post-trip checklist to make sure everything is on the truck in the future BEFORE heading out. I know it can be a miserable task to do when you're exhausted and returning from a call, but you get used to it or find helpers. It's one of the things we HAD to do on the fire department every time we took a truck out to anything... That would sometimes mean after getting up with 2 hrs sleep at 2AM and staying on scene for 18 straight hours (small volunteer department lacking manpower) that I'd have to run that checklist... It sucked, but I was always happy to have everything the next trip.
MagentaRV 6 days ago
I don't envy you... I've made similar recoveries from the ditch in front of my house in central Maine with my plow truck. It's sketchy and I often would take cover and watch when I saw people approaching...
Connie Ness
Connie Ness 6 days ago
Was the lighter car wedged and that's why it pulled the heavy truck to the side instead of the other way around?
Lunar Lone Wolf
Lunar Lone Wolf 6 days ago
Little late to the party here, but holy fuck. Glad your okay. Your only human and got caught off guard. Hope you learn from this experience and keep moving forward with your head held high. Thank you for everything you do out there and continue being safe. (Edit. Just saw your comment on this. Glad you are making the right steps to avoiding similar problems. Just keep yourself safe.
Mia Salem
Mia Salem 6 days ago
VERY scary BUT good thing is its rare. This dangerous condition is all winter up north.
Demicus Maximus
Demicus Maximus 7 days ago
Living in the north and driving a good car with good snow tires, I see that road and go "...oh hell no." That there is a widowmaker of a stretch of road.
Helene Johansson
Helene Johansson 8 days ago
I love the new dash cam :) my guess it will be better in daytime with the sun glaring when you use the camera inside the truck. You did this rescue so quick despite the cold and the ice. Good Job!! :)
Tim Rock-It Saunders
Thank God No Wreckers Were Harmed In The Making Of This Video.
Nutthaphong Napha
26 minutes for showing new dash cam?
james rayner
james rayner 8 days ago
I like the dashboard camera I usually don't like watching the scenes where you do all the driving but with the dash camera i enjoy it
RazerHassan_YT 8 days ago
It’s soo Cool to watch you and your workers work
Gladys Gheesling
Gladys Gheesling 8 days ago
God Bless you always.....but that was a really scary one!
Trey McGehee
Trey McGehee 9 days ago
I like the date and time stamp. And I like the dash cam angle
wendy jorge
wendy jorge 9 days ago
Really Like your New dash Cam. I was on edge my sit with this One, you need take someone with you Especially in winter at Night, I Always say Prayer Be Safe.
Nickel Hound
Nickel Hound 9 days ago
At least you had some weight over your drive wheels on your way out.
Harold Schmidlap
Harold Schmidlap 9 days ago
Dang habit, that made me nervous just watching from confort of home, I would have said, later. PJ in O-HI-O
JOSHUA M New Age Music
44:40 Oh, the magic of reverse! It seems to summon cars out of thin air! Usually occurs n parking lots. I know I can be waiting on my wife for 30 minutes and not a single car will drive past behind me, but the split second I put it in reverse BAM cars.
Jared Alexander
Jared Alexander 10 days ago
Nail biting content!
OddDee77 10 days ago
Your dash cam works great, awesome clear picture! Stay safe and blessed.
dray lorry cartage
dray lorry cartage 10 days ago
With all the police and fire departments going to a different radio system the cost of used two ways are low it might be worth it for nights like this. At the least you could call for help if needed
Carolyn Bonis
Carolyn Bonis 10 days ago
Your life is more precious than that car.
Carolyn Bonis
Carolyn Bonis 10 days ago
Oh my God! By yourself darn!
Brian Hourihan
Brian Hourihan 10 days ago
That one was a real....cliff hanger.
Keith Soderlund
Keith Soderlund 10 days ago
Are we there yet?? 😟😂
throttle bottle
throttle bottle 10 days ago
yikes! enough said :)
Dano C.
