Renovating an Abandoned Range.... 

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Thanks to Caldwell and Crimson Trace for sponsoring this video. Check out all the cool shooting gear I use at the Ranch here: caldwellshooting.com crimsontrace.com
Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!! www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/demolition-ranch
I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
Main Camera amzn.to/3cTN8qf
Secondary Camera amzn.to/30qx5vb
Drones amzn.to/2Sf0oMF amzn.to/3kWYXyG


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May 3, 2021




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Alton Davis
Alton Davis 20 hours ago
The kids will be most disappointed if you don't shoot at their target.
DSMCR Day ago
you should put some targets up the hill. all your targets are all up front. you need to spread them out
Kirby Day ago
I hate you Matt..I hate you... That table from Crimson Trace and Caldwell was the most amazing Christmas I could imagine...and I'll NEVER realize....did I mention I hate you yet....uuuuggghhhhh....
Rexford L
Rexford L 2 days ago
Haven't see their Hydro Sled. I do have the DFT lead sled and put 100 lbs of dive weights on it. Makes my 375 Ultra Mag rather nice to shoot!
Braden Hickman
Braden Hickman 2 days ago
"lots of little things we need, like a 10x20 tent"
Jody Hudson
Jody Hudson 2 days ago
how many acres do you have matt
Jimmy, Making it work
Already watched this at work during lunch, so just stopped in to smash the like button and admire the Pew Pew accessory haul one more time.
Soggy Soup
Soggy Soup 3 days ago
Somebody pass the peanut butter cause im freaking jelly.
Joan Parish
Joan Parish 3 days ago
What ever happened to Vet Ranch????
Grahm Rosebrook
Grahm Rosebrook 3 days ago
Matt 3:13: that’s some thick stuff
Matthew Brewer
Matthew Brewer 3 days ago
I'm sure you've figured it out. But cable won't work for hanging steel targets lol. One shot and it'll fall
Paul Iskander
Paul Iskander 3 days ago
Man that's a lotta Caldwell Ca$h.... must be nice lol
B.Larkin 4 days ago
You should set up a course.
Inigo 4 days ago
Next up, renovating my bank account.
Tyler Montano
Tyler Montano 4 days ago
Use the 60% to practice shooting midget zombies… just a thought
Tyler Montano
Tyler Montano 4 days ago
You’ve gotta shoot the student one they made it for u to shoot so u shouldn’t feel bad using it for its intended purpose.
Bryan Sisk
Bryan Sisk 5 days ago
Tell the truth Matt.... You really landed 10 million subs and u got a super sweet sponser for the whole arsenal
BlingEh 5 days ago
finally this is happening!
Charles Lynch
Charles Lynch 5 days ago
Christmas definitely came early to that range I don't think u have enough targets awesome gear they sent ya
Chris Heath
Chris Heath 5 days ago
0:35 "we got some shooting tables" They last : Guesses in comments below!
Chris Chesley
Chris Chesley 5 days ago
Matt, does this mean you might actually sight in your guns? LOL
riftalope 5 days ago
Spoiler Alert:::::: They made it with plenty of time. They had epic fun! Sweet merch tent! NO RAIN!
No Name
No Name 5 days ago
You know you're from Texas when you can tell you're sitting in a king ranch just from the color of the leather.
Lone Star Millennial
PLEASE use multiple angles/slow mo for all demo ranch videos in the future! You can afford it and we've earned it!
Hipporosourus __
Hipporosourus __ 6 days ago
Frag is back
xXMrPocketsXx 6 days ago
Patrick Gregor
Patrick Gregor 6 days ago
Hey Caldwell if you see this you can send the next care package to me in WV
J 6 days ago
Dang.... Nobody ever sends me cool stuff.
Tom Walker
Tom Walker 6 days ago
Damn they totally hooked you up.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 6 days ago
Throw a penny through the chronograph. It'll register.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 6 days ago
Wouldn't you want the writing on the back so you can read it.
Ree Ree
Ree Ree 6 days ago
They just sent you at least one of everything lol
Bob Weaver
Bob Weaver 7 days ago
do a burnout comp in the 5 ton #donttellmere
Gavin Szudajski
Gavin Szudajski 7 days ago
If you are going to put the skull target by HQ you should shoot it with a 9mm or something putting bullet marks on the blue part and then put it by HQ.
Mo Chubb
Mo Chubb 7 days ago
🤨 has anyone ever told you that you're spoiled Matt
Mo Chubb
Mo Chubb 7 days ago
I want one of those 1911 grips for my shadow2
Mo Chubb
Mo Chubb 7 days ago
🤦‍♂️ demo-hollow and do a collaboration with Paul Harrell so he can teach your pretty face how to use the chronograph
go_for_life 60
go_for_life 60 7 days ago
He Should do a giveaway
James Alexander
James Alexander 7 days ago
Use old conveyor belt to hang the gongs.
Erik Alvarez
Erik Alvarez 8 days ago
11:40 my mans is just holding a whole fried pig skin in a bag
Blake N/a
Blake N/a 8 days ago
If you hit the top of the cable tied targets its gonna launch them in the air
South Carolina fishing channel
What did you do for mare to let you buy all this
Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb 8 days ago
targets should have a housing on the back to store a can of spraypaint and keep it out the rain, ill go make the patent now...
I say have the students make keychains like the special target & give them away or sell! Absolutely great idea
jmans56 8 days ago
This range is at the abandoned mansion right? What ever happened to the original demo ranch? The family ranch?
Subhobroto Ghosh
Subhobroto Ghosh 8 days ago
Demolitionranch has come so far.
Da Breezy
Da Breezy 8 days ago
