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Pressley Harvin III leaves Georgia Tech as one of the most decorated players in the program's history. During his time in Atlanta, Harvin was named the Ray Guy Award winner, given to the nation's top punter, was a unanimous All-American selection, and was named All-ACC 3 times. Harvin III not only set records with his punting average but he has successfully executed fakes in his time at Tech, including throwing a beautiful touchdown pass on one occasion. The 255-pound punter is athletic enough to be a threat for a fake every time he takes the field. Check out Harvin's NFL Draft Tape brought to you by the ACC Digital Network.
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Apr 23, 2021




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Comments 81   
moomie 8 hours ago
smh..... should have gone 1st overall
Jayson Wastell
Jordan Berry has always sucked.
Strain Catcher
Why did the last guy hit the ball back in bounds? It was going out at a good yard line inside the 10. Doing that could’ve pushed em outside the 10
Strain Catcher
Why did the last guy hit the ball back in bounds? It was going out at a good yard line inside the 10. Doing that could’ve pushed em outside the 10
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 2 days ago
Punting has been an issue for years, hopefully this guy can be consistent.
King Kyle 611
King Kyle 611 2 days ago
This is why he got drafted! Averaging 50 yds a punt 😳
Mateo Roldan-Raymond
Hé looks like he plays without pads lol happy to have him On the steelers
Brandon Ellis
Brandon Ellis 2 days ago
I read Steeler fans gave him the nick name "thick kick".
Eagle Fang
Eagle Fang 3 days ago
That throw to start the video WOW
Jesse LeBlanc
Jesse LeBlanc 3 days ago
He has a pretty good arm and a pretty good leg this guy may be able to play every position he may be a true swiss army knife ....you dony want to be the guy coming up to make a stop on 4th and 2 and him with a head of steam there will be a train wreck and I'm betting on our new punter
Da 1
Da 1 3 days ago
Steelers needs to make sure that he can keep his weight down.
Billyj Clinton
Billyj Clinton 3 days ago
I want to see this dude truck somebody.
Random Person
Random Person 4 days ago
he looks like a random guy who just shows up on gameday. I love it 😂😂😂
Klaus Von Haus
Klaus Von Haus 4 days ago
The ball flies off his foot because it’s scared of his size!
SGD #5
SGD #5 4 days ago
Who said we didn’t get a QB
Stride 18
Stride 18 4 days ago
A special team Weapon. so versatile, can do so many things with him
JM 4 days ago
Go Steelers!
Rinzler_ 72
Rinzler_ 72 4 days ago
0:40 that was mean😂😂
Chad Brisco
Chad Brisco 4 days ago
The next Pat McAfee right here. Well... The 260 pound version of McAfee that is.
Chad Brisco
Chad Brisco 4 days ago
Only the Steelers would draft a 260 pound punter to their band of misfits. Lol. Jack Lambert with no teeth, Mean Joe Greene, L.C. Greenwood, Dwight White and Ernie Holmes on the D-Line. A quarterback named Terry Bradshaw who doesn't know how to spell his own name, a softspoken italian by the name of Franco Harris, A ballerina Wide Receiver named Lynn Swann. A wide receiver named Hines Ward who played the position like he was on defense, Troy Polamalu a soft spoken safety who played at an elite level but with so much humitity, Joey Porter was the mouthpiece of our defense, James Harrison likes to take peoples heads off, Big Ben who basically played backyard football, a 300 pound halfback named Jerome Bettis, a coach named Bill Cowher who yelled with spit flying out of his mouth, Plaxico Burress and his gunshot Santonio Holmes and 40 kilos of crack, Antonio Brown and his business is boomin' persona, Le'Veon Bell and his money pursuit, Claypool and Juju and their Tiktok personalities, Najee Harris who comes from the streets like Marshawn Lynch, now this. Let's Go bitches. We gonna win super bowl number 7 for number 7.
392_Charlestown 348
Reminds me of the Dolphins punter Reggie Roby late 80s early 90s use to wear a digital watch.
Nolan ONeal
Nolan ONeal 4 days ago
Goodbye Jordan Berry, Steelers Got A Steal, Great Punter and He can Throw the ball. What a Weapon.
Big Ben
Big Ben 4 days ago
What a goat! Welcome to Pitt Big Press
adamx1220 4 days ago
I love this guy. And I still don’t have to root for the Steelers now bc I’ll just want them to punt every drive!
Br Car
Br Car 4 days ago
@adamx1220 Seattle fan?
adamx1220 4 days ago
@Br Car lol wasn’t trying to hide it. Love the player, hate the Steelers (but only bc of SB XL)
Br Car
Br Car 4 days ago
Lol sneaky comment I see lol
Datsko 4 days ago
Biggest punter in NFL history
SammyTV 4 days ago
6ft 255? Holy hell thats a thicc punter
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis 4 days ago
Can he tackle??
