Police Chief Catches Racist Cops In Action, Watch What Happens Next. 

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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Vid Chronicles
Vid Chronicles 6 days ago
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Trevor Allen
Trevor Allen 10 hours ago
If only 🧠
awoke and AWARE
Too bad it's not like this in real life because they're all in secret societies on code helping each other out lol
Jason Lalliansanga
Yeah true
Doussou Kondeh
Doussou Kondeh 4 days ago
BOB the guy ok
Bonita Rose
Bonita Rose 4 days ago
I have been watching your videos for a while. This video was SO good I finally decided to subscribe! Good job! 🙂❤ keep up the good work 👍
Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller 2 minutes ago
The public is subject to video surveillance in publicand in our own front yard so why shouldn't police be subject to continuous audio,/video monitoring during whole shift not just when their on calls. Hmmm
Bigfoot N More
Bigfoot N More 2 minutes ago
Welcome to race baiter fantasy land. Better be afraid to go outside in the least racist country in the world. Fabricating racism to spark non- existent racism in the weak minded. If your all about what shade of skin someone has then you need to work on yourself.
Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller 4 minutes ago
It's almost as if they made this little video to belittle the real situation. Genuine effort to inform, however, very unlikely scenario. Body cam footage is much more damning than this unlikely incident. Discipline officers daily by monitoring their bodycams the entire shift, minus restroom breaks plz, and then you'll find your bad apples.
Remedios SAul
Remedios SAul 25 minutes ago
Technomage 201
Technomage 201 25 minutes ago
So awesome peoples bring on more learning, truth and knowledge is the key
David Lebron
David Lebron 26 minutes ago
Is not forgiveness for what they did
D Change
D Change Hour ago
This is exactly what people of color experience by white police officers
Anekila World
Anekila World Hour ago
Thanks guys
William Kistner
William Kistner 2 hours ago
It is sad that most civilians fear for there life around cops who may or may not shoot or arrest you cause they feel like it.
Mark Graff Sr.
Mark Graff Sr. 3 hours ago
taylor and floyd wer both exibiting criminal behavior and flyod was on drugs taylors boy friend was a felon with a weapon find a better example
Raul Novoa
Raul Novoa 3 hours ago
Gun talking ego out of control
puff armstrong
puff armstrong 3 hours ago
Andrew Ibarra
Andrew Ibarra 3 hours ago
The first niga at the end looks depressed
Didgeridont 3 hours ago
Bruh do you people actually consume this shit in all seriousness and think you're MORE intelligent than other people?
Giselle Holiday
Giselle Holiday 4 hours ago
Lovely skit. Safely this is not the reality. Make it a gift to the Police Department and suggest it be "Required Viewing". Stay as safe as u can people.
Kathryn Schimpf
Kathryn Schimpf 4 hours ago
I cannot fathom how over 1000 people disliked this video!
DeGrinch2007 4 hours ago
Cute clip
Vearry Hale
Vearry Hale 4 hours ago
That woman says been told it like it was you lose your job take care that we need good officers to do their job right not judge people because they are black and brown we are tired racist discrimination will not be allowed as we move forward Black Lives Matter black and brown he must not be overlooked and we must not get disrespected because of our luxe or I will color because black is beautiful
Vearry Hale
Vearry Hale 4 hours ago
It’s sad that black and brown people we got it hard these two women were judged because they are brown and black and when we are judge regarding our color it’s upsetting is a slap in the face because then our constitutional rights are being violated how they do it because she’s an expanded and they have the same name as someone a judge them because they are expanding people it’s sad when they judge you because of your color creed nationality these are things we need to all talk about no one should be violated regarding the colorThose two women probably would have went down if that husband of hers had a nurse come and intervene thank God they will get fired they get caught violating lying and try to get away have they been white women those two officers would not come out like that they would’ve even knocked on this woman’s door but because she was black they violated thank God people are recognizing what has been going on for so long people are going down just for being black and brown these are things we got to talk about or it will continue
Norm 4 hours ago
It was reported that the L.A. County Sheriffs Department are being accused of hiring members of the Banditos motorcycle gang into their ranks. Police departments are not just hiring racist and prejudicial cops who thinks they are above the law, they are hiring criminals who use the badge to commit crimes. What happened to background screening and psychological testing.
