Reacting to 2021 Super Bowl Commercials! 

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Feb 9, 2021




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arayrob 48 minutes ago
There was a commercial in the commercial. 😳
Chris Barlow
Chris Barlow 52 minutes ago
Oh shit Shapiro is making a commercial he sounds a stereotype radio man.
Chris Barlow
Chris Barlow 53 minutes ago
Sorry your name is Karen lol
Chris Barlow
Chris Barlow 54 minutes ago
1. Lame 2. Blah 3. Sucks 4. Better then the first 3 but still bah 5. Ok I have to admit I laughed at the Wayne’s world stuff yet. Which left a smile on my face 😂
Ashton 58 minutes ago
You do a pretty good advertisement yourself haha
Jacob Bartolotta
Bro😂😂 tell me why when the first commercial started, I got mad because I thought an ad came on for a sec😂😂🤣
mykeal wilson
mykeal wilson 2 hours ago
The Amazon commercial was cringe.
Matthew Scarberry
Matthew Scarberry 2 hours ago
You didnt catch the communist star smack dab innthe middle of the reunited states of america?
Darthrocker06 2 hours ago
Hairline check on that Alexa girl
Dirty Cletus Productions
people want to get rid of carbon.. alright Ghengis Khan
kronichaze 5 hours ago
the funniest writers are unemployed to make room for handicapped people of color
Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker 5 hours ago
Was it just me, or did these commercials suck... especially the Alexia one at the beginning.
DD Form 214
DD Form 214 5 hours ago
Wow Mike Myers is getting old.
Yöuñg KâyCee
Yöuñg KâyCee 6 hours ago
2:54 is really funny 😂
savageishbu 6 hours ago
I hated that Toyota commercial because it’s very heavy handed and doesn’t really sell cars.
Tim Henry
Tim Henry 6 hours ago
The middle. When you negotiate with democrats, you loose something.
Fallen Plays
Fallen Plays 6 hours ago
I think all the usual writers had covid this year.
Gort Newton
Gort Newton 6 hours ago
Wacky ads!!! Wacky ++++++
Max Homfray-Cooper
Max Homfray-Cooper 6 hours ago
America ads are so longggg 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
baby yoda
baby yoda 7 hours ago
The first comercial is disgusting
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera 7 hours ago
That Toyota ad was amazing.
Madison 7 hours ago
The guy punching the globe made me cackle like Camel Harris.
BIG JIBBA JABBA 7 hours ago
Ad city. Cant even watch ur vids anymore
Angelus_Solus 8 hours ago
I can't watch this. After the second ad, I have to shut this off. The messages they're pumping into people's heads these days are just disgusting and disturbing.
truth is not hate
truth is not hate 8 hours ago
Shouldn't they be looting and killing each other
Mindy Snyder
Mindy Snyder 8 hours ago
Anyone notice that the Jeep commercial forgot the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the map? 😅
David Bowser
David Bowser 8 hours ago
I've never watched a superbowl ad, and felt that I had to buy or subscribe to any of the products in the ads. Usually I avoid them simply because they wasted so much money for advertising, and that either reflects in an increased price of the product, or worse quality, cause that money could have been better spent elsewhere.
Me Justme
Me Justme 8 hours ago
Siberia is in Russia. There is no adoption out of Russia. A tiny little bit of research would have told you this. Do you know why Russia ended international adoption? Human trafficking in the United States. Way to go America. And, in that context, a terrible ad...
SabrinaGonzalez 9 hours ago
The Cheetos one was cute
A B 9 hours ago
I feel mucho old if the consensus is that Shaggy was popular 3 years ago >.< I listened closer hoping he said 30, but not sure Shaggy did much 3 years ago, except minor collaborations and preplan to help make a weird cheetos commercial for the SuperBowl one day....
Jurgen karambit
Jurgen karambit 9 hours ago
i hate cardi B
jeff walsh
jeff walsh 9 hours ago
I like the video but I did mistake a real US-first ad for one that ben was talking about lol
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson 9 hours ago
Reverse the sexes and that commercial would be on the Hub.
Brit Nixon
Brit Nixon 10 hours ago
The jeep commercial. I was born, raised, and currently live 12 miles (same county) from this "church". Firstly the church is not "active", and it's the size of a large garden shed, however, it is always open. Secondly, probably 90%+ of the people that live around here are conservative, which is probably why no one knew Bruce Springsteen and a camera crew were even in the county. I didnt know until I saw the commercial. Lastly, jeeps suck to work on...my opinion.
prOGamer 10 hours ago
Reaction videos are the quintessential example of narcissism. You found your calling Ben.
Ahhh Poetry
Ahhh Poetry 11 hours ago
Thank you! You were spot on all the Superbowl commercials, especially the Bruce Springsteen one. I too loved the Toyota commercial, they make good cars, and apparently good commercials.
