Rich vs Broke Pet Owners 

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Which pet is more fortunate - with a broke or rich owner? Watch funny animal ideas and situations in our new video.
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Feb 15, 2021




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WooHoo WHOA 20 days ago
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Lyric Fiedler
Lyric Fiedler 2 days ago
love your channel keep up the good/hard work! :D ♡
Sonia Nafisa
Sonia Nafisa 2 days ago
David Ramos
David Ramos 5 days ago
Laughter Encyclopedia
funny dogs 🤣🤣 and cats 🐶🐱 us-first.info/player/video/jqqNaoyqomefaYk.html
Mia Czarela
Mia Czarela 5 days ago
@sana kadiri 😊😊😊😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fate abby Borromeo
Fate abby Borromeo 4 hours ago
I'm sorry for the rich pet owner he have hamster in the car and have glasses and hat
Greg Myaz
Greg Myaz 8 hours ago
Okay 😐
Jeanie Marie B
Jeanie Marie B 10 hours ago
I got the cute puppy and it's really cute his name is lucky
Aisha Satti
Aisha Satti 11 hours ago
Awww that puppy is so adorbel
Aisha Satti
Aisha Satti 11 hours ago
Of the Broke guy
Ayisha Nayagi
Ayisha Nayagi 12 hours ago
I like cats sooo much 🥰
Aura Maftei
Aura Maftei 13 hours ago
Matilda The name is Matilda I thought of what
Manju Bala
Manju Bala 16 hours ago
Plz you give me a small puppy
Toy Wonder
Toy Wonder 17 hours ago
I have both i love both
Railey Cortez
Railey Cortez 18 hours ago
he is so cute!
Railey Cortez
Railey Cortez 18 hours ago
I love the rich dog
Agatha Gangmei
Agatha Gangmei 20 hours ago
And cat and dog
Agatha Gangmei
Agatha Gangmei 20 hours ago
I like dog
Sarah leach
Sarah leach 21 hour ago
Dog and a cat
Poor please cause i love the picture
Jeanie Marie B
I have a puppy :)
Phea Tuon
Phea Tuon Day ago
I love the puppy it is so cute
almer de la riarte
🤣😂😎😏😆🥲😍 my name is Abby💖
Lunar Gamer
Lunar Gamer Day ago
I love your videos WooHoo WHOA
Hayley smith
Hayley smith Day ago
we have 10 pets
Galaxy wolf
Galaxy wolf Day ago
Kenneth Ripdos
i like also balto and Benjamin
Delaine Motsi
Maisy Carbone
The one that is is not rich is Normal not broke
Y-an Pol
Y-an Pol Day ago
I have a dog
Jaq Day ago
•itz praine•
I love both pet dog and cat i laki both pet dont judge its cute
Farida Sitompul
I have a dog but in 2018 he ran away and i misss him his name is luna and every time i see a dog it remind me of Luna i hope he come back 😢😢😢😢😢
sL gAmInG mAlLiYa
Stormy Lance
Stormy Lance 2 days ago
Will you not be home
Sharan Williams
Sharan Williams 2 days ago
I have a cat and her name is Jasmine☺️
ikram daniel
ikram daniel 2 days ago
A have a cat and it black and white
Jay Destroyer
Jay Destroyer 2 days ago
I have a black cat he always scratches me and bites me his name is ouzo I love him but he always sleeps so I can’t play with him and we don’t know where his toys
Roblox Super player
Urooj Derma
Urooj Derma 2 days ago
Please make if countries were people please I will love it😍😃
Bugatti 6ix9ine
Bugatti 6ix9ine 2 days ago
A cat
Chaarvi Reddy
Chaarvi Reddy 2 days ago
I have a tiger cub
keysyah anjani cantik
keysyah anjani cantik
anu.sweety m
anu.sweety m 2 days ago
Parrot 🐦
Nikki Faustino
Nikki Faustino 3 days ago
Ary Mar
Ary Mar 3 days ago
I hate cats
Hugo Hernandez
Hugo Hernandez 3 days ago
I love the broke owner
RABiA fotoğraf
RABiA fotoğraf 3 days ago
Fakir kedi Selena aşık
Ly's Gift
Ly's Gift 3 days ago
I love cats
Super Hit Life vid Deepa
Prakash Silwal
Prakash Silwal 3 days ago
make some thing of 'BLACKPINK' too plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Meimei Meimei
Meimei Meimei 3 days ago
I got a dog and a fish
Bunana plays
Bunana plays 3 days ago
We have a cat
blossom girls
blossom girls 3 days ago
I have a Persian cat which colour is white
The Mjomba Family
Hyuyyhhhhhhbtg tights look good and I’ll come to you and see ya girl bye then ur back in ur face with no one ☝🏾 I gotta go play it all night long ok,k
mayank gaming
mayank gaming 3 days ago
i laughed so hard when the broke owner's black cat had come to play when the owner was shaving and at one point everything turned black and sad music came in
Tony Santos
Tony Santos 4 days ago
4:28 Sad Cat.