Dano C. 10 days ago
You done good Ron Pratt!... Although, this was one of the bigger struggles I've seen you endure. Understandable, considering the conditions..
Dano C.
Dano C. 10 days ago
At 26:41, it looks like slide marks to where the car actually slid a couple feet sideways as if it was going to go off the embankment before coming to a halt..
Ginny Roy
Ginny Roy 10 days ago
I would have thought they would have had the police stay there seeing your in between a hill
Marc Sebright
Marc Sebright 10 days ago
Ron, have you ever run into issues with bent or broken wheel spokes on aluminum wheels when doing side pulls? Just curious.
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt 10 days ago
On cars, no, I have not. I have seen bent aluminum rims on rollover, loaded, semis when we have used the RimSlings, though. Thanks for watching and God bless.
David Schweikhart
David Schweikhart 11 days ago
This type of icy night job, by yourself, is always a bit dangerous, but I believe Jesus was watching over you. Is there any way you can carry at least some ice melter/sand/kitty litter with you in the winter on the flat beds? Of course, yes, chains would have been ideal. But, bless God you got out of there safely.🙏 👍👍
01739485012 11 days ago
Dashcam has a pretty good view - even at night... Is it difficult / intricate to change the "XXX"es next to the date in the lower left? If not maybe you could put there the info of the vehicle you use since you no longer don't see the inside of the cabin...
Species1571 11 days ago
Should have brought a bag of rock salt and treated the area where you were working.
Tina Butkus
Tina Butkus 11 days ago
Hey Ron you should have had one of your crew with you on that call Should never be by yourself in a situation like this and at night and in those weather conditions brutal. !!! Stay safe and warm
Tina Butkus
Tina Butkus 11 days ago
Hey Ron ! Just a word of advice for future ! Studded snow tires and chains would have helped
Tina Butkus
Tina Butkus 11 days ago
Best of luck with this ! God and the angels are with you be careful
shaun fo
shaun fo 11 days ago
Ron love the videos I lived in Michigan for over 10 and had Avery close friend the drove a wrecker for 15 years and he used to take the regular chains and lay them in an elongated circle then put his tires on them worked every time you might keep that in mind next time you are in this situation stay warm and stay safe and god bless
Stephen Ruff
Stephen Ruff 11 days ago
Darn that was a hairy moment as we say in the UK, great job though.
im dizzy
im dizzy 11 days ago
So glad that you are safe and things worked out for you.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 11 days ago
Counter-intuitive, but where possible, park over the edge of the road, in the fresh deep snow. It won't be compacted into an ice rink.
Damian Martinez
Damian Martinez 11 days ago
Dealt with the same conditions down here in Texas of all places. We ain't use to snow and ice so keeping my wrecker on the road was a task. Good video Ron. Stay safe!
Michael Major
Michael Major 11 days ago
Hard to believe you didn't call any traffic unit or put any signs or anything. I would not have done that job that night. It can wait.
aaron lane
aaron lane 11 days ago
Quick question. On a rollback with a stinger i was told i had to put heavier vehicle on deck and smaller vehicle on stinger and not to use stinger with no vehicle on deck. What's the reasoning for that?
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt 10 days ago
Weight distribution. Very important. You can take too much weight off your steer axle by loading the stinger. This would be an unsafe driving condition. Thanks for watching and God bless.
ben jordaan
ben jordaan 11 days ago
Jeez. Working with bad weather solo can br difficult.
Dan McDaniel
Dan McDaniel 11 days ago
IM SO GLAD YOU was easy on that Alabama hayseeds car....they done really good to get that far down that street for sure.... you on the OTHER hand need to try and remember to carry everything with you AT ALL TIMES SIR ......now you did make do with what you had .... thanks for the gravel on that side street ......... thats not always there tho SIR ,,,,,, thanks for a GREAT video and YES that dash cam is AWASOME ........ Dano in Bama
Kenneth Hume
Kenneth Hume 11 days ago
My worry was that if you had slipped and hurt yourself there was no one else there to get you assistance .
