Royalty Crying Over CJ So Cool On IG Live! 💔 REACTION! 

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May 3, 2021




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xGhOsT SHadOw2006
They Not his children he them step dad but the twins are his
Tristan Mitchtll
Tristan Mitchtll 3 days ago
I think Roytey and cj so cool they going to get back to gether because he gave her a gift for mother' day wen she went to get her tows that which is cj so cool kids to and why do they wat to do thes and they have kids to gether and this is making me sad❤️💜💜
Gweyn marie Petterson
The older three are hers with someone else
Gweyn marie Petterson
They only have two biological children together, they are the babies which are twins
Xholycloud X
Xholycloud X 3 days ago
He has two child’s with her
Xholycloud X
Xholycloud X 3 days ago
He cheated 2 years ago according to cj so cool
Sy’Niah Liggons
He cheated a long time ago
BigTon Winters
BigTon Winters 3 days ago
You obviously don't really watch because she has her own children
Shamika Martin
Shamika Martin 4 days ago
yes he cheated
Naee Foess
Naee Foess 4 days ago
He Got All Of That Cus He Made Money Off Pranking Her Kids Thats Not Even His 💯
Pat Frank
Pat Frank 4 days ago
He was homeless when they met .. N the kids know what going on .. But she doesn't talk bad about him but say stuff about her
Amira Alston-Williams
Its not his kids it is his stepkids
Kanayo Nwosu
Kanayo Nwosu 4 days ago
peep her live before when she had all his other phones and how she could see everything but now acting like its something new but y'all just take her side because she's a female and I get he cheated on her back in 2019 she plotted for two whole years up until now. I been watching cj back when it was just him doing reactions, he pulled royalty into the mix he introduced the kids he's shot, edited, and posted just about every video on his channel. Her acting like what he's done to get to this point meaningless it's shameful and disrespectful. They met when they were both at the bottom she was the one with a job until his felony charges got dropped. Does everything he did for her and her family mean nothing because she decided to leave and talk on his name disrespectfully? Think about that for a minute. It's even more disrespectful because she acts like she been putting in work like yea you did all the cooking and cleaning and things like that and he should help you with that as a man to teach leon it's not corny to do thing around the house but when it comes to the work he put in the time he put in filming all day cutting the video and editing it so instead of an 8-hour video you get 20 minutes of entertaining things. this is such a joke If you want to tell everything tell it all she had some men in cj crib let that sink in she turned off the cameras so he couldn't see don't let these other gossip channels and ig's like the shade room. the shade room claims that cj said he's from Chicago everybody Know's he's from gray Indiana and he been saying it from the beginning. that's why I trust bro he reacts for yall but he doesn't do too much he doesn't give an opinion if there's not enough to be shown to say what's fact or fiction he's not gonna bash anyone bc of a video which everyone knows is cut to look good. People put their head so far u the dramas a** that they cant smell or see the s*** in there get a grip and stop being so emotional and speaking out on something you think happened that gets people hurt, ruins families (as we're all clearly seeing), and in extreme places gets you killed. with that being said I'm not threatening anyone but I will say I've seen it happen can't trust overly opioniated people.
Kanayo Nwosu
Kanayo Nwosu 4 days ago
out here acting out in front of the kids like shut up she really trying to clown him but you literally know everything texting back the promo girl before he even got a word out you wanna start trying to "get a bag" after 2019 like out here plotting and scheming finally trying to make some real bread when he got a new crib and set up her office space y'all dot understand SHE WAS READY TO GO
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper 4 days ago
U look like whoopty
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Rihanna Bryant
Rihanna Bryant 4 days ago
The twins are his only children by royalty the older 3 have a different dad
Natalie Tate
Natalie Tate 4 days ago
Bruh u slow as hell
Marland Maclin
Marland Maclin 5 days ago
the first time I seen that show CJ so cool and I seen royalty you can tell that she was just in for the money she went in for him if you pay attention to the episodes
Marland Maclin
Marland Maclin 5 days ago
and them ain't even his kids he only got two kids by a two twins so s*** it doesn't matter how the n**** get the address anyway come on man
Toca France
Toca France 5 days ago
tbey only had 2 kids toghether
Hugh Mad Bro
Hugh Mad Bro 5 days ago
He admitted to cheating... Yes!
Lonny Ka-bal
Lonny Ka-bal 5 days ago
“You can have the twins you bought” really Royalty?!🤨
SwiftyBoi Slade
SwiftyBoi Slade 5 days ago
He only has 2 kids with her and they are babies. The older kids are not his kids he just took care of them and acted like their dad because there real dad wasn't in there life
geni allen
geni allen 5 days ago
You are just making money off somebody's trouble. You are trashy.
