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Pay it forward.
So much negativity in this world, can we be the change to make a positive impact and spread positivity? Let's do it!
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Feb 22, 2021




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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 6 days ago
ØTF EzpuK 5 days ago
Positive vibes all day!
I'm a dog lover Me
Ofc always here to spread positive vibes
Anware Durham
Anware Durham 6 days ago
dont let the hate get to you !!!!
Selam Berhane
Selam Berhane 6 days ago
Laura Perez
Laura Perez 6 days ago
Yes I am donating my hair
OliverOMGyay 10 minutes ago
How many subs can I get from my comment currently 6
Angelina Sori
Angelina Sori 21 minute ago
Muhammad Rayyan
Muhammad Rayyan 23 minutes ago
You will never sucseedd
Anything4 Selena
Your amazing ✨🤍
Fullmega _403
Fullmega _403 2 hours ago
if they put that back at it at crispycreams it would perfect
speedy3385 2 hours ago
This is so poggers
Sarvenndra sarven
Sarvenndra sarven 2 hours ago
Good jop rug
Tony Miers
Tony Miers 2 hours ago
Your the goat don’t listen to people who think you do good stuff for clout keep doing what your doing
TSUKU OBOE 2 hours ago
That's awesome rug
Ryan Wood
Ryan Wood 2 hours ago
Rug I love you
SB TMACC 3 hours ago
What they be feeding kids these days lil bro like 400 pounds
Hopeless Thunder
Hopeless Thunder 4 hours ago
Can I get a ps 5 please rug I started to watch you 2 years ago and you have been good all the people
HIPHOP HITS 4 hours ago
Alfiezx 4 hours ago
Your gfuel is so 🔥🔥🔥
BryJos tiongson
BryJos tiongson 4 hours ago
Its a dream to hug rug and we love you rug😊😊😊😀😀
TopazGamer YT351
TopazGamer YT351 4 hours ago
FaZe up
TopazGamer YT351
TopazGamer YT351 4 hours ago
Pay it forward is a good thing tl
αlαи мαjer
αlαи мαjer 4 hours ago
1:43 could't get anymore faker. he just so happens to have a F-R (hoodie)
Rainbow 4 hours ago
No regret your the best of you comment on mine it will make my life
Vanessa R
Vanessa R 4 hours ago
God loves you, don’t give up💕
TONI WORLD 5 hours ago
Me and my dad and Alot of other people are going around the world to help the homeless and we really care for what your doing thankyou and we give them a care package with a blanket,sandwich,clothes,and Alot more I glad my dad has help me accomplish my big dream this really warms my heart it just makes me cry in joyful tears thankyou faze rug for doing good in this world
シIgniteシ 5 hours ago
He went Mr. Beast mode on this vid no cap
Alan Odisho
Alan Odisho 6 hours ago
faZe rug(Brian)I have subscribed to ur channel,liked and the notification thing.I LOVE YOU
Accidental Genius
Accidental Genius 7 hours ago
Mr Beast : Am I A Joke To You?
Anusha Giri
Anusha Giri 7 hours ago
Dhar mann and you should definitely collaborate I will love it,go in dhar Mann's sms PLS!
lalremsiami 21
lalremsiami 21 7 hours ago
This video makes me wanna cry🤧💙
Maree Nattrass
Maree Nattrass 8 hours ago
Me watching at 12:19 am
ConizeCraft 8 hours ago
I wish i can meet faze rug but i live in asia and i don't even think that he would see this comment
Da Yo
Da Yo 8 hours ago
Yesssssssssss dude that's solo nice
Da Yo
Da Yo 8 hours ago
I ment soo
Lucas Decoutere
Lucas Decoutere 9 hours ago
your good bro
Aravind Sekhar J B
Aravind Sekhar J B 10 hours ago
You are such an awesome human being❤️
Adonis Hssaiky
Adonis Hssaiky 10 hours ago
faze rug is the nicest person ever
Madam Satan
Madam Satan 10 hours ago
The important thing in those videos is that he is DOING IT. It doesn't matter why. HE IS DOING IT.
Sunny Cessna
Sunny Cessna 10 hours ago
knock off Mr Beast??????
SHMUCK YT 11 hours ago
this acting fire
Cвет 11 hours ago
I love you Rug ❤️ I’m so proud to be your supporter 🙏🏻❤️ This video is something else. The level of genuine kindness is unbelievable ❤️
ChilledAOGaming 11 hours ago
Don’t let it get to your head
Liban Abdi
Liban Abdi 12 hours ago
I love you pants
Shelby F
Shelby F 12 hours ago
Don’t let the negative people, choose who you are or what you want to do!
Colton New
Colton New 12 hours ago
dj will
dj will 12 hours ago
God bless 🙏🏾
The BROS Fluger
The BROS Fluger 13 hours ago
So good of a guy
Maria Mantsch
Maria Mantsch 13 hours ago
I always try to be this way all the time at school home stores anywhere i go :)
Maria Mantsch
Maria Mantsch 13 hours ago
God always has a plan for you and push foward and never stop being you even when you have people who treat you wrong and always have a warm kind heart to others
View Rose
View Rose 13 hours ago
Susanna Baghumyan
Susanna Baghumyan 13 hours ago
Yes spread goodnes
عايشه ياسر Aysha yaser
cool vidos
Samuel Lovell
Samuel Lovell 14 hours ago
I was smiling the whole time! Loved it!
