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The plaintiff says she gave the defendant a security deposit to rent his home, but she backed out when she discovered he was a crackhead. She claims he threatened her with a gun when she asked for her money back, so she’s suing for the deposit and emotional distress. The defendant claims he tried to return her money and denies ever pulling a gun. He’s countersuing for false arrest.


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Feb 18, 2021




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Life In The Jazz Lane
Now unc Greg! This lady should have gotten her money back! He’s def giving me crackhead vibes! She should have brought her mother with her as a witness
Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie Ramirez 6 hours ago
Out of all the cases this is the one Judge Mathis decides not to call someone a crackhead 🥴🥴😑😑
Aye Fo
Aye Fo 8 hours ago
That man is gross and condescending.
Kimberly Wilson
Kimberly Wilson 13 hours ago
Sometimes Judge Mathis doesn't listen. Too busy trying to pull out the ratchetness. The man is clearly a liar. Judge Mathis: Why do you carry 2 guns? Defendant: ah ah ah I work in ah ah ah I live in an area ?????
Jaxk BoiiZ
Jaxk BoiiZ 18 hours ago
The after verdict tho I'm dead😂💀 #PoBaby
Dez B
Dez B 23 hours ago
Definitely didn’t like how he disrespected her mom by calling her a linebacker. Plus, Mathis didn’t even correct him. Judge Mathis chooses when he wants to go off on certain people 🤷🏾‍♂️
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Day ago
The lewd duckling pivotally slow because plaster temporarily poke atop a flat shrine. hushed, accessible woolen
Bonnie Bundles
A J Day ago
😂 defended look like Red Foxx in Harlem Night.
SunRae_P Day ago
I believe she did act a fool because she didn’t get her money back in cash and his old self match her energy! They were in Winn-Dixie parking lot acting a fool for a house in the hood! I agree with Judge both of y’all don’t get nothing
Peter P5
Peter P5 Day ago
Hell no. I disagree with Judge Mathis on this issue. This man should pay her the deposit back period
Mo carrington
Lol at the end he said poor Thang I'm going to pray for you lmfao
Darielle Whitley
omg he is stuttering so bad , you can tell he got crackish ways 🤦🏽‍♀️
Journeys Alkebulan
Judge Mathis you were dead wrong on this case!
Journeys Alkebulan
This is a very old case.
Janice Lewis
Janice Lewis 2 days ago
Judge was totally wrong on this one. It was clear the man was as guilty as could be. He did pull a gun on that young lady that’s why she knew about the gun. I love love judge Mathis but that was the wrong call
Bray Jay
Bray Jay 2 days ago
Couldn't bring a witness statements to back her case to the judge, back home...on 2 different occasions. All of a sudden, she has witness statements to bring to Judge Mathis...even more months later.
Joe Traxx
Joe Traxx 2 days ago
Judge Mathis needs medication , his bipolarism is getting worst
BigMerkGee 2 days ago
@6:00 I can see the look in his eyes that he actually pulled the pistol out. She made that good brother lose his religion!😆
EricaYE6 3 days ago
She looks a little bit like the rapper Yo-Yo from back in the day.
Eva Co Thank you, Anthony!!!
That young lady wasn't lying. He tried the cheat her out of her money by giving her a post dated check!! The reason a person would do that is because at the time the give you a check there are no funds in their account! And he just happened to have 2 guns on him?!? he judge got it wrong! Again!!!
marskeins 3 days ago
His stuttering gave him away. Story was all over the place. He don't sound like such a helping person at all.
Steve Savicki
Steve Savicki 3 days ago
He should have gotten $5,000. If she is on section 8, why should she get anything the taxpayer is supporting?
The 5-Star Review
Dad had 2 pistols on him. You have to watch who you're talking to
juantubey 3 days ago
Her victory laugh was short-lived. Lol!
Shan 3 days ago
I believed her, this is a shame. He know he waved them guns at her.
Tashana Pink
Tashana Pink 3 days ago
I just came here to say I love the defendant’s accent 😂😂
juantubey 3 days ago
SpiffyPenguin 3 days ago
Defendant's wife is a chump lol, he'll wave that gun at her too
Rio D
Rio D 3 days ago
He's shady....she's shady.....good verdict.
