Question For The LGBTQ+ Community 

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Published on


Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
Lindsey Schmidt
Lindsey Schmidt 45 minutes ago
I totally agree with this. It's rude and weird to say oh we already knew that about someone coming out . And also that we don't do that for straight people so why do we do it for anyone who comes out as something other than straight
ratboi kai
ratboi kai 2 hours ago
Being pan and trans and having people basically coming at me saying that they already knew everything like that about my life, it's quite aggravating/annoying. It took years, basically my whole life to figure things out and I still don't fully understand everything. And once the courage finally builds up to be able to come out to people, it just gets shut down by people saying that they already knew.
Mallory C
Mallory C 2 hours ago
I've been out for a few years now so I'm not personally bothered when people say they know, but it can really invalidate someone's experience with being in the closet and coming out when people say "I already knew". saying something along the lines of "I've always had a feeling, welcome to the club love!" is definitely a better way to say it
Amy O'Dwyer
Amy O'Dwyer 2 hours ago
If someone in your life comes out and you want to be supportive please don't say "I already knew". It's important to match their energy. If they're excited then be excited for them. If they're nervous then comfort them. If they act like it's no big deal then don't make it one
Clara Welch
Clara Welch 2 hours ago
Yes. You build up a ton of courage to come out and someone said i already knew is super horrible.
Kara Pettigrew
Kara Pettigrew 5 hours ago
The phrase “I/we already knew” bothers me, because it can be an exciting thing for someone and when that phrase gets said to them it can ruin the experience and excitement of it. Truthfully when I first started watching her I thought she was but didn’t say anything and respected that she was in a relationship. And when she came out I got super excited and happy for her and was all like awwww she looks so happy.
FallPhoenix18 Xo
FallPhoenix18 Xo 6 hours ago
Personally, it depends on who's saying they already knew for me (if you feel differently, that's completely fine, its your opinion). If a member of the lgbtq community says that they already knew, its most likely true, as it's much easier to tell if someone is gay if you are yourself. It feels a lot more comforting, as you know they'd never intentionally out you, unlike straight people, who've never had to hide their identity. When a straight person says it though, it seems rude. Its invalidating and it makes you worry that everyone around you has known since before you did. For example, if I told a friend that I was pansexual, and they told me they already knew, my first instinct would be to panic over whether my dad, who isn't accepting of me, knows.
Alli S
Alli S 6 hours ago
You are not over reacting
Thea Carolina
Thea Carolina 6 hours ago
I find it kinda rude too. Special when it comes from strangers. I had a family friend that said that to me and I found it a strange thing to say. Even when this family friend is a lesbian too. The only place I feel people can say it is when the person ask if they know.
Erica Aveni
Erica Aveni 8 hours ago
I am a lesbian, and I personally don’t think it bad. I think it’s everyone saying hey Rachel...My gaydar is strong I’ve always known, but since that’s only a little part of you...I accept you and I’m still here even though I knew. ITs more like I knew, and I don’t love you any less. Hard to put into words, but I wouldn’t take offense personally. I’d rather someone say I knew...than tell me they look down on me & unfollow me
Erica Aveni
Erica Aveni 8 hours ago
But I will say I adore you for being supportive of our community, and speaking out about it. We need more of you!
Candice Janssens
Candice Janssens 9 hours ago
I had no idea Rachel came out. She has seemed so happy lately, good for her ❤️❤️❤️
Heather M
Heather M 10 hours ago
GIRRRLLL 100% AGREE! I told someone recently and tbeir reply was REALLY? lol I agree they shouldn't say that!
Jackie V
Jackie V 11 hours ago
I personally don’t think there’s a problem but I understand where your coming from
Vieira Family
Vieira Family 11 hours ago
completely agree
thefaithypooo 11 hours ago
I think your feelings are so valid. I think it’s just another example that things aren’t today equal and seen as normal yet. Like why do we still assume everyone is straight? And yesssss, why are we thinking about their sexuality as if it’s at all our business. When I came out it always irked me when I heard that. Like uh ok? I also heard “really? I can’t picture that”.... uh ok?