Brennon the millionaire
Hi faze
Daniel Hargraves
Daniel Hargraves 15 hours ago
im so sorry rug i watched this at night but i promise i will tommorow
donald Little
donald Little 15 hours ago
We all fill bad I hom you don’t die all up us wish you don’t die and I hom you hit10k
Mason Kearns
Mason Kearns 15 hours ago
Never let comments get to you do good deeds be kind and always never bully ppl respect them even if there mean to you
Ahmed Noriya
Ahmed Noriya 15 hours ago
Your on the good boy list 😜
Inma Cortes
Inma Cortes 16 hours ago
U are a good guy rug
Giovanni Naranjo
Giovanni Naranjo 16 hours ago
Ur the best i have learned a lot of stuff from you.
Mario 16 hours ago
joey 9
joey 9 16 hours ago
their better be no hate comments
Ryder Cortez
Ryder Cortez 17 hours ago
Coolest guy US-first
Lil Jay 23
Lil Jay 23 17 hours ago
Most of the people watch his vids but they don't sub
Ismael Montez
Ismael Montez 17 hours ago
Watch the whole video ur so nice Brian for doing those good deeds I for sure do the same and don't let those hatter go to u. Ur the reason why I do those good deeds thanks for ur help love you
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar 17 hours ago
Andrei 17 hours ago
thats why i love you rug
testify 17 hours ago
i appreciate you so much thank you for doing everything❤️❤️❤️💕💕
testify 17 hours ago
Elise White
Elise White 18 hours ago
Whoever made those comments! Are mad because they aren't who you are😭💞
Nick NyC
Nick NyC 18 hours ago
One of the best content creators out there ❤️
Samantha & Anthony Colin
From cealy Colin
The Ramen Clan
The Ramen Clan 19 hours ago
You just did this for views and subs SIKE. Faze Rug is one of the nicest people I have ever seen and he deserves to be praised. And if you hate on him then we all know you are just jealous of all the nice things he has done. God bless you and have a good day.
DBergSK8 19 hours ago
The good people always loose , that’s just how life is, the way life works sucks, the good people should always succeed
Benjamin Van Hansen
Benjamin Van Hansen 19 hours ago
Letsss gooooo brooooo good man rug🥺🔥
jgm303270 19 hours ago
Did anyone notice that that walmart looks a lot like superstore from Warzone ?
EwocK 20 hours ago
ur the best bro ❤❤❤♥♥💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
maro 1st place
maro 1st place 20 hours ago
Fun fact you clicked on the vid
EwocK 20 hours ago
u maded my day just by making these video!!!! TNX
Mikey Hernandez
Mikey Hernandez 20 hours ago
Can you follow me on tiktok plzz it Hey Or fuckkklife0
100% PRO
100% PRO 20 hours ago
Your awesome man!
Easy3s Dunk
Easy3s Dunk 20 hours ago
I’m kinda mad at the people that though you were doing this for views but hey rug people are going to hate but just let them hate we don’t care what people think you are a good man rug 😁😁😁
mahd Dolor
mahd Dolor 20 hours ago
This type of video goes deep! I love when people do this because it makes me want to continue doing it but rn I’m really tight on my money because of my bills and other things I need to handle .so right now I’m trying to look for another job to also share good deeds for those in need!! All thanks to you RUG ❤️❤️❤️
DS Mathrisn
DS Mathrisn 20 hours ago
Hi rug, i love you soo much and ty for doing this to the poor people keep up the good work:)
Omar 21 hour ago
rug you’re the man. such an inspiration
Ta’Vion Dickens
Ta’Vion Dickens 21 hour ago
There need to be more people like you in this world and don’t let that stuff get to you. You do you
P M 22 hours ago
Ok I love your vids but what he did was wrong with the dude in the car they really didn’t need a pillow serious but it wasn’t Brian fault I mean come on people if u have what u have just buy your stuff
Redeeming Tears
Redeeming Tears 22 hours ago
Why does he zoom in soo much
Arnav Emmanuel
Arnav Emmanuel 22 hours ago
Faze Rug ur the best I love you're videos you're my fav US-firstr you are so kind I love you faze rug
brothers gaming
brothers gaming 22 hours ago
I have been watching since u had 7 million subs much love
Sinead Murphy
Sinead Murphy 22 hours ago
i would do a deed but its already 20 to 9 pm
Rehan Azeem
Rehan Azeem 22 hours ago
We don’t know rug in real life on camera he dose so much imagine how much he dose of camera even to his family people with this much money are just greedy best guy ever
Jeff Jeff and friends
The 3.8k people who disliked this video have no heart
TTV SIZO 23 hours ago
Good rugy good rugy
RANDOM DUO 23 hours ago
You inspired me to make my US-first channel and I want to do the same
Jacob Vanderklok
Jacob Vanderklok 23 hours ago
I so want to do that
Life with AM
Life with AM Day ago
PLEASE LIKE THIS VIDEO SO RUG CAN SEE!!! Faze rug I have been a fan of yours for almost 4 years now and from the pranks, haunted tunnels, clowns, Debby pranks and so much more You have been my favorite US-firstr forever ! You saved me from depression and I’ve been gaining more positively moments because of you I wish I could thank you in person but my biggest dream ever would be if you came to my graduation this year !!! I am in North Carolina and you are on the other side of the US but please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽I tried haha but I love the rugrats so much and thank you for being the best positive person ever 💯💯🔥🔥❤️❤️
Brianna RodriguezCordero
Faze Rug is the best person that supports people
Debjit Dey
Debjit Dey Day ago
Appreciate it man. Keep helping needy people.
Memesso FanPage
Rug you are so nice that if i was famous i would pay you everyday i wouldnt care
Rickey Kalia
Rickey Kalia Day ago
Best Faze Rug video iv ever seen
Ismailrehman Ismail
You are the best bro
Team Mb3
Team Mb3 Day ago
Umm r we going to talk about the ending
Goat Life
Goat Life Day ago
Rug is such a good person. He is changing the world for the better. Thank you rug. 🙏
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