Ready For Nosebleeds?!! $60,000 On My Left, I'll Just Keep Hitting Sets Or Better! Poker Vlog Ep 158 

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Apr 26, 2021




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Comments 100   
Kimbo Slice
Kimbo Slice 19 hours ago
5:10 how did brad lose I’m extremely confused
Eugene Weeks
Eugene Weeks Day ago
Damn you have come a long way. Your a true pro.
Ryan Floyd
Ryan Floyd Day ago
“Small raise to $1000” lol
Kip Valentine
Kip Valentine 2 days ago
Watching the poker vids, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Delta Parole, AFi, etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?
Boss with the hot sauce
I've been here since day 1 Brad. I think the main reason I love your videos other than great content is that you're a very likable humble guy. Don't change bro!
M Cole
M Cole 3 days ago
Ewwww, Brad Owen drinks Diet Coke! 😄
Brian Drake
Brian Drake 3 days ago
When you say you feel like your going to get torched soon for like 5-10k is that just because you figure your hot streak is about to be over? And also do you think your almost speaking it into existence? With me poker is all about confidence and if I go into a game with a negative mindset, 9/10 times it turns out negative. Just something to think about. Anyways I love the videos man, keep up the great work!!!
magic mark
magic mark 4 days ago
Man it's unbelievable the cards u catch. Like, actually unbelievable. Do you splice in the casino footage, poker room footage, and then splice in your cards to make it appear youre actually there?
inDeclyne 5 days ago
Brad I know you show the cards to everyone at the table for the vlog.. but you shouldn’t show every winning hand man! Keep em guessing
Omni Entertainment
Not gonna lie. Pocket jiggities does sound kinda racist, lol. At least he knew you didn't mean anything negative about it.
B M 5 days ago
4:48 my instinct said he had the 5.
Jay M
Jay M 5 days ago
Is there a certain rule of tipping the dealer? Every hand? Big hands won?
Michael Kyd
Michael Kyd 6 days ago
Moving up!
Anthony G
Anthony G 6 days ago
Boston Heeler
Boston Heeler 6 days ago
Wildcat 8
Wildcat 8 7 days ago
Damn good flop for Pocket Jiggs. I’m always afraid to play jacks after the flop even when there aren’t any over cards, just because the typical “call anything bingo players” won’t get out of the and when they’re holding any hand the includes an ace or king. Then the bingo bums hit their 1 Ace or King 50% of the time by the river lol.
James Collier
James Collier 7 days ago
What does "give my buddy a sweat" mean
Tony Povilitus
Tony Povilitus 8 days ago
Can’t invite u to the game wtf haha
Tony Povilitus
Tony Povilitus 8 days ago
Damn bumping elbows with Ivey nice bro
Tony Povilitus
Tony Povilitus 8 days ago
Can’t believe u raised 1k there
GK PRIVATE 8 days ago
why do these people that record against the casino's rules, speak in the third person? We, Us etc? Who is we? Who is us? It is stupid. They no doubt are streaming to their co cheaters either on the table or looking over the shoulder.
GK PRIVATE 8 days ago
Report this cheater to the floor and security for recording. It is NOT allowed.
marby602 8 days ago
"Certain Player Types" ??...... that sounds like some stuck up type bullshit bro ! Who's running that game ? Paris Hilton ?
Breezy Man
Breezy Man 9 days ago
Come play at capitol casino in sacramento. Tons of solid action..
Stephen Lovering
Stephen Lovering 9 days ago
It's ok, because you NEVER lose a fucking hand.
Brian Potter
Brian Potter 9 days ago
You got lucky, but don't make that sound like a "run good". I've done this too and "rode the high" only to turn around and dump a chunk of change because of it. You had position when you called with the Jiggities, but a laydown was the correct play there (although you DID get a lucky set lol). Most of the time that won't happen, and minimizing your losses is JUST as important as maximizing your wins.
