Rest In Peace 

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So much in this video. Thank you for always being here.
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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 99   
Konnobi Gaming
Konnobi Gaming 15 minutes ago
Hey Roman can you please tell us about your tattoos? That would be a cool story
Yuan Mardy
Yuan Mardy 2 hours ago
This Chanel is my childhood 😭
Yuan Mardy
Yuan Mardy 2 hours ago
This Chanel is my childhood 😭
Sebastian Lorenzo
Sebastian Lorenzo 4 hours ago
Crazy to think ,I started whatching roman when I was in 6th grade , and now I graduate in a week
Auto count101
Auto count101 5 hours ago
Omg I haven't watch your vids in so long then when I hear your intro nostalgia omg I miss your vlogs and corra is so cute she grown so much
Aj Huang
Aj Huang 5 hours ago
I still miss Zeus 😭😭😭
Bulala 6 hours ago
Roman uses that chainsaw like a bitch
Andric Gutierrez
Andric Gutierrez 6 hours ago
I love how original Roman is omg
VERSE ! 7 hours ago
Mine is the skate park
Parker Newkirk
Parker Newkirk 8 hours ago
when will u show the full house tour
Gust 9 hours ago
Who came from RUGS VID
AaronRUiN 3 hours ago
Only you
Colin the Anime fan Shirling
This video is hilarious
terrance 10 hours ago
Where is flash
Beast l وحش
Beast l وحش 10 hours ago
Only og’s will remember the gtr with red windows
Angel Porter
Angel Porter 12 hours ago
I understand what y’all going through because I went through that when my puppies died pit bulls I love them but they died young...😭😭😭R..I..p little ones
Tuari Hefter
Tuari Hefter 13 hours ago
i was told my girl friend broke up with me. but roman makes life more better!:)
Siah 100k
Siah 100k 13 hours ago
Jesus loves you 😔
Alan OBrien
Alan OBrien 13 hours ago
What happened to flash
erin corinne
erin corinne 14 hours ago
Elie 14 hours ago
roman is the most genuine person ever on youtube
25K Hxvoc
25K Hxvoc 14 hours ago
I also baried my baby she couldn't walk and she started crying *its a joke* chill like fr
Lisa Deleon
Lisa Deleon 14 hours ago
“New yeezys” “Dont ever say that again” 💀💀
TGFY_ Anuj
TGFY_ Anuj 15 hours ago
lol i am the 6,700 comment
Todd Limoges
Todd Limoges 18 hours ago
INKY_ Salad
INKY_ Salad Day ago
What happened to flash
Cobra kai
You look like hawk off of corona kai
Harry Styles
Harry Styles Day ago
Been watching them for almost 13years now can't stop.
Kristy Conrad
Seven days with my uncle and my cousins
Rapid 101
Rapid 101 Day ago
What happened to flash
Zane Kirkwood
Not sure maybe either at someone else’s house
Brandon Barragan
Roman is down bad rn
Brandon Barragan
Roman is down bad rn
the lights are moving- too much pot roman lol
Aztec Esports
Hey roman, i know im asking alot but Would you maybe go back to the energetic fun vlogs? Just asking, i learned alot from you in the past and I hope you could bring back the Smile team again.
Aztec Esports
Hey what happened to flash
Chelsea Carlos
5:25 roman said "ist hat from roblox?" HAHAHHAHA
Nathan Flores
Where is flash
hayden lightwatcher
Where is flash?
BHE OUMAR 2 days ago
Everybody please pray for me I take my permit test today🙏
Sneaky Shaluum
Sneaky Shaluum 2 days ago
Roman I know u will not see this but if u have ever heard off the funk bros they want to do crazy stuff and would be perfect to be in ur old house they recently got I some trouble with there neighbours and are selling there house not to be sued plz contact them
Lily Huffaker
Lily Huffaker 2 days ago
hey roman I have a few questions, one are you ever going to restock the smile more store cuz you guys don't have my size, second I hope that Noah can be in more videos and lastly can you please do a house tour
Naila Abdul-Nabi
Naila Abdul-Nabi 2 days ago
I used to see roman so happy but now most of his videos are sad
mark t
mark t 2 days ago
Let's lift each other and everyone up!
Stunt Life
Stunt Life 2 days ago
I hope Roman hits his dreams
PuffkinVideos 2 days ago
ive missed so much. i moved and stopped watching abit before cause of dealing with some stuff. i would randomly want to watch but didnt have a way. i just remembered watching this channel alot growing up it was my escape. i think its gonna become my escape again. this was the only channel that could make me smile.. i started watching when i was 8 im gonna be 15 soon ive changed alot but still get the same feeling of happiness from these videos.
Jacob Hale
Jacob Hale 2 days ago
Who would give this family hell😢.. 4chan should track down the mf who caused harm to this family
Amy Cote
Amy Cote 2 days ago
Romin never changed though out the year witch is awesome
Lynda Hoff
Lynda Hoff 2 days ago
My cat passed
Andrei Bax
Andrei Bax 2 days ago
That is exactly what happen to my dogs. Sunday to Sunday we lost two just like your family.
math sucks
math sucks 2 days ago
You make my days happy like today my freind is no longer with us on earth but he is in a better place called hevan
CaMaKaZiE ShAd0W
CaMaKaZiE ShAd0W 2 days ago
Have u still got flash?
