Project Hazel | World's Smartest Mask 

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Introducing Project Hazel, the world's smartest mask. Designed to provide a safe, social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized experience, this mask ensures the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements. Face the new normal with protection that’s far from average: www.razer.com/concepts/razer-project-hazel
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Jan 12, 2021




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Comments 100   
louisse bertillo
louisse bertillo 9 minutes ago
where can we buy this?
Dominik Iványi
Dominik Iványi 12 minutes ago
this mask has a gaming rainbow light?
Niroshan Raj
Niroshan Raj 14 minutes ago
Me looking at RNG lighting: Hmmm I think this look good with all my RNG desktop setup
Waffle 25 minutes ago
Background music too loud
L Z 27 minutes ago
Szemi Alalami
Szemi Alalami 31 minute ago
That’s cool and everything, but WHERE IS MY RAZER TOASTER?!
Noda Ryuya
Noda Ryuya 34 minutes ago
so how smart is this mask?
sheekerz 59 minutes ago
Another bad design! Because the ear has a rubber clip! It’s terribly annoying for people to have the fastener on their ears! I also had my skin wound on my ear! The neck strap should be at the neck and behind the head! It's so much more convenient. Although you would rather not have to wear a mask, it would be even better!
I make Stuff
I make Stuff Hour ago
What are the specs?
Yassin Al Saran
Wait is this another joke like the flying mouse
Jr Nvz
Jr Nvz Hour ago
Only a nerd that wears those cat gaming headsets would wear this in public
Fine Aged Lime
Time to *bottleneck*
Boombaby 323
Boombaby 323 Hour ago
I can now breathe at 1080p 120fps
Kevin Purnomo
Kevin Purnomo Hour ago
*But does it come with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090?*
dsinjm Hour ago
Make one that isn't transparent.
Jerriatrix Hour ago
Ok but when can I get this?
louisse bertillo
louisse bertillo 10 minutes ago
yah i want to buy too
NGU-spree Hour ago
Now I can run over 60 FPS during PE
Rookie 2 hours ago
Maybe ill buy it if you have one that isnt transparent
Patricio Yañez
Patricio Yañez 2 hours ago
I'm just waiting for it to be on Amazon...
TheDarkZEK 2 hours ago
Me: slips and breaks the mask Me: SHI- wait... Also me: the hell is this little green thing with lines and circuits...
Just Neo
Just Neo 2 hours ago
breath in rgb today
Suace X
Suace X 2 hours ago
I can already see twitch streamers using these
LordFra-l 2 hours ago
My mask has RGB
Qt Keo
Qt Keo 2 hours ago
breathing in 30 fps
ERRUPT GAMING シ 2 hours ago
Does it come with active voice cancellation? I wanna swear at my teacher without them knowing
Lemmy 2 hours ago
breathe with 4k 120 fps experience
DimitrisK 2 hours ago
I can already imagine a mf at sixth grade going around with this
Silver 2 hours ago
Thundy 2 hours ago
I meaaan if it was a solid black or a solid Quartz id consider it
GMTi 2 hours ago
Where can I get one
king Leo
king Leo 2 hours ago
Shut up and take my money!
Confidence Productions
Cool but what if they record what we say slightly less cool now
TheMightyRafael 3 hours ago
Just imagine if ur broke
Zepheus Trisagion
Zepheus Trisagion 3 hours ago
Moist accumulated in the transparent plastic
Jahvon Abrigo
Jahvon Abrigo 3 hours ago
It's not even April
Silas Whiteson
Silas Whiteson 3 hours ago
*One year later* We quickly responded...
True Color Project
True Color Project 3 hours ago
I'd only buy if they have a voice changer plug-in added
Dickers 4 hours ago
Look on the bright side, at least now asking your crush out won't be as hard because they can't see what half of your face look like so they can't judge you based on looks
Coopdawg 4 hours ago
By the time they release this the pandemic Finna be over
Testyhawk7 4 hours ago
Getting the virus in 4k
ViXoZuDo 4 hours ago
finally!! we can breathe RGB!
Spotty Saber
Spotty Saber 4 hours ago
Thank you but I was enjoying being ugly in peace
Keta 4 hours ago
But is it... RGB Guys it is
Fed Up
Fed Up 4 hours ago
sounds like a game
E Rex Sean
E Rex Sean 4 hours ago
Time to overclock my mask.
joshua s
joshua s 4 hours ago
no rgb no party
MaximumShaun 4 hours ago
Imagine all the spit you could see on the transparent plastic
frickin chikin
frickin chikin 4 hours ago
but does it have RGB?