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo Kramer 11 days ago
Nice job Ron. Really not sure what all the hub-bub is about. You had a plan, tried it and it didn't work. You regrouped and came up with a second plan that did work. In the fire service we have a saying, "Adapt and overcome." That's what you did and what you always do. If this isn't a life lesson, I don't what is. Stay safe.
Rob Olsen
Rob Olsen 11 days ago
What about dropping the wheel life and using it to get a purchase on the asphalt?
leebyrd12 12 days ago
I wouldn't put my SLED out on roads like this
port starboard
port starboard 12 days ago
soooooo lucky the dirt road was across from the car !!!
port starboard
port starboard 12 days ago
hmmm @ 41:00 i dont know why even touching that car wouldnt begin its careening down the gorge with your truck if hooked up
F B 12 days ago
I have to give you a new name Ron (Dangerman) One of the most exciting videos ,I was trying to slowdown without touching my brakes on. Hard earned dollar's on that job.
IICLUII 12 days ago
I know this is an odd thing to take away from this very long and unnerving video but I'm loving the dashcam! It shows so much more and has a much better picture inside the vehicle. Funny thing, I was just thinking on the last video I managed to catch, that I wish you would get a dashcam and stop using go-pros for inside the vehicles. Good choice.
Tom Dyer
Tom Dyer 12 days ago
In the UK we would have probably left it there until the conditions improved as it was off the road and not causing a hazard or obstruction, and certainly left it until daylight. That dashcam is good, however it's one of those that records a couple of frames of overlap between each file, so when you stitch them together in your video editor you get a tiny bit of looped footage.
Brian Elsner
Brian Elsner 12 days ago
Been watching you for some time, almost feel like I could do your job (don’t want to so no worries). Not a fan of the new camera location... like to see the cab so I can tell that truck you’re in and your point of view at as you pull it to the recovery, kind of makes it feel like we are there with you. Great content 👍👍
Tim McGinnis
Tim McGinnis 12 days ago
You absolutely have to love a Missouri ice storm mixed with snow.
Caleb Myers
Caleb Myers 12 days ago
I'm always praying for you guys who are out there especially at night.
michael haiden
michael haiden 12 days ago
Dern Ron I thought you were a newbie
Kevin Humphrey
Kevin Humphrey 12 days ago
Another thing you could have done, is put slight pressure down with the wheel lift to give you more ground contact it might help. During this storm we brought truck mud flaps with us if it was going to be a hard pull we put them under the wheel lift to act like a giant tire. It helped a lot actually
DeeKay617 12 days ago
Honestly for that one , I would have tilted the bed so the landing gear was on the ground also with the wheel lift just resting on the ground then put the snatch block at the end of the bed and pulled it from the side like that . I wonder if that would have been enough to keep the truck on the road . Stay safe Ron ! 👍 .. I always end up commenting before the end of videos lol . Glad you set up the truck the way you did at the end . Great stuff ! I have learned great things on how to be a better operator from watching you .!
Roxianna Roses
Roxianna Roses 12 days ago
Hope you are safe with all that Snow and Ice that we got from that Winter Storm last week. I seen a few Rotator Trucks working this past month and half because of the 18 Wheelers. I seen HJ Rotators working in Oct. 26 2020 thinking of your two Rotators that you own. Their really cool in person and watching them work. Stay safe Ron and may your job let you relax.
CarsTrucksWhatever 12 days ago
Considering what the car was in or on the side of it didn't look like there's much damage
David Sonnen
David Sonnen 13 days ago
Ron, you just need a good set of wheel chocks. Something like a Cat D8 or two. That looked like a situation that needed to wait for spring. Be careful out there.
