Q&A with Daniel Ezra & Samantha Logan (and me lol) | Greta Onieogou 

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this week, I ask Sam & Daniel the hard hitting questions!!! 😤
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Apr 6, 2021




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Andrei Riley Montinola
Samantha: What is the next line? Daniel: Ya Mum
Harmony Hazel
Harmony Hazel Hour ago
Then Peter said unto them, Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts2:38
Tee Trujillo
Tee Trujillo 2 hours ago
He said "plant OnLy"
I love all American
Isabelle Oyewole
Isabelle Oyewole 12 hours ago
ok but like when's season 3 going on netflix-
jianna advani
jianna advani 15 hours ago
it’s so funny how everyone is shipping dan and sam but i’m like THESE PEOPLE ARE SIBLINGS THEY ACT LIKE SIBLINGS IT IS JUSY ADORABLE
seotaeng1448 15 hours ago
i love daniel because i remember that one time he wasn't active on anything for a good few weeks i envy that 😭 and i also remember during that time people thought he was gone i almost lost my mind
jianna advani
jianna advani 16 hours ago
daniel is the youngest and sam is oldest and and greta is the middle child trying to make sam and dan not fight anymore lol
Neto Lukas
Neto Lukas 16 hours ago
could guys please travel to Africa, Namibia. want to see you, am you biggest fan
Jaliyah Morgan
does he have an accent
Chanelle Pokua
she’s in heartbreak anniversary i just clocked😭
AllProGamerZ Day ago
I love all American and liv, spencer, and Layla is my fav charters! So glad to watch this and such a huge all American fan :)
Alexander Jones
I keep forgetting that Daniel is British until I hear him talk and I get so confused
J Nunez
J Nunez Day ago
I fell like all American started all of these people US-first channels cuz they were in other movies and shows
ISOGOD23 2 days ago
Can we give her a 👏👏for be a good actor in all american and Daniel and Olivia
Fortnite Trolling
This is great
lol lol
lol lol 2 days ago
“So I can be like..Hey, what is your- what is your goal here? Do you wanna- do you wanna kill me??”🤣
Joy Orji
Joy Orji 2 days ago
This is interesting 😊❤
A.R.L QUEEN 2 days ago
The most factual thing said is "If you couldn't taste pizza what is the point in anything"...Daniel and I are on the same wavelength lol.
Pete Gilardi
Pete Gilardi 2 days ago
wonderful series great cast. Fantastic chemistry love it keep it up
aleksa raymond
aleksa raymond 3 days ago
Can I get some spoilers form the episode on Monday
Rae Sweety
Rae Sweety 3 days ago
What happened to All American coming on Netflix??
Damii Aros
Damii Aros 3 days ago
Did Daniel just call Tems from Nigeria as one his favorite artistes?
John Smith
John Smith 3 days ago
😂😂😂 it is a universal language tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ella Hill
Ella Hill 3 days ago
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Jakaylyn Young
Jakaylyn Young 3 days ago
"I don't like your tone"😂😂
Shalonna Witherspoon
I’m like never gonna call them by there real names I’m so used to their actor names 😉
Tatyana Nicole
Tatyana Nicole 3 days ago
6:42 “Cheese is not a plant”💀 Greta & Sam faces😭
Jude The Dude
Jude The Dude 3 days ago
My question why does Olivia baker have and android in the movie but the actually had an iPhone 12. Can you explain why?
Faith Joy
Faith Joy 3 days ago
Wait are they together??? They act like an old fighting married couple!!!😂😂😂
Goku Chichi
Goku Chichi Day ago
No.sadly, but they should be....
Faith Joy
Faith Joy 3 days ago
I live in New York LOL
Sara Hassan
Sara Hassan 4 days ago
2:57 “alright relax” HAHHAHAAH
atong 4 days ago
"you guys telling secrets behind my back, nothing new there" i-
Ashyra X
Ashyra X 4 days ago
Daniel stressing: “If I couldn’t taste pizza what is the point of anything😰”😂😂😭
KR0NE KXG3 4 days ago
KR0NE KXG3 4 days ago
KR0NE KXG3 4 days ago
some sharks like getting pet
407 Siah
407 Siah 4 days ago
LMAOOO DOPE!!!! Check me out on SoundCloud 407Siah I’m an up and coming rapper out of Orlando and it’ll help to share some feedback 🙏🏽
Gideon Fulcher
Gideon Fulcher 4 days ago
Say less
Isayah Joinville
Isayah Joinville 4 days ago
I keep forgetting about his accent
Kickin it with Lay !
Jenn L.
Jenn L. 4 days ago
the way greta & samantha said “cheese is not a plant”
Danek 4 days ago
They look like siblings the guy is the eldest the other girl is the middle and the girl on the grounds the youngest or is it just me
BMK CAYDON 4 days ago
Megan Scott
Megan Scott 4 days ago
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Antonio Vigliotta
Giveon is amazing
Nevaeh Brown
Nevaeh Brown 5 days ago
“Not open-mindedness”😂😂😂😂 I’m dead
Miah Chappell
Miah Chappell 5 days ago
So I watch you guys on all American love the show I n stuff if this your passion keep working as hard as you can .
