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Nov 23, 2020




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Jack Geggatt
Jack Geggatt 20 hours ago
if the bulls have a 40 plus record i am going to scream
Jack Geggatt
Jack Geggatt 20 hours ago
Ryan Flake
Ryan Flake Day ago
Black King40
Black King40 5 days ago
Pop got fired 😂😂😂
Blake Hathaway
Blake Hathaway 11 days ago
Kenny’s hair is top notch
mqmoreno23 13 days ago
Why all the rebuilding videos everybody uses draft class with cade cunningham
i was a Bulls fan in the 90's it was awesome and like the pic of Jordan and Bryant.
Ian gatcomb
Ian gatcomb 15 days ago
Can you try and get Derrick rose ring for a video
LJB23 Zach Facts
LJB23 Zach Facts 17 days ago
this is how many people love this channel.
jeffree epstein
jeffree epstein 18 days ago
Have to 3-peat with Bulls
Jayden 22 days ago
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Jayden 22 days ago
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Max Scanlon
Max Scanlon 27 days ago
I thought he was going to start Patrick Williams
Ladusingh TV
Ladusingh TV 28 days ago
2k so lazy even the best shooter of all time stephen curry doesn’t have the right jumpshot
Kyle Barrows
Kyle Barrows 29 days ago
i feel u bro lmao!! how them rosters now?
Ian Lensen
Ian Lensen Month ago
Greg brown and Cade Cunningham were former teammates at OSU
Charlie Webber
Charlie Webber Month ago
no bulls baby
TM33 Month ago
29:59 lol i recognize that kind of looks That is the face of someone who disappointed with himself It's okay ken... Don't be so hard on yourself
Curry With The Shot
The thumbnail is flames literally
Ashley Tweten
Ashley Tweten Month ago
what is wrong with 2k!
Poi258 Month ago
Go bulls
Shane Winningham
i think its players rights. some people released their 411 some didnt. it blew my mind too
Just Overwatch Clips
Kenny has good eyes tho
Derek Pittman
Derek Pittman Month ago
Bulls Receive: Karl-Anthony Towns, Ricky Rubio, Ed Davis, Jaylen Nowell Timberwolves Receive: Wendell Carter Jr., Lauri Markkanen, Otto Porter Jr., Chandler Hutchison, 2021 1st Round Pick, 2023 1st Round Pick 2k21 😂
JaKarr Sampson
JaKarr Sampson Month ago
you love to see it
RewAndrew Month ago
15:46, pause the video and look at Jakarr Sampson’s per 36 numbers
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh Month ago
4 challenges!!! The easy fun challenge: Take a team that never won a championship. Hire a coach that never won a championship. Get a 15 player roster, non of them ever won a championship. Win a championship in your 1st season. The "who's scoring?" challenge: The low productivity challenge: Sabonis at 4, Ro Co at 3, etc'... Put all the players with high overall but low ppg rpg apg etc'. A team of so many 80+ overall should win a championship, right? Someone, supposedly, will score. The youth rebuilding ultimate dynasty challenge: 1st pre-season: Trade ALL your players for draft picks. Sign only free agents. Complete the season without any additional trades. 2nd pre-season: You MUST use all your 1st round draft picks. You can only trade picks for better picks. You must sign all your 1st round picks. You can trade all other players freely. 3rd pre-season: You now have 2 seasons to achieve 10 80+ overall, 4 seasons to achieve 8 90+ overall and 5 seasons to achieve a 3peat.Can you get a family championship? The family team: Doc Rivers is you head coach, Austin Rivers on the team. All the antetokounmpo bothers, the Lopes brothers, The Holidays, the Zellers, The Grants, all of all on 1 family team. Will it bring a championship?
WillTheBaller Month ago
8:46 I sat there for like 5 minutes wondering why Trae Young was a 77 overall until I realized that is was actually Thad Young.
Jeremiah otieno
Jeremiah otieno Month ago
Kenny: brings in kawhi Leonard drafts Cade Cunningham Also Kenny:the Knicks bringing in Fred vanvleet is unrealistic
Godii God
Godii God Month ago
Good fkin luck smh
Joseph Moore234
Joseph Moore234 Month ago
When are you going to hit 900k
Moises Colon
Moises Colon Month ago
Boogie with Houston
L C Month ago
Kenny was on 2k’s Melon 🍉 😂💀 C’mon Get them contracts right 2k!!!!!!!