Katie Emmendorfer
Katie Emmendorfer 13 hours ago
I love you so much!!
Katie Emmendorfer
Katie Emmendorfer 13 hours ago
As someone that is part of the LGBTQ+ community I totally agree that is not someone else's place to take that excitement from their coming out experience and it adds to the stigma that straight is normal and societally acceptable in regards to couple posts
Max Breed
Max Breed 15 hours ago
I really hated when I first came out to my mom and she told me that she knew because like you mentioned, I had been trying to hide my identity from her and her saying that she knew really felt like she was saying that I did a bad job at hiding it. Similarly, it was super frustrating for me when I thought I was bi and my mom didn’t believe that I actually liked guys. Eventually, I did realize that I am a lesbian and not bi, but that was my job to figure it out, not her job to tell me. So these people saying that they knew Rachel was gay, good for them or whatever, but it was not their job to try to figure out Rachel‘s identity before she was comfortable to share that with the world, especially since she was in a relationship with a man for years.
juliadd 15 hours ago
also because many people consider sexuality to be on a spectrum, to say "I already knew" might be totally inaccurate (someone may be happily in a heterosexual relationship, and years later want to be in a same sex partnership - one does not make the other less real or loving). People can love who they want. No one gets to know what someone's sexuality is but the person themself, until it is shared.
Caitlin The self taught gymnast
I kinda feel like it’s rude because people are assuming one’s sexuality. It also takes a lot to come out and it’s kinda like invalidating when people say I already knew and kinda takes away the proud feeling and the time it took to come to that conclusion. I just think saying ‘I already knew’ is invalidating and like assuming someone’s sexuality. Because people may think someone who’s not gay is gay you know. Like just because you’ve assumed someone’s sexuality it may not be their true sexuality and you wouldn’t say I knew you were straight to a straight person. So many people claim that they know one of my best friends is gay but she’s not and so many people assume that I’m straight when I’m not. Like if everyone said ‘I already knew’ to me for example I would kinda be sad because that’s just like pushing it aside when it took so long for me to come to that conclusion if that makes sense
Lazy Insomniac
Lazy Insomniac 17 hours ago
Yeah as a lesbian is is definitely difficult and yeah most people knew but you should just say congrats and move on and not say things like that is definitely rude
Bethany Whisel
Bethany Whisel 18 hours ago
Personally I don’t care but my opinion might change once I actually come out
James Tod
James Tod 18 hours ago
Those comments are patronizing. I know what you mean.
Kristine Elizabeth Galant
Why did they feel the need to "come out?" Do we say, i just want everyone to know I am heterosexual? I personally feel like no one should have to say anything. If one day your sister is dating or JoJo is dating, people will see whether it's with a man or woman and if they are true friends, they will think nothing of it and move on. Everyone that is in the public eye that feels the need to say this to people i feel are looking for some sort of reaction.
Kristine Elizabeth Galant
I think that since you and your sister, and brother, etc. are in the spotlight per se, alot of people have seen so much of your life. For years..... So i think they feel like a family member and when they say comments like, i already knew, i have known, etc., that they aren't being disrespectful at all. It wouldn't personally bother me but everyone is different. Does it bother your sister? Does she think that her followers or subscribers are being rude when they say it?
Chloe PlaysGamess
Chloe PlaysGamess 19 hours ago
Potato Gall
Potato Gall 19 hours ago
I don’t think they were saying it to brag. I think they were just saying they knew.
Josaphah 19 hours ago
Congratulations to your sister! Coming out is never ending is what is hard to me.
