Ranking EVERY 1st Round Pick 2021 NFL Draft 

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Ranking EVERY 1st Round Pick 2021 NFL Draft
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Apr 30, 2021




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Cody Bish
Cody Bish 7 hours ago
The people that hate the Steelers pick didn’t watch the games last year, we needed a running back regardless of what the O line looks like. Najee can be a generational talent and if it takes us 2 years to build/sign a solid line then so be it
Rylan Frost
Rylan Frost 8 hours ago
Vikings o line is gonna be nice
Gibbsatron 10 hours ago
As a Chargers fan, I agree with this. We were at 13 and got Slater, Vikings were at 14 and traded back which is exactly what I HOPED the Chargers would have done if Slater wasn't on the board.
Jake Chamberlain
Jake Chamberlain 13 hours ago
As a Packers fan i loved the Eric Stokes pick, i thought it was amazing, it fits a much needed need that was the reason we didn’t go to the Super Bowl last year
Thorfinsky 1
Thorfinsky 1 19 minutes ago
There might be another reason your team doesn't go to the super bowl this year.
TSizzleGaming 23 hours ago
SKOL!!! Minnesota with the best pick let's go!!
Jack Klein
Jack Klein Day ago
Bengal is such a stud
DannyBZ9 Day ago
Sewell at 7 easily BEST pick
Heavy Chevy
Heavy Chevy Day ago
everyone just keeps on doubting Mac Jones we"ll see
H3ard 2 days ago
Dude is so wrong about Mac Jones
Jake Pvb
Jake Pvb 2 days ago
L on the etn and najee take
Wayne Pearson
Wayne Pearson 2 days ago
1 question. Do you even shave yet? You might do more grooming on your eyebrows than your whiskers. It’s ok that you’re a Bungles fan but give me a break. I guess you don’t watch too many NFC games cause it was a while before you got out of the AFC. I really like how all your friends sent in stellar replies. (Fake)🥸! You might have considered playing some ball 🏈 so you know what you’re looking at. What a joke !!!
Justin 2 days ago
Gotta disagree on the Ja’Marr Chase pick. They could’ve traded back and still gotten a phenomenal wide receiver. Joe Burrow tore his ACL because they don’t have an offensive line. Sewell and Slater were sitting there ready to be taken. Chase better be the next Julio Jones, and if he isn’t, that’s a busted pick for the Bengals
Exo_CookieMonsta 2 days ago
My man you really do hate Alabama 🤣 They just the best
Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson 2 days ago
I disagree w/ Rousseau. I think he’s gonna flourish with the bills. He’ll have at least 6 sacks this upcoming season.
Glizzy Gladiator
Glizzy Gladiator 2 days ago
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 2 days ago
I don't know how you can say Mac Jones isn't overly accurate when he set 2 NCAA records about accuracy. He had a 77.4 percent completion rate, which is a single season record for the NCAA. He also had a 203.06 passer efficiency rating for the season, another NCAA record. He is all about accuracy.
Carson Stille
Carson Stille 2 days ago
I thought for sure that the raiders were going to pick Darrisaw, imo he was the best tackle left on the board.
max skrt
max skrt 2 days ago
Nah this man is trippin... bruh how tf is Travis Etienne a better pick than Najee Harris?!?
Josh Alecusan
Josh Alecusan 2 days ago
That Travis Etienne pick was TERRIBLEEEEEEE. I don't know how you could possibly think any different. It's similar to the mistake the Steelers make but way worse because Etienne is probably worse than Najee, and the Jags already had a RB on a great rookie contract whereas the Steelers don't... That makes absolutely 0 sense.
Josh Alecusan
Josh Alecusan 2 days ago
*I am a Browns fan though so I at least appreciate the love there lol
Bat Maul
Bat Maul 2 days ago
The Etienne pick is definitely worse than the Najee pick the Jags already have a good RB but the Steelers don’t
Rainmaker 2 days ago
And with the extra pick the Vikings also likely got their future franchise QB. Speilman was playing Chess with some Checker players it seems.
David Markowitz
David Markowitz 2 days ago
Robinson and ETN could be more of a Chubb and hunt dynamic than a Ingram kamara
Gabe Blomgren
Gabe Blomgren 2 days ago
I'm pretty happy with the Jones pick personally. We got our QB way cheaper than anyone else in the first round, and the one that fell to us is our best fit. If this guy is as smart as he's supposed to be, we might have just picked our next franchise QB at 15. Definitely wanted to see us take a receiver sooner though, not sure what's stopping us from overhauling that position like we need to.