kapil busawah
kapil busawah 4 hours ago
I want to see more like this in the future but end with 'this was based on a true story'
jj sa
jj sa 4 hours ago
Yeah and the police union saved their jobs
Rexx Duncan
Rexx Duncan 4 hours ago
Imagine this shit ha
Gus Housen
Gus Housen 4 hours ago
Cop fool
brenttutika 5 hours ago
Cops "kill millions of minorities"?
Steve Chapman
Steve Chapman 5 hours ago
you see,,,
Walter White
Walter White 5 hours ago
This is pure fantasy! This literally never happens. Nothing changes until pigs are stripped of the qualified immunity. Your video is a joke.
Walter Richards
Walter Richards 5 hours ago
Without looking at the video and just reading the title about what happened next I'm guessing he got promoted to Captain
Trixter 5 hours ago
damn this is good. i hope this goes on trend
Michael John
Michael John 5 hours ago
Spot on Mate 😀. Cheers from Michael. Australia.
Geraldine Muyano
Geraldine Muyano 6 hours ago
Pwince 6 hours ago
Not applicable in the newly acquired United Socialist of America province of CHINA. Freedom of rights? Non existent. Obey or be neutralized. Chairman Xi Jinping and Deputy Biden orders it. Or else...
Rob Bow
Rob Bow 6 hours ago
Thumbs down, are the bigots who can't let go of the hate!
Yvonne Robinson
Yvonne Robinson 6 hours ago
Strange the husbabd didnt say who he was. Not a good video.
Nick 2fresh
Nick 2fresh 6 hours ago
hahahhah garbage video. this isnt real life yall making people hate cops just wait unti you need one and then expect them to protect you hahah also im mexican and dont see this racism
Zac Grubble
Zac Grubble 7 hours ago
Good message. Bad cops make it dangerous for good cops regardless of color or race. All racism is bad and if you agree I’m sure you feel the same about BLM as an organization too.
Astrid Jaye
Astrid Jaye 7 hours ago
This was a good one
fuqui035 8 hours ago
They picked ont
donald johnson
donald johnson 8 hours ago
Pretty sure a union rep will get their jobs back within a month.
Edgard Torres
Edgard Torres 8 hours ago
Removed them from their works 👎👎👎
Wow I’m so lost for words.
Randy Moyer
Randy Moyer 8 hours ago
This is the STUPIDEST thing I've ever seen!
AlmightyFox 7 hours ago
Ray Will
Ray Will 9 hours ago
What a joke.
Drell Mcneil
Drell Mcneil 9 hours ago
Good always conqueor evil...
Adrian Gardner
Adrian Gardner 9 hours ago
When she said you about to lose your job
Tsunami 9 hours ago
"millions of other minorities." hahaha
Carlene Williams
Carlene Williams 10 hours ago
Carlene Williams
Carlene Williams 4 hours ago
@Anthony Thomas I’m doing ok today thanks for asking
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 7 hours ago
Hello how are you doing??
Michael Chaney
Michael Chaney 11 hours ago
This is hilarious. Anybody know what planet it's from?
Alix 68
Alix 68 11 hours ago
Dang the dude with the hat doesn't look like he cares ...lol wth
Path Below
Path Below 11 hours ago
Tony T
Tony T 11 hours ago
Senna Blue
Senna Blue 12 hours ago
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 12 hours ago
Hello how are you doing today
Ruth Tadesie
Ruth Tadesie 12 hours ago
"Hey Charles and Bradley...YOU ABOUT TO LOSE YO JOB YOU ABOUT TO LOSE YO JOB" we stannnn this epic moment is at 5:40
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 11 hours ago
Hello how are you doing today
stillwill2215 12 hours ago
Too bad this doesn't actually ever happen thanks to qualified immunity and the police union. End Qualified Immunity.