Carolina Jusem-Laporte
Yeah they didnt "know", they assumed based on stereotypes. Rachel can seem stereotypically masculine, and people believe that lesbians are masculine, and it's not cool to push stereotypes onto others. Also great point that nobody says this to straight people! It's weird how only one group of people dont have to come out. Dead account
Avery 21 hour ago
As a gay woman who is hardly out to anyone, the times I have came out to people and they say "we already knew" its very upsetting to me and I assume it does to my other LGBTQIA peers. Coming out is a hard process that I haven't even fully accomplished but you're telling someone something so sacred to yourself and its a terrifying experience and saying you already knew diminishes the soul purpose. Not only that, a lot of gay people are in hiding such as myself and youre saying you're doing an awful job hiding what you're trying to seclude others from you are trying to hide this part of yourself and that's just saying everyone knows and you are only lying to yourself. It's a hard and degrading response and seeing those comments on Rachel's videos actually made me very upset and I feel so bad when I see them because I know how it feels.
Hana Aflal
Hana Aflal 22 hours ago
“We already knew” comment is kinda tricky cause it depends on who and how people say it and I feel people hv the need to brag to feel like they know the person well and are able to figure that person out with shows there devotion to that person or that they are a fan but when it comes to friends and family they will say it but in a way that means that we knew and we have accepted and it doesn’t change anything so don’t worry about it
Kelly Nemecek
Kelly Nemecek 23 hours ago
Someone said “I already knew” because I look gay apparently. Lol I wasn’t sure what to say.
Kayleigh Jensen
so im guessing im the only one focusing on the fact that Flynn is SO BIG NOW? he's growing up so fast TvT
Dania Duarte
Dania Duarte Day ago
As a bi girl, I didn't knew until 3 months ago, everybody told me "I knew, you were hitting on your best friends" and the problem it's I didn't realize until I thought about it and came out as bi, thanks to that, and of other aspects since I was little I suffer of anxiety and I overthink, I'm happy with who I'm now.
arson sam
arson sam Day ago
i feel like people saying “we already knew” is kinda funny but also kinda annoying bc it could downplay the situation and make them feel uncomfortable because its like “okay but this is my moment and you just ruined it” but in some situations it could be funny because its like “you knew before i knew.” it rly depends on the situation and the type of person its coming from
Kati Ann
Kati Ann Day ago
she looked a little annoyed at the fact he wanted tow truck lol me.
Alex Hall
Alex Hall Day ago
people are always trying to gatekeep others’ sexuality, I find it so rude and intimidating. when in reality it’s nobodies business.
Orfeas Siozos
Oh my gosh thank you everyone. Whenever people have told me "We already knew" in some way or another I'm SO FRUSTRATED! And I can't say anything because I'm vulnerable at that moment and I don't want to seem aggressive. So yes, even if you did indeed had a hunch, even before I knew it or before I told you, you don't need to tell me. *This is not about you*, this is not a test to see how observative you have been or how good your gaydar is. You can tell me at some other point, but even then, just so I can get some clarity about my time in the closet. I won't be impressed with you. Colleen's comments and thoughts were SO on point.
freshstart65 Day ago
As a lesbian, when we say we already knew it is a huge compliment to the person! We are saying welcome, you already had a home with us before you even knew you needed it
Makdog Millionaire
We support you, we love you 😊💕
Annabelle Wilson
I hadn't thought about it before. I haven't come out yet, but if I did and people said they already knew I think I'd feel kinda uncomfortable and upset that even though I was trying to hide it they saw through it.
JuMixBoox Day ago
Hey, just FYI, using "sexual preference" is a little outdated. It's mostly about people reducing your sexuality to sexual behaviour instead of love and calling it a preference as if it is just optional and "preferred". Same goes for "preferred pronouns" for trans people. Just so you know for next time!
JuMixBoox Day ago
One side to this question is the person assuring you that nothing will change and they accept you for who you are. The other side is them invalidating your incredibly brave, momentous decision to come out. I think it may also vary from situation to situation. When, for example, Brendon Urie was asked in an interview if he identified as pansexual and said yes, some people were confused because he had already said that he didn't care for the gender of a person when attracted to them. That's what the interviewer based the question on and what made him respond "Yeah, I guess you could say that." That doesn't make it any less important, having explicit representation means a lot. But comparing it to someone like Daniel Howell, who has been harassed about his sexuality and fetishised online for years and years and decided to pour his heart and soul into a coming out video after denying and hiding his sexuality for most of his life, is a different matter. The conversation should definitely be a different one when addressing "We knew"-comments. It also plays a role that many straight people with this kind of sentiment claim to have a "gaydar" of their own and reduce identities to stereotypes, which can be especially hurtful to someone while coming out. I'd suggest being mindful and nuanced when expressing your support for someone and, if all fails, just go with "Congratulations!" or "I'm proud of you!"
