Rottweiler Dog Adopts Stray Puppy and Makes his Life Happy 

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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
Manicminer 21 second ago
Great vid. πŸ‘
Nancy Rouse
Nancy Rouse 54 minutes ago
Thank you for saving this dog
Risa Yacapin
Risa Yacapin 2 hours ago
Archie is too cute!!!!
Jim 4 hours ago
Where is this Russia...it looks depressing
Spark _
Spark _ 4 hours ago
What a sweet video !!! Thanks for rescuing him !!! He must had been very cold & freezing there !! He was lacking the detergent when getting washed got me worried ,I hope he didn't get sick from it ! Please be careful ! Thanks for this video !πŸ’œπŸ₯πŸŽ΅πŸ‰πŸŽ€πŸŽΆπŸ’ž
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham 6 hours ago
Gregory Sciulli
Gregory Sciulli 5 hours ago
Gregory Sciulli
Gregory Sciulli 5 hours ago
CurMutt Gem
CurMutt Gem 6 hours ago
angelina rosa
angelina rosa 8 hours ago
Jaylen Kuik
Jaylen Kuik 9 hours ago
Myn husky tu but alane a stray kitten
Ch1l1C0nCarnag3 10 hours ago
The fact they recorded a video and sent it to you, instead of picking up the puppy and taking it home so you could come get it is... very odd to me. It could have died in the time it took you to find it. Why would they leave it out in the cold like that when they were close enough to grab it?
Veronica Diaz
Veronica Diaz 10 hours ago
This warmed my heart ❀ smiling through it all... your personal pets are adorable and sweet. Puppy adores you. Thank u for being so kind.
benoit lambert
benoit lambert 11 hours ago
Thank you for helping the furry friends.
Lisa King
Lisa King 11 hours ago
He is such a sweet looking little puppy.
Lisa King
Lisa King 11 hours ago
What wonderful ladies you are to rescue this dog!
Titus Tolliver
Titus Tolliver 12 hours ago
Anthony Buckingham
Anthony Buckingham 12 hours ago
You are fantastic god bless you How can everyone not like this video
Virginia Moss
Virginia Moss 13 hours ago
Russia is such a profoundly dreary place, but the Russian people are wonderful.
Brenda Leverick
Brenda Leverick 13 hours ago
Heartwarming! 🀧
Njekwa Amusaa
Njekwa Amusaa 14 hours ago
Long live Archie !
bernardo oliveira
bernardo oliveira 14 hours ago
Actually cried the first time in a very long fucking time. Thanks for rescuing her.
Irene Perales
Irene Perales 14 hours ago
Thank you, beautiful girls , angels πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’–
Mark King
Mark King 14 hours ago
Flaco's view
Flaco's view 14 hours ago
How can someone leave a baby outside in that weather. How can you be so heartless. Poor little furry boy. Thank You for saving him.
christelle truchot
christelle truchot 15 hours ago
Bravo Γ  ces personnes merci pour ce petit chien qui serait mort sans elles . Bravo vous Γͺtes formidables . πŸ™πŸ™‚πŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸ’•πŸ₯° Christelle Truchot lapouyade 33 France Bordeaux
Lulu Kay
Lulu Kay 15 hours ago
Thank you
Donna Kolodziejski
Donna Kolodziejski 16 hours ago
I had a Rottweiler once. THE SMARTEST ANIMAL I HAVE EVER SEEN. I've had animals all my life. Country girl, I was a horse nut. Dogs were a close second. "Bear" was given to me. He was 6 months old. This dog was more human. When he looked at you, he was looking deep into your eyes. I could leave 9 year old daughter with him and she was totally safe with him around. He knew where he wanted to be driven to! If we pulled out of our road and didn't go "next door" to his favorite farm he would cry and whine til you took him where he wanted to go. Any one who would abandon an animal isn't fit to live. A puppy in -16 degree winter. I'ld like to meet this person so they can run into a knife about 10 times! That's being nice.
Caroline Cruz
Caroline Cruz 16 hours ago
Russia? Ukraine? Where dis?
Gregory clark
Gregory clark 17 hours ago
you want to feel good? do something good
ONE SHOT 17 hours ago
In which country is this????
