ROBLOX LIFE : Gold Friend Full Story - Part 2 - Animation 

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Thank you for watching my animation cartoon Roblox Video.
Please watch till the end and enjoy my video.
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Feb 20, 2021




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Username:XxKillerJoe_123Xxa Role:become friend with the best friends and protects the poor kid (turn me rich)
Maria Flores
Maria Flores 14 minutes ago
Minecraft shit bought guy buggy the don't look like roblox people they look like shit boy
A A 23 minutes ago
Shadow Roblox Gamer
Shadow Roblox Gamer 39 minutes ago
Reason why I choose Role Guest 666: cause my avatar look like Guest 666 normal form
Shadow Roblox Gamer
Shadow Roblox Gamer 40 minutes ago
Username: Shadow_boy0573 Role: Guest 666 appear when the poor guy in danger
Zakariya Ak
Zakariya Ak 47 minutes ago
Nice quality and animation
Ranzel Albarin
Ranzel Albarin 52 minutes ago
Great video
Henry Tan
Henry Tan 54 minutes ago
There was trill fire
jay jay
jay jay 57 minutes ago
And I meant at the beginning
jay jay
jay jay 58 minutes ago
That girl is a gold digger
Em R
Em R Hour ago
Among us
Jenny Chuquimantari
es un
Amberlee Hernandez
name COOKIEBEBA123 role be poor and I get bullied by rich people and then I turned rich and the rich people turn poor
iiFamous YT
iiFamous YT Hour ago
Famousartpro a boxer me and the poor guy will fight
Yaquinia Popocatl Ortiz
Ana Caballero
Ana Caballero Hour ago
User bunery353 role : be friend of the poor guy
ŕaifan abiansyah
ŕaifan abiansyah 2 hours ago
Why The Characters No Have Hands
Jexcel Dongon
Jexcel Dongon 2 hours ago
Nice video👍👍
sketch studios
sketch studios 2 hours ago
Name: elsans222 Role: a fucking platypus
Madeena Arta Berkah
Roberto Ramirez
Roberto Ramirez 2 hours ago
I just Doaunload roblox
Nada Almohur
Nada Almohur 2 hours ago
Kendra Saotome
Kendra Saotome 3 hours ago
Dilike por pegarle a karim juega caca
Lui BG
Lui BG 3 hours ago
Lui BG
Lui BG 3 hours ago
Erik Yair
Erik Yair 3 hours ago
User:0wlisC00L Role:Strong Bully
Aqil_coll RBLX
Aqil_coll RBLX 3 hours ago
Lol am i dreaming
ฐิติมา จิระกมล
Jeffrey Villanueva
Jeffrey Villanueva 3 hours ago
MALBEAR 3 hours ago
This is weird
MALBEAR 3 hours ago
nate snyder
nate snyder 3 hours ago
That haaha gave me nightmares
SHY BRO 3 hours ago
I like the animation
Ibe Kone
Ibe Kone 4 hours ago
zhisuma 4 hours ago
Alan Robbins
Alan Robbins 4 hours ago
wuak_meme 4 hours ago
Joycee Alejaga
Joycee Alejaga 4 hours ago
Is so so so much stupid Yutuber and tv show
Joycee Alejaga
Joycee Alejaga 4 hours ago
To stupid Yutube thing too stupid too look stupid
Tesha Fowler
Tesha Fowler 4 hours ago
Cool but he is sand
max Van Bemmel
max Van Bemmel 5 hours ago
Max01_07 I'm a banana! Role: I'm a random person eating skittles
Neanzk 5 hours ago
Part 3 pls
Big BOI Steve
Big BOI Steve 5 hours ago
Please let me be in the video
Riza Moh
Riza Moh 5 hours ago
Big BOI Steve
Big BOI Steve 5 hours ago
Name: travyarnp123 Role: help poor people and be friend with them beat up bully
Hector Flores
Hector Flores 5 hours ago
Pobrecito. Del. Pobre
Emery G
Emery G 5 hours ago
Duckys News
Duckys News 5 hours ago
User kingduck107 role bully
kyara cat
kyara cat 5 hours ago
oi você não vai gravar mais vídeo 😅
four so so aseme happy new year
Ew not roblox
Potatoes Girl
Potatoes Girl 6 hours ago
Wow its literally nice animation, good story tho. I laughing at 2:58 😂. And also even he is poor but he is a good guy, salute 😁. I wish there have LGBTQ+ animation too in this channel
Austin Morrison
Austin Morrison 6 hours ago
I have roblox
YozY_Osman 6 hours ago
I cried when the homeless boy was sad
Roblox Fazecaln
Roblox Fazecaln 6 hours ago
Smiley Yuu
Smiley Yuu 6 hours ago
Cuteee :D
Florecita Torres
Florecita Torres 7 hours ago
Brehanna Henley
Brehanna Henley 7 hours ago
Ju Oma
Ju Oma 8 hours ago
Name: 879louis Rôle: help a poor Guy tha get Bully by 2 or 3 guys
ReDixY_Yt 8 hours ago
Part 3 plssss 😜
mhsunicorn Gaming
mhsunicorn Gaming 8 hours ago
Why is that noob girl so mean?