XWolfX 2 days ago
I didn’t know you guys got more donkeys
Hey Grant
Hey Grant 2 days ago
Riding quads
Mustafamb 2 days ago
I can’t believe that I still watch Roman after 5 years😅
Hope's World
Hope's World 2 days ago
Hey Roman! Been watching your stuff since when you did Pranks and it helped me through a lonely time in my life! You inspired me to start my own channel! I'm glad your back!!!!
olivia secrest
olivia secrest 2 days ago
Where are you all it's. Been over a week lol .
99Lives 3 days ago
what's roman's camera?
Maybe the new cannon g7x mk3
Last I knew a cannon g7x mk2
Nebsbdjfbs Bendjjxjdbd
Where is flash?
Squirrel Gaming
Squirrel Gaming 3 days ago
Bring back push-ups!
Rey Arreola
Rey Arreola 3 days ago
Bro I've been watching Roman since I was 10 I'm now 17 wow time flies by
Garion Newingham
Garion Newingham 3 days ago
Those chickens look like vitaly
Ellaina Libbesmeier
You could go hiking and have a picnic on a mountain or cliff of some sort and watch the sunset
lauren brown
lauren brown 3 days ago
Do they still have flash
The Gamer
The Gamer 3 days ago
Zeus died and who else
katherine powell
katherine powell 3 days ago
Lol britny
Riguito 3 days ago
I Haven't Seen The 🐕 Flash Siberian Husky
Jake Power
Jake Power 3 days ago
Years ago my day would not end until I seen Romans new video
Heather I
Heather I 3 days ago
I was 9 when I started watching I’m now 15 time flies
Trappin 3 days ago
Make sure not to use God’s name in vain because it is a brutal sin. Make sure to repent for your sins before it’s to late!
Kristján Kristjánsson
Where is Flash?
Kaliaa Gaming
Kaliaa Gaming 3 days ago
I miss zeus😫😫😫😫😣😣😣
Dylan K
Dylan K 3 days ago
Atwoods AFK
big shlong
big shlong 3 days ago
daniel reeves
daniel reeves 3 days ago
Cemetery there could be a
Paul Jeffries
Paul Jeffries 3 days ago
ROMAN!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE A CHAINSAW SAFETY TRAINING CLASS! Lol You look like poser.... Love yah just want you to be safe.
Mikayla Reed
Mikayla Reed 3 days ago
Whatever happened to Flash
Is this nogame...
Charly Baby
Charly Baby 3 days ago
1:50 reminds me of when Kaine was little and would say yeah all the time lmao she sounds just like him
Noe Eufracio
Noe Eufracio 3 days ago
Love your fam roman and so glad your posting again
Itz_ Brandon
Itz_ Brandon 3 days ago
Hahaha perfect date night 😂😂 I’m pissing myself
y ta
y ta 3 days ago
They warped into the next day who remembers that
deborah walkington
Why do you have to freak me out like that man I mean I am gonna watch this for the whole day
Marshal Tennant
Marshal Tennant 4 days ago
I remember the Can Canon which you used to fill up with tennis balls
Marshal Tennant
Marshal Tennant 4 days ago
I miss Zeus
Marshal Tennant
Marshal Tennant 4 days ago
You’re beautiful you’re one-of-a-kind smile more
gh0stmod 6
gh0stmod 6 4 days ago
Minute 5 to minute 10 is the funniest moment for me
tierrabalpvpsmc 4 days ago
What happened to flash? named my dog after him
Alyceo Perez
Alyceo Perez 4 days ago
Roman looks like a actual crazy head now lmaoooo ... Edit: CRACK
Bruce Stelzner
Bruce Stelzner 4 days ago
Roman dude I'm so sorry that happened
Kong Lao
Kong Lao 4 days ago
These vlogs make me smile more
sebastiatnn mp3
sebastiatnn mp3 4 days ago
I like how Roman is the only youtuber who has literally never changed
Sparwaz Day ago
fr bro
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 days ago
warms my heart, she is an angel, very lucky man Roman
Matthew Pearce
Matthew Pearce 4 days ago
Where's flash
Gray Elite
Gray Elite 4 days ago
I have been watching you since I was a 12 year old getting bullied in middle school and now......I graduated High School in 2020🎓🌸, got a Job, Turn 19 next month and now I'm living the dream life I always wanted. I'm glad Roman's posting again. God Bless him and his family🥳❤️ (Sincerely, May 8, 2021 8:01PM) I hope I get to see this comment years from now wondering where I am and how I'm doing.
Wheres flash
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 days ago
Why does Noah rarely on camera now
Bradley Ho
Bradley Ho 4 days ago
Are the 2 gtr’s still around?
Iil timmey Timmey
vishnu riddhi
vishnu riddhi 4 days ago
Wait is that Zeus and flashes grave?
Jami Drozdowski
Jami Drozdowski 4 days ago
What happened to the husky dog y’all had?
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