PnB Rock - Need Somebody [Official Music Video] 

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PnB Rock - Need Somebody
Stream/Download: pnbrock.lnk.to/NeedSomebody
Starring: PnB Rock
Featuring: Steph Sibounheuang
Director: Clifton Bell
Executive Producer: Jevonne Cortez Bell
Executive Producer: Clifton Bell
Producer: Zeus Zamani
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson/ OverScene LLC
Marketing: Brian “Busy” Dackowski
Rep: Jennifer Herrera
New Lane Entertainment: CEO Monté Kearney
Management: Taalib Din, Manny Dion, James Ahearn
Wardrobe Stylist: Terry Long
Wardrobe Assistant: Thamy Nunez
Wardrobe Assistant: Tara Dorilus
Makeup Artist: Irasema Lagunas
Hair Stylist: Jamellah Muhammad
Production Designer: Zoe-Zoe Sheen
Lead Man: Elio Martinez
Set Dresser #1: Cassie Hunter
Set Dresser #2: Mikey Avina
COVID Compliance Officer: Kyree L. Frazier
Production Assistants:
Edward Cruz
David Rankin
Malik Riley
Ricardo Berrum
Miru Kim
Site Rep: Johnny Gimino
Craft Services: Kris Deskins
Personal Assistant: Sarah Frazier
Editor: Clifton Bell
Colorist: Trevor Durtschi
Beauty + VFX: Max Colt
Sound Design: Darrel Greene
Production Company: GhettoNerd
Stream/Download TrapStar Turnt PopStar - PNBrock.lnk.to/TSTPSID​​
Follow PnB Rock:
#PnBRock​​ #NeedSomebody


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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Say Mally
Say Mally 2 hours ago
Old rock👀.
ReUpDaplug_kickz 4 hours ago
Whats funny is he made dis at his house with his women....deep
AaronsGolden 5 hours ago
The way this nigga said “Just relax” got me dying laughing 🤣
Marvin Below
Marvin Below 8 hours ago
Us rap a lot of bullshit nothing flow only bullshit
It’s Aaliyah
Her fuckkking up in the end killsss me every time i play the song ❤️😭
Theresa Simmons
lil Migs
lil Migs Day ago
Like if Pnb rock better then a boogie
lil Migs
lil Migs Day ago
Like: Pnb rock Comment: polo g
WockHardt Day ago
I miss old pnb 2016-2018 era was his prime
sohollywood kye
sohollywood kye 2 days ago
Damn it hits when you been through it
taye pollard
taye pollard 2 days ago
Pnb is fuckin back🔥😤
Hakeem Canada
Hakeem Canada 2 days ago
Pnb dropped this the same day my girl found out I was cheating.... now I feel like a nut
Biggg Bankk
Biggg Bankk 2 days ago
us-first.info/player/video/jcuFgGt8eH92fWA.html 🔥🔥
عمر عمر
عمر عمر 3 days ago
Dishon Daniels
Dishon Daniels 3 days ago
From guyana🇬🇾 #pnb hard🔥
NewLane Ant
NewLane Ant 3 days ago
Ronny Simiyu
Ronny Simiyu 3 days ago
slaps hard than the pandemic
Hakeem Atariwa
Hakeem Atariwa 3 days ago
We need more of those yeaaasssiiiiirrrr pnb back back 🤟🏾👌🏾
Kush Kartel 300
Kush Kartel 300 3 days ago
David Westlake
David Westlake 4 days ago
Sundowns Gaming
Sundowns Gaming 4 days ago
This isn't called singing The music is good but most of the time he isn't even singing he is just saying the words normally
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores 4 days ago
Valla caca de canción
nami swan
nami swan 4 days ago
Anime brings you here
عمر عمر
عمر عمر 4 days ago
Samuel Didi
Samuel Didi 4 days ago
Reminds me of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" video
Pablo Estaurino
Pablo Estaurino 4 days ago
Very good! saludos desde Argentina 💙🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
N !
N ! 4 days ago
G.O. 4 days ago
I never get tired of listening to PnB rock
Lawrence Blair
Lawrence Blair 5 days ago
3dwan 707
3dwan 707 5 days ago
عفت طيزي من الإعلان
Lemon Rain
Lemon Rain 5 days ago
Redirecting pop up ads and a shit song.