Jennifer Brandon
Jennifer Brandon 4 days ago
She's telling the truth about him. How did JM fall for that?
Jennifer Brandon
Jennifer Brandon 3 days ago
@Nellie K. Adaba He acts like a functioning addict and holy roller to me. He put a suit on to come to court but I believe what she said about how he acts.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 3 days ago
He doesn't look like a crackhead to me, so I don't know.
cynthia hicks
cynthia hicks 4 days ago
I had to watch this one again. She said she paid the LAST installment on a Friday. Obviously he wasn't as creepy as she claimed.
cynthia hicks
cynthia hicks 4 days ago
How many crackheads actually carry guns?? I'm sure he would have sold them BOTH and the holster for crack?? And then to come back after the first confrontation?? Doesn't sound believable to me. And the case got dismissed.
cynthia hicks
cynthia hicks 4 days ago
For all the ones saying the guy was a crackhead or has crackish ways... y'all know good and darn well Judge Mathis would have called him out with NO hesitation!!!
Eva Co Thank you, Anthony!!!
Not any more!
Christy Marshall
Christy Marshall 4 days ago
And she still moved in after that first impression hell naw thats a red flag
Lenedra Lawrence
Lenedra Lawrence 4 days ago
He did that shit JM was wrong
osean Ferguson
osean Ferguson 4 days ago
Judge missed his chance to actually call a crackhead a crackhead
Rome60 Rome60
Rome60 Rome60 4 days ago
Jerry Flynn Dale
Jerry Flynn Dale 4 days ago
The proper way is to pay her by check, given the fact he owns a real estate company.
Jerry Flynn Dale
Jerry Flynn Dale 3 days ago
@Eva Co Thank you, Anthony!!! where do I send the check.
Jerry Flynn Dale
Jerry Flynn Dale 3 days ago
@Eva Co Thank you, Anthony!!!, We all know she would have said she didn’t receive a refund, lol.
Eva Co Thank you, Anthony!!!
I own a bridge that I would love to sell you! Think about it!!!
Israelite Princess
He from mobile al 😂😂😂 he most def a con artist crack head
5THEGIRLZ 5 days ago
The FIRST judge dismissed the case, Judge Mathis said that his arrest was maliciously retaliatory. SHE LIED, that's WHY she lost her cases.
Lily Rose
Lily Rose 5 days ago
judge mathis is very bias when a black woman is suing a black man, I think that he identifies with the men and give them break because he knows what it’s like to be a black man in America, he pity them and give them more credibility than some deserve. But, he hates black women who appear as confrontational or “ghetto” and judge them by their appearances instead of the case. He’s not as impartial as other TV judges like Judge Milian. Sometimes it’s good because he help people that needs it but sometimes it’s bad because his emotions make him rule for the liar as long he liked him. So it’s more based on whether he likes you or not than the law.
Zeto Kaiba
Zeto Kaiba 4 days ago
She had no evidence in her case and she lied on her first case to the previous Judge stop whining for black women the ones who do the dirt get what they deserve I swear you're a broken record 😴
Elle 7
Elle 7 5 days ago
Bad Call JM 🤯😕
Charisse Johnson
Charisse Johnson 5 days ago
Creepy but you gave him your money.
Iam Justme
Iam Justme 5 days ago
Because having a place to live is important to some people
Kindest Regards
Kindest Regards 5 days ago
WRONG JUDGEMENT Greg !!!!!, THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF SOME CORRUPT JUDGES WHO ARE MEMBERS OF demonic secret organizations WHO FAVORS OTHER demonic secret organizations brotherhood members . THIS NARCISSISTIC demon IS A DRUG ADDICT WHO COMMITTED FRAUD AGAINST THE INNOCENT , BUT HE SEEMS TO BE FAVORED BY some demonic police officers WHO ARE ALSO IN A demonic fraternity. GOD's JUDGEMENT IS UPON THE wicked !
bndrbrn 5 days ago
Judge Got it WRONG! He just happened to have TWO guns on his person.... 2!!!!! Come on now.
