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Reactors reactions to Agatha Harkness absolutely perfect reveal on episode 7 of Wandavision
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Feb 21, 2021




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Bluemaster101 7 minutes ago
im just laughing at the lady that said "if these kids are in the basement fricked up I'm out" 😂😂
CountryLuver001 36 minutes ago
Agnes - atha Harks
I believe there is something more here. over Agatha.
Riley the Riolu
I love how almost everyones reaction to her killing the dog is ``you bitch`` I was the same way
Beatriz Ribeiro
I mean is no one going to mention how Kathryn NAILS the witch laugh
Bikko 2 hours ago
People who watch shows without headphones disgusts me
Tor Iver Wilhelmsen
The question is, how many of them bailed out when the credits started without getting the in-credits scene?
Charlie Rhodes
Charlie Rhodes 6 hours ago
"AND I KILLED SPARKY TOO" - Quote of the year.
Mike Wilton
Mike Wilton 7 hours ago
Look at the bookends of the episode ... the deeds may have been 'Agatha all along', but she isn't the one behind it all. On the duvet cover at the beginning of the episode you see hexagons within hexagons, and the larger hexagons are intertwined. I think the reveals have only just started, and while Agatha looks like the big villain at this point, she is going to be shown as another victim of the big bad, being used to control Wanda.
craigmcfly 7 hours ago
Can we take a moment to appreciate Kathryn Hahn's singing voice?
ABC 5678
ABC 5678 7 hours ago
Agatha all along: 🤯🤯 And I kill sparky too: 🖕🏾🖕🏾
Jaydee Baker
Jaydee Baker 13 hours ago
Is anybody going to realize what they were watching on the TV
AnonyMouse The Channel
Agatha: "And I killed Sparky too." Everyone: "So you have chosen death."
Microfoot 13 hours ago
"Ma'am! Ma'am! Where are my kids?!" That was the best lol
tokaidou101 14 hours ago
It's so funny how everyone learning about Agnes' true identity act like they knew who the Marvel character was all along ( see what I did there ;)) and she's been their favorite character for years or something.
BlackNinja 16 hours ago
RIP Sparky...
Gio The gamer
Gio The gamer 17 hours ago
The villain that Agatha works for is “please stand by”
Anvils Koolio
Anvils Koolio 17 hours ago
There’s a after thing after credits
Evan Franklin
Evan Franklin 19 hours ago
Shout out to the channels that didn't mute the music like a bitch
LordzBacon 19 hours ago
"and I killed Sparky" that I would love to see only reactions.
MysticMac 19 hours ago
She turned one of the twins into a bunny and the other into a cicada!!!
That Lazy Guy
That Lazy Guy 20 hours ago
Just glad I scanned the end of every ep to find out about the end credit scene. They had to have one at some point.
visvela 20 hours ago
Why are some people pretending as if they know about Agatha before WandaVision started lol
Aaron Conner
Aaron Conner 21 hour ago
That song has been stuck in my head for 4 days.
Audrey Price
Audrey Price 21 hour ago
PSA: If you let someone babysit your kids and then ask where they are when you go pick them up and the babysitter tells you they're probably playing in the basement, kill the babysitter before you do anything else. Just to get that out of the way. And double tap if ya gotta.
Audrey Price
Audrey Price 21 hour ago
MY WAGER --- The twins are the orange cyclops (eye in the head, telepathy) and the blue/white cat or whatever that one is, is the other one, on the tv show. Maybe she zapped them into the tv show. Or she turned them into PBJ sandwiches and had a bite.
Syazwan Kamsani
Syazwan Kamsani 21 hour ago
This a set up for Matrix 4: John Wick Dog Avengers
Aidan Doyle
Aidan Doyle 22 hours ago
The magical girl line had me dying with laughter. 😂
Inversed 22 hours ago
Agatha: kills dog John wick: did you happen to see were my dog went?
Dawny Lee
Dawny Lee 22 hours ago
Lmao! Im sorry the reactions for "and I killed Sparky too!" Everyone: YOU BITCH!