Artic Kyurem
Artic Kyurem 5 hours ago
I will buy this
James 5 hours ago
What happens if you sneeze or something? Wouldn’t everyone be able to see everything that would come out from that😂
SGT_SKORPIO 5 hours ago
2019: that one kid at school who has $1000 sneakers 2021: That one kid who has a RGB chargeable mask
Ch4Sm 5 hours ago
When your mask is smarter than you
MadAmmaD 5 hours ago
It's not even April yet
Darkiinferno 5 hours ago
Some one in 1980: In 2021 we will have flying cars! 2021: Uhh how about a smart mask that is the worlds smartest
Shikhar Kumar
Shikhar Kumar 5 hours ago
What’s the price?
Nickz Wolfz
Nickz Wolfz 5 hours ago
Wait do you play pc? Isn’t it obvious
King firehawk
King firehawk 6 hours ago
Does the mask have rgb like a gaming console
King firehawk
King firehawk 6 hours ago
Apologies pc
Kodzuren 6 hours ago
a gaming mask, what a time
Boss Balita?
Boss Balita? 6 hours ago
never thought of the day when razer mass produces masks
Amalay Raffli
Amalay Raffli 6 hours ago
Nobody : .... Razer : So, we made RGB mask
Unsp0ken 6 hours ago
I wish it wasn’t see through
TendererDruid71 6 hours ago
Does anybody know when this is coming out
MeOnAJourney 6 hours ago
1440p gaming out now guys. Boost FPS with razers new mask
Ben Estanto
Ben Estanto 6 hours ago
How much?
That's pretty epic. I have two questions though: 1. Does it have RGB 2. whats the refresh rate of the mask
deceptive_cake 651
deceptive_cake 651 6 hours ago
Is there a vertion where it doesn’t shot your mouth
Faisal Bhatti
Faisal Bhatti 6 hours ago
gamer mask gamer mask
Bill Zhang
Bill Zhang 7 hours ago
wait is this real???
Bubberiffic 7 hours ago
I bet it comes with a mic built in. (this is me after the video, it actually has a mic)
Aviator 7 hours ago
inb4 the pandemic declared ended the day after released
Lizard Vlogs
Lizard Vlogs 7 hours ago
Take my money
RigidiN 7 hours ago
This is getting out of hand
Ratt 7 hours ago
I'm ngl I thought this was an april fools joke from last year then I saw the date
Anthony Linville
Anthony Linville 7 hours ago
prolly 100$
Funny gaming Wolf
Funny gaming Wolf 7 hours ago
When are they coming out
Funny gaming Wolf
Funny gaming Wolf 7 hours ago
@hello there oh ok thanks
hello there
hello there 7 hours ago
We don't know if they are yet
SomeGuy'sChannel 8 hours ago
Not enough RGB
Kano 8 hours ago
Funny, there is vaccine and they make expensive masks at the end of pandemic, suspicious....
Chheangheng Seng
Chheangheng Seng 8 hours ago
Imagine the guy using this mask is having Coronavirus
Luis Caminero
Luis Caminero 8 hours ago
From the creator of foggy glasses, comes foggy masks.
Marcos Zertuche
Marcos Zertuche 8 hours ago
The product nobody asked for
Arc- -her
Arc- -her 8 hours ago
But everybody needs.
whipnotcream 8 hours ago
the power of 1080p
Shed Moaz
Shed Moaz 8 hours ago
Notchie 8 hours ago
I do want this
Reapz 8 hours ago
now i can speack and breath at 300hz FINALLY
IHyoZyo _YT
IHyoZyo _YT 8 hours ago
emm what price
Oliver Tang
Oliver Tang 8 hours ago
is this a joke or am i stupid
hello there
hello there 7 hours ago
Its real
David Oriji
David Oriji 8 hours ago
So how do you clean it?
locsecs75 8 hours ago
New normal? You paid FOOL!!!
Death Brony
Death Brony 8 hours ago
hello there
hello there 7 hours ago
Might not be released
Dariusloot 8 hours ago
here before they make a whole clothing franchise
NOT hqck3r
NOT hqck3r 9 hours ago
All gamers be like GIVE ME
Mark Repac
Mark Repac 9 hours ago
Aditya Chaudhari
Aditya Chaudhari 9 hours ago
Mr. Conservatarian
Mr. Conservatarian 9 hours ago
Shut up and take my money! 💵
Ramen Nugget
Ramen Nugget 9 hours ago
when's the rgb version being released?
hello there
hello there 7 hours ago
Nobody knows
SHOOTERSx17 9 hours ago
Is it Gddr7 though?
Harry Smith
Harry Smith 9 hours ago
😂😂😂 I avoid wearing one at all costs (apart from saving an argument in shops) - I couldn’t imagine people investing in these?
redwed6 9 hours ago
But... wearing a mask is the best part of Covid since you get to hide your face and yawn right infront of people without them even knowing XD
Connor -
Connor - 9 hours ago
Wow this is what we are living in wear gaming company’s are making mask🤦‍♀️
Jadesen Moody
Jadesen Moody 9 hours ago
When can we buy these
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