Lil Kooly
Lil Kooly 5 days ago
Yea the children is cj too
SSG Naz 5 days ago
yo im sorry but y aint she actin like she aint da victim
SSG Naz 5 days ago
yo those aint da phones he use any more
SSG Naz 5 days ago
but she also goin put dis man on child support
SSG Naz 5 days ago
cj aint do nun wrong
SSG Naz 5 days ago
yo but she makin dis a whole lie
Cutie Rell rell
Cutie Rell rell 5 days ago
Three kids is only royalty two of them is CJ is and royalty
Tony C
Tony C 6 days ago
Those are her biological kids he was their stepdad, he has only one daughter by another woman who he left when he was cheating on her with Royal. So some would say to Royalty, "WHAT COMES AROUND, GOES AROUND"...... 😯😏
Tony C
Tony C 6 days ago
Well royalty Mos Def Stooped to CJ's level by putting him down in front of her kids, she is subconsciously trying to make the kids hate him for mistreating her..... and they are Drinking that foul talk-up as she pours it out to them......
inspect 6 days ago
She’s a bozo🤡👎
inspect 6 days ago
AUDITING NYC 6 days ago
I don’t think he have kids with her
Azzan Henry
Azzan Henry 6 days ago
Why infront of the kids dayummm
Gregory McBeam
Gregory McBeam 6 days ago
There pranking us I hope 🤞
kerron Tappin
kerron Tappin 6 days ago
Th bro facts
Tamia Mcgill
Tamia Mcgill 6 days ago
she keep saying her children bc them three kids before the twins but them the oldest from her are not his at all they have a different father thats y she keep saying her kids bc it was just them three in the beginning and they wasnt his
Bmore Queeze
Bmore Queeze 6 days ago
Furniture ain’t cheap at all bro I got 2 living rooms and 6 bedrooms I paid a pretty penny to furnish my house
tyree isolation
tyree isolation 6 days ago
Suddenly all these youtuber couples are breaking up wtf.
Unknwn 7 days ago
Cj cheated in 2019 and she knew he cheated but waited for the right chance to leave him since he went out of town she left because she had enough time to leave
Aviance Martinez
Aviance Martinez 7 days ago
That's cold of CJ in my opinion , I unsubscribed #cancelcjsocool pls his new video he picked up his daughter just like she said
Adora’s Vlogs
Adora’s Vlogs 7 days ago
Only the twins are his and kamari the one that’s not hers but the three that been on the channel since the start are hers
WTS Headshot
WTS Headshot 7 days ago
Not in front of the kids bro I didn’t even see that wtf
victorylap18 7 days ago
Bruh wasn't this all a prank
DeathRAZOR 2008
DeathRAZOR 2008 7 days ago
THe thing is why she go live just to talk about cj she is basing all this to cj so why not have that talk she going live just for more attention it's honestly pathetic
Mello Ball
Mello Ball 7 days ago
He did cheat he even admitted it but it was 2 years ago royalty been plotting on him for 2 years
DeMya Smith
DeMya Smith 8 days ago
thats his step kides but she have two kid with him but they are babys
youngdagger_ universe
1 kid is cj
katricia bodden
katricia bodden 8 days ago
Ur video popped
Demetrius Clancy
Demetrius Clancy 8 days ago
Cj So Cool Better Fix This Right Now
Babyface Bre
Babyface Bre 8 days ago
When royalty’s like my children she has 3 kids by herself who used to be in all his videos but until last year that’s when he had twins by her so that’s y she was claiming the kids.
Kaiyah Deluxe
Kaiyah Deluxe 8 days ago
The two new born babies are his and royalty’s but the other 3 are here’s and another dude before him
Kaiyah Deluxe
Kaiyah Deluxe 8 days ago
nicole chrisp
nicole chrisp 8 days ago
no they only have 2 kids together
Destanie Ashanté
only children his are camari, cordero jr and cordeya idk if that’s how you spell it
Vanessa Arrellano
the oldest are hers and the twins are hers and cjs
Bryna Periman
Bryna Periman 8 days ago
they just had twins but no the rest of those kids aren’t his . he’s been with them for 8 years or so. but what she means is they built what they have together . they were broke in the beginning
V4NN1 HT ϟ
V4NN1 HT ϟ 8 days ago
U could see the kids didn't like the idea of the break up
Cryzlol 8 days ago
Clutch_clan 1101
Clutch_clan 1101 8 days ago
That’s what I sayin in front of the kids
Zanaja Mccollum
Zanaja Mccollum 8 days ago
it can't be fake cause she don't cuss that damn much
Cierra Young
Cierra Young 8 days ago
7:20 I’m not that worried about “I’m front of the kids” it seems like they know the situation and they already had the talk. It seems they are leaving with her, and lowkey the way he’s been acting (according to the last video) makes it seem even more like him cheating is true since it looks like he doesn’t care
Jalon Kemp
Jalon Kemp 8 days ago
RamenBoy22 Ramen
RamenBoy22 Ramen 8 days ago
they have been together for 8 years?
