Rays at Red Sox | MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube 

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Live from Fenway Park in Boston, watch the Red Sox take on the Tampa Bay Rays Wednesday, April 7 at 1 PM ET, 10 AM PT on US-first.
MLB Game of the Week Live on US-first brings live baseball to US-first! Stream select games for free across your favorite devices on the MLB US-first channel.
Rays at Red Sox Pregame Show: 00:05:00
Rays at Red Sox Game: 00:46:39
Rays at Red Sox Postgame Show: 03:38:43
Red Sox US-first Channel: @Boston Red Sox
Rays US-first Channel: @Tampa Bay Rays
The game featured live game commentary from the Red Sox, Rays, MLB and US-first creators!
Red Sox participants: Will Middlebrooks - former Red Sox third baseman
Rays participants: Rays Social Team
MLB participants: MLB Social Team
US-first creator participants:
@Benny No
@Dawson Wright
@FivePoints Vids
@Antonelli Baseball
@Made The Cut
@Sports Gaming Universe
@Stark Raving Sports
@The Fumble
@Movie Gaming TV
@Zack Hample
@Austin Kleschka
@Sports Gamers Online
@Secret Base
@Jolly Olive
@The Fireball Review


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Apr 7, 2021




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Lou Aguilar
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Mair Vara
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C Jones
C Jones Day ago
Game .
John Spinelli
John Spinelli 2 days ago
Thanks for doing this US-first and MLB!
Hugh Draper
Hugh Draper 3 days ago
I enjoyed this broadcast. I think it would be rewarding for professional leagues and sports to offer a game or event of the week for all to enjoy, and in so doing they could experiment with production and technology to see what fans and potential fans enjoy. Instead of disrupting the flow with commercials, they could offer hints through visuals and perhaps clever commentary from commentators, and inform and inspire knowledge and interest in the game.
NRG Oscar
NRG Oscar 3 days ago
What’s That Music Called
G D 3 days ago
I just love the old game.
Bald DeGea
Bald DeGea 4 days ago
The presentation here is levrls, LEVELS above bila sports who for some reason like to take up an unnecessary amount of the screen with their scoreboard. It's awful.
Ocean Walters
Ocean Walters 4 days ago
I love the YANKEES team I wish one day you stream the Yankees vs the Mets on youtube
Johnny Fletcher
Johnny Fletcher 4 days ago
Absolutely I’d love to watch a Couple of min of commercials b4 the actual highlights.
ibanez2010 4 days ago
This is so cool that you do this! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Stalle mill Mill
Stalle mill Mill 4 days ago
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Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 4 days ago
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MiLB Hatbilly
MiLB Hatbilly 5 days ago
These US-first games of the week will be seeing a lot of me this season!
Dave Ruckert
Dave Ruckert 5 days ago
It's time to make a stand. Support the MLB boycott.
WARI STORE 5 days ago
let´S go red sox!!!
Olin Devaney
Olin Devaney 6 days ago
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Andrea Phillip
Andrea Phillip 6 days ago
Crypto is the new gold.
Martins Anderson
Martins Anderson 6 days ago
Most intelligent words I've heard.,
thedajjalpersona 6 days ago
Boycott MLB
Charles Curran
Charles Curran 6 days ago
Why would anybody watch anything presented by cowards at MLB?
Nick Leger
Nick Leger 6 days ago
Love seeing @MLB branching the game out to a wider audience that consumes on their phones, tablets, and smart tv's. Why did Josh Taylor gun the ball into the dugout at 3:37:25 ? Was he throwing the ball AT someone?? Wish there was a follow-up on what exactly happened there...
Cristian Pastarini
nathan medeiros
nathan medeiros 7 days ago
For the love of god pronounce Vazquez correctly
Kelsey Simmons
Kelsey Simmons 7 days ago
Does anyone have the time stamp of the Army Soldier shoutout? I think his last name was Toney?
Bubble Gaming
Bubble Gaming 7 days ago
I had a 2:30 ad you couldn’t skip
GioHenrik 7 days ago
The constant yapping by John Schmolz about how good he was as a pitcher ruins the experience. There should be an option to just hear the sounds of the ballpark without having to listen to the self-praising "wisdom".
Marcus Lyons
Marcus Lyons 7 days ago
I understand not being able to skip the ad live during the game, but I can’t skip it a day after the game happened on a rewatch?
Society Awards
Society Awards 7 days ago
Congratulations to Nathan Eovaldi on winning the first ever US-first Player of The Game Award!
dz041 7 days ago
From Australia, and the only way I can watch MLB! ⚾️
Bald DeGea
Bald DeGea 4 days ago
That's not true dude
kylepierce722 7 days ago
Please keep doing this this is amazing
person With A Life
what you buyin with your stimmy??????!?!??!?!?!?
