Racing the New $100k Ram TRX Against Blake Wilkey’s 650hp Race Buggy // This vs. That 

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Can we agree that whatever the engineers at Dodge are on, they need more of it?? “Hellcat motor the world” is a strategy that everyone should be able to get behind. But how does a off-roading racing inspired truck do against an actual off-road race vehicle? Our dude Blake Wilkey brought out Megalodon to settle the score.

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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Sigma S
Sigma S 9 days ago
this is probably the best drag race show on youtube. 100% racing 100% scumbagging
toynoob 4 days ago
@Juan F amen to that, what a fucking joke. Idiots walking around mumbling with masks on outside
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 4 days ago
@Cedric Jake
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 4 days ago
@Jeremiah Jedidiah
Eric Gale
Eric Gale 5 days ago
Watch every video that drops. #Dedication
herb dean
herb dean 5 days ago
uhh to bad they cant get the details about the vehicles right.... 10 speed trx eh? did they drop a chevy or ford trans in? dodge doesnt make 10 speed..... DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Eric Davis
Eric Davis 12 hours ago
These are the faces of the modern man, wearing ritualistic face diapers.
Korny Sinclair
Korny Sinclair 19 hours ago
Lame when peeps say vin number. is short for vehicle identification number. So saying vin number is redundant. Vehicle identification number number
「ZED」 19 hours ago
I want a TRX, make a great daily.
Daniel Bosoc
Daniel Bosoc 19 hours ago
Dodge/Chrysler corp is 49% American 51% Italian
Pinky Alcantar
YEAH!!! I wanna see THE OFF ROAD RACE!!! 🥰❤️🔥🔥!!!
anthony Van der Weyden
the 3 one was not a even start men come on!
adam gibbs
adam gibbs Day ago
Rematch grass for grass 500ft
Branden Lindsey
Those compliant muscles are looking fresh to death 😆😆😆😆😆
Aj Lauzon
Aj Lauzon 2 days ago
Zaaaaaack!!!! Do NOT bag on the EcoBoost. The 3.5 liter EcoBoost f150 is the best truck you can buy. I have a few small mods and mine makes 612 wheel hp. Its faster than my moms e55 amg. Plus, bro, they have sony sterio systems with Microsoft sync. Twin turbo anything is just as rad as a blown v8 it just doesn't sound as cool.
paul 707.
paul 707. 2 days ago
Lose the mask your not sick.
Rigo Zuniga
Rigo Zuniga 2 days ago
paid by dodge, expect more dodge product. buggy won the 4th round just like the audi rs3 vs hoonicorn..... that buggy has way more power.
Rigo Zuniga
Rigo Zuniga 2 days ago
how much where they paid is the real question!? i like the truck, raptor 6.2 engine with 2.5 shock factory were overheating/failing/blowing seals....
BadBaru 2 days ago
like this little show, cant stand that they are all fucking scared of a 99.7% survival rate. Take off the masks quit being scared
Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 days ago
Can't even take you guys seriously wearing those masks....... OUTSIDE. Good sheep.
Pablo Praize
Pablo Praize 2 days ago
Hoonigan Truck Vs Cleeutus (Red Ruby) That’s a race to see
LonerWolf Patriot
Still not impressed with that damn plastic dodge.. over priced turd, take a truck new for half that price put the rest into the truck and you’d have a truck way more impressive than that trx.... like the hellcat and demon it’s overhyped and unimpressive..
Tayler Lemons
Tayler Lemons 2 days ago
What is the name of the beat in the intro. Please. 😂
Jerrid Haskin
Jerrid Haskin 3 days ago
10:00 song?
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman 3 days ago
Nice masks girls.
Christian Bugsch
Christian Bugsch 3 days ago
The sound affect over Dan’s jumps are foul guys🤣🤣🤣
Derian Rosas
Derian Rosas 3 days ago
Can’t wait to see ken gushi race!
Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom 3 days ago
tailgate up is actually faster
ZULUONE 3 days ago
Would have loved this but MASKS
The Road Ahead
The Road Ahead 3 days ago
Still wearing masks?