Josh Haff
Josh Haff 2 days ago
Finally Vikings getting some love
linwood jackson
linwood jackson 2 days ago
I still feel no hope for the jets being a die hard fan its gonna be another Just Endure The Season JETS JETS JETS
Josh Moore
Josh Moore 2 days ago
I love the raiders pick. SKOL
Sky B
Sky B 2 days ago
Rodgers has so many weapons on offense, a great o line and prolly the best LT in the league , top 5 WR, and a top 10 RB he is such a baby and diva
Sky B
Sky B 3 days ago
So why do you like etienne pick over najee Harris?! Both teams have other needs and both are RBs lol the Steelers are in worst position at RB than the jags to lol you make zero sense... stick with playing video games , your analysis are bad
Sky B
Sky B 3 days ago
Justin fields is sooo overrated ! OSU QBs fail every time why is he going to be any different !
Samuel Hudak
Samuel Hudak 3 days ago
Lol the pats got great value with Jones at 15 clown
Ygr Woodz
Ygr Woodz 3 days ago
I was gunna watch it but from the cover u got Mac at 30 soo
Dylan Harris
Dylan Harris 3 days ago
15.5 sacks isn’t ready to play? What?!
Bengal 3 days ago
thats why you have to watch the player and not just check the box score Jaylon Ferguson has the most sacks in NCAA history and in 2 years has 4.5 sacks Sacks are misleading clearly
mshat18 3 days ago
Sean Payton and Kyle Shanahan along with Bill Belichick loved Mac Jones. The saints even tried to move up for him. Just because fields is a better athlete does not mean he would fit the patriots system. Mac will win more games than fields in the end.
shrimpboy944 3 days ago
Toney gotta be like top 3 worst pick in first round
SByanginnn Brown
SByanginnn Brown 3 days ago
Kyle pitts isn’t just a TE he is a versatile weapon!! The falcons got them a VERSATILE weapon
Mitch Sullivan
Mitch Sullivan 3 days ago
Really hope you are wrong about Rousseau lol, really wish the bills went JOK :/
Kaleb Pacheco
Kaleb Pacheco 3 days ago
I didn’t see the point in taking najee Harris at 24 either. But the dumbass Steelers fans still tried to sell me on the pick
NoKap James
NoKap James 3 days ago
goes on about how he don’t like round one backs but says he likes the etienne pick when they already had a good back to start with. the Steelers needed a back and now they got a real solid one stop downing them they addressed there offensive line
Not My Real Name
Not My Real Name 3 days ago
My get off is extremely large sometimes
Mason Terneus
Mason Terneus 3 days ago
Vikings W SKOL
MountainSnowInc 3 days ago
Darnell Money with 2 “Ohs”, as in “Oh shit he’s fast.”
John Doe
John Doe 3 days ago
Mac Jones will be more successful than Trevor Lawrence. This is possibly the worst take since whatever Mel Kiper just said, but I stand by it.
lach labanna
lach labanna 3 days ago
you have travis as a better pick then najee....last time i checked ...robinson was a top 5-10 rb last year as an undrafted free agent
John Hanretty
John Hanretty 3 days ago
Dude. You’re the sports version of Jay Baruchel
Pablo Amaya
Pablo Amaya 3 days ago
10/10 video
courteney Lamont
courteney Lamont 3 days ago
First time watching him, I like this guy!( not just because im Vikings fan) 😂
ch_xma world
ch_xma world 3 days ago
Super video! I applauded for $2.00 👏
Victor Antonio
Victor Antonio 3 days ago
Honestly, I just can't understand who says Wilson or Lace are better than Fields.
Trenton James
Trenton James 4 days ago
Thank you been saying that mac Jones only like 2 was worth a damn but I can see him having a jay cutler career
nathan pyle
nathan pyle 4 days ago
the patriots are lucky
Gaming Guy
Gaming Guy 4 days ago
I mean Robert Mathis consults with our d line coach. Pretty good chance our edge guys develop. 🙂
Milky Kun
Milky Kun 4 days ago
Mac jones is decently accurate... he threw 77.4 percent accuracy huh
Jennifer Takai
Jennifer Takai 4 days ago
Broncos Got Ronald Darby,Patrick Surtain II,and Kyle Fuller Just To Try To stop Tyreek Hill
RodovreCasuals 4 days ago
As a Steelers fan I couldn't agree more.