G scott
G scott 10 days ago
@BradOwen Damn I saw you there that day.. I was at a table right near where you line up for the cage I wondered why you randomly filmed the sign to the upper level area after cashing out now I see you were using for the vid
Unreal Trump
Unreal Trump 10 days ago
The 88 vs 55 out of turn action might be a set up, becareful next time.
Bruce Kiefner
Bruce Kiefner 10 days ago
I would like to see all your loses. You seem so lucky.
Michael Blankenau
Michael Blankenau 10 days ago
If people want you in their game it's probably a good idea not to play it
Henry Coker
Henry Coker 10 days ago
Investing in Bitcoin and crypto currency is the investment anyone can do this season because it has made a lot of people millionaires
Donte Timothee
Donte Timothee 10 days ago
Make sure you have the right information about Mrs Janescott, don't be misinformed about her
Donte Timothee
Donte Timothee 10 days ago
Mrs Janescott is really an expert in Bitcoin trading I can confess to that with years of experience
Jameson Yvonne
Jameson Yvonne 10 days ago
Mrs janescott all the way 💯
Jameson Yvonne
Jameson Yvonne 10 days ago
Good luck guys!! And don’t forget to post your trading experience with her for motivation
Jameson Yvonne
Jameson Yvonne 10 days ago
Jane Scott Her Facebook handle 👆
cokpit view
cokpit view 10 days ago
You play whit YOH VIRAL 🇫🇷
InterStellaFella -
InterStellaFella - 10 days ago
Is the table happy that there are multiple cameras filming in a casino. Your hole card camera could be construed as cheating. Not doubting your content but the constant camera angles seems odd. Casinos normally strict on this 👍
xxxYYZxxx 10 days ago
A 40-50BB buy in is a good adjustment for playing above normal limits, or as a hedge against restrictive buy-in structures. In So Cal, many games have 66 & 2/3 BB buy in caps (eg, $200 in $2/3 NL) anyways. 40BB is ideal for "reverse implied-odds" scenarios vs. larger stacks, to get all-in before any draws get there. At a full table, pairs 99-AA and AK are the only sort of "automatic" hands which should be played with 25-40 BBs, with any lesser hands played only to steal from the Button or small blind. With 40 BB, you can't afford to open with small pairs or connectors and whiff the flop, you can't then reliably bluff, and you don't have enough stack to get paid off anyways. A small buy-in has other advantages, such as allowing for all-in moves early in your session, or alternately giving you a super-tight rock image. Once you build a larger stack, your prior reputation for shoving, or for playing like a rock, can potentially get you either paid off light, or give you more fold equity. Sitting with a small stack allows you to get a good read on the table. In many cases, the open seat in a big game is the worst available seat, so buying small and moving seats could be warranted even if you plan to top-off your stack later. Another advantage to a small stack is the propensity to get paid-off in a multi way pot, with bigger stacks virtually "ignoring" you while going after each other. Smallish stacks can work in PLO too, with the idea to hit a big multi-way pot vs. larger stacks to generate a large stack with minimal risk.
Lisa S
Lisa S 10 days ago
Hey Brad, you did a book review at the end of one of your videos. Could you tell me which ep. that was?
Michael Perry
Michael Perry 10 days ago
"Brad Owen" is an anagram of "won bread."
Someone Posted That
Hero, doing the real work here. Also an anagram of new broad. His misses needs to watch out if he goes to NYC.
Jagan Pandian
Jagan Pandian 10 days ago
Spark on the Horizon
YOU killed Kenny!
Ikeo Gooner
Ikeo Gooner 10 days ago
You need to get a sponsor for your thumb, Apple Logo or Budweiser painted on. "This hand is brought to you by ..."
Jokerizbadass 10 days ago
I called Jacks “Jiggities” last night and the guy next to me was like WTF? lol
Damian Portuondo
Damian Portuondo 10 days ago
What do you think about the 49er’s drafting Trey Lance 3rd overall?
Ryan Scott Campbell
it legitimately does sound like some racist shit
Rosco 11 days ago
Click bait for views??? Never even got on the big table.
Rosco 11 days ago
@Brad Owen but you literally lied in the description for clicks/views... just not cool.