Tutorial time!!
Tutorial time!! 8 hours ago
7:51 The fire is still on that window?
Michael Soriano
Michael Soriano 8 hours ago
What is this WHAT leave a like press the subscribe button
Franciszek Marks
Franciszek Marks 8 hours ago
To jest fajny film
Tanya Kock
Tanya Kock 8 hours ago
Globeability 8 hours ago
Username: CavanPlayzRB role: the school principal
Maha Mahikuulp '
Maha Mahikuulp ' 9 hours ago
Omg is videooo fantastic
Epifania Rosalino de la Cruz
Que hermoso video
lauren crossan QwQ
lauren crossan QwQ 9 hours ago
Username: usegrammernow Role: any bully (I just think my avatar would fit into that role I would NEVER bully anyone Irl!)
Gaming And Movie Entertainment
Stop saying Role: It doesn’t make any sense, I don’t get what this whole role thing means
Lenka Klimesova
Lenka Klimesova 9 hours ago
Its a saddd 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Samara De La Hoz
Samara De La Hoz 9 hours ago
It’s beautiful ☺️ love the end
Ercan Saruhan
Ercan Saruhan 10 hours ago
Warning covid 19 😂
Breylan Moore
Breylan Moore 10 hours ago
Alex Boucer
Alex Boucer 10 hours ago
Julia ł
Julia ł 10 hours ago
Karla Maldonado
Karla Maldonado 10 hours ago
Whaaaaaaaat broblox you use to karim for the animation karim it's a youtuber
Putri Ummu Medina
Putri Ummu Medina 10 hours ago
Me: *chukles* im in danger ANNAAAAAAAAA HOLY SH WHAT IS DAT TING~
Matteo Andrade
Matteo Andrade 10 hours ago
name: hello_matteo role: be the poor guy freind and give him money
Putri Ummu Medina
Putri Ummu Medina 10 hours ago
The thumbnail: ELLO NINO
Putri Ummu Medina
Putri Ummu Medina 10 hours ago
Me: *just vibing tO the music on ma pc* UvU
Aledio Seleni
Aledio Seleni 11 hours ago
Cool music
Матвей пакапев
Те кто обижает бедных тот Гарри в аду😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Матвей пакапев
Матвей пакапев
Как я
fatma yigit
fatma yigit 11 hours ago
Marbella Rodríguez
Marbella Rodríguez 11 hours ago
"3:44" Happy to get from *robux2.online**
Fatoom Bloushi
Fatoom Bloushi 11 hours ago
User: aftoma82 i forget why we had to tell lol
Fatoom Bloushi
Fatoom Bloushi 11 hours ago
vuk king
vuk king 11 hours ago
Hey Broblox cool animation:)
ewronek 11 hours ago
malleeik brown
malleeik brown 11 hours ago
Is their a name for the game
Hashem Alidrissi
Hashem Alidrissi 11 hours ago
Ugly people
My Career 2u
My Career 2u 11 hours ago
Name:Bodoh1782. Role:blounde hair doctor help city
malleeik brown
malleeik brown 11 hours ago
malleeik brown
malleeik brown 11 hours ago
malleeik brown
malleeik brown 11 hours ago
Superhero I guesd
lower down the kissing bruh
Mohamed Amine TILILANI
Why the poor have again the same phone
Bahram Jafari
Bahram Jafari 11 hours ago
amber duijvestijn
amber duijvestijn 12 hours ago
that girl stupid
Is SML Being SUED?!?!