DARK MATTER 5 days ago
The guy is not completely innocent. But I think the woman is an instigator. I’ve been around people that for whatever reason, like to slander others. She roused up a problem. And he could’ve reacted unprofessionally. Than the plaintiff used it against him. I feel she’s more guilty than him.
Clarence Edwards
Clarence Edwards 5 days ago
I have a major problem paying someone in cash and the situation arises where the money has to be repaid but they choose to repay me by check. Some banks take a week before they clear checks and if it's a bounce check you could find yourself having to go through a lot of rigmarole to recover your money.
Lisa Perdue
Lisa Perdue 5 days ago
In had the Birmingham board of education give me a check misspellings and put me out asking for a corrected then captain d's gave me a counterfeit 10 they mailed me replacement from my receipt maybe they knew or found the person ahead of me because right after I took the 10 to my am south bank when laundry used the pen put on news bad money same day. It's been a problem with my molester daughter ironing wire coats her mother says a unit nurse who don't wear coats with names then my boyfriend I met at the hospital the angry mother retired from says to me one time his ex told the police he attacked her in the laundry room. And that his girlfriend met at the gas station married told him never to wear cologne and shower for money when I met a girl at the gas station who hit me in the temple twice with a ring on different times riding in car and sitting in hair chair the youth minister gave me while dating plus my exlarrt dad is a preacher too. The girls brother cut the ring finger off to get the ring and the molester was standing in shower door in her bathroom not the front bathroom across from his wife's bedroom while I was asked to spend the night. My high school teacher was superintendent of the board when they accused me of sex with girls but never happened. Then when Reuben studdard won from same high school as the daughter I saw him on 1st street going to get a res rolling suitcase from my mother's loft apartment. He rolled the window down and spoke and I got to apartment in Westwood on landfair the roommate said I broke her lamp by putting it on top of my suitcase to fall.over so I went and found the IKEA store in Burbank to buy another to keep the peace obviously already chaotic the first day. I told the police her dad looked like the actor in tv show fake wedding that they tricked the bride. When I was suspended in 5th grade for the teacher sending me next door with the girl who lived there but teacher lied saying did not and I was the only one suspended and paddkedcwith brut angry force 10 times that ultimately after another 5 years busted tailbone coccyx trainings at brookwood the later said never happened when arrested in that same hospital and another surgery also. They got on the stand and said I was imagining and trying to accuse people of rape. I said at that time medical rape forcing me to do stuff to get paperwork. In high school surgery stemming from elementary they paraded 10 student doctor's in with me exposed and I was not told ahead or time nor my mother I believe are still in working places with intenrmtions for the molesters wife deliciousness. The man even saw,me one day at the gas station in 1991 from 1981 and said you want to do something made me angry and said no walkungbaway he said of you need me I'll be at the apartments up the street. My youth pastor fraternity brother asked same thing wanna,do something that he had following me in auburn university very jealous. And me and rifle both in mental health married to nurses. Another ex said those same apartments told in 1991 but in 2006 before my first arrest was the place to buy weed and I thought strange because she don't smoke marijuana and I don't drink and never used cocaine. I told my teammate while in Cali waiting on cab about the roommate when she was over americorp at the board of education and the dart is church son was over jobcorp and became president of my bank bought out and shut my account and email and phones down. I was asking him last month found his number to to hear him say I was,never a who're around the church and his mother called right after that so we hung up.
Modestine Mungo
Modestine Mungo 5 days ago
Oh and he was mad or had an attitude bc he had to give her 💰 back. Smh
Modestine Mungo
Modestine Mungo 5 days ago
Who pushes a pregnant 👩. ..Dang shr still pregnant. When is the baby due? Lookin like now!! Hurry up!!
Socialbuttafli 5 days ago
Panamaya Saint B
Panamaya Saint B 5 days ago
I actually believe the defendant....she seems like she's messy messy MESSY...
Zeto Kaiba
Zeto Kaiba 4 days ago
@Iam Justme Still won though lol 💀
Iam Justme
Iam Justme 5 days ago
And the defendant is messy messy & MESSIER
kenneth archibald
It’s thanksgiving weekend I was getting ready to have my turkey lmao
Cassie W
Cassie W 5 days ago
I’m done with judge Mathis. He award that crackhead money.
