Pyra & Mythra in Smash :) 

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They did it. They really did it.
Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2 are coming to Smash Ultimate.
I'm so happy. :)

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Feb 21, 2021




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Dio Brando
Dio Brando 3 minutes ago
You already know someone’s gonna use swap as a different spot dodge or roll
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 5 minutes ago
Alpharad: im pretty smash cant put anymore characters that will excit me Smash: oh really? Goku get in here
SkyNEET 6 minutes ago
Matthew Berry
Matthew Berry 9 minutes ago
10:04 Makes sense. You both have a lot in common, too. You're both sassy pieces of shit!
Tropic 19 minutes ago
Things that should happen - Eggman in smash Things that won’t happen - Eggman in smash
C0pY_Str1k 48 minutes ago
i only wish Elma got a similar treatment, to give Xenoblade X its much deserved representation I am happy for Pyra and Mythra, though. Now I can play Smash Bros and finally say "Ive got my characters"
Barbara 50 minutes ago
2:17 Sooo ummm what happened there 0-0
Alanbutternubs 57 minutes ago
I watched this video and then wanted to play xenoblade 2, i've been enjoying it so much. Thanks for the recommendation!
Knightmarin Hour ago
Rip the Rex
Cekane Hour ago
I honestly dont care about mythra and pyra but I just watched this video for happy alpha :D.
paola escalona
Anime is shit
um amobos with this character ummmmmmmmmmmm
Millbook 2 hours ago
I also am very happy.
CVUL 2 hours ago
Pyra was the only character i wanted besides Sephiroth and I gave up on Pyra as soon as Rex was announced as a Mii. I’m so happy.
Nicholas Swenson
Nicholas Swenson 2 hours ago
BLACK TAR! (Thank you for almost acknowledging Xenoblade X’s existence.)
Harricane 2 hours ago
"Mythra is better"
Harricane 2 hours ago
Hot anime girls 👍
Cath Weller
Cath Weller 2 hours ago
I think people over reacted she sucks there is like a billion charters screw smash dlcs
Smarts ONLY
Smarts ONLY 3 hours ago
Benjamin Wahl
Benjamin Wahl 3 hours ago
Retroware 3 hours ago
They're not bad additions in smash, but they're bad additions as dlc. Honestly the only reason why being a bunch of other people are complaining is because of two things. 1. The timing couldn't be any more horrible. That Nintendo direct was terrible. Absolutely atrocious. Unless you absolutely love jrpgs and nothing else, we only had a couple of new games, the rest of them were ports, and almost all of them were jrpgs. I'm sick to death with jrpgs, so just having another character from one just makes it all the more annoying. Does not make me want to pay for it. That's not the only timing that they got wrong either and Smash Brothers they had multiple people with swords, and honestly me and many others are sick to death about them too. "But byleth!!" They're a jack of all trades, master of none, and honestly, they're not even a good Jack of all trades. Way too slow, way too heavy, and there's almost nothing about them that really catches you. Even the characters that she's supposedly good at won't have that much of a hard time. Number two, the aesthetic. Yes, the "anime swordsman" thing. I grew up with some of the most radically different looking characters in video game history you had your mario, your donkey kong, your pokemon, sonic, then you had characters like Doom guy or crash bandicoot, Spyro the dragon, your banjo kazooie, your rayman, a whole bunch of different characters that yes, they come from the same kind of genre, but they do a whole lot of things different. Take crash bandicoot for instance. Well yes, he's always had his iconic spin, he has other things. He has a double jump he has a body slam, he has a fruit bazooka even a jetpack. Spyro the dragon, he's got the ability to fly, or glide depending on what level you're in. he has his fire breath, and if you played other games in the series he has different elemental breaths too. He has a ramming attack, he's been in multiple vehicles so on and so forth. I could go on for a while, but I don't want to go too far. Basically what I'm saying is, pretty much anyone else would bring way more hype to the table. Crash bandicoot, Spyro the dragon, and Rayman especially. Not only did they start as platformers something that smashed Brothers is in its entirety a platforming fighter, but they have varying attacks that would be way more interesting to see. I feel no love for this character, neither one of them. they just look like another anime fighter to me. They blend in with everyone else from the fire emblem series, and if you were to put this character next to the others I probably would get them mixed together. hate me all you want, leave death threats in the comment or whatever you're going to do, but this is my opinion and I'm sticking by it these two characters, were a waste for a DLC pick. It would have been way more enjoyable for people if they were already included in the base game. No, no amount of excuses can help you.
Wes Horne
Wes Horne 4 hours ago
Large_Tac0 4 hours ago
Alpharad deserves some royalty
Tristan St.