GTA5 7 days ago
0:27 I finally got my invites today from here invites.monster . I'm loving it! 垃圾。
Lourens Brink
Lourens Brink 7 days ago
I'm a South African and only recently started to get into baseball. My favourite sport is cricket, but the jump from cricket to baseball isn't that big. I love both sports now. I also think it is great that the MLB and US-first are posting the game of the week, as it will help those living outside the US to watch baseball. PS this game may have made me a Red Sox fan. :)
Tracy Files
Tracy Files 5 days ago
@Team Carrot go red sox
Team Carrot
Team Carrot 7 days ago
welcome to red sox nation! glad to have you!
ZM TE 7 days ago
筒香 第1打席 46:53 第2打席 1:26:18 第3打席 2:40:05 第4打席 3:17:17
John Wise
John Wise 7 days ago
Red Sox win. Is anyone watching Alex Cora and make sure he hasn't figured out a new way to cheat for his team to win?
BGY Mix 7 days ago
It's amazing that the MLB and US-first are able to do this for everyone.
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 7 days ago
17 innings of baseball better than 12 innings. REMOVE THE EXTRA INNING RULE
Johan Delaney
Johan Delaney 7 days ago
Kind of sad we aren’t allowed to use chat during the game. I understand that it’d probably be a nightmare to moderate, but seeing a select few people able to chat makes me sad. Also pregame commentary/analysis starts @ 5:13 and first pitch is @ 46:54 for anyone who needs it
y.m charlesworth
y.m charlesworth 7 days ago
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Lupe Coded
Lupe Coded 7 days ago
I loved every minute of this. The quality of the commentary was absolutely exceptional. Plus, the clarity of the video was absolutely out of this world. This is the best channel on US-first and it perfectly encapsulates what baseball is all about. I'm so glad these game of the week broadcast are back. It means the world to us true Baseball fans.
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 7 days ago
the Red Sox should consider getting Devers to learn 1B and have Gonzalez or Dalbec play 3B
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 7 days ago
@JJA1987, i would say that but with Cordero, Renfroe, Martinez and Verdugo, one of them needs to DH cause they are all too valuable, i think the best move would be trade Martinez or Devers for Kris Bryant and a bunch of pitching prospects, but probably wont happen. Devers does need to be taken off 3B though
JJA1987 7 days ago
Devers just can't field period - Make Him DH
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 7 days ago
just so you know, the game doesnt start until 45 minutes in
Jim Faulkner
Jim Faulkner 7 days ago
MLB Is a woke and Spineless keep Politics our of baseball ,, no spine .. Boycott the league
Tom Thibohoe
Tom Thibohoe 7 days ago
Boycott them by commenting on their page nice job man
SomuSundaram k
SomuSundaram k 7 days ago
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Wow, it is the American Democratic Party League DNCMLB
Thomas McCaffery
Thomas McCaffery 7 days ago
The AD's are annoying though
Team Carrot
Team Carrot 7 days ago
Its was live at one point thats why
Clint Harlin
Clint Harlin 7 days ago
NinjaSquirrel30 7 days ago
Guy at beginning. Top 5 players no Mookie Betts 😲🧐🤔🤨🤨🤭🤭👎
Ray Markham
Ray Markham 7 days ago
Good coverage, sucky outcome for the Rays.
Anthony Billiot
Anthony Billiot 7 days ago
go sox
Scott Phelps
Scott Phelps 7 days ago
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X-CobraK1ng-X 7 days ago
Kids eat free for the 3rd straight day 😤
G Meyer
G Meyer 7 days ago
Thanks for posting the game!!
Rolling Coasters
Rolling Coasters 7 days ago
2 minute ad before I can watch the replay?
Rolling Coasters
Rolling Coasters 6 days ago
@superdave7724 Garcia I was at work so I didn’t have time to check profiles. It was basically just check phone, write quick response, leave. Definitely a Roblox kid.
superdave7724 Garcia
@Rolling Coasters bro don’t just listen to a Roblox kid
Rolling Coasters
Rolling Coasters 6 days ago
@Team Carrot omg i am done
Team Carrot
Team Carrot 6 days ago
@Rolling Coasters thats because on tv, they were rolling ads
Rolling Coasters
Rolling Coasters 6 days ago
@Team Carrot just a logo with a cheap beat in the background for 2 minutes and 30 seconds
jeffrey wise
jeffrey wise 7 days ago
i just wish there were more ads.....(ugh).
RBI Clips
RBI Clips 7 days ago
eddie ballgame
eddie ballgame 7 days ago
Thank you US-first. BTW, still don't get why so many are wearing those silly masks, though.
Bald DeGea
Bald DeGea 4 days ago
Shut up man
JEDUCK Gaming 6 days ago
Bruh, covid smh
Mariya Aue
Mariya Aue 7 days ago
0:41 vor.kim
Patrick Sayavong
Patrick Sayavong 7 days ago
Boycott MLB
Peter Barton
Peter Barton 7 days ago
Great game @MLB! Thanks for showing it on YT, from a UK fan.