PlaystageLD Month ago
You are the best
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen Month ago
I thought Jaden McDaniels was a computer generated player lol
Kaleb Pacheco
Kaleb Pacheco Month ago
Do a spurs rebuild
JCCOFFE Y Month ago
Bro this makes me so happy as a bulls fan and then I remember our real fucking moves
J B3
J B3 Month ago
The prime position challenge The rules 1: everyone on your team has to be there worst position. 2: Have to win a championship in one year. 3: can only trade with each team once. 4: have fun!🔥
Owen P
Owen P Month ago
Man 2k is trash af
Fabian Reyes
Fabian Reyes Month ago
Greg brown and Cade Cunningham played together in high school
Trey B
Trey B Month ago
By the way that is Dwight Howard’s correct contract
Michael Allen
Michael Allen Month ago
I have a movie script for you. You're a character I wrote in it, I would love to pitch it to you. So I can get your opinion, I think I have something here. I love your rebuilds. And I've always wanted to know why you move so damn fast haha you just hate editing that much?? 😂 you're light speed rebuilding. It's your style I guess 👌🏽👌🏽🔥
Are you gonna do more Kenny hardway next gen
Jackets Productions
Day idk i have lost count I have a rebuilding challenge for you Nhl challenge Playmaker a player that averaged 4.5 assists a game Sniper a player that averaged 28.5 points per game Two way player a player that averaged 18.5 points 2.5 steals and 1.5 blocks per game Enforcer defenseman a player over 6-10 that averaged 12.5 points 2.5 rebounds and 3.5 blocks per game and has to have had at least 235 fouls in their career offensive defenseman a player 6-10 that averaged 20.5 points per game hybrid goalie a player under 6-11 that averaged 13.5 points 3.5 steals 1 assist and 3.5 blocks per game one stipulation any trade in the treads finder that has enes Kanter in it you have to accept the trade no matter what and you cannot flip him and also this is a 5 year challenge and you have to win 3 out of 5 championships
SoCalH0B0 Month ago
The saddest sentence I’ve ever heard “other teams are signing big name free agents and we get a new coach.”
Quan Baych
Quan Baych Month ago
KENNY THA GOAT u should have been on the coaching staff
Paulk Month ago
he so fast I sometimes don't even get what he's actually doin
devin mccurry
devin mccurry Month ago
Should of just got bj boston lol
Jordan Rector
Jordan Rector Month ago
I bet he had to rerecord this like 20 times because the bulls complete trash. My man still delusional saying the bulls had anything above 0% chance to get AD or any decent free agent really. But i forgive him it skews your view and opinion when youre a diehard fan of that specific team.
Nothing But Net
Nothing But Net Month ago
They are NOW 7 and 0
Mike Arsen
Mike Arsen Month ago
and we back haha am i right guys smash that like button if you agree
Younger Brother
Younger Brother Month ago
And we back
Honor Fusire
Honor Fusire Month ago
No more "and we back makes my day?" where my ppl at!
Matt Burkart
Matt Burkart Month ago
Where's SnellSZN when you need him, Tony is back!
bannagammer264 Month ago
Look bulls fans there’s a lot to look up to. Wendell carter and coby white are on the come up. Lavine is a superstar when used right. Markinine to but he was used wrong under boylen. And believe it or not a trade for a solid sf could bring them to a playoff seat. Like a Robert convigton or Wiggins. With that said there is still hope( I’m a clipper fan btw)
Zac Margolis
Zac Margolis Month ago
27:41 AD and Giannis. How did they not dominate the west
Jarmaine Childs
Jarmaine Childs Month ago
In my 2k MyLeague the Bulls traded Zach for DBook
Văn Hưng Đỗ
ThanksGiving Rebuild Rules: 8 man Rotation, follow the rules and at least get passed the first round in one year. Turkey: The most important dish, with white and dark meat. Trade for a light skin player that is above 85 overall Cranberry Sauce: One of the best sides. Trade for a player that got that sauce (80+ Ball Handling) Greens: Very underrated and healthy. Trade for a player that is 80 overall or under that averaged 15 or more points this season. Cornbread: Meal dessert sometimes dry. Trade for a player that used to be better than they are now (example Carmelo) Rolls: Very Much a Favorite mostly for younger. Trade for a player under 25 that is a fan favorite Gravy: A sidekick to turkey. Trade for a player that is the second highest overall on a team (example Lakers: AD). Pumpkin Pie: The dessert, created in 1621. Trade for a player over 33 Leftovers: A great thing for after thanksgiving. Trade for a player that has ever won 6th man of the year.
Austin Gilkey
Austin Gilkey Month ago
I’m a KU fan you’ll love Dotson scrappy and has ELITE quickness
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez Month ago
leave it to 2k to fumble the contracts 🤦🏽‍♂️
what do you think about the pistons did they win draft night with 3 first round picks? and how about free agency/trade like trevor ariza, mason plumlee, jerami grant and zhaire smith
Thaddeus Harris
Thaddeus Harris Month ago
My name is Thaddeus. Make the connection
Kellan McGohan
Kellan McGohan Month ago
what up kenny your my favorite youTuber
Tafari Mosi
Tafari Mosi Month ago
I wish it was this easy
R Tajik
R Tajik Month ago
Hopefully our bulls can be entertaining
Tim Buss
Tim Buss Month ago
2k21 is just like 2k20 and 2k19. And 2k18 My leauge is same. And everything else is to.
