Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences... 

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Ranking Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences. Everything in Minecraft happens by random chance, and some of the RAREST occurrences in this video are absolutely INSANE.
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Considering creeper lol found the rarest mob in the game, I don't think dream cheated in his speedruns / manhunts
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Feb 21, 2021




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Central jersey Railfan 104
I saw a pink sheep in a survival world and I thought that was cool but now that I stole all of this I feel like an idiot.
Bingo the historian
Bingo the historian 13 minutes ago
No cap my friend got struck by lighting in Minecraft 4 times on the same world
Eggy 16 minutes ago
I got a gf XD in minecraft
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 19 minutes ago
game ticks? I dunno. Pls prove me wrong if I am or change that little mistake. But still a great video!
Tigtag 25 minutes ago
I already know I’m not getting a girlfriend ☹️
A Bear
A Bear 25 minutes ago
The rarest occurrence is the 10 diamond vain. The second rarest occurrence is a 20 coal vain.
Lively_Animations 25 minutes ago
Would if I am the girlfriend.......and I have one then what?
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 19 minutes ago
One time in minecraft I was mining and I found 10 diamonds in one vane
Jimmy Genita
Jimmy Genita 33 minutes ago
Dude Why you ClickBait Thumbnail
-[Mochi]- 40 minutes ago
I found a killer bunny 3 times and 1 pink sheep
iLuvLofi 41 minute ago
When your a girl watching the end clip Me: =_=
Kelvin Sanchez
Kelvin Sanchez 45 minutes ago
Zombie villager pumpkin weirdo shovel Zombie villager
gren37 48 minutes ago
Nice Video Cup Dream
SatyaPrasad Y
SatyaPrasad Y 48 minutes ago
i found the modified jungle edge without knowing
Creo 48 minutes ago
Dislike for that joke at the end
Caleb Murphy
Caleb Murphy 49 minutes ago
Well what are the chances I get struck by lightning in a modified jungle ledge after just finding a zombie with a pumpkin on his head holding a shovel inside of a stronghold with a full portal of eyes of ender next to an infinite mineshaft with 5 pig spawners?
dreamnoblade hasnoblade
that last one tho-
XD Jam
XD Jam 59 minutes ago
theoretically striders can be infinitely rare, they can just keep on stacking on eachother
Dean Jacobsen
Dean Jacobsen Hour ago
Can somebody tell me the comnand for that last mob?
Lolmaster roach
5:22 every time I hear that music track I think of the video essay on Cicada 3301. It’s every time.
Mireille Meringues
I got a pink sheep...
Collin Cubbage
I’ve found a baby pink sheep before
Les pros gamers
One time in minecraft I was mining and I found 10 diamonds in one vane
Cookie Star281
noooooooooo i can’t get a girlfriend now i have to get a boyfriend nooooo
Pat Mitchell
Pat Mitchell Hour ago
The rarest thing is seeing a monster in peacefully mode
I am something
i once got a 12 vein of diamonds
Isaih Valentine
Dang... that last one really hurt 😔
Amanda Perkins
6:52 where minecraft youtubers go where they do "off camera mining"
Jobelle Cea
Jobelle Cea Hour ago
But, but, but... I'm a girl!
Chujan Gaye Manlapaz
Oh, You are the luckiest you saw every SINGLE one of them.
mondee lolz
mondee lolz Hour ago
1:30 wait what thats my biome i love that biome ive seen it like 10 times
that crab guy
that crab guy Hour ago
the most rarest occurrence is existing
Laura Sledge
Laura Sledge Hour ago
Andrew Conway
Andrew Conway Hour ago
0:56 cringe
Sans is a font
I killed a zombie with a baby riding it and then the baby just mounted on another zombie
Inverted Hedgehog
The thumbnail is sooooooo cap bro
Inverted Hedgehog
I clicked on the video just for the comment lol
I thought the rarest occurrence was a full enchant diamond best armor riding a brown panda
Matthew Lominy
The good tin randomly grate because interest biologically attach beneath a receptive tsunami. gigantic, tame fedelini
Casa del Mar
Casa del Mar Hour ago
I’ve seen Seed 666 on 2020, and so much incomplete crosses, I’ve seen pink villager houses, and even more... I know all....
exo. Hour ago
the rarest thing in minecrsft is experiencing your first ever world again
Talulasm Hour ago
“now you getting a girlfriend!” me, a homosexual: *oh no! anyway*
DannyStreams Hour ago
Oh rely, how about getting two girls hung up to you and to be your girlfriend, now that’s rare as well it hepened to ME!!! See you suckers
Planemender Becker
Ok but what are the chances of having a Minecraft skeleton fully decked out in full diamond armor Bcs I got one when I used to play bedrock addition
Planemender Becker
Edition* my bad
Achillis Marangos
The end is true tho
Lilly Baerga
Lilly Baerga Hour ago
Ok I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the biomes work differently in bedrock... because I found not 1 but 2! Modified Jungle Edges in one world. Either that or I used all my luck on two of a biome I didn't even know existed. I called it a "Savannah Jungle" until seeing this video
Dove Cloud
Dove Cloud 2 hours ago
The rarest thing I ever heard I think only ever happened to me. All my world on my iPad had holes all the way through the Earth. There were random huge squares. It was not normal.
star ._.
star ._. 2 hours ago
I would like to add another rare thing - a fossil! They can be found in swamps and deserts in holes that go straight down. They're made of bone meal blocks and coal ore. I found one in my world.
