Putting Makeup Over a Pimple Patch 

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You can definitely still see it but it’s not as noticeable as I thought it would be. #shorts

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Mar 27, 2021




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Mikaela Luv
Mikaela Luv 13 days ago
Thank you to everyone showing love on my page and this video❤️ a couple comments I keep seeing are about my foundation, so my makeup actually oxidizes as I wear it so it does match my skin tone after about 30 minuets to an hour, I agree it does look a little light here, but don’t worry it matches my skin well after a bit😊 Also I do not pop my pimples because it could cause scaring😅
June Cash
June Cash 8 hours ago
Ava Vazquez
Ava Vazquez 3 days ago
Pop it!!!
nada boufteh
nada boufteh 4 days ago
@Quateria Williams just sheeeeesh
Quateria Williams
@nada boufteh and
Quateria Williams
@nada boufteh
Kristen L
Kristen L 5 minutes ago
I would have popped that shiz three days ago by now 😂
Frankenstein 0777
I hate makeup cause you dont know what the girl really looks like tell your 5 years in the relashion ship
Justean Hour ago
Lol if I had those patches you'd see them all over my face if I wanted to have a full face makeup on
Katsuki_bakugou_ Simp
Terri Hanna
Terri Hanna 2 hours ago
Nice i love it
tady jedno lepře
tady jedno lepře 4 hours ago
I want to see it pop...
Shannon Pritchett
Shannon Pritchett 4 hours ago
Girl pop that shit
Eris Summer
Eris Summer 4 hours ago
Draw a heart on your cheek❤️, they won't notice 👌🏾
Number 44 Hisoka
Number 44 Hisoka 4 hours ago
Boom fixed
Number 44 Hisoka
Number 44 Hisoka 4 hours ago
Pop it then-_-
Acav Aavv
Acav Aavv 5 hours ago
You got so pale
Mental home
Mental home 5 hours ago
you look like my old teacher Miss Gibson I loved her
Dewi Pamekas
Dewi Pamekas 5 hours ago
It would be better if you used the pimple patch for day because it's thinner I've used it before and it looks like it's barely there. It goes well with the foundation or whatever product you've put on it I used cosrx pimple patch by the way. The red one for night and the black one for day
Tsvetelina Georgieva
You look like a ghost lmao
Gravehop 187
Gravehop 187 8 hours ago
Her skin is so nice she doesn’t really need foundation at all
Tsuks Lels
Tsuks Lels 8 hours ago
Don’t tell me y’all just figured this out..
nancy alsayed
nancy alsayed 10 hours ago
I need like a giant face patch to do the trick with my hormonal acne 😀
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 10 hours ago
This is why I have trust issues
Cristina B
Cristina B 11 hours ago
A trick my guy friend taught me in highschool was to dab a qtip in rubbign alcohol and clean the pimple with it, youll see it shrink before your eyes and dry out eventually and kills the bacteria all in one lmboand youll prob have to gently squeeze that bad boy
Are you like romanian caz in my opinion you kinda look like kimi ro...
baO weEzy
baO weEzy 14 hours ago
I've seen Korean do this all the time.
X -14
X -14 14 hours ago
Thanks covid now we were mask
nekoneko 14 hours ago
women don't need makeup don't need to feel scared to not wear makeup like males
H E L L O 16 hours ago
just. POP IT
Kyitten 16 hours ago
فرح الحلوه
فرح الحلوه 18 hours ago
عل ززززززققققق وش هذه
Elisha Dawn
Elisha Dawn 19 hours ago
Giant zit 🤣🤣
ゆのYuno 20 hours ago
Literally me today , and nobody notices Edit: I use mentholatum Day pimple patch so it's so thin
Trinity Barraza
Trinity Barraza 22 hours ago
I’ve actually done this with a patch on accident I forgot it was there and by the time I realized I had a full face of makeup and you couldn’t see it so it really does work just depends on the brand you use
Corona Productions
Corona Productions 23 hours ago
forever forever
forever forever 23 hours ago
I'm sorry...*pimple patch kids *
Graysonnii ღ
Bro that zit has dr pimple popper quaking-
Bunny queen Bunny
Pop it
⦉Mila⦊ DoOdOoO
To mich make up, sowy
Eugene Day ago
Girl, get the black version of that patch, it's less noticeable
Cherie St. John
No girl, it’s super obvious
lisa downs
lisa downs Day ago
All I could see was , ohhhhh my gawd, grrrrrril!!! So much make and you’re so pretty you don’t need to clog up your pores . And pimples need to have air to heal. Beautiful young lady!
Bawn’meedoh Thaaqib
She’s gwogeous!
Liz Meza
Liz Meza Day ago
You looked beautiful before
Like, I know its wrong but...I WANNA SEE IT POPP ;-; 😭🤣
Aesthetic With Shay
girl i forgot about you .
Flora M
Flora M Day ago
I would pop it GEEHGEGEGEGEG
Nina Peck
Nina Peck Day ago
You can barely see it when you are close
But you looked fine without it?
Fir3Cut Day ago
Or.. just pop the zit..
NIcole Marie
NIcole Marie Day ago
You just couldnt stop wearing makeup for atleast a day? Bruh...