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 11 days ago
I tried to, still played the biggest game open to the public with piles of cash at the table.
David W
David W 12 days ago
@Brad that set of 88s raise on the river to $1000 was absurd play with flush and one card straight made. What hand pays you off that your set beats? Horrible play.
David W
David W 11 days ago
@Brad Owen Its not ok, i hate seeing u donk money away. Rooting for you... lets level up on those decisions.
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 12 days ago
J Lovee
J Lovee 12 days ago
how did his pocket 5s beat your pocket 8s thats 3 of a kind
kenny batton
kenny batton 12 days ago
Are you at bellagio now?
Cheeze and Crackerz
Play at turning stone
Norman Dolinic
Norman Dolinic 12 days ago
Buy silver today.
The Fat Doge
The Fat Doge 12 days ago
Hey brad do u have any app on tracking your win/lose or you just write down your win/lose? I saw it once but dont remember the app's name
Adam 86
Adam 86 12 days ago
Make sure you don't get Teddy'd like in rounders playing above your bankroll can be dangerous. As long as you aren't playing different because of stakes u should be good.
Shawn King
Shawn King 12 days ago
DPTAZZZ 13 days ago
Nice to see you sit down, and just go :" I'm gonna kick some ass".. not think you are the fish at the table.. pretty sure you underestimate your quality of play...
Mr Mathturo
Mr Mathturo 13 days ago
This video takes your vlog (the ensemble) from merely poker analysis to the rise of a poker player.
KJ Lorica
KJ Lorica 13 days ago
The $50/$100 game would’ve been nice to watch.. stakes keeps getting higher. Can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle but you can’t win much either !! Always enjoy your video and in depth analysis
CODEMAN XPOSED 13 days ago
Chris Arthur
Chris Arthur 13 days ago
that why he is brad owen lol
Kamin J
Kamin J 13 days ago
Saul Madrigal
Saul Madrigal 13 days ago
5:33 mins Why did he lose the hand? He 8 trips against a pair of 5s.
David Thomas
David Thomas 13 days ago
A234 was on the board...so he lost set(888) vs straight A2345
Nicolas Mobayed
Nicolas Mobayed 13 days ago
Love the content. Try to get some more tounamnet conten. Try do some ggpoker on twitch or something simular. would love to learn more by watching a tournament from a-z . love it bro 💯❤👍🏼
Tim Young
Tim Young 13 days ago
Not that I’m not enjoying your videos, but where’s your partner in crime? Had Andrew stopped creating content?
xmadman19x 13 days ago
Looks like Matt's (avoidthe9to5) arm/watch
xmadman19x 13 days ago
Ah nvn. Kept watchin lol
Eric Bunch
Eric Bunch 13 days ago
Do you ever Run Bad????
John Simmons
John Simmons 13 days ago
not bad, well on your way
Soundstrom Studio
Soundstrom Studio 13 days ago
PUSH THAT LUCK! you´re doing good! the last 10-15 vlogs have been so much fun to watch after signing on to pokercoaching.com... the other 145 vlogs also :)
neil ballensky
neil ballensky 13 days ago
In your first hand of the vlog with jeff to your left,when you flip a chip to the dealer for a tip,he grabbed it,not the dealer. Check it. Just saying.
JohnnyAppleseed 13 days ago
This is fake or you're cheating. No one runs like you every single session. You get dealt multiple big pairs every vlog. You flop multiple sets every vlog. That's flat out impossible. I'm done with your vlog, Brad. You are crooked either way.
Dennis Calvin
Dennis Calvin 13 days ago
So bummed I didnt run into you on my Vegas trip...
Dan Pini
Dan Pini 13 days ago
If you are very concerned about getting torched for 5-10K in the 10-20 game, why not buy in for 100BB and play it more relaxed?
CryroOfficial 13 days ago
Brad I will be in Vegas may 19-23! Hopefully I find you at the tables 🥰🥰🥰
Jason Howell
Jason Howell 13 days ago
Brad you show your best hands and leave out the much loss hands?