Grace Mwakyoma
Grace Mwakyoma 12 hours ago
This is so amazing. Just because of colour differences doesn't mean that we white and black God. Is a God of all colours and we all save one God
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 7 hours ago
@Grace Mwakyoma Hangouts is a chatting app where we can send pictures and make call. You can get it on your Google play store or your Apple store just search for the word Hangouts and download it there, if you are do download it you can send me your email so we can chat on hangouts ?
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 7 hours ago
@Grace Mwakyoma Fine , where are you from?? Are you on Hangouts??
Grace Mwakyoma
Grace Mwakyoma 10 hours ago
@Anthony Thomas very good thanks and u sir
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 11 hours ago
Hello how are you doing today I
Gb4life Homie
Gb4life Homie 12 hours ago
Fun fact George floyd beat up his pregnant wife
Jose Garrido
Jose Garrido 13 hours ago
I LOVE IT. Les quedo brutal y me gusto mucho. This kind of message should be spread over the world every day so people get used to it.
Faisal H.
Faisal H. 13 hours ago
Amazing lesson. Yes love is the key.
Steven Bennett
Steven Bennett 13 hours ago
Only if this was real and this really happened when racist cops get cuaght
flick22601 13 hours ago
Wish I had been that police chief. They would have turned over their weapons to me on the spot. Also their badges and any other issued equipment including their squad car and, hopefully, their uniform. I'd then let them walk to the station and complete their paperwork making sure as many officers and employees were there to witness it as possible. THAT'S how these out of control cops will be stopped. Also, the chief should have brought them up on charges.
BBJ Bros
BBJ Bros 13 hours ago
ou about to lose your job was so friggin funny
DeanO P
DeanO P 14 hours ago
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 11 hours ago
Hello how are you doing today I
David Yusuf
David Yusuf 14 hours ago
This is the best video ever
Helen Richardson
Helen Richardson 14 hours ago
Lesson well learned!!!
nael daniel :o
nael daniel :o 14 hours ago
LOL in the end was sooo funny
Jaydah Dwyer
Jaydah Dwyer 14 hours ago
amen it time America to stop. let love lead the way.
byaombe mto
byaombe mto 14 hours ago
Matt Doherty
Matt Doherty 15 hours ago
What’s scary is that the bad cops out there really are just like these two.
AlmightyFox 6 hours ago
No there isn't buddy.
Kenneth Scott
Kenneth Scott 15 hours ago
The 2 cops did nothing wrong.
Otis sykes
Otis sykes 15 hours ago
You about to lose your job you about to lose your job. Lol
Bill Corbet
Bill Corbet 16 hours ago
If this was real, there is no way they would let them have a badge and gun after they were fired. Other than that, those two dipshits got what they deserved. We all bleed red, therefore we are all the same
tim oshea
tim oshea 16 hours ago
the only place this happens is in Disney world, what is the point the type of people that that act like this don't listen to these kinds of messages or even give a f....k
clara Lee
clara Lee 16 hours ago
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 11 hours ago
Hello how are you doing today
mary JOHNSON 16 hours ago
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 7 hours ago
@mary JOHNSON Hangouts is a chatting app where we can send pictures and make call. You can get it on your Google play store or your Apple store just search for the word Hangouts and download it there, if you are do download it you can send me your email so we can chat on hangouts ?
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 7 hours ago
@mary JOHNSON Where are you from ??? Are you on Hangouts??
mary JOHNSON 11 hours ago
@Anthony Thomas I am Blessed & Highly Favored By God🙋💓
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 11 hours ago
Hello how are you doing
ashonta huddleston
ashonta huddleston 16 hours ago
The problem with this video is not the message it sends. No, the problem is that this scenario does not occur in real life. The blue line protects its own at all costs; even going to arbitration for reinstatement even though the punishment was considered appropriate and just. That being said, the other thing that was proven in the video is cops' inherent belief that they know everything based on their inmate conclusions. " I think you're doing this, so now I'm accusing you of it; evidence notwithstanding along with no investigation." Absolute power corrupts absolutely. To be truthful, I have had only 1 cop apologize without being pressured by other means. He thought I was drinking a beer in the car, when in reality, it was root beer. Dan Hughes
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 16 hours ago
You never know who you may come across.
heavystarch100 16 hours ago
The moral of this story is this wouldn't happen in a MILLION TRILLION QUADRILLION YEARS!!