Pommie bears
Pommie bears 17 hours ago
How could anyone dump such an innocent creature in the freezing cold? Honestly, humans break my heart. Others restore it....like you. 🌹
Opinion Matters
Opinion Matters 17 hours ago
Awesome. Humanity is awesome
Telakawathy Krishnan
Please safe animals,who safe all tis animals, u r a great person.U all r God's to them.Thank u for dafe tis cute baby.
Teresa Akers
Teresa Akers 18 hours ago
Little Archie wanted to survive. That small and he was still alive, and then only ten days later thriving like that. He had a will to live. Not to mention, he took that physical like a champ. He didn't move a muscle when that thermometer was in his ass or when he got that IV.
Ray Finkle
Ray Finkle 19 hours ago
What’s your favorite frozen pizza?
J D 19 hours ago
As soon as she put the puppy in her coat for warmth, the floodgates opened. I cried hard 😭 Bless you. You truly are wonderful, noble and - above all else - kind people. β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Tiffany Beaubien
Tiffany Beaubien 19 hours ago
His little tale was wagging when she picked him up poor thing
Irene Lo
Irene Lo 19 hours ago
I had tears when she stuffed lil Archie in her coat and his face when he was in the car with them. It’s as if he knew he’d be alright from there. God bless these women who saved Archie, all these people around the world that rescue and take on this job have been put here for those reasons cause their empathy and love for these beautiful helpless creatures is limitless. Thank God for all of youπŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜Š
hdidane00 20 hours ago
In the Holy Quran there is a story of a woman that was granted to enter heaven because she gave water to a thirsty dog nearby a well. Animal cruelty is a sign of ignorance and lack of compassion and many times a sign of criminality and absence of remorse.
Helena McGinty
Helena McGinty 21 hour ago
Why did the informant not pick up the puppy and keep him warm while calling the shelter people?
Vernon Mcdowell
Vernon Mcdowell 22 hours ago
What kind of heartless asshole down votes these warm hearted stories?? Bless the people who help animals in need. πŸ’•
Jabba Woki
Jabba Woki Day ago
The bastards who left it should spend eternity in hell..
Kim Tran
Kim Tran Day ago
Psychic Eden's Charmed Tarot
Such a sweet story! Just loved it!
Daneen Shelton
Who dumps an animal, WTF
Behiye Ekici
Behiye Ekici Day ago
Ольга Π“Π»Π΅Π±ΠΎΠ²Π°
Manolo Alba
Manolo Alba Day ago
Thank you for save de dog 🐢
Juliann Emilio
Im glad you saved the puppies life . it makes me so 😠 when someone abandones a puppy .
Steve Um
Steve Um Day ago
Thanks for helping
Barnaby Hope Grant
Thanks for doing this
Kim Kirchmann
How is there dislikes on this video πŸ™„ I am so happy to see this puppy was saved and now is living his best life. ❀️❀️
R A R Day ago
I wish people would honor the unborn the way they honor this puppy. The child is literally ripped apart and decapitated, silent screams of pain, and yet we say it's the woman's choice to do this, and we should respect her choice, and you shouldn't judge her. There are loads of comments on here saying how terrible this is, dumping the puppy in freezing cold weather, they harshly judge the owner who probably discarded this puppy out of convenience to themselves, but they say just the opposite on the unborn. Hypocrites all!
RM d.
RM d. Day ago
I have no use for anybody who mistreats animals, children, or the elderly.
Stoney Case
Stoney Case Day ago
Whoever left that dog there is a piece of shit I'm sorry for my language but this really pisses me off seeing stuff like that
Edith M
Edith M Day ago
Michael Bennett
Thank you for rescuing this little chap, whoever dumped the poor little puppy deserves to be thrown out on the streets naked and see how they survive
Anthony Lehner
What a beautiful well documented and narrated story!
Goblin Giles
Goblin Giles Day ago
3:43 the only time he wasn’t impressed! πŸ˜‚
Olaf sΓΈrensen
Bless you kind lady from Copenhagen Denmark
Steff Strong
Steff Strong Day ago
Splendid and hearth moving story.
Helene Greenberg
Awesome story
blue03r6 Day ago
imagine being a helpless little being, all alone in the world.
Ed Derbubba
Ed Derbubba Day ago
All these poor strays ask for is a chance, food, clean water and some love. It is simple, it's what we all need.
Why do you save puppies? I do not understand
Victor van Dyke
What type of people would do this. Dump a defenseless puppy in such conditions?