harmony may
harmony may Day ago
I personally as a member of the lgbtq+ would feel a lil relived if someone already knew and was okay with it bc it would mean it doesn’t have to be a super big thing bc i feel awkward having to tell ppl but everyone is different 🥰
harmony may
harmony may Day ago
i have also dealt with people not believing me though so if someone already got that feeling from me i wouldn’t have to prove that i am who i say i am
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace Day ago
As a part of the LGBTQ+ community hearing that personally makes me feel like I have been pushed down and/or degraded. I have hid my true self for years so it is very hard to hear that when you do decide to share. When I first came out I was very scared. All I wanted was someone to say that they love me and accepted me for who I am. So I agree with you it is very upsetting and rude.
Matt B
Matt B Day ago
It’s kind of like “no shit Sherlock” to something really personal and scary (in this world). I get you
Camylu11 Day ago
Watching Flynn be so genuinely happy to see the turtles made me want to cry! Absolutely precious💗
Matt B
Matt B Day ago
Can anyone tell Colleen moisturizer and Vaseline would diminish her wrinkles? I know she’s kind of self conscious about it, def helped me
Faith Robida
Faith Robida Day ago
I feel like the only time it's appropriate to say "I already knew" is when you're really close to the person and they have already talked about those things with you. I had a friend tell me things like "if you really like someone, their gender shouldn't matter" and would sometimes ask me questions about bisexuality (even though I'm not bisexual). When she came out to me as bisexual, my immediate response was "I know" and I explained how I already knew because I didn't want her to think she was bad at hiding it from homophobic people. If you say "I already knew because you act stereotypically gay," that's extremely inappropriate, especially if you're straight
Imaaunicorn love
Wait I’m so confused RACHEL CAME OUT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈
Mystic Makeup
This feels weird to say but I came out almost a month ago and I don’t know how I feel about that nobody I told has said that but I haven’t told that many people Sooo 💗💜💙 BI
Meagan Smart
Meagan Smart Day ago
Wait wait wait 1. I didn’t know Rachel came out omg yayyyyy I’m so happy for her 2. I’m gay myself (really hoping nobody I know sees this comment lol) and I’d been hiding it for years from my (also gay) friends. And when I came out to them last year, my fav reaction EVER was my one friend who had a hugeeeee realization moment of all the gay things id done. It was so funny to see her finally pick up on all the lies lol. HOWEVER, she’s my friend, we’re close and she’s gay so it was okay. if I came out to someone I wasn’t that close with and they said “oh I already knew” I’d be SO upset. because no you didn’t know, you assumed based on my personality (which is problematic in itself). Obv everyone is different so some people wouldn’t mind, but for me, it would be so invalidating to struggle and be scared to come out for years and then have people say yeah I already knew. And it would also send me into a panic because if they “knew”, how many other people that I haven’t come out to yet know as well?? That’s so scary. So yeah, I fully agree with you on it. And lastly, I just wanted to say that I admire what an amazing mom you are to Flynn. Seeing you dance with him and stop filming for him just makes my heart so so so happy. He’s so lucky to have such an amazing woman raising him
Katy Sullivan
Hi! Just wanted to let you know “sexual preference” is an outdated term that we generally don’t use now a days because it furthers the idea that it’s just a preference or just something we choose rather than a valid sexuality (I know you didn’t mean it in that way at all and I love the love you always spread and care you have for everybody, just wanted to inform you
Haven Day ago
I do personally find it a little bothersome when someone I don't know says things like that, but if its family or friends I'm okay with it. Most of my friends, conisidentally, are also in the LGBTQ+ community, and we joke about how we knew already, blah blah blah, but if someone is being serious about it, it's kind of as if they're saying, oh you're just a stereotypical gay/bi/straight, or in my case, pan person. It is a little rude when people make comments like that is basically my conclusion. Hopefully this answered ur question! 🤗 have a good day anyone who's reading this!
