Porsche Taycan vs. World's Fastest C8 Corvette With Emelia Hartford // This vs. That 

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This is straight up the most futuristic race we’ve ever done. A mid-engine, twin turbo, C8 Corvette with an triple piggybacked ECU (driven by our pal Ms. Emelia Hartford) vs. a mystery man in an electric Porsche Taycan that says it’s turbo, but it has no turbos.
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It’s also one of the best races we’ve *ever* had.

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Mar 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Be Humble Homie
Be Humble Homie 14 hours ago
All that ice cream talk got me real hungry
Dexter Kendall
Emelia is a badass.
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 2 days ago
Why such long gear ratios on the vet?
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 2 days ago
The vette is geared wrong, it's geared for 250mph top speed, it needs a sequential trans with tighter ratios like the Hoonicorn mustang
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 2 days ago
The idiot who suggested heads up 1000 ft was stupid because already the electric won that, should give up 1 car length to the Vette heads up 1k ft
Bda Bnd
Bda Bnd 2 days ago
AWD vs AWD would be s better matchup
Lil Mills
Lil Mills 2 days ago
the third race the porches launch was frame perfect wtf
Brad Crabtree
Brad Crabtree 2 days ago
Last summer while riding in a friends 65' VW beatle, some kids stop and a light with us in a tuned WRX and indicated they wanted to go. My buddy put in 2nd gear a smoked their ride! They were dumbfounded when they learned it was an electric conversion. Hard to beat AC/DC torque off the line.
H0usseTube !
H0usseTube ! 2 days ago
Women and driving🤦🏻
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan 2 days ago
9:04. Porsche cheated.. was rolling before the c8 even took off
Anson Pollard
Anson Pollard 3 days ago
U guys need a drone to get Better results on finishes
Tyries Hines
Tyries Hines 3 days ago
He seemed like a dick glad she walked him
Nick Schulz
Nick Schulz 4 days ago
Incoming 1000+ HP cars coming from Hennessy
Luis Gamez
Luis Gamez 4 days ago
A 4 door va a coupe.
Dan Bush
Dan Bush 5 days ago
Take the Porsche any day over the hacked vette. Vette's trans . is about to grenade.
All I wanted was a hellcat
He basically said I want the jump, 3 cars, and that sweet ass
Alex Chang
Alex Chang 6 days ago
The Taycan Turbo S would've beat the Corvette on the first 2 and maybe even the 3rd lol
Stag 6 days ago
Is that guy like a wannabe Richard Rawlings or something
Gage Hartsell
Gage Hartsell 6 days ago
Anybody else think they had beef in the past?
Merritt S
Merritt S 7 days ago
Those are fancy rotors. They have a special coating on them. They'll last a really long time. But cost like. Hellq
Rayn Mee Vah
Rayn Mee Vah 7 days ago
that taycan's acceleration is shorter... dat c8 acceleration is slower but longer
Rayn Mee Vah
Rayn Mee Vah 7 days ago
nice rapn't
Rayn Mee Vah
Rayn Mee Vah 7 days ago
Thanny Devitos
Thanny Devitos 8 days ago
I love the editors who make these lol
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell 8 days ago
Everyone in the comments: “WhAt A dBaG sAyInG hE hAs MoRe MoNeY tHaN hEr” Her before he said that: “how much money you got?” Lotta simps in the comments it’s friendly trash talk and it definitely made for the best episode yet
kass ka
kass ka 8 days ago
Electric cars belong to the funfair
journogonzo 9 days ago
this is one of the best episodes so far! Love the trash talk 😁
GrizzlyBMX bike14
He’s one of those ‘ I’ve got enough money for posh electric car with a fake turbo written on the side’ type of person even though all he has to do is floor the accelerator. She seems more about the proper stuff. Glad she won.
JohnVH Life
JohnVH Life 9 days ago
Typical Porsche guy. haha.
