Revisiting: The 2016 NFL Draft 

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I feel that the best time to judge a NFL draft class is five years in: We have enough of a range of play to properly gauge a player's impact in the league. Like anything involving scouting, it's an inexact science. Some things deemed to be a sure thing flop or fail to pan out due to injuries. Others fall due to what are considered to be huge risk factors, yet thrive at the next level (and there were a few of them in this class).
For the 2016 NFL Draft, the Windy City hosted several days of football goodness. What did this draft reward us with? Surprisingly a good bit, especially in the first two rounds. This video will hopefully be a good recap of it.


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Apr 19, 2021




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Austin Abercrombie
Austin Abercrombie 46 minutes ago
I hope wentz gets his mojo back with the colts. I’m an eagles fan, but Ive always been the first to defend wentz, watching him in his mvp caliber form. god sometimes i hate how toxic the eagles fan base is, we ruined his confidence. we ruined him. after his injuries we should have given him time, but alas he is gone to indi, and i wish him the best
Llcoola Day ago
Fuller is a success.
James Thaddeus
Corey Coleman noooooooo don't remind me
zfreak280 3 days ago
Fuller is a bust. Not worth a first round pick.
byron haversham
byron haversham 4 days ago
From a Cowboys fan, we do not like Zeke.
Joshua Weiss
Joshua Weiss 5 days ago
Don’t forget the pick the rams traded for Goff was Derrick Henry
Extrastica 5 days ago
15:12 no one has told me that tyreek hill was drafted as a running back
Julian Price
Julian Price 5 days ago
Embrace the skinhead
Davethe3rd 6 days ago
Javon Kinlaw is dope, but I wanted DeFo to spend his whole career in the Red and Gold! Damn salary cap...
S C 6 days ago
Update: Nkemdiche signed with the Dolphins today
Epic Killer 49
Epic Killer 49 6 days ago
Me wobhoenyyyyyyy
Jino Raymond
Jino Raymond 7 days ago
I knew u gon play that clip right after Corey Coleman was called💀💀
Samuel Wu
Samuel Wu 7 days ago
As a Chargers fan, this is my favorite draft because Joey Bosa.
Eeds Ssxv
Eeds Ssxv 7 days ago
FivePoints Vids on suicide watch
Matt Tomaselli
Matt Tomaselli 8 days ago
Please do this again next year for the 2017 draft 🔥
Gary DaCoolDude
Gary DaCoolDude 8 days ago
as a seahawks fan, Ifedi was terrible lmao
Brian Richer
Brian Richer 8 days ago
Btw the sound is not optimized, your voice is way lower than the draft pick sounds
Bobbith Chiz
Bobbith Chiz 9 days ago
1:19 Kobe: Am I a joke to you!??
Lord OZ
Lord OZ 9 days ago
Hope you can do the further videos like this!
Bromine 10 days ago
AM23 AM 10 days ago
Do more of these!
Ynrn King
Ynrn King 10 days ago
Deion jones easily a first round talent
Alex Cabral
Alex Cabral 10 days ago
Why Cory Coleman sound like he about to cry lmao
Visadin Highwind
Visadin Highwind 10 days ago
when you do one for 2017 i am going to cry and cry some more
Luke Schroeder
Luke Schroeder 11 days ago
Do a lolcow of Scuderia Ferrari
Jim Cornette's Fart Fetish
Tree, you will do a Rochester/Cincinnati/Kansas City/Sacramento Kings/Royals "Half Century of Failure" video this instant! That's an order!
Brody Miller
Brody Miller 11 days ago
UT: “Now you see why I don’t do mock drafts.” 5 days later: Does a mock draft live stream
Mtn Do'h
Mtn Do'h 11 days ago
How has Conklin not made a pro bowl yet?
Jack Gotie
Jack Gotie 12 days ago
Dam the bucs are a joke of a franchise
SmurfRockRune 12 days ago
Sheldon Rankins as meh? He was great in New Orleans, and wasn't a backup we just rotate DL in and out all game long. He's going to be missed big time. He was a good draft pick.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 12 days ago
Chiefs got Chris Jones and Tyreek Hill. Nice
Dukas 12 days ago
yeah romeo being mentioned at the end!
Steve Madak
Steve Madak 12 days ago
All this time and you dont have a sound modulation meter?
UrinatingTree 12 days ago
I think it's because my mic sound has been wonky for the past couple of weeks. Might need a new one soon.
