Rich Parents vs Broke Parents / Funny Situations 

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Watch today in our new video how life is different with rich and poor parents. What are the rules for each of these families?
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Feb 23, 2021




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Comments 100   
Adam Gul
Adam Gul 42 minutes ago
All this is made up of cardboard omg
Adam Gul
Adam Gul 53 minutes ago
So many cabage
Adam Gul
Adam Gul 55 minutes ago
We're so rich
dr.aisha atif
dr.aisha atif Hour ago
Ritual one
Banana Gold
Banana Gold 15 hours ago
Most of the money is fake 😂
Asa Johnson
Asa Johnson 15 hours ago
Blake gamer Scott
Blake gamer Scott 18 hours ago
I really want to be in the poor famliy cuz they figer stuff out!
Naz Raz
Naz Raz 20 hours ago
My mom say in kudish
Seraphine Lombe
Seraphine Lombe 20 hours ago
Your rich you have thé iPhone 5
Prince Kasanda
Prince Kasanda 21 hour ago
Prince Kasanda
Prince Kasanda 21 hour ago
Adam Gul
Adam Gul Day ago
I am sad about poor
Rinaya Bhardwaj
Laila S
Laila S Day ago
I am kr
Neepa Chudasama
Cabbage 🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬
Elizabeta Gashi
Monkey Funny Epic Hacks
Hope everyone who reads this comment have a great day !
Murali Priya
Murali Priya Day ago
Rich ❤️
Bill Ceja
Bill Ceja Day ago
Assauni Burke
Juyoun Bae
Juyoun Bae Day ago
Honestly I would give all my allowance for that cardboard castle ;-; ME IS JELLY OF LE POOR FAMILY I ALSO WANT THAT TV (but I wanna keep mine too) I FEEL POOR 😢
Jagdeep Kaur
Jagdeep Kaur Day ago
Gianna Velazquez
Gianna Velazquez 2 days ago
It doesn’t matter if u have a lot of money or not u just need faith
Dermelle Surrancy
Dermelle Surrancy 3 hours ago
its not about a lot of money its about you its not about the money its about you and your family
Maric Lgd
Maric Lgd 2 days ago
I love Russian
Abigael Colot
Abigael Colot 2 days ago
I like poor becuse is so nice and the rich guy is bad😒
Stathis Kanakaris
Geri Krumova
Geri Krumova 2 days ago
Айде бгта къде сме
Angelo Nash
Angelo Nash 2 days ago
I am rich and my mom,dad,sister, brother and ya
Lizzy Wolfy6787
Lizzy Wolfy6787 2 days ago
Why does the rich father have braces like what rich and have bad teeth
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 3 days ago
me who does not have a family : I have no such weaknesses
I like rich girl so so so rich 💵💵💲💲
jessica whitehead
hi i really like ur channle ive always wanted a yt account i love ur vids keep up the good work and make sure to stay positive
Simar Takhar
Simar Takhar 4 days ago
3:45 look at her face Hahaha 🤣🤣
Neo Bartus
Neo Bartus 4 days ago
they just ordered a bike they aren't broke they are rich just acting up7:38
Hasni Lian
Hasni Lian 4 days ago
im poor
S Squad
S Squad 4 days ago
Poor in my opinion was the best and funniest
100% Free Intros
100% Free Intros 4 days ago
How did you get the rich one kinda right but the poor one completely wrong
Kahuari Ranginui
Kahuari Ranginui 4 days ago
Playrobloxwithme _8
The rich girl is lucky cause my family only has 100 dollars
Jaliyah Grier
Jaliyah Grier 4 days ago
U can change weather
Laura Savulescu
Laura Savulescu 4 days ago
Katie Stone
Katie Stone 4 days ago
I am confused 😐...why can’t someone poor marry someone rich ...I feel weird
Gianna Velazquez
Gianna Velazquez 2 days ago
U can marry a rich person u just can’t use all there money 💵
Strawberry Gamer
Strawberry Gamer 2 days ago
That’s called gold digging
jessica whitehead
Playrobloxwithme _8
Because that Is they will be gold diggers
Grace Dennis
Grace Dennis 4 days ago
The rich because they have a lot of money 💴 💵💎🔱
Rosaura Castro
Rosaura Castro 5 days ago
Hasan Limani
Hasan Limani 5 days ago
the poor one was more cooler
Hasan Limani
Hasan Limani 5 days ago
this fas a good video
Mireille Nsamba
Mireille Nsamba 5 days ago
L l love rich
Mireille Nsamba
Mireille Nsamba 5 days ago
Tabasum Qureshi
Tabasum Qureshi 5 days ago
500 a lot but in Pakistan we got 5000
Nizam Uddin
Nizam Uddin 5 days ago
hsw2? SD..... ...... ... .... .. . .. .. equator 1246456789
Norman Aneline
Norman Aneline 5 days ago
Elham Habibi
Elham Habibi 5 days ago
I love the Rich one the Broke one is so Ugly and Disgusting
Naresh Goel
Naresh Goel 5 days ago
Moms can handle even if her family is poor
Lily Online
Lily Online 5 days ago
I vote for rich people
The Flower patch
The Flower patch 5 days ago
I thought it was wired that the rich dad had braces. IDK why though.