Peyton Miller
Peyton Miller 4 days ago
Weird to be a lions fan and seeing our pick on the good side of the selections for the first round😂😂😂 maybe they’re finally turning it around with HCDC!
Daniel Johansen
Daniel Johansen 4 days ago
The Rousseau pick didn't make much sense when you think about that the bills have AJ Epenesa and Ed Oliver and Jerry Hughes. Sry to say Bills fans he's a great prospect but you had other needs
Quentin Woolf
Quentin Woolf 4 days ago
Mac Jones is decently accurate??? Threw 90% in National Championship. Also don’t say he had waddle he played 4 real games that whole season. Everyone loves to say supporting class, but never said the same thing for burrow.
bernie ward
bernie ward 4 days ago
Eagles got D Smith and a first round in 2022 Moved a third round pick to fourth in 2021 That is a good first pick result to me So in 2022, the Eagles have 2 First round picks and probably a third first round pick from Indy, and a second, third and Fourth, 2 5s, a 6 and a 7
Cam Gilmartin
Cam Gilmartin 4 days ago
You naming all of Mac Jones flaws sound just like Brady's flaws
Nick Recco
Nick Recco 4 days ago
how u feel min did abt kellen mond in the third
tim burns
tim burns 4 days ago
Spot on with Joe Tryon!
Reeges 35
Reeges 35 4 days ago
Best pick in the second round was 100% JOK
Francisco Arco
Francisco Arco 4 days ago
I trust Kevin Colbert so im fine with the pick
Im VenMous
Im VenMous 4 days ago
PS2 is not going in a trade deal, we just drafted the next Champ Bailey. youre trippin
Dawson Jackson
Dawson Jackson 4 days ago
Mac Jones disrespect is real
CC 4 days ago
Fangio has made it been known he wants to run alot more dime packages so he will get some run this year..... but this a 2022 pick. Callahan and Darby are injury prone. Fuller and Callahan are 30 on one year deals. Once u dig into it, it makes alot of sense
James Verr
James Verr 4 days ago
U wait till najee is #1 rb
Bengal 4 days ago
I think Najee is a stud lol he is RB1 in the class
Mark Dewsnap
Mark Dewsnap 4 days ago
So refreshing as a pats fan to hear someone agree with me completely on Mac Jones. I don’t understand the hype, I really don’t
Ruben Moreno
Ruben Moreno 4 days ago
You guys act like you guys are expert raiders we're trying too trade up but no deal got done then the other side they pick smart why because if we would've got trevon in 1 round he would been more so I cool with us gettin leatherwood on 17th
Sam Landau
Sam Landau 4 days ago
Delusional Patriots Fan
Wasn't Mac better than tua who went #6?
Delusional Patriots Fan
I'm a little hype for Mac Jones to the patriots. Before he was a God, but now as a Patriot he's trash,old NFL media thanks for the chip on his shoulder
Lo Bello
Lo Bello 4 days ago
I don't agree with you on your mac Jones opinion. I think the 49ers should of drafted jones at 3. His tape shows exceptional accuracy/ ball placement and he's a fast processor/ elite decision maker and he'll have a waaaaay better NFL career then Trey lance and justin fields.
Etwan 4 days ago
Your raiders ranking is horrible just being honest I am a raiders fan and I was one of those people who hated it at first but I didn’t pay much attention to him I was with you on Jenkins or darrisaw if it wasn’t moerig at 17 but then I saw his tape and what kind of linemen he is I think he’s top 20 pick in the first round tbh he’s not a steal obviously but we got moerig round 2 when we don’t know if leatherwood would’ve been there when moerig was. But the raiders said there trying to get there line to be a run blocking line for the majority and leatherwood is one of the best run blocking tackles in the draft so I think this was a good pick and he also only gave up 3 sacks last year and is a champion and a caption and the raiders drafted all players with high character I think the raiders won this draft and I’m including that they won the first round with a first round grade from me as a B is slater slid down to us I would’ve given them an A but I do like Jenkins but after watching leatherwood I’m happy with that pick now than when I first saw it
Connor Gillis
Connor Gillis 4 days ago
I respectfully disagree with your take on Mac. Yes, he's in a great situation, but my only knack for him is his mobility. He has a great pocket IQ, and always makes the right decision when throwing the ball. Yes, the NFL is in a new phase where mobile quarterbacks are preferred, but I think Belichick will know how to use Mac better than other staff with the other quarterbacks.