Jim K
Jim K 5 days ago
Plug him in at short yardage/goal line rb. Looks like a young Bettis.
Skyhunter 5 days ago
We got a STUD BOIS!!
XimenaSu 5 days ago
Love it, welcome to the Steelers, time to make our ST a beast to go with out top defense and an offense that looks very promising
jrsnowden25 5 days ago
Did the Steelers draft him to punt or play nose tackle?
FourOne Two
FourOne Two 5 days ago
I don't really understand what I'm looking at but.... it's awesome 😁
I Like Waffles
I Like Waffles 5 days ago
Horrible pick though clearly. Yeah it’s funny but what a joke....hang time?
Justin Cross
Justin Cross 5 days ago
Leveraged 5 days ago
I love it, punts will actually be fun to watch this year 😂
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 5 days ago
If he can be consistent he will win the job.
Cody Marus
Cody Marus 5 days ago
If he is walking on 2 legs, he’ll win the job.. berry is inconsistent and trash all at the same time. Would also save cap space. I was drafting a punter in the final rounds of all my drafts and I got laughed at for it. I had etienne, freirmuth, Cox, meirnez, twyman, josh ball, Duffy. In reality, wasn’t that far off. Harris/etienne just whoever was available, PT, green, shoulda went cox or wade but whaaatever, loudermilk🤦‍♂️shoulda went twyman but DT still, woulda liked ball but they got Moore, and Hardin over Duffy.
Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco 5 days ago
Why do the Steelers have to keep picking up players I like?
Justin Moody
Justin Moody 5 days ago
I think Jordan Berry just lost his job
Br Car
Br Car 4 days ago
Me too
Yo Kolbee
Yo Kolbee 5 days ago
Put hkm at fullback
Bill Perez
Bill Perez 5 days ago
If he makes the team, guaranteed Tomlin tries a fake punt within first two regular season games. And I can't wait to see it.
kyro jag
kyro jag 2 days ago
Let him run it. Shidddd
Br Car
Br Car 4 days ago
He is a MAN
Hotdogbun96 5 days ago
best pick of the draft
David Almighty
David Almighty 5 days ago
Is like he's not even trying
Brad Cornell
Brad Cornell 5 days ago
That was what i thought. He looks like he is pooch kicking it and 50 to 60 yards later.
Ran Butch75
Ran Butch75 5 days ago
Steelers !
Dmeads 56
Dmeads 56 5 days ago
Hopefully we don’t cut him like we did Colin Holba.
Supercook49 5 days ago
Welcome to Steeler Nation
Jayy Lacee
Jayy Lacee 5 days ago
I wonder if he can play on the defensive line too 😂😂
Br Car
Br Car 4 days ago
He done linebacker, tight end punter and few plays at qb in high school
Aaron M
Aaron M 5 days ago
This guy is about to be a star in the NFL. You don’t see big punters like him often. Man is a unit.
kyle 5 days ago
What an absolute unit.
Diverse Conscious
Yes yes y’all to the beat y’all! They did it and got him! Thank you thank you! My favorite player
James Dolensky
James Dolensky 5 days ago
why draft a punter when you can draft a punter and a half
onaje arnold
onaje arnold 5 days ago
Rip Jordan berry
DietBigRed 5 days ago
If shit hits the fan and Ben gets hurt he looks like he has a better arm than Rudolph 😂😂
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis 4 days ago
Rudolph is going to be good
ClickTrollz 5 days ago
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy 5 days ago
I know it's a joke but Rudolphs arm strength has never been in question.
Yooo fr
Grind-Hard TrashbagGang
Fucking A1 choice to seal a great draft year for us, welcome to the Steelers we love you already
Kevin Roundtree
Kevin Roundtree 5 days ago
I actually like this pick he will become one of the most dangerous punters in the NFL can you say trick plays 🖤💛🖤💛
CHIEF 5 days ago
Wait, is he gonna be Ben's replacement too?
Vin R
Vin R 5 days ago
The new slash? Punter/QB/OL/NT
All Sports All The Time
This kid is electric
Mike Boudreau
Mike Boudreau 5 days ago
Steelers drafted a punter and an Oline with the same pick... love it
Cameron Reed
Cameron Reed 3 days ago
Ya know qb, te, lb,de,dt as well
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis 4 days ago
Live Motivator
Live Motivator 4 days ago
I3londed First
I3londed First 5 days ago
Shoot maybe even a qb 😏
gemcutter187 5 days ago
I'm sure he can tackle too since he's built like linebacker. Hope we finally have a star punter. Black black 🌑 & yellow 🌕
Sam Sukiasian
Sam Sukiasian 3 days ago
If he can catch the runner
Klaus Von Haus
Klaus Von Haus 4 days ago
Black N’ Gold
Br Car
Br Car 4 days ago
He played linebacker in high school too as well as tight end and punter. A few plays as qb too
Ram Garfield
Ram Garfield 5 days ago
the black mcafee
Stirbis69 5 days ago
He thic boi
Walking Bomb
Walking Bomb 5 days ago
I like this pick lol
BeKind Rewind
BeKind Rewind 5 days ago
The Punter I never knew we needed, LFG Steelers what a find in the last few picks of the draft!! Doing PMac proud with the punter love!!