FatBuddhas 3 days ago
"I'm sorry if things go south today boys"
Chris Loving
Chris Loving 3 days ago
I dont think you got enough camera angles
Tony A
Tony A 3 days ago
That may have won, but this is super sick!
Trey Thompsen
Trey Thompsen 3 days ago
All wearing masks outside though 🤣 sweet video otherwise!
Mart1n.C 3 days ago
Music ? 17:00
Zach B
Zach B 3 days ago
being from long island, yes that is indeed "the ol' long island *click*"
Imma Admit
Imma Admit 4 days ago
Wilkey is the KING!
Imma Admit
Imma Admit 4 days ago
“That thing BOOGIES from a roll!” “I guess the TRX wins???”
Imma Admit
Imma Admit 4 days ago
They had to let “that” win because of corporate overlords; we all know Wilkey is king
Imma Admit
Imma Admit 4 days ago
“If something goes south today I’m sorry boys, it’s such a handful man... you see this thing dancin’ around”
Imma Admit
Imma Admit 4 days ago
2nd gear “yyyyeeeeeeaaaaaa” ☠️☠️☠️
Imma Admit
Imma Admit 4 days ago
“Launches like a drunken bear” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Imma Admit
Imma Admit 4 days ago
“It’s got a scoop, a vent, a cowl, a blackout and a V8”
Imma Admit
Imma Admit 4 days ago
Wilkey? Wilkey of “Wilkey Works”... Noooo way dawg!
Pedro Ibañez
Pedro Ibañez 4 days ago
that trx launches hard, you need to go and strap some rockets to the bed and brake some 0-60 records
TheLastDrifter YT
Moe Taku
Moe Taku 4 days ago
That buggy launches like every shitbox jeep I've ever owned 🤣🤣 never a straight line
j1subaru 4 days ago
A battle of ultimate apex predators ..... yes for sure , please guys act like men and not slaves and lose those stupid useless masks.
Joey Pinkard
Joey Pinkard 4 days ago
Not Emelia's Corvette being in the background😂
torque 6971
torque 6971 4 days ago
None of yiu ever watched mythbusters did you... trucks are pess aerodynamic with the taillights down. Way less.
trxrider1 4 days ago
I wanted to watch this until I turned it on and they were all wearing masks outside. Then you couldn’t hear what they were saying. Disappointing....... masks OUTSIDE???????
stickerbomb moto
stickerbomb moto 4 days ago
Look at all these unresponsible guys being super responsible wearing mask outside keeping everyone safe...
Da vid
Da vid 5 days ago
If you look up "send it" in the dictionary there's just pictures of Blake jumping shit and doing wheelies. 🤣
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 5 days ago
That TRX ram looks shit in that colour with the wanky rollbar as well.
Juan B
Juan B 5 days ago
With a stiffer suspension he would have had it
IndyG 5 days ago
2021... Who the fuck races with the window down on a truck? jesus
Spartan X-317
Spartan X-317 5 days ago
I was looking forward to an offroad drag race
Carlos Fernando
Carlos Fernando 5 days ago
Nobody here going to mention that the homie Zach there.🔥
Eric Ferguson
Eric Ferguson 5 days ago
The three-wheeling donuts remind me of my 1:10 scale OG vintage Monter Beetle that I've had since I was about 8 years old...Great ridiculous fun!
Timothy W.
Timothy W. 5 days ago
That sound........ lord have mercy
ΞLΞVΛTΞ 5 days ago
Sounds like they didn’t want “that” to win lmao
atrain viale
atrain viale 5 days ago
I take offense to them dissing on v6 truck because I own one and it is 55 years old and was abused with an inline 6 and it runs better than most v8s back in the day
azn bear
azn bear 5 days ago
When are the boosted boiz going to get a chance with their van?
ReallyAnti 5 days ago
Aerodynamically, it's better to have the tailgate up, not down.
octane 5 days ago
sorry, but that 100K Ram looks like a Corolla near that shiet...