F 4 days ago
Gow many animals these pepple own
Sivakumar K
Sivakumar K 4 days ago
had a dog
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster 4 days ago
I have a rich pet
Callie Frey
Callie Frey 4 days ago
Priscilla Ueno
Priscilla Ueno 4 days ago
hi :)
Teresa Mabaet
Teresa Mabaet 4 days ago
Sherra Doblas
Sherra Doblas 4 days ago
Why the poor its rich and ya
Tom Vorster
Tom Vorster 4 days ago
chris hooker
chris hooker 4 days ago
Mina Haldar
Mina Haldar 4 days ago
Gina Rafanan
Gina Rafanan 4 days ago
May cat is following me every where is kayna anoyeng but ay stell love hare and hes with collar and hes sleeping wed me enmay bed 😺
Jonathan Pamplona
I don't like the voice
David Ramos
David Ramos 5 days ago
1234go is the best
Kwang GoaLs
Kwang GoaLs 5 days ago
I like both
Psalm Palanas
Psalm Palanas 5 days ago
I like the dog of the poor owner
Angela Pho
Angela Pho 5 days ago
That Chihuahua is so cute
Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Moore 5 days ago
I love the cat
Yovana Trpevska
Yovana Trpevska 5 days ago
I lov cats
Laughter Encyclopedia
funny dogs 🤣🤣 and cats 🐶🐱 us-first.info/player/video/jqqNaoyqomefaYk.html
Scar Toons
Scar Toons 5 days ago
a cat 🐈
Jonathan CarrascoOsejo
The broke dog is so cute😍
Jonathan CarrascoOsejo
Form the broke owner
Long Tran
Long Tran 5 days ago
I. Love. The. Cat
Jennifer Andrews
Jennifer Andrews 5 days ago
I have a pet boxer his name is Freedom
Valentina MejiaAlfaro
Aaharshi Dey
Aaharshi Dey 5 days ago
My best pet is coco my rabbit
Bob Clarke
Bob Clarke 5 days ago
Cassandrs Ward
Cassandrs Ward 5 days ago
I 💘 you
Maisy Constantine
I have a dogs 🐕
Phoebe Stephenson
I have dog and three poison frogs
WolfieX Sukiookie
When snowflake suffered when the dog played
Md. Kazi Mahtab Uddin
SURA sura
pitlam Devaansh
pitlam Devaansh 5 days ago
MOUSUMI DUTTA 5 days ago
I have turtle and fish
Fernan Pineda
Fernan Pineda 5 days ago
Oh lovely dog and cat
Devam Bhatia
Devam Bhatia 5 days ago
Anaaya Jaiswal
Anaaya Jaiswal 5 days ago
i like the rich pet owner because the dog is so cute i dont like cats
Damia Irdina
Damia Irdina 5 days ago
i got hamster my daddy give me☺️🤗
Anna Khasanova
Anna Khasanova 5 days ago
I would be sad for the broke owner if they had a cat but I’m not since they have a dog
Anumeha Ghosh
Anumeha Ghosh 5 days ago
Jeanie Marie B
Jeanie Marie B 5 days ago
I don't have a pet
Neviah Beauty
Neviah Beauty 5 days ago
I am so rich and pet is
Christa Maria Kharsa
I Won't A Pet That Have A Bed That Is Gold And I Won't My Pet To Have A Diamont Colier
Christa Maria Kharsa
So Good Videos
Jessica Macias
Jessica Macias 6 days ago
I have a dog that is black and white🐶🐕🐾
Aiminath Adam
Aiminath Adam 6 days ago
I have birds
Sivadas Menon
Sivadas Menon 6 days ago
I have 3dogs ànd 2kittans
Jerynn Juhlin
Jerynn Juhlin 6 days ago
Cats love boxes
Scarlett Pabz
Scarlett Pabz 6 days ago