Sarah Bednar
Sarah Bednar Day ago
(as a lesbian) thank you for sharing your perspective because i’ve never thought of that! honestly, it was very validating for me personally and sort of funny that i thought no one else knew. i never had a huge coming out like rachel or jojo to their audience, obviously was just my friends so on that level i can’t imagine being a bit bothered !
Yosh Monster Productions
Is LGBTQ+ like the premium version of gay?
Sophia Gott
Sophia Gott Day ago
When I came out to friends, I had a couple of people who said that they had at least suspected when they first met me (all long before I knew I was bi). To me and with my friends, it was in a very lovingly joking way and they were super supportive and happy for me. These area all also friends who are also part of the LGBTQIA+ community. It can absolutely be frustrating and if they hadn't also been so aggressively supportive and we didn't have the kind of relationships we did, it would have been really annoying. I haven't experienced anyone saying that outside of those, it would have been really frustrating.
Julie’sMakeupandMore !
When I came out to my friend she said she knew that I wasn’t straight because I kept wearing eyeliner and had an undercut and I was like wow that’s like a really odd stereotype and it just made me kind of frustrated
Julie’sMakeupandMore !
And another one of my “Friends“ said that she knew before I did and that was just very invalidating
Rylen Kendall
Comments like "yeah i already knew" is kinda annoying like sure dude you already knew cool now shut up and let me talk about my girlfriend
evelyn romano
I think you’re maybe overthinking it but you’re her sister so it makes sense to be protective. Im bi and would be annoyed if people said that to me cause like how would you know if i didn’t tell you lmao
evelyn romano
people are stereotyping her which isn’t right but also i feel like most of those comments are light hearted!! So proud of her ❤️
Someone Day ago
I feel like people don’t realise that even though the lgbtq community and there rights has come a long way it is not as big as people think there is still so much homophobia in the world and Is shown in many TikToks of people being blatantly homophobic and is even more shown in the comments that are meant to be jokes this is a real problem people need to realise and people need to respect basic human rights it’s ridiculous people shouldn’t have to come out at all or be scared to🙄
Greta Goodworth
I am Pan and I hear all the time that I “look straight” and “how would anyone know” etc and I find that really annoying. Like think what you think, and I don’t disagree that you can tell with a lot of people if they’re straight or gay, but some things don’t have to be said NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR OPINION
qiang liao
qiang liao Day ago
I’m bisexual and my mom is a homophobic person.......How do I tell her?
Rebecca Alice
I never really put that much thought into the “we already knew” comments, but it definitely does come off rude when you think about it. Plus it just just feeds into stereotyping people of the LGBTQ+ community. I really loved Rachel’s nonchalant “coming out” because I don’t really think coming out should be a big deal. People should just be able to love who they love without anyone caring of the gender they choose to be with. I totally understand “coming out” still isn’t easy for some people who don’t have the support system. I hope everyone can eventually just love who they want without people having to criticize or make petty comments about their sexuality.
Why does anyone have to "come out"? Can't you just be you and love you you want to WITHOUT announcing it to the world? Who cares? Be you booboo! Stop making a big deal about shit. Love yourself, love your friends/family/loved ones...fuck everyone else.
Jacey Rogers
Jacey Rogers Day ago
You can’t know someone’s sexuality before they do.
Amber Mcmillan
as a person in the community it is very annoying for people to say "oh i already knew". it feels like them saying oh ok i dont care. its just like a big screw you.
Callie Jones
Callie Jones Day ago
Personally I don’t find it rude if someone were to say that to me, but that’s just me. Others may feel differently. The part that bothers me is when they say that there was no need to come out or “confirm” it because it does take a lot of courage to do that.