Randi Marshals
Randi Marshals 5 days ago
Judge Mathis dropped the ball on this one
Randi Marshals
Randi Marshals 5 days ago
He is lying! Everything people say just might be true. He believes he is SLICK
Mannequinn_Made 5 days ago
“At some point you might wanna say NO!” 😂😂😂😂 lmfao
Max 5 days ago
🗣 I Can't Stand Men That Take Advantage Of Women. #COWARD
Nico Sekano
Nico Sekano 5 days ago
I Don't Know How Americans Celebrate Black Friday But In South Africa Businesses Are Definently Not Closed On That Day, That's When They Milk Consumers And Cash In The Most. Lowered Prices.😂
Why she wanted cash instead of a check it shouldn't have mattered bc either way she got her money. She must've been dead broke or something bc he did do EXACTLY what she asked. Most business people NEVER even deal with cash, but they will accept money orders or checks smh! She got mad not him therefore I do feel like she caused the altercation.
Playa Smurf
Playa Smurf 5 days ago
JM, you have lost your asking plp are they a crackhead card. You disrespect so many plp with that question and bagger them even, laughing and all, even when they say no you keep going. Now you have one in front of you knows how to play the game, suit waaay too big bought at the last minute no monies available had to post date the check and you blew it. Now she put a little extra sauce on her story but he definitely playing that flute.
Oba Hodari
Oba Hodari 5 days ago
🤣🤣😂😂 "Po Baby"!! 🤣🤣😂😂
Sturkelious Rron
Sturkelious Rron 5 days ago
There are functional addicts among us.
Cee Dee
Cee Dee 5 days ago
I believe him She's really annoying...
Sho Nuff
Sho Nuff 5 days ago
He sounds like Pastor Jamal Bryant and looks as if He could be related.
Felicia The Artist
It’s sad how much we weaponize drug addiction and attempt to embarrass those who are addicted but this woman is already on section 8 and is standing in court pregnant. Let’s discuss the problem with that.
MRTLEW01 6 days ago
I tried to give that baby her money back!!!!!! LOL
Yvette4Christ 6 days ago
Wow Judge Mathis is aging backwards.....good for him:)
Eva Co Thank you, Anthony!!!
Not mentally!
MsBdoll87 6 days ago
Lmbo at the defendant!! Im from Alabama and that’s PA(Prichard, Al) all day‼️🤣
Skylark1968 6 days ago
All these comments talking bout he did it and etc...,,, was y’all there? We so quick to judge someone we don’t know after 13:23 🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤣😂
Island Girl Ruby
Island Girl Ruby 6 days ago
Dude is on something
Jean Baptiste Asong
She looks likes she's pregnant, hopefully she's not carrying this man seed.
Eugenia Boone
Eugenia Boone 5 days ago
Jean Bapiste Asong Where did you come to that conclusion?? 🤔
awallbaby 6 days ago
Dude definitely did this... judge is definitely trippin about this one
gregory cobb
gregory cobb 6 days ago
Somebody Raised you better than that 😅🤣🤣😅😅😆😅🤣🤣😂
Mademoiselle_ Tami
He definitely pulled the gun on that woman. She may have gotten loud with him about the check but he pulled that gun. Why did he say “that baby” like that 😂😂😂
Christa Armstead
Christa Armstead 6 days ago
I agree with the judge lol
maxx starrdom
maxx starrdom 6 days ago
Po baby! I'm dead
caroline magee
caroline magee 6 days ago
If not crack, he smokes meth!
Starlett Proud
Starlett Proud 6 days ago
Mathis was wrong for that judgement...
Logan Hough
Logan Hough 6 days ago
JM YOU WRONG. I believe that man brandished that weapon. And he’s powder head 🙄 she’s out of $7k and I pray god blesses her with $14k.
cynthia hicks
cynthia hicks 4 days ago
Who said $7k??
Nekeiah Melton
Nekeiah Melton 6 days ago
It’s how he look over the glasses for me
Skarlet Brown
Skarlet Brown 6 days ago
This is what I'm talking about! You can go into the archives !! Like we just want to see JM we dont care about the time period
El Town
El Town 6 days ago
Funny it was never brought up again that she was talking to a crack dealer why?!!!
