Playing Minecraft as the ICE QUEEN! 

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Krew plays the Frozen 2 Adventure Minecraft Map!
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Game Link ► bit.ly/MinecraftFrozenAdventureMap

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Nov 25, 2020




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Comments 100   
ItsFunneh 2 months ago
*One like = One dumpling fed to Drana* 🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟
MEGAN’s Entertainment Center
@Topaz Thorn OwOs there sisters :0
Eunice Bah
Eunice Bah Month ago
Grace Tagra
Grace Tagra Month ago
I like it 1 dumpling for drana
Aceline Month ago
drana why not drama
Shelly Parks
Shelly Parks 2 months ago
@Topaz Thorn OwOs indeed
Sanjoy Pandey
Sanjoy Pandey 19 hours ago
THE cutest costume of all is its fennhe
Xurielle rei autor
Xurielle rei autor 21 hour ago
not funneh saying her eyelashes is there cause of that part of vlog where her eyelash is getting removed by the wind .🧿👄🧿💙💚🤍
Cristal Rojas Perez
Makes me laugh so much
aty zakaria
aty zakaria 3 days ago
'' anna and elsa are best friends '' No rainbow they sister not best friends
Charley Martinez
Charley Martinez 3 days ago
0:08 XD
Academically Universe
Dumpling dells
Princess Raylee Zoe Barrera
When they like win somewhere funny lost an eyelash in the cold
I love how drana head was like ⤵️⤴️↗️↘️↙️↖️↕️➡️⬅️
R. Flores
R. Flores 4 days ago
hi funneh
Oof I’m late on her posts 😐🌀🦋💙
Kiki Amelia
Kiki Amelia 4 days ago
I love funneh but like funneh Wanna get to queen but okay funneh won it but is okay
• k e i l y l o v e s k r e w •
i agree with the thumbnail funneh is the ice queen
Leila Miguel
Leila Miguel 4 days ago
Golds is the cutes
Leila Miguel
Leila Miguel 4 days ago
One by one give drana a dumpling’s
Sarah Westmaas
Sarah Westmaas 5 days ago
draco is the best outfit
Nina, john, and Cousins
I guess Draca’s ancestry has stretched far back
Catarina De Oliveira Cambiaghi
ugh i fell like i need to do something I’m so angry about that draco is taking everything
white shadow
white shadow 6 days ago
hahaha! Cute🤐🤐😮
Is drana the lost sister draca?
Persephone Beaty - ARE Student
i love your videos
Katan Kid
Katan Kid 10 days ago
Wow Draco’s so evil
Coco's World
Coco's World 10 days ago
Funneh has the best skin
T Williams
T Williams 10 days ago
anna and elsa is sisters not bff
Adalyn Sullivan
Adalyn Sullivan 10 days ago
my lil sis loved it she giggled 24/7 for 300 days
AquaDolfinLover 10 days ago
Funneh has the best costume out of the krew
Liberty Henderson
Liberty Henderson 10 days ago
Rainbows costume is the best out of all
JAMINE AUSTIN 10 days ago
Here’s a shorter way to say I like all the good all the crew except for Draco
Malea Da goat
Malea Da goat 10 days ago
Don't need any coins mean mean jackal 😱
Hannah 10 days ago
It's drana is the lost sister with Draca in Backstory?
zulnizam ardian
zulnizam ardian 10 days ago
funneh is cool 👌💐🌸💮
Chloeanne CHANNEL
Chloeanne CHANNEL 11 days ago
Play Roblox in Minecraft 2 can I join in your grill
Chloeanne CHANNEL
Chloeanne CHANNEL 11 days ago
Funny when I watched it it's so funny
ThePosinedNachos 10
Draco and drana
Tamara paige Buenaventura
all of it is base on frozen 2
Stephanie Weaverh
Stephanie Weaverh 12 days ago
yes its funneh happy 2021
Stephanie Weaverh
Stephanie Weaverh 12 days ago
one like = one dumpling yay
Bay 99
Bay 99 12 days ago
itsfunneh the ice queen go brrrrrrrr lol
Julia Damian
Julia Damian 13 days ago
i love luner so luner lol
Gabrielle Fuentes
Gabrielle Fuentes 14 days ago
Drana the Queen Of The Mystical Dumplings Den
Michael Stanfield
Michael Stanfield 14 days ago
Hiiiiii im early and i loveeee it
NurikCrafts G.
NurikCrafts G. 14 days ago