Pat Mcbride
Pat Mcbride Day ago
Can I adopt him or is he not for adoption oh and I’m legit
Jamus Macca
Jamus Macca Day ago
Who the hell dumps a puppy in the snow? People disgust me.
S D Day ago
God bless You!
L Gracie
L Gracie Day ago
May God go with you, wherever and whoever you are πŸ™πŸ’• poor wee baby needed you so much 😒❀️
Natasha Seider
Good people !
Omar Pasha
Omar Pasha Day ago
Good story!
Laila Aytan
Laila Aytan Day ago
To come into the world and experience, abandonment and fear, so early on in its life is just wrong. Live well Archie. You're now where you're meant to be πŸ§‘πŸ€—
Santzzi Day ago
Not sure who is more wicked, the one who dumps the puppy in the frozen streets or the one who finding him just makes a video an hopes "somebody else comes to do to something" and leaves!. Other thing to mention.. why take him to the vet? Unnecessary. Just buy an anti parasite (oral) for puppies and also give him a hot bath with normal shampoo to kill all fleas (removing then one by one). Then offer the puppy in adoption (puppy's cutest photo) in any social media group to find him a definite home. Just that, is not so hard to do 🀷
Nino Mrvica
Nino Mrvica Day ago
sexywheels07 Day ago
Start at 2:32 you will not be missing anything!
sexywheels07 Day ago
You guys seriously have to cut out 2 minutes at the start nobody enjoys this Easter egg hunt for a dying puppy
John Herring
John Herring Day ago
People that leave animals like this are going straight to fucking hell when they die...there I said it. People that take in these animals.......ever notice they are beautiful both inside and out?
sierra choco
sierra choco Day ago
Thank you so much!!
Adit Jatar
Adit Jatar Day ago
His big brothers will look after Archie.. Happy ending!!! I'm so πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ€—
Adit Jatar
Adit Jatar Day ago
God bless you guys!! Keep the little one safe
Ewa Koszczyk
Ewa Koszczyk Day ago
Ewa Koszczyk
Ewa Koszczyk Day ago
Eva Torres
Eva Torres Day ago
Blessing to you all β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»
John Albany
John Albany Day ago
yea 2 days ago
Velvet Spicer
Velvet Spicer 2 days ago
Awww! Thank you for saving his life!
Mary Lou
Mary Lou 2 days ago
Poor little boy.. but smart to pick the side of the building facing sun! That last pose is too much! That look, those eyes, like he's saying.. "that's how you do it! I now have a family!"
Fredy Peniamin Iradian
God bless you
ManKid Rides
ManKid Rides 2 days ago
WHY was it left out in the cold if someone already discovered it?! WTF is wrong with people that they wouldn't take it inside for 40mins while rescuers came? I'm glad these people were notified, but still, have some fucking humanity!
Geek The Girl
Geek The Girl 2 days ago
Sorry - someone made a video of the puppy, contacted these rescuers and then asked them to rescue the puppy?? Why did they not just hold the puppy until the "rescuers" arrived. Something seems off about this. And then you send in your five bucks because, well, puppy rescue. Hope I'm wrong...
Debbie Smith
Debbie Smith 2 days ago
Thank you for reaching this baby.
Toyka Williams
Toyka Williams 2 days ago
Kawy Thowy
Kawy Thowy 2 days ago
You girls are the best. Thank you. Beautiful video. Bless you for what you do. I am so so grateful for some wonderful people like you all.
Sam Burd
Sam Burd 2 days ago
It breaks my heart people can still hurt animals and not feel bad. So glad you could help
The Watcher
The Watcher 2 days ago
You People Did A Really Good Thing. He Is One Lucky Pup!
Ny'Ana Hart
Ny'Ana Hart 2 days ago
This world make me sick! We're suppose to take care of the animals. I'm so glad there are loving people out there.
palindrome1959 2 days ago
What kind of sick person can do this to an healthy puppy and still be able to look themselves in a mirror. Whoever you are, I hope you feel cold, like the puppy did for the rest of your life for doing this to an helpless doggie and leaving it to die. YOU. ARE. DISGUSTING.
Nomadic Mind
Nomadic Mind 2 days ago
we humans bred dogs to be with us not to throw back to wild as fragile creatures
Mambo3495 2 days ago
Time to support people like them who actually do something
La|Drone FPV
La|Drone FPV 2 days ago
Love you.......................................................................................................................................................................