*literally owns a knife company* “we were just talking about how dull my knife is I guess it was time for a new one”
Jose Flores
Jose Flores 8 days ago
Can I have the j frame laser please
Marie MacLawder
Marie MacLawder 9 days ago
When are you showing up in Indiana, I'll have to tell my friend out there so he can maybe get some time off lol
Barry D. Thomas Sr.
Fire hose and Carriage bolt with big Washers For the hanging targets
Dcjoe94 9 days ago
Firing his 50 cal
Dcjoe94 9 days ago
Breaks a piece of his truck 😂😂😂
john strawbridge
john strawbridge 9 days ago
Holiday Armadillo
john strawbridge
john strawbridge 9 days ago
Conveyor belt strips work well
DillonD14 9 days ago
I am honestly completely jealous. I’ve never been so jealous of another person. 😍
Azad SAVAŞAN 9 days ago
Weren't you the VetRanch ?
james desilva
james desilva 9 days ago
Mat get a tire pressure monitor systerm for the trailer if you dont have one and your gonna need a bigger safe......
Tree Quux
Tree Quux 9 days ago
You should at least shoot that student made target at least once with a big round. Something to put a nice mark or maybe even a hole in it. I mean they worked so hard to make it, it seems a waste to not shoot it with something big once.
Kid Shalene
Kid Shalene 9 days ago
Matt: Scatter some dog kibble in those disturbed areas around those trees and stomp it in, set up a game camera and you can see Frag out there in the late evenings and at night rooting around and he'll eat the kibble.
blood Angel 423
blood Angel 423 9 days ago
Darrell Beam
Darrell Beam 9 days ago
Huh, I thought it might have been a skunk.
Sam Corn
Sam Corn 9 days ago
........Those are uspsa targets..............
Zafor 9 days ago
Out on the range and thiss damn armadillo DISTURBING the ground
Alpine 9 days ago
The house isn’t even done yet, Mr. Home Improvement needs to relax or Mere is gonna kill him.
A is for Annihilation
That beat at 4.56 is tough. 👍
Darandomvidz 9 days ago
The video everyones been waiting for lol
Jediknight 129
Jediknight 129 9 days ago
Can I have a job?
jacob nicoloff
jacob nicoloff 9 days ago
You have to hit it a few times then put it away!! Send a couple 50cal rounds down range at big blue!
AngerFistDahui 9 days ago
То чувство когда Мэтту) привезли "вкусняшек" :) кто то ждет сладости , кто то, но не Мэтт :)
jeffodabear 9 days ago
You need to shoot the school's target a couple times, that's what they wanted
Tuddle 9 days ago
This man has more scopes then he knows what to do with. Do give aways that would be awesome
DubHead 9 days ago
I thought you were a Vortex guy? 🤔
Truth Seeker1
Truth Seeker1 9 days ago
I'd love to spend an hour there !
kurt bruner
kurt bruner 9 days ago
Please open a shooting club! Or public range! Texas needs more GUN RANGES! Please!
J HEFF 9 days ago
😂 looks like someone got a sponsor!! It was nice knowing you Matt!
Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman 9 days ago
What happened with Skif knives? Matt never mentions them.
Anthony Villa
Anthony Villa 9 days ago
"pew pews".....unreal you have to say that and not GUN
Shoots true
Shoots true 9 days ago
Matt do some gun restoration videos gun imports , ww2 guns soviet guns , guns you never heard of videos.. would be cool.. love your content already!
Steven Hall
Steven Hall 9 days ago
Go far a s&w model 642!!
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin 9 days ago
I think the reason we dont get it is its a burnout competition not a look good competition. I would rather see you win then look fancy.
Isaiah Bacon
Isaiah Bacon 9 days ago
Shoot the skull one time
BEER DEER BUCK 9 days ago
That's some good shit
JakStone 9 days ago
Are you gonna renovate an abandoned sports car next?
Hood Tactical
Hood Tactical 9 days ago
Pretty dope range I want to shoot on that stage dam killer .
Damian Laning
Damian Laning 9 days ago
Christmas came in May this year!!!
Sean Artieri
Sean Artieri 9 days ago
I’m not trying to do a good burnout I’m trying to look Awesome! 😂lol
TheWogGuy 9 days ago
When the bug target fell i flinched dhaha
Cindy 9 days ago
You could shoot the target the school git ya but not a lot then pit it as decoration
peyton kern
peyton kern 9 days ago
Demolition ranch is just a Hickok45 prequel series
Joel Depas
Joel Depas 9 days ago
It would be cool to see a trail cam of that area to see frag
Gunguy98 9 days ago
Every ranch needs a good front gate sign, I think you found the gate sign to demo ranch
Jeff Price
Jeff Price 9 days ago
Might be better to move the firing line up onto the hill than the targets. then you can be sure you are always shooting downward into the bowl. Might reduce the chances of shooting over the top and sending a random missile into hte universe...
Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner 9 days ago
Crimson trace is cool man.
lori mastroianni
lori mastroianni 9 days ago
Was that bread?
Swol Wannabe
Swol Wannabe 9 days ago
This is one the best channels to advertise these products, especially as we see how long it all lasts and maybe what breaks some of it.
dwayne wignall
dwayne wignall 9 days ago
Small silhouettes,... For practice for shooting small,... people
Mark Cash
Mark Cash 9 days ago
Matt: I don't want to tear this sign up Matt 30 seconds later: drops sign
Harties 4x4
Harties 4x4 9 days ago
Making the place ready to show your collection?
Southpaw Nation
Southpaw Nation 9 days ago
Ah cmon Matt I went San Antonio to Northwest Chicago suburbs in one 19+ hour trip just me... you 4 have this!!
You mean you need to get a Ruger SP101.357, 2.25" J frame style with Crimson Trace LG-303 grip , It's sweet
My 50 Cal Exploded