Reactions to CRAZY spinning-elbow KO in Jiri Prochazka vs Dominick Reyes, Mike Perry meets Nick Diaz 

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00:00 - UFC Vegas 25 Recap
04:03 - Mike Perry runs into Nick Diaz, reveals his girlfriend left him
05:09 - Anthony Smith discusses his recent victory over Jimmy Crute
07:24 - Top Comments
UFC Vegas 25 Results:
- Merab Dvalishvili def. Cody Stamann via unanimous decision
- Sean Strickland def. Krzysztof Jotko via unanimous decision
- Ion Cutelaba and Dustin Jacoby fought to a split draw
- Giga Chikadze def. Cub Swanson via TKO in the 1st round
- Jiri Prochazka def. Dominick Reyes via KO in the 2nd round
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Jiri Denisa Prochazka
John Smith
John Smith 9 days ago
Hey mike Perry... I get not wanting to deal with disrespectful fans but it's very ignorant and childish to treat everyone like crap. Whether he likes it or not the fans are why he able to make a living fighting.
Sergio juarez
Sergio juarez 10 days ago
Unconditional love is not guaranteed for a Man... now he lives with his decisions
Al Yours
Al Yours 11 days ago
Poor Mike...she came to get paid...all pro athletes face the same thing...before it is all said and done...he will be working as a bodyguard or in construction to pay his child support...if he doesn't end up in jail! He should have stayed with horseface really...she seemed more dedicated to him!
Potential XP
Potential XP 11 days ago
I'm a fan of jiri
Dr. Evil
Dr. Evil 11 days ago
Mike Perry needs Bellator
Len Xiang
Len Xiang 11 days ago
Who else seen this coming 🤷🏽‍♂️ #mikeperryisabum
Denis Tremblay
Denis Tremblay 11 days ago
smith is a real great guy hope he will get some succes in near futur.
Christopher W
Christopher W 11 days ago
Oh I'm not surprised she left. Girls like her are unable to love. You can't get attached to them. Ever
The Thing
The Thing 11 days ago
Perry girl left him for Jake Paul, cause Jake Paul really kicked his ass.
Wade Eightyeight
Wade Eightyeight 11 days ago
Having a baby out of wedlock sets the tone for the relationship.
gwilliambgmail 11 days ago
Jon Jones will do what he can against the most dangerous challenger, Jori Procházka. Unfortunately, the refs and the UFC will tolerate the most dangerous aspect of Jon Jones’ arsenal...eye pokes
Ehianeta Obinyan
Ehianeta Obinyan 11 days ago
If anyone is sick enough to believe Usman is afraid of that piece of shit Colby then they must be ingesting snake oil.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 11 days ago
Chin up Mike you crazy idiot. Be there for your kid. Your crazy bro. Maybe she realised. Either way good luck going forward man. You crazy but you cool too! Respect
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 11 days ago
She hooked up with Till, realised she couldn't lie to her self anymore. She needs the raw dog
Adam M
Adam M 12 days ago
Usman shouldn't be catching any flak off this, he's the most active fighter in his division. check this.. Usman fought "8" times since 2018 yeah? Colby fought "4" yeah that's right 4! fights in 3 and a half years and lost his title shot but deserves another? NO. lets not even mention Usman fought twice this year alone!! how many had Colby fought? … ill save you time - NONE
make bisping a hero ufc one eye fighting machine
My main man bisping I hope he has this fight with dillon danis wooop danis assss one eye fighting machine show him what a champion fighter treats a boi like him..dillon dannis 💯🗯️💭🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻
Indy76er 12 days ago
Lookin like Mike had him a gold digger and Marty should fight Chiesa he can’t let Colby say who’s next like he’s the champ
eric brazeale
eric brazeale 12 days ago
We expect Mike perry's girlfriend to leave him he seems like the type of guy to fight a door for him running into it.
Stanley Okoli
Stanley Okoli 12 days ago
That moment Perry decided he needed no training camp was when his downward spiral began...If he want to make something out of his life while he still can, he had better widened up. Sad
MAD Scientist
MAD Scientist 12 days ago
Good for mike Perry's girlfriend shows that she actually has a brain
S. Andre Yoder Harris
Mike Perry get some help😭
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin 12 days ago
God bless just show me the knock out... tf
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe 12 days ago
I have to say I'm a fan of Reyes after this fight. He may have lost but he was going for it... If you slow the fight down on espn+ at 3:33 in round 2 you can actually see Reyes notice the right hand coming. I believe that is why he was able to take it and not go down.
crypticjim 12 days ago
Mike Perry's girl left? What are the odds, LOL. Mike Perry, still a bum
Danny Storm
Danny Storm 12 days ago
It's Diego his choice. If he is happy with his coach...
