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Ranking every gun in Cold War zombies from worst to best. This Cold War zombies weapons ranking will cover all the best guns in the game including wonder weapons and also everything in between. Here is an ultimate Cold War zombies weapon tier list. Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos: Second channel @TheCh0pper
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Nov 25, 2020




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SIGIL BREAKER 2 hours ago
So uh anyone ganna tell him that the rpg , cigna, and grenade launcher are all better at round clearing when packed and legendary then literally every smg and half the assault rifles... im just sayin
Chris Lu
Chris Lu 15 hours ago
Please use the gun you are showcasing. I know you have at least SOME footage of you using it since it wouldn't make sense otherwise. Other than that, great video :)
nanolathe11 16 hours ago
list is decent i spose but a couple i disagree with. M79 is actually pretty solid. not if looking in terms of kills. but it has some major perks. it stuns and knockdowns enemies with every shot. having some aoe cc can be a life saver sometimes. i also think the magnum is one of the worst weapons in the game. to think its mid rank and just below the knife on this list is....crazy
Kwench SG
Kwench SG 17 hours ago
The launchers are all pretty good. The have downsides, but for sure they aren’t the worst. You can actually get shit done with all the launchers if you upgrade it like you should and move around. I guarantee the PhD flopper perk would ascend them way up the ladder. I didn’t have any problems getting their camo’s, but hey I can’t speak for everyone
chaneekgaming 16
chaneekgaming 16 18 hours ago
Sorry I cant say the grenade launcher is not that bad I played a game with it and I lasted till round 50 just with that gun to see if it is as bad as players say it is but its not people just don't know how to use the gun and probably have bad aim idk
TheWolfGamer75 20 hours ago
Anyone else curious on how he is playing zombies on nuketown?
Golden2962 21 hour ago
Bro the barret has never been good in zombies
TheCaniable Day ago
From my personal experience on my dark matter camo journey the china lake is 10x easier to max than both launchers just due to the slow down you have while aiming.
Ellis Green
Ellis Green Day ago
U didn’t include mac10
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Day ago
I'm about to play using the knife, I have just been running the Gallo non-stop but I started to get a little bored and needed a change. I decided I want to go for dark aether, it will take forever with my lack of free time but I love zombies and I'm so glad it's as good as it is. You're great Ch0pper, your videos made me realize how much I missed zombies
Toby Beckham
Toby Beckham Day ago
How did you get on nuketown?
Danny Day ago
The Gallo-12 should be called the Gallo-24 when you PaP it 😔
Danny Day ago
Got diamond for my m79 😁
Adrien M
Adrien M Day ago
Hauer maxed out is overall better than the Spas. with the right build it can still one shot basic zombies w/o pack around level 30, and can 3 shot early-mid game Megatons (still w/o pack)
KEY -TKTL Day ago
Dual magnums are definitely better than one you have to use attachments to increase hip fire accuracy and when you put deadshot on top of that it literally deletes everything because the headshot damage is so ridiculous
Crispy Crunch
Crispy Crunch 2 days ago
He was ashamed of admitting it but, the knife dominates the Cold War Zombies Guns Billboard at #1😎😎
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt 2 days ago
Hey loved video, I wanted to say shortening assault rifle to ar doesn't help people with the ar-15 stereotype. Ar in ar-15 doesn't stand for assault rifle. Not saying you said that but it's for anyone who comes across this.
umbreon angel
umbreon angel 2 days ago
Uhh it really depends how u use the rpg really its a good gun and all but not the best in my opinion but the m16 ya the the worst weapon out there
iRage ForTheTurtles
Can’t be just me who thinks the best die upgrade is the cryofreeze one
ThatLow2V 9 hours ago
You are
4istory 2 days ago
Did he talked about the mac10?
Ray gun is bad compared to a legendary shotty
James Lynch
James Lynch 2 days ago
the bullfrog: floats like a smg and stings like a ar
John Corthinos
John Corthinos 3 days ago
Watching this again. You should add how bad the street sweeper is initiallly then it shreds later in rounds. The magnum is worse than you say imo and the sledgehammer is awfully slow. The wazi’s speed is remarkable too Much cleaner than the knife. Thxs for posting.
Maxwell Weber
Maxwell Weber 3 days ago
The rpg above the sigma ????