Hazie 55
Hazie 55 13 days ago
The lady next to Zeke when he got drafted looks like Kamala Harris 😂
Football4Ever 13 days ago
you should do more of these
Josh Wright
Josh Wright 13 days ago
I don’t know why I seem to be the only one to think that Jalen Ramsey is overrated. Probably because my team made him look like a joke after he called Tyreek Hill a “return specialist“ and I got to watch him get torched play after play after play, twice. I just think he’s completely overrated and not worth the headache.
Mike B
Mike B 13 days ago
As a 49ers fan I could have asked for more... don't trade Buckner!
Idky 13 days ago
Please colab with RegularCars... trust me...
Mday 13 days ago
I kinda feel bad for Corey Coleman
Sean Courtney Films
Ifedi is a total bust lmao
MalRulesAll 14 days ago
Don Clark
Don Clark 14 days ago
10:48 someones offended...lmao
William Herman
William Herman 14 days ago
"The Chicago Bears select..." let's be honest, does it really matter? Until that Franchise Drafts and Develops an NFL Caliber QB, nothing else will matter.
B1ng0 14 days ago
NBK Vamp
NBK Vamp 14 days ago
I’m an Eagles fan but I have to say... I miss Wentz.
N Patt
N Patt 14 days ago
2016 draft class: UT: Meehhh Meh meH mEh
mike brousseau
mike brousseau 14 days ago
Pedro Lucena
Pedro Lucena 14 days ago
I would love to see one of these for the NHL as well! Keep up the good work :D
Self-Righteous Ideologue
I still can't believe Eli Apple was a first round pick. He was one of the worst CBs to play for the Saints. I only recently found out he was a first rounder... When I watched him play, I thought he was either the late late rounds or an undrafted rookie. Still blows my mind how terrible he was/is
Gabriel Valles
Gabriel Valles 14 days ago
Ezekiel Elliott Jaylon Smith Dak Prescott So long as Zeke bounces back and Jaylon flourishes under Dan Quinn we Cowboys fans may have had ourselves a draft for the ages.
Briggie 14 days ago
This draft was rather bottom heavy.
wlb II
wlb II 14 days ago
Wait Tree, Laremy Tunsil was worth every bit for the Texans? I'm not arguing if he is a success or not. He is, but the Texans gave up 2 1st, 1 2nd, and a starting OT and then payed him a ridiculous amount of money skyrocketing the LT market. Laremy Tunsil is great and is a starting caliber LT one of the best, but the deal was garbage for the Texans.
Sriakkineni Harsha
Sriakkineni Harsha 14 days ago
As a giants fan , this draft pic was just pain
Mr.E-Ann JAPAN 14 days ago
They should be in San Diego
Nate 14 days ago
why would you start the vid with an ad😂
Cody Sanada
Cody Sanada 15 days ago
12:42 - you can "28-3" in the artwork behind Goodell. Doing the Falcons dirty.
End My Life
End My Life 15 days ago
"Yeeaaaaaaaaaah! Kickers are Second rounders too baby!"
Alan W
Alan W 15 days ago
Dude, your audio on this video needs some serious work. It's all over the place. Couldn't hear you in certain spots, so I turned it up. Then the sound effect you used for "Bust" nearly broke windows. Goodell announcing picks was either too loud or too quiet. Gotta check those levels my man!
UrinatingTree 14 days ago
My mic has been really weird as of late. Either it comes in way too quiet or way too loud. I might need a new one.
Radman The Lucario
Radman The Lucario 15 days ago
Ah, the days when the Lions weren’t in the top 10 picks...
Countsmegula 15 days ago
+1 for use of Landstalker music
Pirate King
Pirate King 15 days ago
Should rank draft classes
global homo
global homo 15 days ago
Ifedi should be a bust, he killed the seahawks all the time with stupid penalties and couldn't block worth a fuck
TD Bruno
TD Bruno 15 days ago
Plz do this with older drafts
matt faraj
matt faraj 15 days ago
Taylor decker was a top ten tackle last year who just signed 70 million extension... he was a great pick
Barry Brennan
Barry Brennan 15 days ago
Laremy tunsil really helped our franchise .. shout aht that gas mask bong
Zen Wuu
Zen Wuu 15 days ago
9rs fan hers super excited for the draft.