RamenBoy22 Ramen
RamenBoy22 Ramen 8 days ago
im confused
Ghost Offline
Ghost Offline 8 days ago
Idk why but Noah looks like a mix of jayson Tatum and Kyrie Irving
Penuweli 8 days ago
The three kids are not his biological kids
Eternity Braden
Eternity Braden 8 days ago
Here three kids are just his there not his. Only the twins are his.
XxxKaylaXxx 8 days ago
roalty is lying because she never said i luv u bck to cj
Elannithe Gilbert
CJ only have three children ........CJ meet royalty and her 3 kids and help them buy stuff for her kids so royalty jusss🙄🚶
I’m Jay
I’m Jay 8 days ago
I getting waves tomorrow
Kp0p4.o 8 days ago
When she says “Me and My kids” she’s talking about the Three oldest kids because CJ isn’t their Bio dad he’s the twins Bio dad though.
Dwayne Dye
Dwayne Dye 8 days ago
Kaila Paige
Kaila Paige 8 days ago
Nope Jahliayh , Karnation , and Leonidas aren’t his kids
ShaDai Wallace
ShaDai Wallace 8 days ago
3 of the kids is not his, the 2 twins babies are his children so not all of those kids are his to answer your question
Shanel Rangel
Shanel Rangel 8 days ago
He already showed his kids the type of father he is
Shanel Rangel
Shanel Rangel 8 days ago
He already embarrassed her online as if her kids are not on the internet.
novaj young
novaj young 8 days ago
i know she said that she is done with him... but i have a feeling that they gonna get back together after some time honestly..
TTbeballin23 8 days ago
She not lying bruh he wouldn’t be where he at if it wasn’t for her kids tf lol
Me Long
Me Long 8 days ago
Men kill me literally 🤦🏾‍♀️. He’s out cheating on her for the world to see but she not allowed to feel any way about it in front of her kids.
dirt bike gaming
dirt bike gaming 8 days ago
What house she is at ??? Way did she move too
ShelovesGod _
ShelovesGod _ 8 days ago
No it’s not cj’s kids it’s royalty’s besides the twins bc she had the other kids with another man before Cj and her was together and besides the other girl I forgot her mne
Madonna Hull
Madonna Hull 8 days ago
She f****** talk too much
elite stxty
elite stxty 8 days ago
he only had 2 kids with her which is the babies he has his 1 kid with another girl and she them 3 with another guy😉
Wabba’s Abode
Wabba’s Abode 8 days ago
The kids would have seen it on the internet or heard it from kids at school, what he’s doing is on the internet so they’ll see what he’s done forever. Also it don’t matter if he gathered that oldest three guys stop bringing that up. Biological father or not he’s the one that’s been present. Nation fr has been with him almost her whole life. I just wish them all the best.
Nfl Gaming
Nfl Gaming 8 days ago
Cj only got 3kids
Janyah O
Janyah O 8 days ago
I'm pretty sure the only kids that are biologically his are the twins but the other 3 are just her children. Correct me if I'm wrong someone.
Irealla Real Life
CJ just admitted in his latest video, that he cheated on Royalty 2 years ago.
Kg boss nate
Kg boss nate 8 days ago
Nah they her but the two babys are cj
Life as Tjiuee
Life as Tjiuee 8 days ago
Its her children
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 8 days ago
Dam I've been watching CJ so cool for 4 years
Xgxtruly 8 days ago
She had 3 he had two and they had I think two together I haven't watched in a minute
SHEIST BIRD 8 days ago
She said he takin care of kids that’s not his so they are her kids
milk and cookies
milk and cookies 8 days ago
She had 3 kid before she met cj and and she has twins by cj
Carmen Braxton
Carmen Braxton 8 days ago
Yes he did cheat he cheated with four phones whispering in the girls ear and it was four different girls so if you did not get in that down low what you’re going to get the next part and he is cheating and don’t say that he didn’t because I have proof
Hawa Haji
Hawa Haji 8 days ago
Those are her children she had them before she got with cj
Cassandre Vallet
Cassandre Vallet 8 days ago
Yes I heard
YOLO w/ LL and Mi Familia
My take is they’re acting. He said he was gonna go into real estate. The chick said everything promo. The house going on air be b 2 +2=4.