Rappers And Celebs React To DMX Overdose Snoop Dogg Rick Ross T.I. 

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Published on


Apr 3, 2021




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Trinity Brown
Trinity Brown 9 hours ago
Michael Clay
Michael Clay 5 days ago
@u2 something to EMTs carry around called Narcan have a success rate for resuscitation from a drug overdose there's no indication that Narcan was administered to him
Michael Clay
Michael Clay 5 days ago
@u2 he did time from the vaccine the symptoms match heart attack and stroke he had a heart attack and then he went brain-dead
u2 7 days ago
R.i.p. DMX!! He allegedly took the Covid vaccine before passing?
Here To Earn
Here To Earn 8 days ago
Jubenal Espinoza
Jubenal Espinoza 52 minutes ago
Dmx could've been like jay z nd Pdiddy if it wasn't for the drugs he made lit music and top selling movies he was destined for greatness fuck drugs that's y I I don't chill with certain people anymore
bandzzzo165 2 hours ago
damn why we losing all our legends dawg....i grew up on his music this one hurt...
NasH Hash
NasH Hash 5 hours ago
Damn dmx is dead but officer Ross and snitchnine are alive
Kushra Yoofi
Kushra Yoofi 7 hours ago
Rest In Peace bro
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 8 hours ago
X i miss you man 😥😣
Trinity Brown
Trinity Brown 9 hours ago
eyuel birhanu
eyuel birhanu 12 hours ago
Dmx did not overdoes . He was actually close to god and helping young men come to GOD and helping community . But he took a COVID vaccines three days prior if they tell the world COVID vaccines killed him the black population who is already doubtfully about the vaccines would not take it they say we pay $0 but remember $0 out of pocket but our taxes pay for it .
Bebe Holban
Bebe Holban 22 hours ago
R.I.P. rest in peace respect Dmx
Rober Gracia
Rober Gracia Day ago
Snoop doggs cries like once. A week on live like come on dogg. Real man cry but keep that shit of live
Community Up
Community Up Day ago
Don’t judge me I had an addiction applauded me for trying not giving up love me for who I was embarrassing the message I left behind every speech was for someone every pray DMX made uplifted someone some drug addict found strength thanks for being real and hep to heal people when you were hurting God has you now my brother so rest your work is done your message shall live on peace and love
Randy Hoffman
You dont know me but i grew up with all of you all of your tapes all of your songs it is a tragety
Now I know Only I can stop the rain . . .
Michael Mclendon
The new song and ps5
T. Opher
T. Opher Day ago
I like to think that Aaliyah was waiting for him. Shits crazy
Johnny Arellano
I feel the life Is changing more Iconic superstars leaving this world 🌎😢
Maintain Celebration
I can't even watch it
Рамиль Давлетханов
jmela13 2 days ago
Who said he died of an overdose you filth??
el beth
el beth 2 days ago
Stop take drugs people, this is just so bad for health. So sad to hear that😔
left right
left right 2 days ago
Well all your rich ass prayers, looks like you failed this one
christian Ramirez
I never leave comments on you tube videos. I watch you tube and keep it moving. I ain’t about no new technology or nothing or new phones or nothing. I work hard everyday as a plumber818 and live a simple life in the hood and provide for my 2 sons as a single father(born 1983)That being said and I never feel remorse for no celebrities that pass away (Kobe) But I’m going to pump my breaks for DMX R.I.P . I never heard anything in my life A different flow as a Hood Rap artist that spits real shit that hit me in my heart and made me cry like a bitch. DMX was a different dude. Big influence in my life as a youngster growing up in the hood. A message vs. good and evil and choices through the voice of god and the devil. Powerful stuff for real G’s.I can’t express how I feel of the lost of DMX. A Hidden gems for people that never heard his voice. Big Respect DMX
Ikram Hussain
Ikram Hussain 2 days ago
RIP legend. We miss you. Gave us all so much with your unique style, music and film.
Shock Toast
Shock Toast 3 days ago
X pray for is much people he could, only if everybody did the same for him sad yo, shit just be real quiet
The awesome Rousseau man
X gonna give it to ya- dmx
Canz Aquatiz
Canz Aquatiz 3 days ago
You and you know who I'm talking about don't play with D real talk not about a name this is about my brother keep it moving real talk you niggaz 😩 give it some time let my brother sleep a little 😤
Lastone Standing
Lastone Standing 3 days ago
1:38 very bad actor
Dr. Jayne West
Dr. Jayne West 3 days ago
DMX was an animal abuser .he was charged with cruelty to his dogs what an evil man
Jeff Fleuridor
Jeff Fleuridor 3 days ago
Who was the last guy?
jeff edwards
jeff edwards 3 days ago
losing all our legends, before to long all we wil have are clowns and posers.
Roenco Sed
Roenco Sed 3 days ago
We don’t have to spill one single Tear for this great legend knowing he is know where he always supposed to be like he always knew where he belong!
John Cameron
John Cameron 3 days ago
Snoop always crying in a thumbnail.
Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones 3 days ago
God called him home. When he saw how beautiful it is in heaven streets of gold, mansions not made by hands, the overflowing rivers of love he wouldn't come back to earth. I wouldn't come back either. Rip DMX I LOVED YOU SINCE RUFF RIDERS. We going to miss you grawl
Kenneth Roberts
Kenneth Roberts 3 days ago
Ahh don’t like the part with snoop, he was clearly on something and snoop rolled with it. hope he is happier now, god bless
dana_orazbai 3 days ago
I am crying, i am a 30yo woman and just crying, we will love and miss you
ShowNoMercy453 4 days ago
Rest in peace DMX, you will be missed and we will never forget you. 😞
Dawn Wallis
Dawn Wallis 4 days ago
Just sucks
Larry Peters
Larry Peters 4 days ago
Why you put up fake ass pics just to get views. Pics where from totally different times. 🖕
kids diana show show
To pac 2021 us-first.info/player/video/rLl2dqGIcoKirn0.html
md abdullah
md abdullah 4 days ago
Can't believe this shit. Can't believe he is gone. I am hearing it right now. I even read something about him on social media like yesterday. Now I am seeing this. He gone. Dmx was a legend of the game
M&F Studio
M&F Studio 4 days ago
Wanna Say Big Thank you To The Legends that motivated and Inspire us with the Music Rest In peace 🕊🥃💯❤To all The Legends who aint with us In 2021 Will never 🙏 be forgotten 🙏 Amen
Humilde Crente
Humilde Crente 4 days ago
DMX die? I from Brasil. Sorry my inglish.
King K
King K 4 days ago
He's been a drug addict through almost his whole life and it was so obvious and everyone knew.... But in all those years nobody reached out to him to offer help or simply to confront him with his drug problem... No, everyone kept saying "you're the greatest", "you're a legend", "keep on doing what you do" Now he is dead due to his habit and now everybody's crying about it.... that's what you call a fake friend ladies and gentlemen
Tony Gareth
Tony Gareth 4 days ago
Too bad the prayers always go unanswered
Christopher Jamieson
I've Just watched a video before this about someone claiming he certainly didn't die of an overdose it's a cover up apparently he either Died from COVID or from the Poison I mean Vaccine that's not a vaccine I think they said he died of an overdose to discredit him and cover up he had turned his life round completely and was more into God's word than ever before the Satanists that run the industry and the world don't like that I Love'd his music I grew up on it and also went through drug addiction with many drugs thankfully I am free and am now a Born Again Christian that goes by the word of God only. God Bless all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus reading this life is short no one is promised tomorrow if you haven't repented of your Sin's and given your life to Jesus do it today don't put it off or sit on the fence because Satan owns the fence, Ohh and don't take the experimental Gene editing vaccine, take good Quality Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc COVID ravishes bodies that has low deficiencies in vitamins look up ted Broer check out his site healthmasters.com sending Christian Love from your Brother in the UK
Ralph Wilso
Ralph Wilso 4 days ago
Sad sad, he sure liked goin raw dog, what a mess it’s gonna be with his estate with 15 kids and 11 baby mamas
James McNulty
James McNulty 4 days ago
How come there is no attribute to Kevin MacLeod?? You're using his music here and it requires mention. Thumbs down!
Tammy Deetz
Tammy Deetz 4 days ago
My heart breaks as we have lost a legend. I just found this today and now after the news of his passing it makes me so sad and so happy to see how many of us all love DMX. Praying for his family his kids his friends and all of his fans!!! You are missed 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💕💕💕💕
Nathalie Tavenart
Drug is real shit
Bajan Boo
Bajan Boo 5 days ago
He had a lot of pain and didn’t want to live no more in this fear and bondage he was facing. It’s hard trying to do right but you ended up slipping. He needed that strong support and guidance to make it through. He will be at peace now
Alan Eagle
Alan Eagle 5 days ago
This sad
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 5 days ago
Vlad Shim
Vlad Shim 5 days ago
R.I.P. Legend DMX.
zorua O.
zorua O. 5 days ago
and thats why you dont leave it up to god
7ZakkBlatt 5 days ago
its sad :( im growing up with his musik in the 90s he was my favourity artist.. his musik was an insiration and gives me in bad moments power to come over it.. i heard this track slippin the first time with 13 and today im 33 and its still my favorit song of all time.. never heard a better one like this..
Omar Kbiri
Omar Kbiri 5 days ago
I think he was our generations Kurt Cobain. Such a healer through his music.
Joel The Slasher
Joel The Slasher 5 days ago
One of the most underrated icons in the music industry gone damn still can't believe this ain't reality is it
Robin Jade
Robin Jade 5 days ago
The over dose wasn't confirmed was it?
Shawn Roberts
Shawn Roberts 5 days ago
ISAAC AMARAT 5 days ago
Biggest loss I ever fealty his music raised me to be the strong woman of god I am today! My Family is truly broken over the passing of a man who helped me get thru all the abuse I went thru living in the Boogie Down BX Thank you God for his life and thank you DMX man why laughed with you we cried you we barked with you and we’ll bark for you brother X 4 Life Ruff Ryders till the end.