Cameron R.
Cameron R. 7 days ago
This is how we do it... involve the creators and not diminish them! Great job MLB!
Leon Normand
Leon Normand 7 days ago
Too woke for me...
Havaseet2 7 days ago
I'm just here to down vote MLB
EliteFlite 7 days ago
the MLB is really one of the best sports leagues on social media. new fan. this was great
Gwen Riley
Gwen Riley 5 days ago
what basic right is being taken away for the color of their skin?
Redsox Films
Redsox Films 6 days ago
@Team Carrot how tf am I racist???
Team Carrot
Team Carrot 6 days ago
@Redsox Films we can have republicans we cant have racists
Redsox Films
Redsox Films 7 days ago
@Team Carrot oh Red Sox fan base can’t have republicans hahaha
Team Carrot
Team Carrot 7 days ago
@Redsox Films we dont need you in the red sox fan base, please leave
PAC 7 days ago
The most important thing is that fact that if the NYY win tonight they will be in first place where they belong 😉.
PAC 7 days ago
@JJA1987 We'll get there no doubt 👍.
JJA1987 7 days ago
Where they don't belong
Black Light
Black Light 7 days ago
Race-baiting is for losers!
Austin Ahern
Austin Ahern 7 days ago
Nice win today by the Red Sox to sweep the Tampa Bay Rays!!! Congratulations to Nathan Eovaldi on winning the first ever US-first Player of The Game Award as well!!! I enjoyed watching the game!!! Let's go Red Sox!!!
Jose Rios
Jose Rios 7 days ago
6r 11ww2v
I would love to see this more!
misc mc
misc mc 7 days ago
US-first is the only way i can watch baseball live so it was great that mlb streamed a live match like this 👍
Bald DeGea
Bald DeGea 4 days ago
@C Ed comment on one of my videos, I'll tell you
C Ed
C Ed 6 days ago
That’s true I’m wondering where I can watch live free
Propane 420
Propane 420 7 days ago
On the MLB app there's usually a free game each day, you might wanna check that out.
G Meyer
G Meyer 7 days ago
CardCollector 88
CardCollector 88 7 days ago
We need one every week!
Bald DeGea
Bald DeGea 4 days ago
@mohasaud how do you have time to watch one a day?
mohasaud 7 days ago
Every day
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron 7 days ago
Day...you meant to say 'day'
G Meyer
G Meyer 7 days ago
I think there is..there was last year.
Misael Muñiz
Misael Muñiz 7 days ago
Mlb is so low they play the games for free on youtube.
rich ernest
rich ernest 7 days ago
Great content.Carlos and crew amazing ....let the game play out w/nice commentary.
bama539 7 days ago
This is awsome!! Finally we can enjoy a game without paying out the wazzu! Thank you US-first
Pomegranates 7 days ago
@TINYTIM-03 He means money for cable
TINYTIM-03 7 days ago
Proud American
Proud American 7 days ago
MLB Suls
superdave7724 Garcia
Frank Montefusco
Frank Montefusco 7 days ago
Kittycatplays sports
What a game for the sox
Jean Peralta
Jean Peralta 7 days ago
Shoutout to mlb for accepting this streaming arrangement with US-first
Patrick Hillier
Patrick Hillier 7 days ago
I'm proud with 3-3
Team Carrot
Team Carrot 7 days ago
martinez is looking good, might win comeback player of the year
Ops 7 days ago
@Pomegranates yes, you are right I’m also a Red Sox fan.
Pomegranates 7 days ago
This is a good sign for us. If we bring out a decent season then we might make it to the playoffs
Pomegranates 7 days ago
PT 7 days ago
No thanks I'm too American for your mbl. Never again. Cancelled you are!
Liamツ 7 days ago
@DebiDan Dang
DebiDan 7 days ago
And yet, here you are. Go cry somewhere else.
Max Murphy
Max Murphy 7 days ago
MLB you are a stupid organization I only watch y’all cause I support the players
TeamRed-Gaming 7 days ago
This was awesome. Good job Red Sox!
John Doe
John Doe 7 days ago
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john holtz
john holtz 7 days ago
yo this is fire do this more often
Kyle Kemble
Kyle Kemble 6 days ago
@Matt nah I think it's once or twice a month
Matt 6 days ago
They do it every week I think
Kyle Kemble
Kyle Kemble 7 days ago
They have to do this more often I think it is cool that they do this
James Galvin
James Galvin 7 days ago
Harold tillman
Harold tillman 7 days ago
I have walked away from mlb!
Reaction & Review with Wesley
@Harold tillman dude then why post this comment on this vid? LOL
CardCollector 88
CardCollector 88 7 days ago
@Daniel Park 😂
Daniel Park
Daniel Park 7 days ago
Came all the way to mlb youtube video to post this. Seems like the total opposite of walking away lol
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 7 days ago
Sean C
Sean C 7 days ago
so what....see ya!