Iam Justme
Iam Justme 5 days ago
@aaprii333 Because they are PEOPLE and they live in the neighborhood.
aaprii333 6 days ago
My sentiments EXACTLY!🤨🤨🤨
Michael Trey Wright
*Man goes home strips into boxer and wife beater and smokes crack*
Needed To Be Said
Black Friday is NOT a banking holiday! The banks are closed on Thanksgiving! He's telling the truth. She saw his holster and used that to claim that he waved a gun around at her. He had two or three witnesses for his court dates. She had NONE!
Felisha Sampson
Felisha Sampson 6 days ago
So the judge listened that whole case and still said it was a malicious arrest???? Ok. 🤦🏽‍♀️ . He rules out of emotions almost all the time.....it's sad to see because persons don't really ever get justice when this is done.
Eva Co Thank you, Anthony!!!
Cases are usually dismissed because of a lack of evidence. Dismissals have nothing to do with emotions. As a matter of fact - if a judge can't rule on a case base solely on the evidence and not his/her emotions it would be time for that judge to retire!
juantubey 3 days ago
So the first judge ruled on emotions too? Or didn't you hear that the case was dismissed?
inukoko2012 6 days ago
I don’t agree w/ JM on this. Everything she said about him was proven by his actions on this case. His story was all over the place, he was stuttering and acting like a weirdo. Plus as soon as he granted the verdict she broke down crying.
Royal Heritage
Royal Heritage 6 days ago
He asked me if I had a boyfriend, camera spans out to her belly. Bwahahaha
jaquan liljon
jaquan liljon 6 days ago
@1247 wtf!😂😂 Dat dude😉 at the monitor 🤣😂
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith 6 days ago
Judge got this one wrong🤔, that nigga shadier than a awning and shes already on section 8 and pregnant I don’t think she can afford to loose that 6 hundred?! 😕🤷🏽‍♂️
Kira Irons
Kira Irons 6 days ago
JM sucks sometimes.
T Watts9300blockB-Ford
Who read the comments n listen 🎧 🤣
Egyptian Goddess
Egyptian Goddess 6 days ago
Judge Mathis was wrong with this case. That man shouldn’t of got shit. She had to go through all that trouble just to get her money back from the defendant but God sits high and looks low
Cory Vittur
Cory Vittur 6 days ago
P.S. I wish I had the money to give her. The plaintiff ABSOLUTELY is not lying. The defendant is such a lying, thug CRACKHEAD. JM needs to smoke a blunt. That is when he is happy, I realize that now. Sorry, folks, but JM is ABSOLUTELY wrong. I'M REALLY SO DISAPPOINTED IN HIM. HOW DID SHE EVEN KNOW HE HAD A WEAPON. I HOPE SHE FILES A COMPLAINT WITH INTERNAL AFFAIRS ASAP !!!
Nanny News & Views
I dont believe his complete story....but she should have taken the check. If it didn't go through then go to court.
MaggillaKutz71 6 days ago
Judge Mathis be tripping sometime against women , he wants for the viewers to know he is so street smart which he is but I think he was wrong on this one. Also the defendant is a loser and a douche bag
Kialeah Sumpter
Kialeah Sumpter 6 days ago
Think judge was wrong this time...
Leitha Jones
Leitha Jones 6 days ago
Leitha Jones
Leitha Jones 5 days ago
Iam Justme
Iam Justme 5 days ago
Why the CAPS? She needed someplace to live.
Cory Vittur
Cory Vittur 6 days ago
Damn, this is ABSOLUTELY the very first time, JM has disappointed me so terribly. How could he possibly believe this FREAKING CRACKHEAD liar !! My God, anyone could tell he is a LIAR !! Yet, Judge Mathis ACTUALLY believed him WOW, I'm SO disappointed for the very first time !!
devon bell
devon bell 6 days ago
These individual cases on Judge Mathis are over an hour long each case. For TV, they have to condense it to 10 or 20 minutes. So everyone making judgments in the comments dont know the while thing.
Iam Justme
Iam Justme 5 days ago
Your comment makes too much sense for some of the commenters.
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