It looks good without makeup u need no makeup just leave ur pimple there its pretty you
Kajus Dov
Kajus Dov Day ago
Loreal and all those makeup prodauctes needed blubber and stuff from animals so NO ANIMAL TESTING
You look so beautiful with the pimple either way!
David Perido Covers
Am I the only one who doesn't care to my pimple and just apply makeup on top of it without that patch? Lol. Coz patch is expensive here in Philippines. Lol.
Script :P
Script :P Day ago
Just.... Pop the zit
Angel CK
Angel CK Day ago
nighty ariana
ngl i'd try and squeeze that shit and make it even worse🤠👀
Jennifer Gierok GuyRock
You dont need even half of that makeup kid. You have great,YOUNG, beautiful skin. Please stop doing makeup like youtubers guys. It looks horrid irl. Theres a reason why us old fs say less is more.
Kirra Stone
Kirra Stone Day ago
Well do u know why u get acne.....cuz of makeup so don't wear it u are beautiful just the way you are
Joanna George
People in 2021 be like girl just wear a mask . That is my advice 😂😂
Jane Balkin
Jane Balkin Day ago
Good for yoy
Nisha Nishakyada
It's still visible
Madeline Meadows
Gurl u don’t need makeup ur so pretty on ur own
Marshall Smith
Wow that cut to the spooky white ghost scared.
Yee Haw
Yee Haw Day ago
Looks great
Lil_Moo_Choo Day ago
You looked better before the make up
The Chanel
The Chanel Day ago
Or just wear a mask..
Sandy Petrakis
That’s extremely noticeable
nitalovly Day ago
U can definitely see it its a no for me
Lalalisa _love
Mask? Or is she just taking pictures cause as soon as we started wearing masks I stopped caring about the bottom half of my face 💀
Vaineta Malinauskaite
In some countries you don't need to wear a mask outside, only when you are in a store so
Khloe R
Khloe R 2 days ago
Pop it
C.J. Greenlee
C.J. Greenlee 2 days ago
Pop it
Chloe Cox
Chloe Cox 2 days ago
Girl y u using make up ur already beautiful
it’s kenzie
it’s kenzie 2 days ago
Your probably going to wear a mask if your going out so it will help a lot to! (Looks great btw)
SkylowXD 2 days ago
I litteraly have a pimple on the exact same area as u do, but mine's on the left cheek 😂
Rike 6
Rike 6 2 days ago
Makeup should not be allowed
Mikaela: So I have this giant... People who deals with more than 2 acne every second: 👁👄👁
Ruben 03
Ruben 03 2 days ago
Ella tiene el sindrome del nouelmismo, porque la base que se pone nouelmismo color de sus orejas y nouelmismo color de su cuello
Ann Lemon
Ann Lemon 2 days ago
Wow you look so natural after putting on the foundation, definitely doesn’t make you look like a ghost... 😬
Vidalia TheOnionQueen
yea i would never
Kit̸t̸ymady 2 days ago
You should of put a mask-
Honest AF
Honest AF 2 days ago
ripped jeans
ripped jeans 2 days ago
Just pop it.
Meryem Joulaini
Meryem Joulaini 2 days ago
Can i just say that either your lighting is too light or your foundation is too light for your shade
Any Tee
Any Tee 2 days ago
It's just a pimple... How did we end up hating imperfections so much that we actually do such nonsense? It goes away. And nobody cares anyway.
Cecelia Mckoy
Cecelia Mckoy 2 days ago
I can't see it you wut
King 585
King 585 2 days ago
Oh yea let me just put makeup in my house so my mirrors can see how pretty I am 👌
Ben Gagnon
Ben Gagnon 2 days ago
Its called POP IT
Zereen bhuiyan
Zereen bhuiyan 2 days ago
Me at nine years old: has 39 pimples on face Me now: has no pimples due to makeup
time to play with kenzie
God bless all of you guys
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 2 days ago
You needed to put powder on top of it before you put your makeup on that's what I had to do it was the poreless powder
Lilia Baldazo
Lilia Baldazo 2 days ago
Try just doing concealer, since you have rosy checks do light blush, that way you don’t get stuff on the patch and it looks like it’s not there
AmeliaPlays Zz
AmeliaPlays Zz 2 days ago
I love popping spots , so if I had one I'd pop it straight away
ILove You
ILove You 2 days ago
pop the damn pimple.
Shreks Bussy
Shreks Bussy 2 days ago
Ok but like no one will be able to see it anyways when she wears a mask
Hazey Unique
Hazey Unique 2 days ago
Don’t use L’Oréal!!! Save Ralph!!! Use cover girl instead :)
Misúkiie Stárz
Misúkiie Stárz 2 days ago
Don't be shy. POP IT
Lilsss 123
Lilsss 123 2 days ago
Just wear a mask
Dempsey White
Dempsey White 2 days ago
Girl pop that thing
JEON ASHLEY 2 days ago
Just use a mask :) And y’all don’t forget to wear a mask be safe ❤️
kakezi kendrick
kakezi kendrick 2 days ago
Just wash your face 2x a day day and night it will be gone.... Just dont put make up again☺️
Mojave760 2 days ago
bby... this would only work for selfies. Please don't go out in public like this. You'll look ridiculous.
Heather 2 days ago
Just pop it!
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