Steven B
Steven B 5 days ago
It still bowfos me to hear that Dmx is no more! Rest in peace hommie.. u are d best & u will still b d best in heaven. Miss u bigg broo!
Oddlysatifyingposts Odd
Jesus Christ is not God. He is a messenger sent from God it says in the bible
Parasmunt 5 days ago
He enjoyed hurting animals.
blink hannah
blink hannah 5 days ago
Congratulations you won the highkey giveaway DM highkey1x1_clouut on IG
maro arvay
maro arvay 5 days ago
Bah drogue c la merde
D. B.
D. B. 5 days ago
Desmond Nedu Alaegbu
All the prayers non at lists saved my idol. How can Gof be heartless and deaf. I believe so much he's no where close to human.
Sandra Jasmine
Sandra Jasmine 5 days ago
I never believe the process when I saw a recommendation about TREYHACK0 on Instagram For verification so I chose to write to him on Instagram it’s was a shock too me after I proved the necessary information he needed he was able too get my Instagram account verified it’s was a big shock too me,so I made up my mind that I will also make recommendations for him because of his quality service
Sir Stan
Sir Stan 5 days ago
ja rule? no matter what beef they have i guess rap has one thing other industry’s don’t. respect.
Condog Sutherland
Rip ,❤️
Casey SOUNDS 5 days ago
DMX changed the history of the world with his music, with his voice, with his thought…
mike clarckson
mike clarckson 5 days ago
This overdose story i don't trust that. the 🤬 media i read on the net he receive the vaccin of covid 1 week before die . RIP
Hi How are you
Hi How are you 5 days ago
A moment of silence not only for DMX but for those who never got to know him,some of us might join him soon because of depression fr fr RIP a real Og
En paz descanses siempre estarás en.nuestros corazones DMX 😢😢😞
I Am NLJD #NoMore
100 лет назад
Спи спокойно легенда.
Veronica Coxsome
Veronica Coxsome 5 days ago
God, continue to be a blessing to DMX as well as his family✝️
Reformed Day ago
Music industry is the opposite of God. Rappers and other artists sold their soul to the devil and left God.
Gary Foreman
Gary Foreman 5 days ago
2020 & 2021 we lost the some of the most inspirational people we know GOD IS NOT PLAYING CALL ON THE NAME OF CHRIST JESUS AND YOU SHALL BE SAVED ROMANS 10: 9-13
Gary Foreman
Gary Foreman 5 days ago
Pain is the worst disease to the body soul & the worst to the mind RIP see u soon my brotha rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
William Hill
William Hill 5 days ago
Respect dmx! Him an big! Untouchable! Peace my brother! May your soul be at ease!
Vincent Ricci
Vincent Ricci 6 days ago
There will never be a rapper like X
Weedy Chap
Weedy Chap 6 days ago
Cristian Aguilar carrizales
DMX 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Threec Turner
Threec Turner 6 days ago
Stop shut them down open up shop Oooah Nooo that's how ruff riders roll in my mind when o was beat down physically and mentally he was in my ear. I couldn't take the mess I endured without DMX music made me wanna keep going! My heart aches for this precious soul may god open the gate cause DMX was full of love
Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos 6 days ago
Everyone wanting to give love to DMX yet nobody was showing no love when he was alive bunch of fake mojos. Ain't nobody a real fan here all just a bunch of cock riders.
Amanda Daniel
Amanda Daniel 5 days ago
Hello how are you doing
Avion Murrell
Avion Murrell 6 days ago
stop 😫 drop shut em 😫down open 😫 shop ohhh 😫🤧noooooooooo😥 thats how rough ridass rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll😭😭😭 bro why are all the legends dying bro wtffffffffffffff?????????????
Rigo Ramirez
Rigo Ramirez 6 days ago
Warrior !!
Junior Lubaki Malanda Mingi Matota
Rip dmx ok ciao you family respective private respectif ruff ryder ok ciao peace goodbye ❤️
How Many Riffs?
How Many Riffs? 6 days ago
Childhood would have been the same without DMX. Always a party when his songs would come on
Caramelo BonBon
Caramelo BonBon 6 days ago
Chris Pike
Chris Pike 6 days ago
Looks like X isn't going to give it to anyone anymore
big A
big A 6 days ago
Can someone confirm that he got that fuckin vaccine shot on the 1st, they say he was fine b4 that
roy east
roy east 5 days ago
Don't get it
Elias Oliveira
Elias Oliveira 6 days ago
DEUS o receba em bom lugar. Earl Simmons.Eternity fornecer.tenho 51,seguirei te escutando.
Michael Crabtree
Michael Crabtree 6 days ago
He was a legend fo realz. Rest in peace dmx!!!
Abraham Kerpacz
Abraham Kerpacz 6 days ago
Dmx die???
Rosenberg Sorrowvich
Rest in Peace to the king, my man DMX