Tristan St. 4 hours ago
I feel this video so much
gabby jon
gabby jon 5 hours ago
If you se this you'll know next dlc charter he said that he already had plans for charters so I asked him who next up is eggman then ima not sure yet sakri said but maybe crash he said and also maybe geno
Senpai 5 hours ago
mr. masahiro sakurai saw that internet funny man beat the nuzlocke challenge so he wanted to reward him for his success
Barnacle Scum
Barnacle Scum 5 hours ago
Weab smash fans: Dread it, run from it, anime still arrives
Kait 6 hours ago
The funny thing whit the MinMin´s adition is the direct said "all ARMS character are protagonist" so...tecnicly she is the protagonist of ARMS xD
_ DeadpoolDealsDamage _
I only ever return to Smash for a short while, usually for the new characters. But I swear to god, if a Valve rep is added, I will never stop trying to main whoever said rep may be
S_alamanca 6 hours ago
I love how he put Skull Girls in the background for a few seconds
BeyondAG905 7 hours ago
I guess you can say that Alpharad has already... *FORSEEN THE FUTURE*
Yaniel Gomez
Yaniel Gomez 7 hours ago
I think I'm the only one that wants chibi robo as a character
dsproductions19 7 hours ago
This is very hype. I'd still like Midna, since I think it would be a cool moveset (assuming she's on Wolf Link's back), but Pyra/Mythra are a cool addition. Xenoblade 2 is a great game.
kninzo tagoni
kninzo tagoni 7 hours ago
Wow realy jim carry doctor eggman as likely??? I like how you think x)
the ES-335
the ES-335 7 hours ago
So uhh will they nerf them like they did Zero Suit Samus? I feel like everyone knows what I'm suggesting..
kninzo tagoni
kninzo tagoni 7 hours ago
Must be nice huh
Alberto The Hedgehog
Your predicted was true! I knew it you are the gamer wizard!
Demon 2301
Demon 2301 8 hours ago
Nintendo did copyright the Mario shirt the one time so alpha is on their radar.🤔
Sienna Hartle
Sienna Hartle 8 hours ago
Now I need them to add Prya’s smash outfit to Xenoblade 2
Ayden Green
Ayden Green 8 hours ago
Mmm tea?
Fabian Figueroa
Fabian Figueroa 8 hours ago
And now, we shall await for goku...
Endy 245
Endy 245 8 hours ago
Honestly if it is a Pokémon rep for the new character, my guess is urshifu
Cracker Jackhammer
Cracker Jackhammer 8 hours ago
chobopanda 9 hours ago
I don't know what it is about gay men and absolutely gorgeous women, but I am more excited about Pyra in Smash than I have been about anyone since Joker.
ThomTV 9 hours ago
Bro, Donkey Kong IS Top Tier, I dunno what you're talking about.
SR GlaceonTheToast
SR GlaceonTheToast 9 hours ago
Finally someone acknowledges Reimu’s existence
Canaan Lewis
Canaan Lewis 10 hours ago
Canaan Lewis
Canaan Lewis 10 hours ago
i only wanted pyra she was my waifu but mythra is goo
ShockDragon 10 hours ago
Twitter: ew, who is this? Another Swordfighter? Alpharad: *screaming with happiness*
Killua_99_1219 10 hours ago
I mean I would like to play xenoblade 1 and 2, but I don't have money.
Mr. L
Mr. L 10 hours ago
Hey alpha can you start wanting either Dr Bustdown or Gen 4 Pokemon trainer?
Blue 1011
Blue 1011 10 hours ago
I never asked for them
Mango 2 hours ago
y'all mfs mad over a damn smash character. I stg it doesn't matter who gets added ppl will still find a way to complain or be mad about it.
i mean its okay
i mean its okay 10 hours ago
Jaysen Carter
Jaysen Carter 11 hours ago
happy alpha is best alpha
Dr. Tuesday
Dr. Tuesday 11 hours ago
I want dracovish in Smash
Malcolm Cole
Malcolm Cole 11 hours ago
Please bandana de
True Monado
True Monado 12 hours ago
I'm so happy it's not just me that feels this way
Golden Lynel Slayer
Golden Lynel Slayer 12 hours ago
Captain Crazy
Captain Crazy 12 hours ago
Ok, pyra and Mythra are cool, but miitopia for switch 👀
jaidora 13 hours ago
Interesting thing about the trailer, Link threw a boomerang then immediately dropped a bomb. I’m gonna say that was a Z-drop which was gonna lead into a f-air. Man Sakurai really does keep up with the meta and the devs did a great job.
Chicoria Nina Carolina
bruh, I still wait for tf2 to be represented...
Jacob Prus
Jacob Prus 13 hours ago
I think there gonna make walawigi as the last character
splat gamer
splat gamer 14 hours ago
Still waitin on hat kid and bandana dee
lad - a lad of commenting
Jackbox For Smash
Psycher 38
Psycher 38 15 hours ago
Gonna take this opportunity to plug Chuggaaconroys xenoblade chronicles 2 LP. Easily the most detailed run you'll ever watch.