Ian Sanchez
Ian Sanchez 15 days ago
Wow roberto aguyao was a beast in college. Held the record for most accurate kicker in ncaa football and then evolved into ABSOLUTE TRASH. As a bucs fan i will never forget that kicker 😂😂😂
Quintin Hileman
Quintin Hileman 15 days ago
That last clip had me cringing hard
basedaggron 15 days ago
Could you revisit the 2016 nhl draft also or do you think nhl players need more time to prove themselves?
matt raivio
matt raivio 15 days ago
Hahaha “as much as you want to shit on him, he did get $100 million! 😂😂😂
Patrick Redmond
Patrick Redmond 15 days ago
The sound is way to loud on the nfl draft recordings compared to the commentary But otherwise hilarious and cool Also the Minnesota hockey hair made me jump out of my seat to celebrate
RatedRMario21 15 days ago
Unsung prospect?! Dak was projected to be a late 1st to 2nd round pick (Denver at 31?) before he got busted for a DUI about 2 months before the draft
J. Ramsey
J. Ramsey 15 days ago
Bald is a look boys just make sure you accept it and get yourself a nice blade. Bald means bald not satellite head and not "I'm gonna leave a few up top", take it down and rock it.
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 15 days ago
Tyreek Hill is an RB now?
Exalt 15 days ago
Wild af that Tyreek Hill went in the fifth round. I'd bet every team that isn't the chiefs feels real stupid about that one, but this probably happens often. I hope Jacksonville doesn't ruin T-Law.
Exalt 13 days ago
@Juggler.exe shame
Juggler.exe 14 days ago
Hill had off-field issues that I believe caused him to transfer to a smaller school. He's also still a bit of dick in real life, from what I've heard.
Dusey 15 days ago
Tyler Boyd not even mentioned for Round 2 o o f
JOHN smith
JOHN smith 15 days ago
You had to remind me about Eli apple?
Jim Pickens
Jim Pickens 15 days ago
Who the FUCK drafts a kicker in the top 100 picks
Sue 15 days ago
Nice use of the Minnesota state high school all hockey hair team. Well done.
ZEZ 15 days ago
As a Georgia State Panthers alum & fan, love hearing Wil Lutz mentioned. Thank you.
ThatsGoodSports 15 days ago
Paxton Lynch is not a bust
Justin Sabbatini
Justin Sabbatini 15 days ago
Isn’t Eli Apple one of the top corners
Ute Pass Band
Ute Pass Band 15 days ago
imho the clearest "red flag" was that he couldn't cook ramen... i mean, dude you were in college for 4 years and didn't learn to make ramen? instant bust imo
Tyler Aven
Tyler Aven 15 days ago
Nolan Straus
Nolan Straus 15 days ago
You should do a vid on Arsenal and the demonic rise of Stan Kreonke.
Cole Holland
Cole Holland 13 days ago
He shits on Kronke a lot with the rams and Avalanche
Martin Elliot Edwards
Yep 16:01 as a bucs fan I firmly remember drafting Mr. Missed Kick like it was yesterday. Thankfully Jason Licht would go on to have 4 consecutive amazing drafts afterwards.
senoir butta
senoir butta 15 days ago
so zek was a successful pick but goff was meh? 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ ediot ting
FractionTwo 15 days ago
Karl Joseph isn't a bust imo after his season in cleveland
Labyrinth6000 15 days ago
EDP445 - the US-first Lolcow of the year
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 15 days ago
The Eagles had to make a deal with the devil for that Super Bowl. I've never seen a young QB play that high of a level only to become one of the worst qbs in a couple of years.
Big J
Big J 15 days ago
Can you please revisit NASCAR?
Greedy Waffle
Greedy Waffle 15 days ago
Good video, really enjoyed having a refresher on the draft classes and seeing where they are present day. I forgot how bad this first round was compared to the second round. Prime example why you never listen to the media and all the "mock draft" analysist. Would love for you to continue this series with other draft classes!
Mark Engelmeyer
Mark Engelmeyer 16 days ago
Please do a video on the rise and fall of EDP445
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 16 days ago
Was that Kamala with Ezekiel Elliott? Lol
Jim Moore
Jim Moore 16 days ago
seriously.... straight into an ad.... get blocked fuck boy.
UrinatingTree 15 days ago
You can skip ahead in the vid to avoid the ad, you know?
TayR0C 16 days ago
When the video started, I thought you spelled NHL wrong.
WoodenSpoonKing 16 days ago
imagine if a kicker was drafted first overall to mess with people
Jarod Armstrong
Jarod Armstrong 16 days ago
3:39 I 1000% agree
Casey Pierson
Casey Pierson 16 days ago
I love this episode each year. Please keep up the great work.
Colin Monk
Colin Monk 16 days ago
Respect to you showing video of the Minnesota State high school hockey tournament