Doug Dunleavy
Doug Dunleavy 11 hours ago
I found the Toyota commercial completely awful. No idea it's for Toyota. The opinion one was funny. The jeep one is absolutely abysmal. The gm one is right there with how shitty it was.
Ralph Joseph RJM
Ralph Joseph RJM 11 hours ago
I hope somebody actually does try to reverse the sexes and we'll be able to see how people react.
Somnorila 11 hours ago
My least favorite was the Raycon one.
Tobias Eliot
Tobias Eliot 11 hours ago
9:27 he looks like an elf...
Donavan Heinbokel
Donavan Heinbokel 12 hours ago
How the hell we supposed to eat local when everything's closed
Justin Small
Justin Small 12 hours ago
I can’t even finish. It’s worst the second time around.
Adam Macias
Adam Macias 13 hours ago
Bronco > Jeep. Real men are getting the new Bronco.
Tristan Helm
Tristan Helm 14 hours ago
Am I the only one that noticed that we just watched an 18 minute video with absolutely nothing but ads. We watched Ben Shapiro watching commercials ads while promoting a commercial like product ad which got interrupted by other commercial type ads in between and then subsequently ended with....no? Ok maybe it was just me
Chris Colum
Chris Colum 14 hours ago
The pushy estimate additionly welcome because poppy putatively breathe with a flashy stopwatch. testy, squalid particle
Jay Vedanaya
Jay Vedanaya 14 hours ago
"they're going to have a shitty life"; "their life won't be easy" are just some of the most Bullshit and irresponsible excuses for going through with an abortion. Like who the f*** are you to say how this child's life would be or what this child would choose to make of their life?
Scott Buckley
Scott Buckley 14 hours ago
Norway also sells oil to fund their government.
THE Noellian Freebird
CURE Auto Ins? Lol. I am only laughing bc it is SO anti-PC! Reminds me of an old SNL skit.
MickMaan 15 hours ago
I thought the Jeep commercial was for Far Cry 5.
THE Noellian Freebird
Yawning Bruce Springsteen. A NJ liberal leftist who HATES Conservatives & anything good about America.
THE Noellian Freebird
Didn’t Brucey get a DUI the day he did that ad? He’s one of the great haters & dividers. Why do this & be a liar? Ah, money.👌Daniel Levy is a funny guy. The mansplaining ad was stupid BC, any woman can see an RBF leftist woman who’s angry at the world all the time. Believe it or not, women do NOT like hanging with women like that! She’s either PMSing or constipated or has emotional issues. GET OVER IT CHIC!
THE Noellian Freebird
I used to like Will Ferrell so much. Such a funny guy & supposedly a really nice guy, BUT when he knocked on doors for Stacy Abrams (you know, the REAL gov of GA🙄), he lost me.
Sarah Sanusi
Sarah Sanusi 15 hours ago
I’m from Kansas
THE Noellian Freebird
I’m ok w/the woman fantasizing about an unrealistic scenario w/a man. Funny. BUT...a man in the ad cd NEVER get away w/this! I call BS. NOT equality! IF you are a REAL feminist, you’re ok with equality.🙏🇺🇸
GoldenDoom 15 hours ago
watching Ben Shapiro i learned that i am easily entertained.
Diane 15 hours ago
This was so entertaining and not for the commercials but for Ben's commentary. Great job.
H2O Gaming
H2O Gaming 16 hours ago
funny getting youtube ads while watching ads
Daniel Inskip
Daniel Inskip 16 hours ago
That electric car advert could have been good if they cut it off 20 seconds in.
SuperDuty Zack
SuperDuty Zack 16 hours ago
Who the fuck is driving a jeep with no top and doors in the winter? Makes no sense, shit would be ridiculously cold. Pandering like a mutha.
Simon Willis
Simon Willis 16 hours ago
First advert right ok it’s ok for that like Ben says reverse it
Gary M
Gary M 17 hours ago
As someone from the UK who has never seen superbowl ads...is this like some sort of collection of adverts but its mandatory that Hollywood stars appear in them??
Alex Dahl
Alex Dahl 17 hours ago
From the rate of ethnicity in the ads you would think its 50/50 white and black in America and basically no other minorities, lol.
Micael8000 18 hours ago
Great video!
ONE SIXTH CAVE 18 hours ago
that cheetos ad looks like it belongs at the start of tropic thunder.
Nuno Assuncao
Nuno Assuncao 19 hours ago
stopped watching at 12:39. i would explain why, but, what's the point.
Michele East
Michele East 20 hours ago
Lol Ben saying Dick and gang is just like seeing your teacher in public.