Ahmed Selim Arslancan
I want sans and you want him to not a mii gunner sans a actual sans
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 17 hours ago
TyBurger 17 hours ago
Don’t wanna be THAT guy but another anime sword fighter :(
Dondocool 17 hours ago
If they could find a way to pull it off, the ultimate stance change character would be the entire Genshin cast
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 17 hours ago
Alpharad I just remembered the time when you were doing a minecraft steve only lobby I think, and I was playing my 2nd game as minecraft steve ever. I was winning, and I d
GG plays
GG plays 17 hours ago
My friendgroup was like. Haha boobs
Skyops gaming
Skyops gaming 18 hours ago
I think Nintendo just did this to outdate his league smash
Frende Lavik
Frende Lavik 18 hours ago
I didn't really care about the fact that someone like min min or pyramid got into smash, I just wanted to get a fun and cool character.
Hayden Waterstraut
Hayden Waterstraut 19 hours ago
Exact same. We were fine when Min Min came in. We were fine when King K came in. We were fine when Terry came in. Why can't those people be happy for us?
Terry Bogard
Terry Bogard 15 hours ago
I don't have idea
Tony Unbreakable
Tony Unbreakable 19 hours ago
Thought this was a new zero vid but i guess ill keep waiting
MIKEY _ MIKE123 19 hours ago
I bet if crash bandicoot got added u would be happy af
MIKEY _ MIKE123 15 hours ago
@Terry Bogard i want crash
MIKEY _ MIKE123 15 hours ago
@Terry Bogard huh?
Terry Bogard
Terry Bogard 15 hours ago
Sakurai is also want crash
Terry Bogard
Terry Bogard 15 hours ago
It cancelled at 2019
Jenny Chacon
Jenny Chacon 20 hours ago
Now let's give him lyn
Cheet0's Conundrums
Cheet0's Conundrums 20 hours ago
pokemon rep then doomguy. calling it now, either order.
-brandon 20 hours ago
baked potato
baked potato 21 hour ago
I'm going to call it now, the last dlc character will be free and it will be waluigi
Beth 21 hour ago
We need more female reps
T I N 21 hour ago
I'm genuinely happy That your happy
Avalon 22 hours ago
What the hell is this
david amador
david amador 22 hours ago
I wanted a xenoblade rep, i couldn't care less who got in aslong as it was someone from xenoblade 2 cause i love all the characters
Jmad647 22 hours ago
I really want bandanadee for smash and I have a glimpse of hope but I’m pretty sure that will never happen.. But I’m also the one who said Steve would never happen
Jmad647 22 hours ago
Jim Carrey for smash!!!
Meta Dargon
Meta Dargon 22 hours ago
Alpharad I just remembered the time when you were doing a minecraft steve only lobby I think, and I was playing my 2nd game as minecraft steve ever. I was winning, and I don't normally win at the game so I was super excited. Then in the middle of the match you closed the lobby and I couldn't get in on any of the lobbies after that. The was the worst day of my life.
Mr. Dobalina
Mr. Dobalina 23 hours ago
You all ready know he is waiting for the amiibos
Glaedien 23 hours ago
As much as I'll always want Geno, I'd still enjoy seeing the last couple of DLC characters being weird picks. Someone like Viewtiful Joe coming out of nowhere would be an absolute blast. Random what the hell pulls would be so much more entertaining to me than the safe bets at 8:30
gamer221 23 hours ago
How to start a war: I think Pyra is better than Mythra
TheRedRage 21 hour ago
personally i agree but im afraid i will start a war as well
D10 StudiOs
D10 StudiOs 23 hours ago
Who I want in Smash Bros is a JOJO character. I think if they were to put one in it would be either Jotaro or Giorno.
lo ko
lo ko 22 hours ago
Search for Star Platinum Mii brawler, and kick ass online with him lol
Araabje Day ago
i just want toad
Possessed Pickle Jar
I hope they’re working on a new Kirby game. Then they’d actually give us another Kirby character to advertise.
RandomRobin Day ago
Inb4 people cry about another anime swordsman, of wait they already are.
Onutube Day ago
tbh I'm not exactly thrilled about the xenoblade characters because we all know its just gonna be another sword character with the stance change thing, and I would have rather seen a character like toxtricity or some sort of guitar or bass playing character because that's more relevant tp me than xenoblade is, but there is one silver lining to this: r 34
Kieran Ray
Kieran Ray Day ago
The Xenoblade X battle theme. A man of culture I see.
Elite's failure of a channel
Reimu would be a good character to add!
ady moon
ady moon Day ago
I still want crash bandicoot ,Rayman, Dr egg
super average bros.
5:07 lars ulrich st anger snare Makes the record shit
Darkstorm25 Day ago
I'm with you, Alpharad. I wanted Mythra in Smash so bad, but I never thought it would happen. I'm so happy she got in.
Gavin Theuerzeit
I don’t think it will happen or that anyone wants it, but like I would scream for solaire from darksouls
lo ko
lo ko 22 hours ago
Or a bunch of Armor Sets that the Undead/Ashen one uses
Diego Day ago
David Hollowell, Jr
Glad you got what you wanted in a DLC fighter. Should've been Waluigi tho
Sephiroth in Thumbnail
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