AlmightyFox 6 hours ago
Do you mean the officers getting caught or them being racist? I'm a firm believer that 99.99% of all cops are in fact, not racist. People don't understand the difference between profiling and racism.
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 16 hours ago
It feels a little bit Raw. It just needs a little bit authenticity.
Corry 1357
Corry 1357 16 hours ago
He pulled the GORGE FLOYD
Frosty Maty
Frosty Maty 16 hours ago
"You About To Lose Your Job"
heavystarch100 16 hours ago
Fantasy!! This happened in a dream I once had!! 🤣🤣
Corry 1357
Corry 1357 16 hours ago
Chairs house.DUN DUN DUN...
Corry 1357
Corry 1357 16 hours ago
Ideots !
Lee Phillips
Lee Phillips 16 hours ago
Never happen!! First cops NEVER apologize!! Second the cheif would have just slapped their wrists and not fire them or better yet probably give them a 2 week vacation. Happens all the time. Thin blue line. This was hilarious though.
Corry 1357
Corry 1357 16 hours ago
I like how it says then this happens.
Nelly Nel
Nelly Nel 17 hours ago
This was so stupid
Dave Blevins
Dave Blevins 17 hours ago
Good little video 👍🇺🇸
Patrick Tyner
Patrick Tyner 17 hours ago
Why do I get the feeling this never actually happened? No quotes, no witnesses, no nothing. So what is the point of this video? And perhaps it should be made clear that this is fantasy not reality.
james amonett
james amonett 17 hours ago
If only a police chief would fire bad cops in the real world. We would not be in the mess we are now!
Peace Freedom
Peace Freedom 17 hours ago
You about to lose your job cause you was detaining me for nothing.
4 Realz
4 Realz 18 hours ago
Breonna wasn’t innocent, George Floyd yes innocent but it’s was just a drug head dead
AlmightyFox 6 hours ago
George floyd was not innocent. Getting sent to prison 7 times and pointing a gun at a pregnant woman is not would I consider innocent. The other problem with the "innocent george floyd" is for one, He died of a fentynal overdose, not asphixiation from external forces. Also there's nothing proving the officers had racist motives.
Sevynth Daye
Sevynth Daye 18 hours ago
ameriKKKa huh!??
Sevynth Daye
Sevynth Daye 18 hours ago
Only if this was REAL ONLY!! 🧐🧐🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Amanda-Jayne D. Cooke
Epic vid guys, this is what the world needs now days. America 🇺🇸 need to together as does the UK 🇬🇧 and other countries we all need to pull together as one ☝️ peoples.
Amanda-Jayne D. Cooke
@Anthony Thomas hiya I’m from the UK 🇬🇧 and yes I am
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 7 hours ago
@Amanda-Jayne D. Cooke Hangouts is a chatting app where we can send pictures and make call. You can get it on your Google play store or your Apple store just search for the word Hangouts and download it there, if you are do download it you can send me your email so we can chat on hangouts ?
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 7 hours ago
@Amanda-Jayne D. Cooke Fine .. where are you from??? Are you on Hangouts??
Amanda-Jayne D. Cooke
@Anthony Thomas not so bad thanks 🙏🏻, how’s you?
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 11 hours ago
Hello how are you doing today
dantes peek
dantes peek 18 hours ago
looks more like a sick fantasy that doesn't even make sense. bet the chief can do better girls from those two regardless of what color. I'd rather they show the real world, and how to deal with it.
Straightupnochaser 18 hours ago
We are not the minority in fact we are the majority..Facts
Lars Hansen
Lars Hansen 18 hours ago
Ohh boy. I see a third world country with a third world problem.
D. Williams
D. Williams 18 hours ago
The make up of that household reminds me of don johnson on django
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