Hazlaw Chevis
Hazlaw Chevis 5 days ago
Welcome to Da Burgh....Press!!
Devon Beck
Devon Beck 5 days ago
Here we go
Real One
Real One 5 days ago
We won the draft holy moly we got us a stud at punter 😃😃😃😃 he got a leg and low key can throw the ball, honestly all of our picks from first to last are legit!!
Real One
Real One 3 days ago
Not concerned bout “experts” I like my team so please if you disagree great I DON’T CARE
Peyton Daily
Peyton Daily 3 days ago
i saw 2 espn experts” grade drafts earlier. steelers were last place in both. maybe they sucked at drafting
Shamona World
Shamona World 4 days ago
@Mataeo You can never have enough Good D Linemen. A strong rotation keeps the studs healthy and fresh, and takes pressure off the LBs.
K A 4 days ago
Relax yinzer!!!
Mataeo 4 days ago
the only pick i’m kinda meh about is how we traded for a dt
Charles Leggett
Charles Leggett 5 days ago
Matt Canada brings a lot of trick plays. This Punter is built for that. It's going to be a wild year. 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛
Br Car
Br Car 4 days ago
Cant wait
Will Ruelas
Will Ruelas 5 days ago
I was hoping for Max Duffy but he's obviously a better choice
Teebiskit 5 days ago
Jesus. My guy can punt and play Fullback
JLummin 5 days ago
and the trick plays, he threw a dime
Carlos 5 days ago
n8 gr8
n8 gr8 5 days ago
That one huge punter. Lets go steelers
Br Car
Br Car 4 days ago
I absolutley love this pick. Way to go steelers
Michael Driscoll
Michael Driscoll 4 days ago
n8 gr8 This guy is a weapon. WOW!!!!! Way to go Steelers.
Charles kilmore
Charles kilmore 5 days ago
Steelers baby let's go
Finn 444!
Finn 444! 5 days ago
Dany Sheply
Dany Sheply 5 days ago
Any Steelers fans here?
Br Car
Br Car 4 days ago
46 yr as steeler fan here
Joe McCarthy
Joe McCarthy 5 days ago
Mmhmm. Dang boomhaur mang.
It’sAiden 2Cool
Marc Derogatis
Marc Derogatis 5 days ago
Charles Leggett
Charles Leggett 5 days ago
CAP'N FTB 5 days ago
Welcome to the Burgh 💛🖤💛
Andrew Kasunick
Andrew Kasunick 5 days ago
Let’s go we got the steal of the draft
Victor Nernberg
Victor Nernberg 5 days ago
Yessir 🔥🔥🔥
Diverse Conscious
He’s fast as well
I am Vert
I am Vert 5 days ago
Let’s goo big boy can boom that thing, definitely a upgrade over Jordan berry. I liked this draft a bunch of players we can play anytime really.
ELBO GAMING 5 days ago
32% punts downed inside the 20🔥
wildboz27 6 days ago
Pittsburgh better not sleep our punter is hot trash
wildboz27 5 days ago
Amazing... Lol
I am Vert
I am Vert 5 days ago
Haha fr fr though Jordan berry was awful this guy can boom that thing
BeKind Rewind
BeKind Rewind 5 days ago
Damn son good call, go pick some number's while your hot!
Dacy Hartmann
Dacy Hartmann 5 days ago
Your wish has been granted.
Empz 5 days ago
Got em
Nate Lowe
Nate Lowe 13 days ago
Hope he gets drafted/signed to ATLANTA
Swaggy McSwaggerton
I really hope he has a long great career.
David Almighty
David Almighty 5 days ago
U had me in the first half not gonna lie 🤫
Andre Hezekiah
Andre Hezekiah 6 days ago
@Andrew Deacon yup, I've been watching on Flixzone for since december myself =)
Andrew Deacon
Andrew Deacon 6 days ago
A tip : watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.
Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
Such a *solid* punter
Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco 13 days ago
For some reason he reminds me of Marquette King
Thomas Eastwood
Thomas Eastwood 5 days ago
@Joe Flacco 👍
Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco 5 days ago
@Thomas Eastwood that’s really cool, I never knew that!
Thomas Eastwood
Thomas Eastwood 5 days ago
@Joe Flacco Well actually look it up, Marquette King was this guy's favorite player because he was a role model to him.
tt6464 8 days ago
@Joe Flacco Pat McAfee
Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco 13 days ago
@The Underground Kid it’s because he celebrates with his teammates which I have only really seen from King when it comes to punters and they are both great at pinning the other team deep.
The Underground Kid
Punter lives matter
Dee Pee
Dee Pee 3 days ago
😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 lol