Megan Thee Stallion
6:50 lol why did sam grab the phone like that 😭
zyph 5 days ago
Diva Diorr
Diva Diorr 5 days ago
His accent is everything
FunnyRan 5 days ago
His voice weird now?
Alyse_edits 5 days ago
I love watching your videos and watching You on all American ❤️❤️
John Lemon
John Lemon 5 days ago
Let’s just say ALL AMERICAN is the best show out right now🔥🔥
mtClipz-_- 5 days ago
Ian know Daniel talk like that
Mani Buggout
Mani Buggout 5 days ago
You guys should do this often but please ya gotta do a cast camping trip :)
Cloudy Glory
Cloudy Glory 5 days ago
hreta giving us hints it aint gonna work in season 3 like...2:18 🤣🤣🤣
Keayanna Davis
Keayanna Davis 5 days ago
the way greta is acting like she’s taking it personally lmao “do you wanna explain yourself” i’m dead lol
jergens lotion
jergens lotion 5 days ago
daniel’s laugh is immaculate
Chido Chichie
Chido Chichie 5 days ago
Wow did she just say South Africa 🙂🙂
Candy English
Candy English 5 days ago
It’s so funny how you guys are all friends but in the show you guys all hate each other😂😂
Demario Young
Demario Young 5 days ago
this is hilarious 😂😂
Lorenso Cruz
Lorenso Cruz 5 days ago
How is Greta 30 years old !
Veronika Popovich
i`m sorry, but when the third season of the series comes out?
literally my favorite 3 on all american
Melly B
Melly B 5 days ago
Honestly Greta should consider a role on a comedy tv show or movie she’s funny asf
luke. 5 days ago
Ha, AA was gone too long
NBW x Jayy
NBW x Jayy 5 days ago
Can you ask sam if she misses the teenwolf cast
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 5 days ago
ツAidan 5 days ago
It must take them a million times to get a scene right 😂 I feel like they get halfway and then bust out laughing
zariah kipke
zariah kipke 5 days ago
I always forget he has an accent
Hayden Martin
Hayden Martin 5 days ago
So Layla did you actually like Daniel/ spencer ?
NoLimitP 5 days ago
Spencer accent lol shit be so unexpected
Taylor R
Taylor R 5 days ago
Narrow mindedness! 😂
Lizzyfiks 5 days ago
check out my new vlog!! us-first.info/player/video/e5ppm3yXdHeroJM.html :) would mean a lot!
Mariba biba
Mariba biba 5 days ago
Brandi Thomas
Brandi Thomas 5 days ago
I can not get over Spencer’s accent🥰😌
Mayla Alfred
Mayla Alfred 6 days ago
When will all American come on Netflix
Royal_Xan06 6 days ago
Broooo I just started watching all American today and I'm soooo in love with it already and now they on my for you on US-first lmao
LEELEEISME ! 6 days ago
cice0143 6 days ago
Why does Daniel look annoyed with Sam half the time 😭😭
ojo stephen
ojo stephen 6 days ago
Oh wow first time on this channel. Leila's surname sounds Nigerian but maybe I am pronouncing it wrong. If it is Nigerian then I love you×100 keep repping!!
ojo stephen
ojo stephen 6 days ago
How the hell does Ezra keep his American accent consistent on All American... DAMN this guy is good!!
Goku Chichi
Goku Chichi Day ago
thats called being a great actor
King Missy
King Missy 4 days ago
What it means to be an actor
Enoch Simon
Enoch Simon 6 days ago
Wait where is Daniel from? His accent is amazing and he can speak American 😱😱
RP August
RP August 6 days ago
Lit 🤘🏾
Zakia Wilkins
Zakia Wilkins 6 days ago
I love his accent
Mariyah Hayslett
Mariyah Hayslett 6 days ago
Sam and Greta will definitely be bestfriends forreal it's like Greta knows alot about sam and sam knows alot about Greta 💕
Mariyah Hayslett
Mariyah Hayslett 6 days ago
"Couple therapy"🤣
Jordan Axelrod
Jordan Axelrod 6 days ago
when sam and daniel were fighting about the dessert i died
Cxmp_Rome18 6 days ago
New York people:😑😑😑😑😑😑 Btw I’m from New York
T R 6 days ago
“not open mindedness” 😭😭 “are you okay” I love this omg😭😭😭
T R 6 days ago
I still can’t get over his accent omg😭😩 i love greta energy and her jokes about the show😂
Reflilwe Cassandra
And then they start whispering
Kumbias316 6 days ago
LMAOO 2:58 “relax”💀😪
edgE_Smooth 6 days ago
His accent tho😩
Diego Padron
Diego Padron 6 days ago
you guys are way funnier than i realized
ThatCrazyChick 6 days ago
Elijah Mitchell
Elijah Mitchell 6 days ago
I wish I knew all three of you 🥺
Belonce Kamz
Belonce Kamz 6 days ago
My favorite people on #AllAmerican💕. Love triangle continues. Enjoyed this so much😄😂😂. Daniel's laugh😍😍. Samantha:"Music speaks to my soul" I agree💯.
SooChef 6 days ago
Miss this trio!! 🔺❤️