Ellie Wenger
Ellie Wenger 5 days ago
I am only mad at the tooth fairy part my little brother asked if it was really fake 🤦🏼‍♂️
Sarah Martins
Sarah Martins 3 days ago
Hailie Gunn
Hailie Gunn 5 days ago
Hailie Gunn
Hailie Gunn 5 days ago
The black bleach T-shirt looks horrendous
Calystra Cielto
Calystra Cielto 5 days ago
I am rich
Kiersten Anderson
I know why you don’t have someone to go to prom because your a spoiled BRAT Poor yay I love everything I’m not a spoiled brat your a sweet girl.
Alex P
Alex P 6 days ago
For Bulgaria
Sherilee Adams
Sherilee Adams 6 days ago
Megan Vernon
Megan Vernon 6 days ago
Suren Wickremeratne
TheMyersFamily 7 days ago
Rich people
Enrique Delgado
Enrique Delgado 7 days ago
Are you Ivan form school I’m selina
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 7 days ago
Lillie Pearl
Lillie Pearl 7 days ago
Deymi Hernandez Ruiz
The dad Sid look their is a hurricane coming when the news said tornado
im not stupidly rich to have a money curtain or money tissue paper but I have all I need I'm midddle
9al7 Pro
9al7 Pro 8 days ago
my name is 9al7 Pro
Fabio Dos Santos
Fabio Dos Santos 8 days ago
I like it
Iva Dimtrova
Iva Dimtrova 8 days ago
Hey iven its BULGARIA its good der but im from bulgaria byebye
Kerry Leatherland
Yemi Ochieng
Yemi Ochieng 8 days ago
How can they have all that money
Jayvion field
Jayvion field 8 days ago
Amit 120186
Amit 120186 8 days ago
I want to be Rich
Liv Kesler
Liv Kesler 9 days ago
5:11 CABBAGE 🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬
Neepa Chudasama
Why is this person so annoying
Nathan fitzgerald
Would u be fat & rich or skinny & poor. Ill choose fat and rich bc u can work the fat off
Madison Faye TV
Madison Faye TV 9 days ago
Anything to get anything they want money does not matter what matters is love🥰
Jace Henson
Jace Henson 9 days ago
Seham Ahmedein
Seham Ahmedein 9 days ago
5.20 she is looking up to killer
3B08 CHOI SIK YU 10 days ago
Novel Gonzalez
Novel Gonzalez 10 days ago
you are bad and you utz
Brianna Ramos
Brianna Ramos 10 days ago
The break boy is soooooooooo ugly
Olivia Perri
Olivia Perri 10 days ago
Liv Kesler
Liv Kesler 9 days ago
Madison Faye TV
Madison Faye TV 9 days ago
C_ Cloudy
C_ Cloudy 10 days ago
poor people
It’s EESA!
It’s EESA! 11 days ago
Oh guys
Sathi Sikdar
Sathi Sikdar 11 days ago
I am your biggest fan I saying this truly when poor sue father gave her cardbod iPhone she go to her cardbod palace at sue s there is a expensive watch it is a mistake in your video
Arwa Nasti
Arwa Nasti 7 days ago
Laurence Lobb
Laurence Lobb 11 days ago
Terrika Hawkins
Terrika Hawkins 11 days ago
Hi 🌪100000000000
Terrika Hawkins
Terrika Hawkins 11 days ago
Mariam Al Rasheedi
Mariam Al Rasheedi 11 days ago
The poor is good at because they are not a rich they are not fired🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍
Mariam Al Rasheedi
Mariam Al Rasheedi 11 days ago
Rich family are stupid them dumb head
Cindy Milana
Cindy Milana 11 days ago
Black shooter
Black shooter 11 days ago
I live in Bulgaria 🇧🇬
Zareen Khalil
Zareen Khalil 12 days ago
Asha Richardson
Asha Richardson 12 days ago
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