Gengar Shadow
Gengar Shadow 3 days ago
I say poison type for the wonder weapon is the top out of all elements because when I did Easter egg it help a lot to get the zombies off of orlov and has pretty good ammo stock
Alec Rodriguez
Alec Rodriguez 3 days ago
M79 wasn’t hard to get camos for let’s be honest it was just time consuming
That_German_Boi_ 90
Exquilx 3 days ago
how was this guy in nuketown for a sec tf
Frozen 3 days ago
Its a mode called onslaught and if you need to kill 15 elites for your camos play that gamemode since its easy
Preston Samson
Preston Samson 3 days ago
Please never call the Type 63 a Gewehr again. Yes gewehr means rifle in german but the Type 63 is an SKS which isnt even close to most "Gewehrs"
dxt Iso joker
dxt Iso joker 3 days ago
But i liked the video and hope everyone has a great day cya folks
dxt Iso joker
dxt Iso joker 3 days ago
Yo ima have to disagree with you on the worst one I know it can kill you but you can pack a punch it and on die machine you run in starting area and just boom a whole group dead same with other rocket launchers
Rui Ramos
Rui Ramos 3 days ago
Why i dont see anyone talking about the groza? That thing melts tho
THIZZ FACE 3 days ago
Krig 6 and the galil are totally different. The krig 6 is an AK5
Tom Miller
Tom Miller 3 days ago
With all due respect, I strongly disagree with this list. First of all i would like to point out that some weapons are meant for different scenarios than others. That being said, I still think launchers are way better than sniper rifles because of the poor damage output on the snipers, launchers at least knock the zombies down which can be very good (depending on the scenario of course). Me and my buddies have been using the m79 on the nacht der untoten rooftop method and in all honesty it is a better weapon to have instead of the die machine, now you might think this is a broad statement but when combined with a fully upgraded ring of fire it might even be stronger than the ray gun (when using ring of fire) do to its blast radius and 1 hit potential. If you ask me the m79 without ring of fire is still better than all sniper rifles. The biggest problem it has is the damage per shot and its blast radius which can kill you from across the map almost (the blast radius is a bit of a double edged sword). This is ofcourse my opinion and it is all based on my own experience but even when training zombies I would much rather have the m79 over any sniper rifle.
Jimmy Carter Fanpage
The type 63 is an sks
Edgi 3 days ago
The Krig 6 is not a Galil my man. More like an AK5
RedHead Gaming
RedHead Gaming 4 days ago
? RPG was the best gun in Bo4 zombies lol
SUPASHICE420 TV 4 days ago
Dmr in zombies is good 🤨
Calibyrnes 4 days ago
Really disagree there on the Magnum, crits are still able to be landed pretty easily with dual, and the damage output is nothing to scoff at.
Jax D
Jax D 4 days ago
Atleast your good at the game I can't find anyone that is lol it's just me
Bhannatt Gaming
Bhannatt Gaming 4 days ago
The m79 fully pap is so good specially when it’s up to legendary tier but I do agree the damage is poor until then
aux 4 days ago
hate the rpg
THE ZOMBOX 4 days ago
I'm pissed about the M82. It should be at least a little more powerful then the DMR 14.
Alex Gibbs
Alex Gibbs 4 days ago
Looking at the the list , I have numerous grievances here..mp5 over the DMR by multiple spots? Nah sorry lol
Jose Pacheco
Jose Pacheco 4 days ago
I feel like the M79 should be placed higher up, it's a great option for training zombies and can get you to round 30 without a sweat
Emmett Stinnett
Emmett Stinnett 4 days ago
Anyone else feel like this list is whack
Chupeke A
Chupeke A 4 days ago
I think dual weild python is hi tier at rounds 50 also didnt see the mac
James Reynolds
James Reynolds 4 days ago
I may or may not be able to get to round 40 with the m79 solo
Marshall Corby
Marshall Corby 4 days ago
How's he playing zombies on nuketown?
Justin Gray
Justin Gray 4 days ago
My only plague diamond is knife m79
Alfie and Emilie Yt channel
How did you go on nuke town for zombies?
SW33THD 5 days ago
i do not like the m16, its a burst weapon and i hate burst weapons lol
Neon clapzz
Neon clapzz 5 days ago
I feel like the dmr should be higher
Gavin Molina
Gavin Molina 5 days ago
This dude calling the type 63, that is a Russian SKS irl, and calling it a geweher too,nearly killed me
Harley Steele
Harley Steele 5 days ago
Type 63 is a Chinese sks
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 6 days ago
Can you at least show us how they work in zombies instead of just talking about them??
jk fear
jk fear 6 days ago
Bro what the dmr is a beast
Danny Douglas
Danny Douglas 6 days ago
M79 can be really good in zombies if you packa punch it and use ring of fire
Julian Rocha
Julian Rocha 6 days ago
Hmmmmmm why do i feel like the m16 is number 1
Andrew Murtiff
Andrew Murtiff 6 days ago
i think the hauer is honestly the best gun in the game if you have the right attachments, it will one shot zombies forever, it will one shot megatons(w/o ring of fire but w/ dead shot tier 3) until like round 50, and it will destroy entire hoards in 10 seconds. a lot of people will still use the gallo over it but if you haven’t already try the hauer with the task force barrel and you won’t want to use anything else ever again. and btw it’s fire rate definitely isn’t a problem after upgrading it.
Andrew Murtiff
Andrew Murtiff 6 days ago
if you rank them with the best possible attachments a lot of this list changes if you are rating the weapons based on the attachments you would get out of the box then i think this is a great list.
Cassie Mccarthy
Cassie Mccarthy 6 days ago
Bruh but mustang and Sally tho
Isaac ?