OBGYN KENOBI 12 days ago
Mike Perry is a cool cat I hope things get better for him
John Jefferson
John Jefferson 12 days ago
Nooooo Mike Perry
J 12 days ago
put ..the fucking pipe down bro.
J 12 days ago
good for the girl.
Ofon 12 days ago
damn Perry seems in good spirits considering the g/f thing. I guess she set a child support trap like so many chicks
Rich Kid
Rich Kid 12 days ago
Giga kick my eye Swanson was happy to fold up and go home. He’s over this. 🤦‍♂️
wacktastic1 12 days ago
Not judging a person's looks but Perry's GF looked like the type of person to get a child and leave just to collect child support
OHRD AR 12 days ago
Kamaru broke colbys jaw like come on 😂😂
dean ladd
dean ladd 12 days ago
perry , stop drinkin dude it aint good on ya .
Sam Parra
Sam Parra 12 days ago
Smith is so fucking laid back and down to earth. Definitely rooting for that guy.
Jaylem Jarvis
Jaylem Jarvis 12 days ago
Anybody hear anything covid related to the event? Just got on lockdown#2 shortly after the card so weird lol
Just Sayin
Just Sayin 12 days ago
Looks like Pico Jones is in a tight spot🤣🤣🤣
AJD / 12 days ago
I'm not surprised Perry's girl left him, but i am surprised she ever actually decided to be with him..
johny ubankta
johny ubankta 12 days ago
Nick Diaz is the best so good to see him looking sharp!!!
johny ubankta
johny ubankta 12 days ago
Mike Perry keep being at your best brother no matter what life brings you Brother you got this!!!
Andy H
Andy H 12 days ago
Perrys girl was the main reason he told D.T he would have problems coming England. "Problem solved" Get his arse over.
Dominick Moreau
Dominick Moreau 12 days ago
Perry drunk af
Brando Westhafer
Brando Westhafer 12 days ago
GOD bless you guys I want all of you to have FUN!
Michelle M
Michelle M 12 days ago
I'd love to run into Nick Diaz 😍💘 I guess Mike Perry didn't think Nick looked like "a skinny weakling" anymore! 🤣
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera 12 days ago
Kinda knew it was gonnabhappen to perry, her in the corner was her getting that 15mins of fame
Dru Music
Dru Music 12 days ago
My man Mike Perry talks in slowmo
James 12 days ago
Mike perry seems to need help hope he stays out of trouble
Nick Barahona
Nick Barahona 12 days ago
Reyes is done ! Unless he changes his mind set or changes camp ,otherwise he’s done!!
Lee Javier
Lee Javier 12 days ago
Perry's fighting career is about to change.
Casey Camp
Casey Camp 12 days ago
Is Mike Perry's girl still pregnant with his baby?
Mia Fora
Mia Fora 12 days ago
Man, that nose on Perry looks completely messed
Vincent Law
Vincent Law 12 days ago
does anyone know when ryan hall will fight next hes the most interesting ufc fighter easily
Katelyn Lafuze
Katelyn Lafuze 12 days ago
Jiri knocks out rakic
Pohaku Kealoha-Cambe
I’m a fuken fan of perry, but I swear he was calling out nick wen he announced his return about a year ago🙃
Nick Olliver
Nick Olliver 12 days ago
mike perry looking for a wife could make a interesting mtv reality show
Billy Batson
Billy Batson 12 days ago
Can’t wait to see Perry in Bare Knuckle
B Elliott
B Elliott 12 days ago
Hey Aljo stop acting like you deserve that belt. You were getting beat from pilar to post until you went for the Oscar award
Quezlark 12 days ago
I lowkey feel bad for Reyes. I think loosing that super close decision to Jones he felt like he won and that somehow shook his mindset. Hope he can come back that shit was scary.
Diah Hammoud
Diah Hammoud 12 days ago
Jiri isn't ready for a title shot yet. Way too loose in his striking and will be caught by Jan with those heavy hands. He needs to stay tighter and more dicilpined when striking with better skilled opponents. Give him another couple of fights to fix things up.
Leandro Menendez
Leandro Menendez 12 days ago
Jesus...Mike can BARELY speak properly....I don't think he should keep on fighting.
Frank White
Frank White 12 days ago
Dang ,A Smith you a real Bro,Having a cold one with your opp and dropping Jules on em,💯🍻✌😎😉
why so serious
why so serious 12 days ago
Damn..... Mike keeping 1 👁️ on the road in that pic. 🤭🤭🤭
Articulated Doom
Articulated Doom 12 days ago
Reyes hasn't bounced back very well from that Jones fight
Ivan Volkolf
Ivan Volkolf 12 days ago
Anyone would leave Mike Perry's crazy ass he seems like a very difficult person to deal with on a personal level but I could be wrong I don't wish relationship issues on nobody essentially when kids are involved hope he and wifey make it work.