Andee Kaydot
Andee Kaydot 13 days ago
The video quality, I mean the night vision of the new dashcam, is really, really good! The cab view, on the other hand, where you can even watch rear view mirrors and driver actions, gives more an impression of actually riding in that truck, despite some possible obstruction of view. So, what about a test fixing the new dash cam to the back of the cab?
Joel Varney
Joel Varney 13 days ago
Maybe just me, but I like watching the workings on the inside of the wrecker. I like the camera on the back window better.
TowMan127 13 days ago
Another job done! Glad you got it done and got back safe! 🤜🤛
Phillip Newton
Phillip Newton 13 days ago
What's the farthest you've had to go to get to a job?
TheHealthyDonut 13 days ago
I admire how humble you are Ron, I can guarantee that most youtubers would never upload a video showing a mistake they made, and even if they did upload it, it surely would be edited out. The fact that you showcase your mistake like this has given me hope that there are still good-hearted, humble people out there. Stay safe out there my friend.
Richard Driggers
Richard Driggers 13 days ago
Heu buddy I always watch your videos from beginniing to end. You had me sitting on the edge of my chair and I was talking to the big guy to take care of you and keep you safe
Richard Driggers
Richard Driggers 13 days ago
Ron, you mentioned not having any help. You, being a man with a strong Christian faith, should recognize that you had plenty of help our there on that dark slick icy road. Who do you think kept any cars from coming throu when you had the tow cable about 15 inches off the ground pulling that car across the road. It's my firm conviction you had the best help in the world. God bless and stay safe Ron.
Dave Birch
Dave Birch 13 days ago
Ron, another job well done brother. While mistakes were made, you did EXACTLY what every good tow operator worth his salt does...you improvised and you overcame. You got the job done with what you had at hand and the only people that will bash you for your mistakes are the ones that don’t have a clue because they’ve never been there. During my tow career we found ways to make every job work and we never left any vehicle stuck. My boss was a bit of a pack rat and always had old scraps of carpet laying around the shop because “it’s better than laying on the concrete floor to work on the trucks” and we always had some in the truck as well. When I asked him why, his answer was importantly simple...”when you’re winching in 30 below and you’re on ice with no place to anchor and truck is sliding...do you want to put on chains, or do you want to put that carpet under your wheels and get the job done?” I used my carpets a lot in the winter! Keep doing what you do Ron, stay safe brother!
Brian Arundell
Brian Arundell 13 days ago
Ron, You appear to be getting dazzled by oncoming traffic .... Are your headlights adjusted correctly?
Richard Driggers
Richard Driggers 13 days ago
Ron, way too much driving time shown in this vid.
Thomas Reed
Thomas Reed 13 days ago
Are we there yet??
Robert Duffy
Robert Duffy 13 days ago
HI nice dash cam . Be safe !
James Wilkinson
James Wilkinson 13 days ago
Know how you feel dealing with that weather I'm a truck driver and I got stuck in Texas my 15 years driving a truck its worst I've ever seen it
macgvrs 13 days ago
I am again reminded of just how much work it is to do what you guys do, even on simple recoveries, and frequently under pretty rotten conditions. I am grateful that so many are willing to do what you do. We who have needed your services are very happy you all are there.
Nemesis 851
Nemesis 851 13 days ago
It was probably a LITTLE bit more calming, knowing there was a truck STOPPED at the Guardian Angel (in turn stopping others behind)
Graywolf gaming
Graywolf gaming 13 days ago
Keep the rubber on the ground Ron!!! Some folks dont understand comitment to your customers like I do burning hot or freezing cold they need you. Is it safe? Mostly not but you do your best to minimise the risks I applaud you for it. However I dont have your issues on my channel its gaming .... If they ever do a towing game I'll feature you bro LOVE your work kepp it up and stay safe.
Steve Mclain
Steve Mclain 13 days ago
Yup they will do it !
Chemi Cantu
Chemi Cantu 13 days ago
Wow!! This is unbelievable!