Erin Mills
Erin Mills 23 hours ago
Can we talk about how the WandaVision theme song was like the more upbeat version of Agatha's.
Linkadion 23 hours ago
Agatha: "And I killed Sparky too." The Internet:"Yoooouuuuu BITCH......."
Grom Noob
Grom Noob 23 hours ago
I’ve been in love with her ever since Stepbrothers appearance
rinonkoden Day ago
K-Hahn's laugh is so genuinely mischievous and sinister all at once
a y
a y Day ago
I still have a feeling that it wasn't Agatha all along and she was mind controlled too cuz our billyboy said she was empty in the mind
jemimus Day ago
Noooooo where is Kat and Sonny? :D
The actress they got for Agatha is amazing
Leonel T
Leonel T Day ago
I need an spin-off of HER
Niara Hancock
Agatha: It was me all asking Me: damn that’s crazy Agatha: Also I killed the dog Me: *YOU MANIAC*
Queen of Nevers
Game idea: take a shot every time anyone says "bi&ch" in this video.
Luis Medina
Luis Medina Day ago
"And i killed Sparky too" *Everyone:* That bitch!
Queen of Nevers
I need "please stand by" reactions compilation
Rocky Desert Flower
I think Hayward is Mephisto
B. S.
B. S. Day ago
No reaction for the post credit scene?
B. S.
B. S. Day ago
No reaction for the post credit scene?
Anandhu Sarith
Tara Master
Tara Master Day ago
Lol Kathryn after watching this vid be like: im just an actooor belive me im not bitch
EzGREEN Day ago
Agatha: “And I killed Sparky too!” *John Wick has entered the chat*
Lilo Day ago
Did anyone hear the bunny purr like a cat? Maybe it's actually like a black witch cat??? XD
rumored 10th episode marvel said last 3 episodes would be an hour long and this ep was 38 min also imbd has a 10th episode... my guess it's a joke clip show
Real Gamer
Real Gamer Day ago
i killed sparky too reactors: you bitch
Gowshik Cena
Gowshik Cena Day ago
Everybody happy on knowing it's Agatha so whats gonna happen next
I also had the same reaction before I watched WandaVision episode 7 THAT BITCH!
Sergio Soto
Sergio Soto Day ago
Agatha’s cackle cracks me up....I love this fresh, supernatural take on the MCU. It reminds me of how I felt watching Dr. Strange for the first time. I also think that “The Silence of the Lambs” was referenced at the end of the episode when Wanda noticed the fly on the wall. That was the moment Wanda realized something wasn’t right. This mirrors how Clarice Starling was at Buffalo Bill’s house and noticed the moth flying around. That was not only the moment when Clarice realized something wasn’t right either and then shortly after the revelation that she found the serial killer she was looking for.
Vicktor Sjödin
I think March 10 is episode 8 coming cuz there was a calendar in the intro just my guess
Evann Day ago
Agatha: reveals herself Me:oh she’s cool she can’t be bad Agatha: does whatever tf she did to Wanda Me: *sad screeching noises*
Joao Borges Soares
Agatha kill sparky to see the future
Joao Borges Soares
was not suprises to anyone cause in comics Agatha is a witch that helps wanda to control better her powers.
Andrew Miguel Natividad
I think everyone's reaction in the "And I killed Sparky, too." is just the same and all began to hate her at that time hahahaha
Courtney Park
I love how nearly everyone says "You bitch" when she says she killed sparky too.
Tokage Day ago
Wanda: Where are the kids? Agatha: Idk maybe,MAYBE in the basement. Idk Wanda: ok *goes to the basement*
Orcaluv26 Day ago
Everyone: Agatha is more fun than Loki Agatha: and I killed Sparky too. Everyone: You bitch!
Nachovyx Day ago
Thanos: "I am inevitable". Ultron: "You're all puppets tangled in strings". Loki: "You are all beneath me!". Agatha: "And I killed Sparky too!". And with that, Agatha entered the pantheon of epic villain phrases.
Michael Mcglynn
So many people miss the post credit scene
Jordan Atkins
Agatha: And I killed sparky too. Everyone: You son of a bitch!