JAXXED Xz 20 hours ago
Jaquan from state farm
Armin Xvs
Armin Xvs 20 hours ago
Hahaha that raycon commercial. How smooth
Shara Adams
Shara Adams 21 hour ago
The first commercial is funny af lol I loved it.
max prefers games
max prefers games 21 hour ago
Ok, I’m a fan and pro-life. But Toyota has nothing to do with the swimming. And it was a good commercial. Then the dumb ‘opinion’ joke didn’t work at all. Because it didn’t relate at all. Just kinda confused
jack Miglucci
jack Miglucci 21 hour ago
I’m surprised cardi was not naked in that one commercial
Drew Tlau
Drew Tlau 22 hours ago
A video about ads with an ad with youtube ads...yet i watched the whole thing... what da fck is goin on with my life?
Roger Cline
Roger Cline 22 hours ago
So is co-splaying a thing?
Em Jay
Em Jay 22 hours ago
Was that Toyota commercial a pro-life ad or was it a pro-adoption ad?
Zael Moonblade
Zael Moonblade 22 hours ago
As an adopted child I can agree with what you said.
relevation0 22 hours ago
Springsteen 🤮
Sargon of Akkad
Sargon of Akkad 23 hours ago
Am i the only one who thinks its racist to have a church instead of a zoroastrian prayer circle or a pagan arrangement of large stones
Trent Shaffer
Trent Shaffer 23 hours ago
Anyone else laugh at them censoring Ben? Lol 😂😂
Sargon of Akkad
Sargon of Akkad 23 hours ago
MetalFaceDOOM 23 hours ago
This is off topic and probably culturally insensitive but what's with the hat? I thought they were just for prayer? You seem to wear your one all the time. Sorry if the question is a little blunt but we don't really have Jews in our country.
MetalFaceDOOM Hour ago
@JC Productions yeah I did. I thought it was called a yamaka (not sure of spelling?) but that redirects to kippah and I'm not sure if they're the same thing or not? Says some rabbi said to wear it to honour God or something but not actually if it was directly from the Torah.
JC Productions
JC Productions 6 hours ago
Google it
Emma Rose
Emma Rose Day ago
Raycon sponsoring a conservative? 👀 might just have to buy me some raycon earbuds
msidler84 Day ago
That cheetos commercial is horribly annoying. Like holy crap.
error return
error return Day ago
You Are A WRONG Crowd Serving Schmuck
Mystic Boltz
Mystic Boltz Day ago
I see pro life, I see Toyota, I like
Adam Maximus
Adam Maximus Day ago
The 12 to 14 minute marks are the most heartfelt, hilarious, and true statements!
Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes Day ago
I love Ben and get his point on the first one, but c’mon it was a good commercial and not meant to be offensive. Why find offense where none was intended?
Velo1010 Day ago
Springstein bringing the country back together is now convenient for him. WhenTrump was in office he couldn’t get enough about dividing the nation. His anti-Trump rhetoric was anything but cohesive.
Tiffany Armstrong
I have an honest question for you. What is your option on parents that adopt just to look good? I am not looking for hostile comments or anything like that, I am just curious because people don't talk about those situations. (I only ask because I have been in this situation and am not looking for clout I just want to know what people think.)
BigKyle Kyle O’Shea
Capitalism always wins
Axe Pagode
Axe Pagode Day ago
Cure Commercial had me laughing. I didn't know who Cure was before in the Insurance world, but now I do. They are the ones with that hilarious commercial.
Axe Pagode
Axe Pagode Day ago
You are not a Springsteen fan. If you were, you would have remembered his album Nebraska.
Steven Dondero
You couldn’t pay me to drive around in an open top Jeep, in Kansas, in the middle of winter. Virtue signaling at its finest.
J T M Day ago
"That's a terrible ad ... it has nothing to do with auto insurance," said someone very soon after loving a Toyota ad that was about adoption.
mmmadog Smith
Could you imagine if they had Ted Nugent do the Jeep commercial. Would have been so much better but man would the woke crowds heads explode.
Axe Pagode
Axe Pagode Day ago
I wasn't me by Shaggy was not relevant three years ago. It was relevant 20 years ago.
J T M Day ago
Remind me again when a religious institution was forced to conduct a same-sex wedding ...
Mythki11er Day ago
Mila Kunis doesn't even look like Mila Kunis anymore. Damn
Kevin Cicala
Kevin Cicala Day ago
Of course Capitalism always wins........it pays better.
Erich Day ago
6:22 « We should use a song that was relevant like *3 years ago* » 🤣
Dorian Morris
Worst show ever! You had me watching 15 minutes of horrible junk ads. The redeeming commercial was definitely the Toyota commercial. I wonder if they knew what they were doing.
Prank Calling Dream
Prank Calling Dream