Horacio 4 days ago
Kyle Pitts Babyyyyyy
Isaiah Woodfin
Isaiah Woodfin 4 days ago
If only you knew what Dallas was doing with that defense 😂 they’re switching to a 3-4 base 4-3 zone. Micah Parson is gone be rushing the passer “not a edge rusher”... he was a 5 star recruit as a DE out of high school.
Darin Pirkey
Darin Pirkey 4 days ago
Does anyone know here Ben Bones was drafted?
The God himself
The God himself 4 days ago
Keep disrespecting Mac Jones. Just wait
Heavy Chevy
Heavy Chevy Day ago
Keyes Vaj
Keyes Vaj 4 days ago
All across professionals' ranking board, MN is number 1 as well because Slick Rick pulled the same Matt Kalil trade back from 2012.
Brady Opel
Brady Opel 4 days ago
How is Travis a better pick then Najee
William Evans
William Evans 4 days ago
Mac Jones will be the best QB from this draft class. Not the most talented, but he will be the most successful.
Bengal 4 days ago
That’s the patriots for ya
Tamales1612 4 days ago
The eagles traded pick 6 to move back to 12 for a future 1 from miami. A lot of buzz that philly was going chase or smith at 6 if they stayed there. Ultimately they traded one of their 2 3rd rounders in this draft for a 1 next year and still got their guy. Incredible value from them
slapped 4 days ago
How is etiene not the worst lmao
MSAMan 9
MSAMan 9 4 days ago
bro you put Najee Harris lower than Travis Etienne. The Jags roster is WAY worse they had no right taking a RB in the first round. I think the Steelers offense could be a Ground and pound team with Najee Harris but the Jags are in Full rebuild mode.
MSAMan 9
MSAMan 9 4 days ago
@Bengal that’s fair. I just think if they took, S, TE, or DT it would have been better value. Christian Barmore and Trayvon Moehrig were on the board
Bengal 4 days ago
The Jags are not in full rebuild mode, they’ve had plenty of picks and spent a lot of money in free agency to bring in talent. The jags are turning the corner and don’t have nearly one of the worst rosters in football
BonkChoy12 4 days ago
Toney was a huge reach in my opinion. He is a mediocre route runner with poor hands that is more suited to gadget plays than actual receiver routes. I saw a lot of people with mid-2nd to early 3rd round grades on him which I think is pretty accurate. He is very athletic I will admit, but his WR skills are very much lacking, especially for a top 20 pick. I thought they got great value in the trade from the Bears, they just made a bad pick.
Bengal 4 days ago
How did toney have poor hands
Carlos cervantes
Carlos cervantes 4 days ago
Clearly biast with that number one pick
Marcus Cooper
Marcus Cooper 4 days ago
Looking at historical data, Tom Cable has a 34" minimum arm length to draft a Tackle, so the only other option for the Raiders was Darrisaw. Most see Darrisaw as a clearly more talented player, but with questions on attitude and effort, whilst Leatherwood is a big school locker room leader - there's no way Gruden and Mayock would go Darrisaw in that situation. All the other players you mentioned don't have the arm length required, and from the reports that have come out, the Raiders had Leatherwood as the #2 OT on their board - we'll just have to see who was right over the next couple of years.
YT_ FL4M3 4 days ago
I been watching Justin Fields since high school and it’s a little disappointing that he didn’t go to the 49ers but I’m happy with trey lance 🤷
Tigenal 4 days ago
Seeing shades of the Browns’ duo in etienne and james
TriHawk 4 days ago
Honestly that fit of kadarius toney in new york honestly id give an A, i see it working out really well for you giants.
Lil chewy
Lil chewy 4 days ago
Ur work ethic the reason I subscribed but the quality is why I actually stayed
Lil chewy
Lil chewy 4 days ago
Ur work ethic the reason I subscribed but the quality is why I actually stayed
Rich Lo
Rich Lo 4 days ago
The Giants are going to use next year extra 1st rd pick to move up for a QB. I don't think Jones will pan out
Kitty Syster
Kitty Syster 4 days ago
I’m so happy to be a Texan fan
Part Face
Part Face 20 hours ago
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 5 days ago
The Browns are stacked AF. They were good last year, and since then they've gotten an upgrade at nearly every defensive position.
Lilbigred 5 days ago
Zaven is not playing sam like hasaan, he is confirmed playing mike
lopezfam 5 days ago
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Gábor Votisky
Gábor Votisky 5 days ago
“Before you skip to your team”: Me a chiefs fan😐
Logan 232
Logan 232 5 days ago
Look up the highlights for leatherwood he’s good
He officially quit
He officially quit