Zytacus Day ago
In the scene, Agatha sit behind the camera, when she is ssshh to audience. I think She doesn't actually sshh to audiences but to the man who asking Wanda a question... IT MUST BE MEPHISTO!!
VegetaLF7 Day ago
It was actually Agatha's voice, just pitched down to hide her identity.
Tor Berglia
Tor Berglia Day ago
what about the mid cred scene?
Francisco Nava
Worst reaction ever! How come ppl can enjoy the show when they are this loud, if someone talk while Im watching the show Ill smack the shit out of them!
Mr. HamiltonDFP
How can I get on this channel??
Rhon Benedict Francisco
The magical book is probably form dr strange
Mysterio: Master of Illusion and manipulation . . . . . Agnes: hold my rabit!
Tadoka Inamo
Tadoka Inamo Day ago
As someone who has read the comics she's been in (Franklin Richards' nanny and Wanda's mentor), what clued me in to her identity were her name and that piece of jewelry she wore.
legit everyone at the end: YOU BITCH!!!
Masterprick1 Day ago
People: OMG is that the Darkhold Agenats of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Are we still canon?
ROCKETS2965 Day ago
These videos are always a mixed bag of cool, genuine reactions, and super annoying people who overact and half the time don't know what's actually going on.
GritsnBeans Day ago
The remix is 🔥 though
Generousman Tongper
Why didn't you do mixed reaction on jared leto's joker reveal in the new snyder cut trailer
Zanyami Day ago
"and i killed sparky too" literally everyone: you b*tch!
Jbluez1 Day ago
“When you aren’t thinking about them they disappear, just like in the comics” OKay, TWO things wrong with that. First she deliberately IS thinking about them. Second, not everything from the comics has to happen.
Jbluez1 Day ago
Also, the comics kept going after that. So Three things wrong.
wei yong
wei yong Day ago
Ashley G
Ashley G Day ago
Sesskasays was me. Shoulder dance and everything
Jacob Wheeler
It should have been such a stupid line, but I like how everybody completely bought into that "and I killed Sparky, too!" line. YOU BITCH!
JTF374 Day ago
...did anyone react to the end credits...?
VegetaLF7 Day ago
Yes they did. This video isn't about the end credit scene, it's about the Agatha reveal and song.
Apti Newim
Apti Newim Day ago
Jumpy jump jump jump jump!
Can we appreciate that we got a new Villian and a new Avenger for the MCU in the same episode?
antonio becerril balta
I kill sparky; me I dont care xd
Charles W Jansen II
I knew Agnes weighed the same as a duck and that I could also build a bridge out of her.
agtha: and i killed sparky too everyone else: you bitch!
Random Guy
Random Guy Day ago
My reaction: No, not Agatha! AGATHA WHY?! I LOVED YOU AGATHA! T_T
Hyicrotai Day ago
Sometimes reaction can be subtle changes if expressions or a lil noise here and there. Don't need to talk for 22 of of the 30 mins. Or scream the same word 7 times.
suhrablyon Shaw
Dumbass! Agatha can’t make pietro/human only Wanda can do that
Isaac Riley
Isaac Riley Day ago
"In the _basement??_ she's a witch!"
The song is epic,i know its Disney but the songs of villains are cool.
Zi !?
Zi !? Day ago
This reveal was so good I couldn’t be mad at Agetha the she killed sparky took me out 🤣😭
Austin Chavis
Are we not gonna talk about the TV having Yo Gabba Gabba on? That show is for kids way younger than the twins. Agnus is already draining them of their power; thus causing them to reverse age until they are no more... just my mindset
Or they are in the show as the red and blue characters in the show
margareth michelina
When Wanda entering the basement, I thought she's in Stranger Things.
TheLightning StrikerYT
Agatha: OK ima reveal i killed Sparky. Everyone: YOU B***H!
Captain Birch 2.0
Can we count this as a Disney villain song?
Matt Posella
Matt Posella Day ago
@married2thereal are HILARIOUS
Brandon Hooke
Every Reaction beginning : Where are the Kids End of Every Reaction : That Bitch I have to say that was hilarious lol