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 13 days ago
I only lost one big pot this session. Wait until the next two vlogs...
Charlie Shall
Charlie Shall 13 days ago
Hello Brad, How often a week are you playing live cash games?
Charlie Shall
Charlie Shall 11 days ago
@Brad Owen do you use this platform as a means of conning people into buying Bitcoin?
Anthony Dickens
Anthony Dickens 13 days ago
Anybody know the app he uses to track his sessions? Seems like a great tool to use.
Darin Buckland
Darin Buckland 13 days ago
Brad, love the videos! I just watched your first video from 3 or 4 years ago and as a person with moles and pre-cancerous dermatolgical issues, I recommend you get that mole looked at my friend! Seems to have grown over the years. Cheers!
Zero Quanta
Zero Quanta 13 days ago
good win
jason sers
jason sers 13 days ago
this is so random sir owen, but can you give me 100? please? 🥺 i know this cant be read. 👍
Rob 13 days ago
Too many giant bets into weak players missed so much value
Rob 13 days ago
That second hand was so stiff as if he had that
Rob 13 days ago
First hand played so wrong mate was so obvious u have the W
daniel chicas
daniel chicas 13 days ago
Looking for a youtube episode where brad goes over his favorite poker books? Can anyone lend a hand please
Duane Vasquez
Duane Vasquez 14 days ago
So many vlogs Brad says people "hardly bluff on rivers," yet, seems he always calls and loses... gut wrenching those are.
Charlie Godinez
Charlie Godinez 14 days ago
I Can feel the excitement along with you bro. First time playing at the Venetian I sat down with a couple of champs and other high level guys and I did pretty well, but the nervous excitement was off the charts.
ChriT 14 days ago
Why the fuck is he having this Monster hands xdd
TotalCan’t 14 days ago
Everyone’s touching the chips. 🤷‍♂️ the screens are overkill.
RunCircusRun 14 days ago
If only you spent all this money on Bitcoin back in December, lol.
Angel Colon
Angel Colon 14 days ago
Nice job
khaled sa
khaled sa 14 days ago
2:34 I had to think of the the meme : ‘’ My name is Jeff’’ 🤣😅
maliant16 14 days ago
Your check raise on the turn was also pretty terrible. You lost a lot of implied value vs the nut straight draw that’s never calling on a paired board. If he has a hand like J10 or A10 suited he’s going to barrel most rivers anyways and if he boats up you are 100% going to be able to get the other 100BBs in with a check raise. Also... you get an egregious amount of quality hands.
maliant16 14 days ago
Your raise with the set of eights was horrid.
Ty Ruggieri
Ty Ruggieri 14 days ago
Nice job man
James Sheppard
James Sheppard 14 days ago
Would you ever consider coming to Milwaukee and play @ Potawatomi?
kakashi hatake
kakashi hatake 14 days ago
love ur blogs broo ...!!!
yt hydrox
yt hydrox 14 days ago
I'm confused how at the beginning the guy won with pocket 5s when you had trip 8s
Rich H
Rich H 12 days ago
@Brad Owen Brad, I have the same question about the trip 8's vs the pocket 5's. I've watched that portion of the vid several times and still can't figure it out. Please help the boy.
Manuel Reygadas
Manuel Reygadas 14 days ago
Anyone help? What’s better a button or UTG straddle?
Randy Hudgins
Randy Hudgins 14 days ago
I just soon quit gambling to play that shit.
Jesus Figueroa
Jesus Figueroa 14 days ago
He said surprisingly he throws up pocket 5’s you mean you weren’t discipline enough to fold your 8’s
ARCHGOAT 14 days ago
"What did you have for breakfast?!" "Haha"
ShreddyShane 14 days ago
A player with a much larger than average size..... stack. lmfao
John Shannon
John Shannon 14 days ago
Happy for you brad
Andrew Homan
Andrew Homan 14 days ago
Flags are the best looking chip of all time prove me wrong
rob block
rob block 14 days ago
Keep ur head up poker king