Rhythm game veteran vs. Mid-Fight Masses, Miku, & BeatStreets Tricky (Friday Night Funkin Mods) 

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Miku absolutely went OFF and I loved it! What should we try next everyone?
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Want to try FnF for yourself? Check it out here: ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin
All the mods I used -
Miku: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/17106
BeatStreets Tricky: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/18201
Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/17646
Rechart for Sarvente's: gamebanana.com/gamefiles/18438
The custom bf sprite in the thumbnail was drawn by my gf mofu! ( mofufu_ch​)
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Twitch: www.twitch.tv/woops
Discord: discord.gg/woops
Twitter: woops
Edited by ▶ thatamiko
Outro Song ▶ hella sketchy - ghost
00:00 - Intro
03:59 - Hatsune Miku
13:48 - Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses
36:40 - vs. BeatStreets Tricky
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Apr 1, 2021




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woops 18 days ago
IN SUMMARY: -Ronald mod was a meme, funny idea but high scroll speed doesn't work with base game inputs, really not fun to play as is. VERY high scroll speed/approach rate maps in most rhythm games are doable for the most part but generally rely on an input system that has forgiving timing windows (at least for sight-reads), AKA not FNF. -Miku was so hype, loved the charts and the remixes, and it even used a good game engine for better inputs :D -MFM was aesthetically pleasing and had great characters but the engine was as bad if not worse than base game. The charts utilized a lot of patterns that straight up can't be done with the input system causing a ton of fake misses (had to roll double notes to hit both notes otherwise one wouldn't register), real disappointing. Hope it gets updated cause I liked it still! -BeatStreets Tricky was actually super good, no complaints at all, solid af What mods should we try next?!
unwanted lifestyle
Which of the few MODs were ur favorite
Kobuddy 16 days ago
The VS Annie mod isn't hard in the slightest, but the songs are really good and I like the character they added in.
Detective default
Detective default 16 days ago
Not sure if these ones have been done yet but cg5s mod and atsuovers mod are pretty fun edit: heads up forgot to mention the atsu mod has 4 songs but it's separated from the others and replaces winter horrorland
Iago De Mello
Iago De Mello 16 days ago
X-event mod is a good mod has only 2 songs now but the 2 songs has like 3-4 minutes duration hope this helps
Cracked Justin
Cracked Justin 16 days ago
Can you do the b3 remixes
Eagle Boi109
Eagle Boi109 Hour ago
Ah yes the madness tricky song aka the noice the tv makes at 12 am when my fav station stops working
Maxwell Parker
Maxwell Parker 6 hours ago
WafflesOrDeath1 8 hours ago
Ngl after Miku drops her mic she pretty much says "Fuck you brother"
EDGARXD8399 _Yt 8 hours ago
In the miniature it says that it is easy and costs a lot in sarvente 😂
Abiel Kharbani
Abiel Kharbani 10 hours ago
To what's the song around 0:28 ?
TalkinBout Willis
TalkinBout Willis 10 hours ago
a 10 hours ago
Don't you just hate it when an overpowered countryhuman tumblr oc threatens to break your limbs if you lose a rap battle
Blossom Bell
Blossom Bell 12 hours ago
Hmm I wonder if you can do Vs matt mod 👀
Hank S. Numbers
Hank S. Numbers 14 hours ago
Beatstreet tricky breaking the laws of the notes
Hasyyati Abdullah
Hasyyati Abdullah 17 hours ago
Next time try tricky but b-side,that will be cool
TheSkysNotBlue 18 hours ago
41:24 he vibed so hard he moves faster than we can see
Midoray :O
Midoray :O 18 hours ago
Play mid night masses
youq momsa
youq momsa 18 hours ago
uhm, he did, in the video.
Thor the Doge
Thor the Doge 20 hours ago
Wait until he tries to 100% matt mod
Ardy Satriawan
Ardy Satriawan 21 hour ago
Bro that a lot of dislike and 1,5 Million viewer and no subscribe come on this guy just beat a hard mod.
senika 22 hours ago
JAXSON AVILA 23 hours ago
11:30 watch his misses
Mįdńīght frëįñd Moonlight view
Don’t question the literal 8 4 clicks
cooldude7893 Day ago
Tord mod
Raquel Lezama
Uh hey week 7 is out
Alcamistic rblx
play Xtale Mod :d
RafaS11 Day ago
i am really surprised how this video didnt got copyrighted
Neon Reapz
Neon Reapz Day ago
Everybody gangsta until sarvente starts leaving fucking after images
Emerald_a_op Day ago
Just wait u til he fights mat.