Tim Buss
Tim Buss Month ago
Today on black friday i just bought 2k21 im rebuilding the kings and i got the ball brothers on same team and Zion I got tim Duncan as my head coach
Isaiah Schier
Isaiah Schier Month ago
Boogie is on the rockets
Lordstealzuss Month ago
Funny thing is all 2k gotta do is have 1 person just look at woj timeline and fix this shit 😂🤣
SuperTrooperYT Month ago
You must really have to hate life to dislike one of Kenny’s videos lol
BroJob Rob
BroJob Rob Month ago
Dwights contract is actually right we got him for cheap i think
정영준 Month ago
Soccer challenge Captain: a player who played for at least 6 years in the same team Goalkeeper: a player who avereged 1.6 or above blocks Center back: a player taller and heavier than average who avereged 1 or above steal Full back: a player that has b or above both in defense and offense Midfielder: a player who avereged 7 or above asissts Wing: a player who has 88 or above speed Forward: the star, he has to be the leader in scoring in his team and he has to be your n1 option Bencher: a player that won 6th man of the year at some point (if you want it to be a little bit easier you can search a player who was a candidate) Coach: hire the coach that fits the most with your players Like if you think he should do it
Tristen Swanson
Tristen Swanson Month ago
Do you ever play the game?? 🤔🤔
Trevor Zimmerman
Prove your skills Rebuild 1. There will be 3 wheels. The first one has all of the NBA teams, the Second wheel has what draft pick you are given, and the last wheel has the next 10 years.( You must spin the last wheel 3 times, and only those years are you allowed to win a championship). 2. Injuries must be turned on 3. Trade difficulty set to 75 instead of 50 4. Team chemistry on
Wiley Seigler
Wiley Seigler Month ago
Thank goodness you aren't our GM. Trading young players for aging names. I hate every move you made.
2482beatz. Ent
2482beatz. Ent Month ago
You should’ve waited until they updated the rosters you missing Devon Dotson from Kentucky 🤦🏾‍♂️ Chicago Native
J J Month ago
Keeny:it’s not personal Felico: are u sure
Văn Hưng Đỗ
I got a good challenge that wont be easier for u I like to call it the "Get Your Team Back Rebuild" 1. Randomly select your team 2. Fantasy draft 3. With the team you choose you have to get their entire roster back to what they have in real life. 4. Play till you win a chip Good luck with this KOT4Q, but I know u are the only one who can do it Also make sure u turn off all untouchables so you can trade for example giannis if u land on the bucks
Captainhook Lane
Stop getting rid of your big mans boi
Captainhook Lane
Shouldn't traded markanan
Captainhook Lane
Devon Dotson need to be on the bulls
Yuta Watanabe
Yuta Watanabe Month ago
Tahan Month ago
Cavs Okoro rebuild?
Kieran M.
Kieran M. Month ago
7:19 Otto porter for buddy hield. 8:09 “I just can’t find a good trade for Otto.”
Stewie 309
Stewie 309 Month ago
All I see is red #SeeRed
Simon Pope
Simon Pope Month ago
Hold up did I just see the Spurs fire Pop?
Ryan Sack
Ryan Sack Month ago
How about a rebuild with signing a top free agent over 95 overall is off limits.. much more interesting/realistic
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall Month ago
Kenny be complaining about the contracts but he doesn’t see trae young listed as 32 years old
colinz Month ago
ey can we all help kenny reach 1M
Luke Norton
Luke Norton Month ago
If a team can get Cade and Greg brown that’s such a W if a draft wow
Swish News
Swish News Month ago
The Dynasty Warriors rebuilding challenge: Fantasy Draft and do a fixed draft to give yourself curry Win 73-9 or more games and get back to back chips Then add an injury to your top 3 players fro the season and have a bad enough record to get your pick in the lottery Then take away the injuries and try to win another chip Been subbed since 2016 Kenny ur the best, like so he can see
Jonah Hansen
Jonah Hansen Month ago
Is no one going to talk about Kenny saying, “Imma send potential camp to Cade.”?
John Polymenakos
Yo is the the new city jersey? Where did you buy that ?
mahi ali
mahi ali Month ago
I bet kenny said that thing about trading the bulls players in 2k doesn't mean he wants them gone is hinting at the fact that he was able to interview everyone on the bulls and probably even received a 10-day contract so the players would know who he is and thats how they'd come across this video
Toby Kehaty
Toby Kehaty Month ago
Can you do a video of rebuilding a team in every nba live game like the 2k one cuz I LOVED it
The Real LIV
The Real LIV Month ago
did anybody notice the lakers have giannis
King Von
King Von Month ago
Zach lavin got traded to philly
gucci WEEZLE1400
Do the '15 Hawks rebuild challenge: - Go undefeated in a whole month - Have at least 4 players in the all-star game - Win COTY
Oj Oj
Oj Oj Month ago
Kenny the Spurs pick is from when you traded up for Cade Cunningham 23:53
Jearold The Conquistador : P
Do a collab with sponhour