Isaiah Dillard
The intro is everything everytime
Michael Yaste
My God don't feel bad fir expressing your feelings. Your feelings are valid. You're Rachel's bear. Protective and supportive 💓
julianna digi
julianna digi 2 days ago
I just lost my dog, he was my best friend and my baby. seeing flynn so happy seeing turtles and playing makes me smile and feel good inside. thank you for sharing him with us.
Libby DeGeorge
Libby DeGeorge 2 days ago
Kids usually scare me but I love watching yo videos with Flynn. I hope my kids are half as awesome as yours
fruitnoodle1 2 days ago
Gen X ate Top Ramen like that first. 😉
Lindsey M
Lindsey M 2 days ago
recently one of my closest guy friends came out as gay to me, and we are 23! I supported him and celebrated with him but I didn’t feel like it would be appropriate in that situation to say “oh I knew all along” because I know this has been a long journey for him to understand himself!! Saying “i knew” would have definitely invalidated everything he was telling me, because of his personal journey, even though we’ve been friends for almost a decade. I know in some situations it could be comforting to hear friends/family say they knew, but I think it completely depends on the situation you’re in with someone.
Denise Sheppard
Denise Sheppard 2 days ago
I agree it is rude. I think some people think it's a show of support but really it is belittling and undermines a person's story. It doesn't allow a person the room to speak their personal truth.
AlexD123 2 days ago
Okay, I am sorry but I disagree. When you put yourself out there, especially on the internet, and you don't want comments like that, then disable them. If you're going to be triggered by things people say, you have options. I do not understand why people set themselves up for this kind of stuff.
KoalaBear 2 days ago
I totally agree!! I came out when I was 13 and when I came out, some people at school were like "OMG I'VE KNOWN SINCE WE WERE 11" like some of them had bets on when I would come out... It felt really horrible knowing that for years people had been discussing something behind my back, that I wasn't ready to share.
William Ehlers
William Ehlers 2 days ago
I think it’s rude as well. I noticed the same thing happened when Ricky Dillon came out as well. I also think it’s feeding into stereotypes. Like what made you think you know? Was is because they didn’t fit into gender norms? If so, thinking that way is problematic.
Sissy Apu
Sissy Apu 2 days ago
I can't speak for everyone in the community, but I LOVE when people automatically assume I'm part of the community, especially since alot of people who are saying it are gay themselves. I when I think about who people are attracted too I don't think of sex though, I think of love. It makes me feel like I fit in and am accepted by people.
Lucy H
Lucy H 2 days ago
Uncle Kory and Flynn are so cute
Grace Perreault
Grace Perreault 2 days ago
DUDE I'VE BEEEN THINKING ABOUT WHETHER SAYING "I already knew" WHEN PEOPLE CAKE OUT WAS RUDE OR NOT!!! I'm gay and I think it's kinda rude to say that tbh, its honestly just awkward and also it would just make my feel bummed out if someone said that to me... I'd just be like "oh... well nvm then..." like way to burst my bubble
Off Brand Iron Man
Trans person here, this is an interesting thought. I don’t think I’ve ever given much thought to it as it’s not something I’ve had first hand experience with a lot. Now that I’m thinking of it, I can see how it can be rude and yeah it kind of bothers me. Another perspective I have on this is I feel like this is a topic that still makes a lot of people very uncomfortable and humans don’t tend to like change and stuff like that so I feel like it’s something to make some people feel better because it’s “new” also the two points you made about how it’s rude I do agree with
cry 2 days ago
it bugs me so much like if I'm coming out to you I just want you to support me not tell me you already knew, that just makes me feel like something i was really scared to do wasn't a big deal, which just makes me feel super invalidated and like my fears arent real
Arina Thompson
Arina Thompson 2 days ago
Your son Flynn was so cute in this video.