Poyo Person
Poyo Person Day ago
I beat gospel 2nd try :D
Poyo Person
Poyo Person Day ago
Im pretty sure they fixed the engine now, cuz I tried the new version and it worked perfectly
Kadija Bangura
People saying miku will fold that kid in chat Miku 16 Bf 18 Bf older lol
Scientist Clone Gaming
Man you totally go try out the Matt mod it's probably not hard for you but it's still really sick.
Cairon Kukk
Cairon Kukk Day ago
wait you did do it? oh i didn't know...
Lazarlol Day ago
Woops "too easy!" Also Woops: *dies*
Maxie 2 days ago
Say a friend of yours can't see purple, blue, or green too well, and changed all the arrows to red, but the mom came in and had a background that matched the red arrows... Is there a particular color that would work better?
Infernite Sans
Infernite Sans 2 days ago
why is there a bside for everything
shrom 2 days ago
i really hope the mfm artist teams up with someone else to make better charting and gets rid of those cross arrows in the last song. the story and characters and even songs are all awesome but the charting ruins it :( it has sooooo much potential !!!!
Eldy 2 days ago
Try the orginal midfight masses without the rechart lol
39:07 somebody needs to make a woops mod with clips like this
Voltic Dot
Voltic Dot 2 days ago
One day woops would one day accidentally leak his number or email
Someone Random
Someone Random 2 days ago
After ten times of watching her transform, only now have I realized that she tears her nun hat
pedrodacabro 01
pedrodacabro 01 2 days ago
Do foolhardy
bruh bruh
bruh bruh Day ago
already done
unwanted lifestyle
That was a funny comment about the legs
unwanted lifestyle
You did very well woops BTW ruv and sava has posters on the background
Zergeling [Zerg]
Zergeling [Zerg] 2 days ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm matt?
Fiona Kay Reid
Fiona Kay Reid 2 days ago
9:06 is it just me or is the background music unsettling it reminds me of a D dash level that’s terrorfying
"suck it up"
the random gamer
the random gamer 3 days ago
to be honest zadovolia or whatever its called is probbaly my least favorite song i just dont like the drums and all that and during the final song not only is my eye sight already dogshit but the arrows made it hard to play and i had a seizure playing it i almost beat it lost and then wanted to smash my desk
that one lofi kid naruto
Matt mod
that one lofi kid naruto
Matt mod
that one lofi kid naruto
Matt mod
that one lofi kid naruto
Matt mod
that one lofi kid naruto
Matt mod
that one lofi kid naruto
@totallynotreal lmao i kinda forgot i did this XD
bro just shut up
Spinny Boi Nation
For those who don't know, here's my best summary of each Miku song Popipo: literally just a song advertising vegetable juice Aishite Aishite Aishite: A song about golden child syndrome, not actually the yandere song everyone calls it S.I.U(Suck it up) a song about child abuse pretty much The disappearance of Hatsune Miku: Basically miku dies, the song
Third Wheel
Third Wheel 8 hours ago
What a chad
CADi am cayanPLAYZ
sky mod
ey b0ss i habe a kanser
stop complaining about mfm
Socium 3 days ago
Bapkins 3 days ago
No Offence but I think boat could have done more like literally no misses he is god at rhythm games he is more than a veteran ok.
epicgamer74 3 days ago
i did this mod in hard mode i got clapped in the last song lol so i had to spam to beat the last one
Raul Ramos
Raul Ramos 3 days ago
21:28 all i can hered from the bf is "ah he gay"
Beatstreets tricky is just someone trying to make it as hard as they possibly can. Change my mind
ey b0ss i habe a kanser
yeah the last song was just the original but more.. fast
Unknown 3 days ago
I saw the lemon demon
SuperWA-HOOMan 4 days ago
Do VS Matt It’s hard as hell
Lep ep
Lep ep 4 days ago
the red thing on the backround on gospel is when u hit a note it wheel each side gives her turn or your turn POV: u didn't even understand what i said xd
The Gamin bros
The Gamin bros 4 days ago
Ok but why does that nuns face look like Neapolitan Ice cream?