Jac Thomas
Jac Thomas 9 days ago
Regular Show is the best Cartoon since Bugs! Watched every episode with my kids. The racing isn't bad either...
Zion Joseph
Zion Joseph 10 days ago
Hey rich boy or not it was funny af
solid snake
solid snake 10 days ago
i hate those people i have more money than you
uroprop 10 days ago
wow beating a dad spec eurocar with ur amerifat racecar
Regan 10 days ago
That Corvette is a monster.
Dimitar.M. 11 days ago
the taycan is the quiet kid in the german factory
REST MAN 11 days ago
That was a good race, but that C8 is a beast.
Driver wolf
Driver wolf 10 days ago
Its not the fastest, there's a red one 300hp more, 9 second car
Junior. 12 days ago
Corvette C8 Amália vs Corvette C8 Fueltech??
Driver wolf
Driver wolf 10 days ago
Exactly, Fueltech is wayyy more powerful and 9 second car
seth Martinez
seth Martinez 12 days ago
I’m so glad she lost to a literal four wheeler
J. 12 days ago
She only has the fastest C8 by dialing in all day, sitting at the tree, building ideal boost, and then finally launching and time was taken from that. Might be fastest in all perfect scenario but she can't RACE FOR SHIT
Driver wolf
Driver wolf 10 days ago
Not fastest, Fueltech has fastest.
J. 12 days ago
That said, Cody is a douche.
Ben gmail Thomas
Ben gmail Thomas 12 days ago
dude shes too cocky. he brought a fast ELETRIC car, like jesus if he really brought a car she would loose, hell a 911 turbo s would demolish the c8. and oh god would a gt2rs or a 935
Driver wolf
Driver wolf 10 days ago
Turbo S... really? This has like 735hp
Carl Mason
Carl Mason 12 days ago
That vette came and caught ass.
Antiphobia 12 days ago
free speech
free speech 12 days ago
Fastest car with a female driver is still only ever gonna be 2nd place
Adan Gonzalez
Adan Gonzalez 12 days ago
That's the most bearded Karen I've ever seen.
mbsnyderc 12 days ago
Calling an electric car turbo is just dumb,electric cars have built in computer traction control that make them really that make them hard to beat of the line it can reduce the power to the level that they don't spin they hook and book.
General Pinochet
General Pinochet 13 days ago
Typical electric car guy, no balls
Brian Mailly
Brian Mailly 13 days ago
plot twist: the nitrous is hooked up
Caden Brumbelow
Caden Brumbelow 13 days ago
He’s just mad he can’t buy a faster than built car
Cozy L
Cozy L 14 days ago
this one is def the most passiv aggressiv episode ever hahahaha
Pestilizer 14 days ago
Bruh that guy in the porche is such a douchbag
davedonedis 14 days ago
As soon as you have to negotiate conditions for a race... you lost.
Lucas Denis
Lucas Denis 14 days ago
12:32 oh shit😂
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez 14 days ago
Ran Ware
Ran Ware 14 days ago
Heard it right v8 baby.... Thats it and thats all
Driver wolf
Driver wolf 13 days ago
I don't think it's the fastest C8 either, I just saw a 9 second car... barely, he kept getting low 10's until perfect weather, white C8, possibly latino guy. speed mods
dave despain
dave despain 15 days ago
As a Porsche owner, I just want to thank this guy for making us all look even douchier.
Ashly Plourde
Ashly Plourde 15 days ago
Rich boy no like lose to girl lol
Ashly Plourde
Ashly Plourde 15 days ago
The taycan looks like an ugly beetle and the c8 looks like if they built a Ferrari in America
Turbojunki 16 days ago
Jumps the first race, then wants the hit. Then jumps again. Lol.
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens 16 days ago
That dude looks like Hunter biden...boo
Good Luck
Good Luck 16 days ago
Yo I love a girl who can talk shit
First Last
First Last 16 days ago
Cody’s first launch was superhuman, he was going before the starters hand had moved an inch.