Luthar Wiberg
Luthar Wiberg 2 hours ago
The rarest occurrence is just any block on any coordinate. That would be a 1/infinity because there and infinite blocks and infinite seeds
Astrxz 2 hours ago
The thumbnail is dumb
Midnight_Dreamplayz Y.T
I am a female and bisexual should this be an insult “The rarest one is the chance of you getting a girlfriend”
McKinley Kabat
its a joke kid chill
Crazyladderdude 80
Crazyladderdude 80 2 hours ago
I had the pig spawned in a mine shaft
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 2 hours ago
How rare is it to find a skeleton with a sword and armor?
Miggy TheNerd
Miggy TheNerd 2 hours ago
10:32 reletable
Miggy TheNerd
Miggy TheNerd 2 hours ago
Xxbubbly bossxX
Xxbubbly bossxX 2 hours ago
whats the seed for the pig spawners
Bobachu 2 hours ago
The thumbnail: normal village 99.99% other village (forgot name) 0.01% Me who gets other village like every world I find a village: no that's not how it works
mr.poopnurrmum 2 hours ago
The rarest occurence is the end portal spawing with all eyes
A C 2 hours ago
Rarest thing is dream being famous
dan macros
dan macros 2 hours ago
Hello my name is Daniel and I am a 101 year old man who has never been in verbal or phisichal contact with a member of the female species
Ana Nedelcu
Ana Nedelcu 2 hours ago
Owen Seagle
Owen Seagle 2 hours ago
Mr Animation
Mr Animation 2 hours ago
Wow that’s so rare
FAULTY DEVILS_ 2 hours ago
“The chance of you getting a girlfriend” *what if I’m gay?*
Callum Boy
Callum Boy 2 hours ago
1:55 I accidentally found this wiggle searching for all the fossils
Mr. Vest
Mr. Vest 2 hours ago
For some reason one of my flat world's, about 9 chunks away from the spawn it, the world dropped to a cliff then goes to a normal over world
FrostedIce 2 hours ago
“Your chance of getting a girlfriend” *me as a girl*
Voidinhoin_ 2 hours ago
10:31 Stop explaining obvious things
Builder Digy119
Builder Digy119 2 hours ago
000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1 of getting a dead bush in the water
Gerard Perkins
Gerard Perkins 2 hours ago
I think the ice biome is not hard to find when I spawn
ApexAcceleration 2 hours ago
that’s crazy I actually got struck by lightning before in Minecraft and I did not know it was that rare
VirtualHam 2 hours ago
Wow that is the most rare thing I’m that cat surrounded by creepers
Jayce Maerz
Jayce Maerz 2 hours ago
Bruh I found a baby zombie jockey with a maxed chestplate and maxed pants and I tried to trap it to show my friend but it despawned ;-;
Mr. Gufi
Mr. Gufi 2 hours ago
The ending is true sadly
Matick125 2 hours ago
my friend once got a 14 diamond vein, how rare is that? (he says he didnt cheat .-.)
Jonas Albert
Jonas Albert 2 hours ago
I have been struck by lightning before
M-Michael 2 hours ago
Once I found a diamond vain of 14 diamond And this is probably not rare but I found a 5 block high sugar cane
Melody Stewart
Melody Stewart 2 hours ago
I will never have a girlfriend, because I am straight.
JonaJacknife 2 hours ago
My wife laughed at the last one
Xred 09
Xred 09 2 hours ago
I somehow found a pink sheep naturally a few days ago. Legit lost my mind.
Erien Karr
Erien Karr 2 hours ago
I mean I tried to get this girl to like me but since it didn’t work out the first time I befriended her
Otter Claws
Otter Claws 2 hours ago
the rarest thing i ever saw was a baby zombie riding the shoulders of a zombie
Memesist23 2 hours ago
im unsubbing after the last last one
Hampus 2 hours ago
SPCWilmington 2 hours ago
ive spawned in that jungle 8 times in a row😐
SPCWilmington 3 hours ago
bull shit thumbnail
Red_wolf_ Animations
Sorry im gay
Alfie Davies
Alfie Davies 3 hours ago
I got 10 pink sheep in 1 world
Shenelle Jordan
Shenelle Jordan 3 hours ago
And your chance of getting a girlfriend is 0 in 100003993983938484848484748499999900000000333333220000000000000 chance sir.
FanaticOak 3 hours ago
That thumbnail is SOOO CAP!!!
Blaster 2156
Blaster 2156 3 hours ago
give me the seed boy
Brace Boy
Brace Boy 3 hours ago
damn I thought i was special for seeing lightning hit a skeleton horse
Mona Soni
Mona Soni 3 hours ago
I was walking 30,000,000 million blocks to the border and found a something that has a 1 in 1000000000 chance of spawning
Peludo 3 hours ago
What bout the chance of getting the same seed 2 times in a row?
Ewan Bradshaw
Ewan Bradshaw 3 hours ago
I swear I have got one of the pig spawned things before
Paige Pyatt
Paige Pyatt 3 hours ago
Omg iv gotted the brown panda!
d r e a m y
d r e a m y 3 hours ago
i never knew that it was rare for a baby pink sheep to spawn... one time i found a cluster of 6 randomly generated baby pink sheep along with 4 adult pink sheep
Adam Moore
Adam Moore 3 hours ago
I've seen this house like 53 times
Me Harland
Me Harland 3 hours ago
I once got two pink sheep spawn naturally in front of me and my friend once got 6 flint in a row
Florida Man
Florida Man 3 hours ago
“ the chances of this mob spawning are 1 in 163 quadrillion” Dreams luck in a nutshell
sam :P
sam :P 3 hours ago
last one hurt😖
unprescripinal psychopath
One of the rarest occurrences is a skeleton with a enchanted iron helmet riding a spider
Z6 Wv - Roblox Gameplay
4:50 carved pumpkins do spawn, but only in 2% of plains villages, so if you had one of the plains villages half way in snow and half way in plains, naturally spawned snow golems is fully possible
Minecraft Memes 22