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer 4 days ago
try matt
K MyVideoChanel
K MyVideoChanel 4 days ago
41:22 this woow is funny
TheJKingGames 120
Isnt Miku Bf's sister
Sleepyz 4 days ago
Rhythm game veteran vs Matt
LilBug 4 days ago
Boyfriend’s voice fits in very well with the Miku mod, kind of makes me wonder what it would sound like with his vocals entirely...
anxious duck
anxious duck 4 days ago
Wait so I'm not shit at the game and it's the engine not registering the double notes??? Thank god
Kirbo 4 days ago
I don’t think we appreciate how much of a BEAST this guy is at this game
Fiona Kay Reid
Fiona Kay Reid 2 days ago
Oh no I do
CJEmpleoYT :D
CJEmpleoYT :D 4 days ago
twitch:i love her too youtube: SIMP SIMP SIMP ALERT SIMP ALERT SIMP HERE SIMP
Julyan Taylor
Julyan Taylor 4 days ago
Why the fuck miku sounds like a cellphone Also the third is a meme
Hey whoops you should do upside tricky, it's around the difficulty if not harder than beatstreats and has some nice beats as well. Edit: if it's actually easier than I guess I'm an idiot then.
David Watkins
David Watkins 4 days ago
Weird nova backwards tricky: *proceeds to make machine gun sounds as music*
Maxwe11 4 days ago
You gotta do the sky mod, it’s the cutest thing
Sarv and Ruv look like they're from My Life as a Teenage Robot
V.S Tristian
V.S Tristian 4 days ago
In Zavodila gf was sinking into The ground and The speaker
cute kitty channel afnan
Ay woops play the VsMatt mod bro is the hardest mod
pandy girl
pandy girl 5 days ago
Friday night funkin try to beat matt wii mod on hard
Aidxn 5 days ago
Gotta appreciate that Ronald is doing JoJo poses
PyNspire 5 days ago
Man when I tried mid fight masses I couldn't even enjoy playing it cause of how broken the engine was. And the creators had the gall to tell ppl that the mod wouldn't work on ANY OTHER ENGINE. Like if you're gonna make your game unplayable why'd ya have to make it impossible to fix too lol. It felt like it was made by people who've never played a rhythm game but they really liked fnf and wanted to make a mod with good art and songs. They just completely skipped out on gameplay. There's an fnf parody on roblox that lets you go against other people in 1v1s in place of the npc, and these songs are so much fun to play there cause the engine actually functions lol. All in all it was like when video game companies pour everything they have into improving graphics before remembering that it's a video game and not a movie and they need gameplay to be good too.
Maël Lesueur
Maël Lesueur 5 days ago
So tricky isn't hardyou first try it whith 0 miss but miku yes
Jeanet Pacheco
Jeanet Pacheco 5 days ago
This is good.
Jeanet Pacheco
Jeanet Pacheco 5 days ago
Yellow Pepperon
Yellow Pepperon 5 days ago
hey what keys do you use on keyboard? I’ve been trying to see if i can play with a different keybind and none are really working for me
UnknownComputer 5 days ago
*Hey woops could you do X Event or Flexy mod?*
I just realized that there’s text appearing on Tricky, I can read some of it, but not all
Sean Bandales
Sean Bandales 5 days ago
He said she’s so cute (SIMP)
Fump 5 days ago
Bf is just a male miku. Change my mind
Hickello 2008
Hickello 2008 5 days ago
am i the only one that thinks that hatsune miku is bf brother?
Ayan Teo
Ayan Teo 5 days ago
If you wanted a harder challenge then you should play robeats
Billytron5000 5 days ago
Hmmm did you know that miku is bfs sis
Margueritte Kayumbi
Do Vs matt rn😃👍
Adam's Channel
Adam's Channel 5 days ago
Now you gotta do vsmatt
Sukiiaqwq 5 days ago
normal person
normal person 5 days ago
MFM reminds me of a flash game called "First Day at School" where you have to go to the bathroom to take a piss, after solving a _lot_ of puzzles on your way. MFM does the same, except you're in a church and instead of solving puzzles, you rap battle a nun and a Russian loud guy.
Tentacle Dood
Tentacle Dood 5 days ago
Imma be completely honest, the Miku mod was the only one I liked out of all shown.
Arn 5 days ago
Sarv Engine to Woops: *Sorry the trouble, Woops... but seems like you have to see me like this*
Arn 5 days ago