and rainbow and draco cheated
TEAM DARKNESS 14 days ago
I like when drana says he's still better and I laugh good video
Cristine JimmCanlas
Draca: Tik Tok Queen. Drana: Queen Of Dumpling Dell 🥟 There Sisters
Emerson Fernandez
Emerson Fernandez 14 days ago
I love it it was funny very funny!
Veronica Spates
Veronica Spates 15 days ago
Logan Alba
Logan Alba 15 days ago
funneh had the cuteist outfit
Jaylei Booth
Jaylei Booth 15 days ago
draco is anoying
Alana 0_0
Alana 0_0 15 days ago
Theory= *Drana is the sister of Draca??? :000*
Sierra Gardiner
Sierra Gardiner 15 days ago
Luna has the best costume
Im Bored
Im Bored 15 days ago
The palace and new rooms and stuff are from frozen2
Jada Moore
Jada Moore 15 days ago
drana not draco
Joy-Juliëtte Chau
Joy-Juliëtte Chau 16 days ago
fuzzy mochii
fuzzy mochii 16 days ago
lEt iT gO
Samina Abid
Samina Abid 17 days ago
Ok funneh
Andrea Pack
Andrea Pack 17 days ago
Gold:I’m cold Funneh:ok(pushes couch to fire Lunar:HORRER MOVIE
Andrea Pack
Andrea Pack 17 days ago
Those powers are frozen 2
Kristi Philpot
Kristi Philpot 17 days ago
And I’m a kid on my moms Account
Haavish Haavi
Haavish Haavi 18 days ago
Lol its me star gacha
Dude draco is anna
Nguyen Luc
Nguyen Luc 18 days ago
why does draco outfit kinda look like a anna outfit XDDD
Soap Sky
Soap Sky 16 days ago
It is Anna's outfit I think that's why he called himself "Drana/Dranna"
Landon Mignone
Landon Mignone 18 days ago
•Soviet Boba•
•Soviet Boba• 18 days ago
First theres Draco, then Draca and now Drana. *Whats next, Dramantha?*
Rizza Lee
Rizza Lee 16 days ago
Or maybe Drose? Drace? Dretty? Or what????????
Rizza Lee
Rizza Lee 16 days ago
Prob lol XD Or maybe Dracalicia?
Cassandra Soleil Tiano
i hate drana wich is draco
Øcto Dõcto
Øcto Dõcto 19 days ago
Doris Howlett
Doris Howlett 19 days ago
Dodobird :3
Dodobird :3 19 days ago
Is Drana Draca's long lost sister?
Amanda A
Amanda A 19 days ago
Rainbow is
emilyrose caskey
emilyrose caskey 19 days ago
Your not the ice queen Aphmal is
Sabinah Delos Santos
funneh ur so silly the marshmallow is in front of the castle!
steve maranan
steve maranan 20 days ago
kick draco out og the group
Mercy 564
Mercy 564 20 days ago
its draca
Roisin Mc Donald
Roisin Mc Donald 20 days ago
Drana And Draca And prob bffs :>
Anya Bernabe
Anya Bernabe 20 days ago
Is Drana the long lost sister of Draca 😮
xanne pig
xanne pig 20 days ago
Drana is the long lost sister of draca?
music game
music game 20 days ago
i dint notes dracko is elsa
Hiba Ali
Hiba Ali 21 day ago
Omg lol draco is so funny lol lol lol lol
Mohd Halim Dukimin
Fayebelle's Corner
Lol XD
Niraj Baral
Niraj Baral 21 day ago
SweetCherries Vlog
Oml Draco is Princess Anna XD
Christopher Adiegwu
Rainbow has the best
Lemon Peachii
Lemon Peachii 21 day ago
drana...draca..draco... the trio
Aliyah and Hesediel
who else love the krew me
Jasmin Olga Mendador
i like itsfunneh
chelacorn 22 days ago
Hold has the cutest
Noor Izuddin Ismail Dino
I don't like DraconiteDragon!!!
Onna Riske
Onna Riske 23 days ago
Clash Gaming
Clash Gaming 23 days ago
Draco is the youngest so duh he said everything smells like farts
mike minkovitz
mike minkovitz 23 days ago
I like and love 🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟
Just a Jellyfish
Just a Jellyfish 23 days ago
At 18:49 lunar sounded like she was gonna sing the muffin song
Jewel Chloe Tiempo
Jewel Chloe Tiempo 23 days ago
I love draco voice
XxxYinYangxxX 24 days ago
me when im scared: FUNNEH!!!
Charrie Gail Maslog
the cutest costume is FUNEHHHHH
kefazo 24 days ago
Dumpling dumpling OK I think I will Collett Draco dramatic
Zelda Toliver
Zelda Toliver 24 days ago
I have an Olaf family lol
Yony Lin
Yony Lin 24 days ago
INotKat 24 days ago
yes 😎
Pinkie Rodriguez
Pinkie Rodriguez 24 days ago