Jtizzle69 12 days ago
F Covington bruh!! Make that piece of trash fight more and prove himself. Ain't the champs responsibility to do that. Having to fight guys he just beat. Now Borington wins 1 fight and Usman spose to clamoring to fight him. FoH
Raffyl Usingit
Raffyl Usingit 12 days ago
Mike Perry got left by his gf becoz of the way he eats (sucks) his icecream
djembejambi 12 days ago
Who tf cares what aljamain sterling has to say
Jiri KrokA
Jiri KrokA 12 days ago
They were saying prochazka is what shoul be Johnny walker..the funny thing is prochazka mean in English language WALKER .. I AM CZECH
kaden atyim
kaden atyim 12 days ago
Nick Diaz sounds and looks more clear/healthy. Stoked!!! I already got him!
DataPhoenix 12 days ago
i think Nick saw the other video and went looking for him
Ates5man on instagram
I told mike, he gave too much attention to that woman, i knew this was gonna happen man, he should value his attention instead of putting her to pedastol.. She is never yours G, its just your turn.
Brian C Medders
Brian C Medders 12 days ago
Skill +personality.. Jiri is neck and neck with Whittaker as my favorite fighter... right behind Josh Fabia
Brian C Medders
Brian C Medders 12 days ago
Shows you how good Prochazka is... the Reyes that showed up tonight would’ve beaten anyone else not named Jiri tonight
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 12 days ago
Diaz Vs Perry!
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 12 days ago
Giga is good but i dont think hes ready for The Blessed One
Aj Kurcic
Aj Kurcic 12 days ago
Huge mistake to give top guard when your openent is hurt smh
Thee BlueKing
Thee BlueKing 12 days ago
Sean Strickland is young Bisbing, anyone else see that?
Supra Sport
Supra Sport 12 days ago
It's crazy!! How every opponent Jones faces career just Plumbit after they loose! Thiago, Dominick, Anthony Smith, Alexander, Saint Preux, ..
Jared Gallagher
Jared Gallagher 12 days ago
"She's not your girl. It's just your turn." Corey
Killer Clown
Killer Clown 12 days ago
Chikadze seems to be too big for his weight class. He should up to 155 or maybe even 170.
Jacob K
Jacob K 12 days ago
Dudes #14 and callls out max. 🤡🤡🤡
Mike P
Mike P 12 days ago
Mike Perry will be going crazy...and off the deep end soon enough...
m77ast 13 days ago
Why is Tatiana Suarez not a champion already. I saw a tweet from her and thought this cheek will be a champion by now. That girl kills men in a cage so how can women beat her? Dana - you are slacking mate. Or maybe she also needs to change her management.
wagsbass 13 days ago
Perry's GF came to her senses finally, good for her
J GrUBbS 13 days ago
I lost $1,000 dollars on the reyes fight😮.....😢, its all good you win some you lose some
dominicanjoe100 13 days ago
Reyes could have won if he kept taking him down. Dude was rushing in all Reyes had to do was take him down. Reyes decided to keep striking and dude spin elbow him and he dropped like a sack of potatoes 🤣😂. If Reyes keeps losing he is going to be cut, that is 3 straight loses
ii ii
ii ii 13 days ago
giga seems ready lol
dominicanjoe100 13 days ago
Well prochazka got Teixeira and blanchaewic, 2 tough challenges ahead.
Tommy's House of Munch
The Aljamain performance of the night goes to Luana Pinheiro
Tommy's House of Munch
Jiri Prochazka is the giant baby of Wonderboy and el Cucuy
Gh0sT 13 days ago
The Shadow Realm Is Getting Crowded...
jay kenefic
jay kenefic 13 days ago
Mike Perry's GF left him!? Man who saw that coming?
jim h
jim h 13 days ago
Mike Perry needs to stop being so violent with birds then they will maybe stay with him
Rs3 Lee
Rs3 Lee 13 days ago
She like wait perry u suck at fighting....
Ray Wilkinson
Ray Wilkinson 13 days ago
Prochazka vs Ankalaev 💣💥
Joe Skill
Joe Skill 13 days ago
The girl left me.... Oh I still got Nick... Till ya jealous yet...😆
Coen Coen
Coen Coen 13 days ago
Diaz Army
D Gillian
D Gillian 13 days ago
Perrys girl left him? (That means the baby left too). Dude’s gotta get his shit together! He’s a father.....he’s linked with her for 18 years, like it or not! They left and he’s smoking up with the Diaz bros
Jack Leese
Jack Leese 13 days ago
Everything Tony Ferg was hyped up to be
Ace nyc baby! di angelo
Wow. Jiri prochazka is the shhh #cosmosATOM #1 ROI