Eric Gale
Eric Gale 5 days ago
Where can I find that Urban Assault with Blake ?
herb dean
herb dean 5 days ago
only 3 mins in and u guys clearly dont know shit bout the truck hahaha trying to talk about it with all those cuts cause u keep fucking up cause you are clueless bout it haha wow saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddd. give that thing to a real car guy/girl and head outttt
herb dean
herb dean 5 days ago
uhhhh ddoge doesnt make a 10 speed? smh
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 5 days ago
Plus the truck can tow the "dune buggy " and the "boat” simultaneously while you’re watching movies!
Duane Sauve
Duane Sauve 5 days ago
That truck was actually built in Canada buddy then import to Detroit ...
JustJulian 5 days ago
Tailgate aerodynamics makes all the difference
Jay Fitmob
Jay Fitmob 5 days ago
That thing is so dope
Lou Dogg
Lou Dogg 5 days ago
Funny how they're wearing masks outside on a sunny day.
Plan0B0Krue 5 days ago
buggy still wins cause its a stick and does wheelies.
Lamar Duncan
Lamar Duncan 5 days ago
Why they racing the trx with the windows down
Jason Garry
Jason Garry 5 days ago
Big Blake Wilkey fan love watching him shredding wheelies or "allegedly" ripping on the streets.
KaranGrewal _
KaranGrewal _ 5 days ago
This isn't even a competition. I wanna see them race that Black Viper with 2600HP, it's quite popular and hold the tag of unbeatable Viper. Make it happen?
Pedro Carlos Lopes - CEI
rtx on
williamsr815 6 days ago
For the love of god please stop cutting the actual races into 20 three second clips. It would be really nice to see the entire actual race from one perspective, then you can cut it into oblivion.
Fuck You
Fuck You 6 days ago
Not gonna lie that ram is faster than i expected.
Olivier Mercier
Olivier Mercier 6 days ago
The kind porch computationally analyse because salesman holoprosencephaly choke of a first east. succinct, absorbing eye
Coleman Langley
Coleman Langley 6 days ago
Zacc I have missed you
JohnWick 6 days ago
Kopa_Malphas 6 days ago
1:26 Music be hittin' like a stove with a broken ignitor.
Vickie Poarch
Vickie Poarch 6 days ago
Phill Gizmo
Phill Gizmo 6 days ago
I'm sorry, but this is stupid. Buggy vs offroad truck competing on tarmac straight. It's like a figure skaters would compete in speed skating on oval.
Nysmx 6 days ago
You guys need to get _Baderbuilt to vs a car in this series he builds insane subies and would be super epic.
whyd he drop the tailgate, it causes more aero drag and causes it to be slower?
EVERY DAY I RACE 6 days ago
The guy in the truck fell asleep? 🤦‍♀️
Nugget ._.
Nugget ._. 6 days ago
We need murdernova change my mind
Rubuk 6 days ago
video starts at 9:45
Is it just me or does this dude look like Garth from Wayne's World.
Sean Delegan
Sean Delegan 6 days ago
nice masks
vincent cabrera
vincent cabrera 6 days ago
Next time, off road drag race!!!!!
pogchamp chris.
pogchamp chris. 6 days ago
haha i get it t rex bcus raptor
The.White. is
The.White. is 6 days ago
Hold My Tailgate
Delbert 6 days ago
"Stop making 6 cyl trucks" Everyone with a cummins: 😔
Emanuel Romero
Emanuel Romero 6 days ago
srjackson1611 6 days ago
Stopped watching due to stupid masks...
Shawn Gunter
Shawn Gunter 6 days ago
I’d take them both! lol
DCR tv
DCR tv 6 days ago
🤣 Sand bagged the whole race in the TRX until the tiebreaker.
Jarrett Mertz
Jarrett Mertz 6 days ago
13:50 gime dat songggggggggggggg
Matt Gates
Matt Gates 6 days ago
Take off the masks
1970 Chevelle
1970 Chevelle 6 days ago
Bello Pantera
Bello Pantera 6 days ago
Best 500 ft ever !!!!!!!!!!