Avery Woodard
Avery Woodard 2 days ago
also they didnt even "already know" they ASSUMED based off of stereotypes alone (which is also bad) and they just happened to be right this time, like assuming the gender that someone likes is NOT a flex lol
Kaitlyn Taylor
Kaitlyn Taylor 2 days ago
All I want in life is to be a Ballinger! Y’all are the best role models, so thankful for you! I always feel so welcomed when watching your content. 💕
MissJessa Marie
MissJessa Marie 2 days ago
Flynn is such a joy to watch, so freaking adorable. You and Erik are doing amazing 💕
carolina 2 days ago
whenever i see the “we already knew” “i already knew” “i knew this years ago” comments are homophobic from my standpoint (as a bisexual). not just on rachel’s posts, but everywhere. like you had the feeling that someone was lgbt, cool that’s okay, but don’t say it. tell them that you’re proud of them and that you support them for coming out because coming out is very stressful and hard for a lot of people. and it’s especially hard for the members of iur community who have dealt with internalized homophobia/transphobia, abuse from it, bullying, homophobia around them, etc.. please stop saying that you already knew even if you don’t mean it in a disheartening way, just tell us youre proud! /gen :)
Katie Miller
Katie Miller 2 days ago
Flynn is so cute now omg
Rania J
Rania J 2 days ago
for me personally it does feel really invalidating and not great. i haven't "always known" that i'm a lesbian so it just feels really weird and is not something i want people saying. Also, it takes a lot of courage to come out, and saying "I already knew" kinda invalidates the whole thing and makes it seem like they think there wasn't any point in coming out. not everyone will feel this way but that's just my personal feelings
Derek Bissett
Derek Bissett 2 days ago
Your being defensive because its your sister, and you have this right to, were not assuming, we're not being rude, When your Gay or BI, you pick up on those vibes, its called a Gaydar... we are so Proud of Racheal and JoJo Coming out!
Sonnet Shea
Sonnet Shea 2 days ago
I just recently “came out” on TikTok and I used a sound completely unrelated to coming out. I also don’t have a label for what I am yet. I am just me and everyone else has to be okay with that. Luckily my friends haven’t said “oh I already knew” but people before I made the TikTok have said “are you sure you’re not dating?” Like - let me be me and stop pushing me! (AND NO WE ARENT DATING)
Norah Kennedy
Norah Kennedy 2 days ago
I don’t think Colleen is being rude at all. I’ve never posted anything like that nor a comment but I totally agree where she’s coming from. It is rude. It is not helping our society with equality.
Sofie Solberg
Sofie Solberg 2 days ago
Yes, I find it so frustrating and invalidating, and I've never understood the point of commenting that you knew. All you do is fail to acknowledge the fact that I choose to share this big and exciting thing with you. I personally struggled with accepting the fact that I am gay and then to have someone undermining it, that hurts. Also, how could you know if I never told you or openly expressed it? Because you didn't. You made assumptions or hoped, you didn't actually know. One's appearance and personality has nothing to do with their sexuality. Gays, just like every other human, come in all shapes, sizes, races, and gender expressions. Idk, please stop saying that you knew and instead acknowledge that we choose to come out (even though we shouldn't have to). I don't care if you think you knew, just be happy for us and celebrate love.
Jennifer Montoya
Jennifer Montoya 2 days ago
Genuine question, why doesn't Flinn wear a mask?
GDog102 2 days ago
Okay so as a member of the LGBT+ community, my brother told me he knew and I DIDNT and I had some close friends who were like "big surprise". And they knew before me and it bothered me so yeah. It can be super annoying. And tbh coming from my brother the way he said it bugged me.
XxLay _LayxX
XxLay _LayxX 2 days ago
🏳️‍🌈lesbian all the way stay strong stay safe stay real to yourself stay away from haters stay ur true colors and last is stay LGBTQ+ AND MORE 🏳️‍🌈💞👭
XxLay _LayxX
XxLay _LayxX 2 days ago
We can hide and we can stay pride 😤 😌 🏳️‍🌈💞👉👈
xXobviXx AM
xXobviXx AM 2 days ago
To the people who go "We always knew" I hope your socks are wet, and I hope your pillow is warm on both sides
Jenn Tucker
Jenn Tucker 2 days ago
The way she says “oh my nooness” instead of “oh my goodness” makes my heart explode I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s absolutely adorable 🥺
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