Isaac ? 6 days ago
Magnum is way too high, that and the m82 are the worst i dont know what u talking about, maxing out the magnum and m82 almost made me stop playing zombies and go level them up in multiplayer
Daniel Havener
Daniel Havener 7 days ago
Cigma is nasty against trains of zombies. I use it as a secondary.
_GOD_FORMULA_ 7 days ago
Dude the rpg is insanely good for crowds, if you’re with friends it’s really good pack a punched, the m16 is a god tier weapon as well
Nicolas lopez
Nicolas lopez 8 days ago
China lake is way worse then the rpg
HCJM 8 days ago
I'm actually blown away. The RPG and grenade launcher are the best weapons imo. Maybe they fall off past like round 50 or something but I've only beat the EE with those weapons. M79 was the first gold camo for me in zombies, easily. With ROF3 they shred bosses. They're the most fun to use - I really don't understand??? Even if they fall off in the MUCH later rounds, they HAVE to all be better than the shitty snipers.
Andrea Boccardo
Andrea Boccardo 8 days ago
Wtf rpg is my favourite weapon, try it legendary 3 pack-a-punch with electric ammo, it s a beast it stuns zombies.
Lagino 8 days ago
The M79 is one of the only weapons I have gold on, I completed it after the knife so I could get diamond. It was seriously not bad, there aren’t any attachments or Aetherium upgrades, yet it’s not bad. Now I haven’t taken it to rounds higher than 36+, but generally it isn’t bad, and I got gold on it faster than any gun so far. If you’re on top of the upgrades and use ring of fire it can absolutely shred crowds and elites.
Marvels Channel
Marvels Channel 8 days ago
The rpg is not the worst gun!
Slim Shadow
Slim Shadow 8 days ago
Ak47 is best, Stoner is in a hairline second
Hitler Putin
Hitler Putin 8 days ago
This nigga got the ray gun twice
Brandon Trotter
Brandon Trotter 8 days ago
Why isn't there gameplay of the weapon you're describing
Richard Kevorkian
He just called the SKS the Gewer😂
Brandon Root
Brandon Root 9 days ago
You keep saying "AR" like it stands for assault rifle... Truth is that AR as in AR10 or AR15 stands for Armalite Rifle 🤦‍♂️
Teagon Time CL
Teagon Time CL 9 days ago
M79 is the worst not the rpg
Armado_yt 9 days ago
You forgot the best weapon The fists✊
Yo Explain
Yo Explain 9 days ago
RPG are the best
Br4Ve 9 days ago
I hate the fact that guns don’t have their own pack a punch abilities anymore. Like mustang and sally. It’s just the standard gun but more damage and some shitty camo.
Imagine the street sweeper on this list
M ando
M ando 9 days ago
I don’t understand this list. In my experience the SMGs were the worst.
Zamir White
Zamir White 10 days ago
If you power punch the rpg it gives you an extra shot per power punch
IGotzPotatoAim 10 days ago
I REALLY Think the Hauer 77 is way better then then Gallo, You can 1 shot zombies all the way up to lv100+ with it man! And its really good running the freeze ammo mod for higher rounds running trains! It even one shots the Heavy armor ones aswell! And 3=4 hits the Magatons! For sure best weapon in the game if you set it up right!
MJ Crist
MJ Crist 10 days ago
dude type 63 is not very bad pack-a-punched to 3 it’s insanely good
Twin Pekka
Twin Pekka 10 days ago
Brooo i love the china lake i run that till late round 50
damian moreno
damian moreno 10 days ago
The 1911 is god like ok my first game in multiplayer I got 58 kills with it
KKraon 11 days ago
Bro rpg is a raygun replacement packed and completely maxed out with dead wire what are you talking about, also just a tip "practicality" is not the meaning you're using it in
Brandon King
Brandon King 11 days ago
I got to round 40 using just an m79..... I don’t think it’s great but it really is fun
azdazda 11 days ago
people sleep on the akimbo 1911's, they shred. Maybe not the best for high rounds but a lot of fun to use and surprisingly effective at what they do.
Criox 11
Criox 11 11 days ago
ngl i prefer pp3 gold galo compared to a pp3 ray gun
Samuel Hicks
Samuel Hicks 11 days ago
this is just Days Gone ..
NS Sweat
NS Sweat 11 days ago
Wtf you sound just like thesmithplays 😂
themurderofcoke 11 days ago
Just upgrade your loadout to have a Bowie knife and you can still bring a gun while 1 hit melee til round 10
Dillon Hite
Dillon Hite 11 days ago
When was nuke town a Cold War zombies map
Leonel Alfaro
Leonel Alfaro 11 days ago
Yall tried dual magnums? So fun :)
Hector Quinones
Hector Quinones 11 days ago
the m79 is not a china lake
King George III
King George III 12 days ago
I agree I like ice over acid
Sofa Pilot
Sofa Pilot 12 days ago
Bro. This dark aether camo grind is killing me lol.
Asualtedpeanut 12 days ago
The magnum in this game so terrible!
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