Davil 16 days ago
I think she was asleep at the start on all 3 runs...
San Clemente Railfan
the Porsche driver is an as*hole "do what I say do what I say do what I say I have more money"
cesar velazco
cesar velazco 16 days ago
Dudes a loser. Way to go Emelia
Filip Jozwiak
Filip Jozwiak 16 days ago
A stock electric car with less horsepower gave her a run for her money and she's the race driver out of 2 of them. Whatever he says that makes anybody cringe, or even if you think it's his daddy's money, she still made excuses when she lost to a 95hp banshee. sorry not sorry
Gijs van der Gracht
Emilia is so much more bad ass than that wimp. lol
Adi S
Adi S 16 days ago
Why is this called the worlds fastest C8?
blurry39 17 days ago
Me being a petrol head must say if you put som time and money into a good electric call it really get spicy 🌶, plus you dont have to wory about fuel. But it will never sound as good as a V8
stephan becker
stephan becker 17 days ago
I knew I didn't like him from his creep off the line on the first race.
tapd 17 days ago
dude definitely talks and acts like a young Porsche owner
Derrick M
Derrick M 17 days ago
sucks that they're still wearing masks
Michael Roche
Michael Roche 17 days ago
Wish the honicorn would come back 🥺 beat the crap outta that c8
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 17 days ago
She what are you going to add turbos had me ☠️☠️☠️☠️
Franky Valdebenito
Franky Valdebenito 17 days ago
V8 forever on top
James Reed
James Reed 17 days ago
I didnt know Hunter Biden had a Taycan, or that he drag races. That money from Russia and China is good to him. He still seems like a douche.
Dtc 17 days ago
the porsche driver is a total douche
Biden’s crack pipe
typical porsche owner
Matt Hamilton
Matt Hamilton 17 days ago
This guy must be allergic to a fair race 😂 always asking to get the hit or 1-3 car lengths....glad she got him haha
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 17 days ago
It’s call a c8 because it’s a v8...
LuckyNumberKe7in 17 days ago
That outro song tho
A Seeber
A Seeber 18 days ago
Yea she’s all that but wait till the c8 Zora comes out XD Mfs will be taking her to gaplebees with their stock cars
Jason's Snow Plowing
proof you can have a fast car and have no idea how to drive.
Mike Sookun
Mike Sookun 18 days ago
Damn she definitely shamed this electronic car to the ground 🤣 I love her
tristen clark
tristen clark 18 days ago
dude in the Porsche is a straight up douche
Jackson Tint
Jackson Tint 18 days ago
you guys need to find someone with a plaid model s that would be a real race
Esteban Duran
Esteban Duran 18 days ago
Vtecing 19 days ago
v8 baby!
Bang N Gearz
Bang N Gearz 19 days ago
awesome races!!!! thats one impressive built C8 no doubt!!!
cyclhed 19 days ago
How is heads up a fair race? The Taycan would drag a stock C8 Vette.
Panashe Gwaze
Panashe Gwaze 19 days ago
The best this vs that episode 💥💥
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 20 days ago
I call for reruns with a proper starting system, porsche boy jumped the start every time.
Dayne Crawford
Dayne Crawford 20 days ago
no one can hear your muffled ass voices.
Skurneha 20 days ago
lmao mans got a hell of an ego problem
Dempsey Derous
Dempsey Derous 20 days ago
that's raw talent, milking out a 15 second drag race in 15 minutes
Dempsey Derous
Dempsey Derous 20 days ago
8:50 thank me later
W W 21 day ago
W W 21 day ago
Meanwhile me and my two daughters watching this on a Friday night on the TV eating ice cream 🤣🤣👍👍
W W 21 day ago
I'd love to put my holden maloo ute up against that vette now it has the supercharged LSX in it. It would be interesting 👌👍
Julio Estrada
Julio Estrada 21 day ago
I would like to see the demon race the Twin Turbo C8
Marcus Ball
Marcus Ball 21 day ago
give he editors a raise