JDF Babi
JDF Babi 5 days ago
Joey_ Breezy
Joey_ Breezy 5 days ago
he doesnt age
Anonymous Wolf
Anonymous Wolf 5 days ago
What kind of music is this fuck? 🤮
Professeur Benzakour
Carson Day
Carson Day 5 days ago
Billie Jones
Billie Jones 5 days ago
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. (Joel 2:12-13) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)
Ye-Maje H
Ye-Maje H 5 days ago
I love this song!! like fr
Kollector 5 days ago
Ayooo wtf
Ryuk for fun
Ryuk for fun 5 days ago
Who else got her by an add
María Salas
María Salas 6 days ago
800k cuevana
Dennis S Lobaton
Dennis S Lobaton 6 days ago
Tris Vlogs
Tris Vlogs 6 days ago
Almost back to that old PNB when that shit used to hit different
King Dribs
King Dribs 6 days ago
Fuck ur music. For the simple reason that i wound up here whilst tryna watch HxH
Lemon Rain
Lemon Rain 5 days ago
Great show, good choice
OB DA OFFICIAL 6 days ago
Dope song
Mordexis 6 days ago
Let me watch anime
stranger2two 6 days ago
I was redirected here when I accidentally touched the screen while watching a movie. Therefore, I will accidentally 👎 this YT shit, after which, I will accidentally report this under spam. I suggest everyone does the same :)
Ithiel Pitt
Ithiel Pitt 6 days ago
I'm single and care not for any of this but the song sound good so I'll like and follow
Denisw1112 play
Denisw1112 play 6 days ago
Orrible este anuncio
Rappers Digest
Rappers Digest 6 days ago
Banger 🔥
Oli Quispe
Oli Quispe 6 days ago
Que feo
marques perez
marques perez 6 days ago
This song is fire
Melany Garcia
Melany Garcia 6 days ago
El único comentario en inglés que vas a encontrar
Leo Goga
Leo Goga 6 days ago
let me watch anime
Kebbyeye OfficialVEVO
Nice song
Jordan Wallace
Jordan Wallace 6 days ago
here before 1 mill 😌
Nya Thara
Nya Thara 6 days ago
Shit msc
Tynasia Arnold
Tynasia Arnold 7 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks he sounds better without all the autotune?
Phuong Do
Phuong Do 7 days ago
Lh Jlopl .
Andrea Torres
Andrea Torres 7 days ago
Ajit Subba
Ajit Subba 7 days ago
Lmao add from gogoanime bought me here
Erika 7 days ago
Pnb never misses 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hfizhzky_ 7 days ago
just lemme watch my anime peacefully okay!?
Cali Stackz
Cali Stackz 7 days ago
My favorite artist for a while now
Lazavia Bey
Lazavia Bey 7 days ago
Aquarius Thompson
How is a person arguing so chill lol....."Fck it you can have it"
Samoth Teacher
Samoth Teacher 7 days ago
Blocking US-first all together to much of this crap on there.
Redfox LuxGray
Redfox LuxGray 7 days ago
Pinche vídeo feo
Zxalfeeya 7 days ago
PNB fell so low that he places pop up ads on anime sites... After XXL? What a hopeless guy
N !
N ! 7 days ago
Kapatagan ta Vines
Romans 1:16, NASB: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek." ... It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes--the Jew first and also the Gentile."💕☺
Kapatagan ta Vines
Romans 1:16, NASB: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek." ... It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes--the Jew first and also the Gentile."💕☺
Kapatagan ta Vines
Romans 1:16, NASB: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek." ... It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes--the Jew first and also the Gentile."💕☺
oceanvs unicorn
oceanvs unicorn 8 days ago
444 entertainment Yt
this shit fire no fucking cap
Mauricio Feijoo
Mauricio Feijoo 8 days ago
Full autotune
Ale StAR
Ale StAR 8 days ago
Nina Frederick
Nina Frederick 8 days ago
Wth is this😒
Quideer Wimes
Quideer Wimes 8 days ago
You can have allat Shit , balla Shit lol
GxX Grimeyy
GxX Grimeyy 8 days ago
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 8 days ago
Real fans no he just be recycling his music lol
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 8 days ago
Forgive me is the real version and is better if you ask me I hate this pop shyt he be on we need that r&b pnb back 💯
diagne benjamin
diagne benjamin 8 days ago
The goat is here!!
T 8 days ago
Vibes 💖
Higher Purpose
Higher Purpose 8 days ago
Guys don’t go to Hell. If you see this comment it is God sending you a warning before it is too late. Jesus is coming soon. Get right with God. If you decide to follow Jesus after he saves Christians from the hard times that are coming. You will have to die for your faith. Accept Jesus before it is too late brothers and sisters..
Tayb 8 days ago
My bruddas went up shout-out newlane ant , mfn and the goat rock
Shemar Powell
Shemar Powell 8 days ago
This song is underrated but everyday it gain 100k views😂💯🔥
Ace Trapø
Ace Trapø 8 days ago
RJ 8 days ago
I click on a website nd it draged me up here 😑
Hangsama Tabebung Limbu
Why Gogoanime bought me here
Underrated Shaan
Underrated Shaan 8 days ago
Yung TK da Glock GOD
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believed in him shall not perish but have eternal life🥶
Jaclyn Thompson
Jaclyn Thompson 8 days ago
I WISH women were as crazy as men make them out to be 😂
Meer21street 8 days ago
ASH Midnight Beats
We Need A PnB Rock X Chris Brown 🔥
SmurkishP 9 days ago
Feelings pt 2? Lowkey 🔥
AshishRoy 9 days ago
Pnb is way too underrated
Phaja Young
Phaja Young 9 days ago
Im mad at u for this one lmao
Phaja Young
Phaja Young 9 days ago
I love it tho🥰
Loofe 9 days ago