PLAYING AMONG US IN REAL LIFE! If Everything Was Like Among Us! Funniest Moments By 123 GO!CHALLENGE 

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Have you ever played Among Us?
One of these guys is going to be the imposter…
No way you can trust anyone now.
Try to guess who’s the impostor!
Let us know in the comments!
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
Calista Ojuolape
Calista Ojuolape 15 minutes ago
Yellow was the Impostor
Ernestine Chapman
Ernestine Chapman 17 minutes ago
I sus yellow
Ernestine Chapman
Ernestine Chapman 17 minutes ago
And yellow was the issr
Ernestine Chapman
Ernestine Chapman 18 minutes ago
Blue cloud the measuring mete
Kimshhs Huiaif
Kimshhs Huiaif 53 minutes ago
Charles E Batista
Charles E Batista 59 minutes ago
I new yellow was the inposter
tigers and wolfy xD angels and dragons
I new yellow was the imoptse
Hailey Chen-Zhu
February 18 is my birthday
mercurey mystery
mercurey mystery 2 hours ago
I knew it was yellow bc you just voted out brown with no NO proof
Ilqar Memmedov
Ilqar Memmedov 2 hours ago
Çok seviyorum sizləri 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤
Railyn Datta
Railyn Datta 2 hours ago
I just downloaded among us and this video taught me how. Thanks!
Hannah Weaver
Hannah Weaver 2 hours ago
Aww I hate taking you to place’s 👄
Shaanvi Singh
Shaanvi Singh 2 hours ago
Shaanvi Singh
Shaanvi Singh 2 hours ago
Yellow was sus
Shaanvi Singh
Shaanvi Singh 2 hours ago
Omnia Magdy
Omnia Magdy 3 hours ago
Jana Alnadesh
Jana Alnadesh 3 hours ago
CHERRYL Meserilla
CHERRYL Meserilla 3 hours ago
I also know that yellow was the inposter
Wildcraft Hun
Wildcraft Hun 3 hours ago
I love your vids
Saikat Moyeen
Saikat Moyeen 3 hours ago
No iam sorry it is yallow Yallow sus I newad it's yallow sus
Saikat Moyeen
Saikat Moyeen 3 hours ago
I think it is red Red is an imporstor
Allie Reetz
Allie Reetz 3 hours ago
I thought it was blue or red
Venu Gopal
Venu Gopal 4 hours ago
They are from troom troom
namjildorj nasanbat
Kill cool dounw hello
Reem Dagher
Reem Dagher 4 hours ago
Yelow is the impostor
Pushpa Mandal
Pushpa Mandal 4 hours ago
Triggered insann should roast this
Afiya Ali
Afiya Ali 4 hours ago
I loveeee so much Aaron us
herry li
herry li 4 hours ago
I love among us so muchhhhhh!!!!!!!!
Eva Nacovska
Eva Nacovska 5 hours ago
Yellow i knew that she was an impostor
Prince Edward Leonardo
Can you guys make a map cold 🥶 skeldmirapoairship
Aarohi Lama
Aarohi Lama 5 hours ago
I was thinking it was brown
小小寧 5 hours ago
Yellow is Impostor
JoshAshley Distad
JoshAshley Distad 5 hours ago
Hannah is The imposters
ZinMin Khant
ZinMin Khant 5 hours ago
Yellow Is Sus 🤣 She Is The Imposter
Jess Pulford
Jess Pulford 5 hours ago
I new it was yellow
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 5 hours ago
Xrdsgdg Pocoyó
jocelyn dayanghirang
I thought its blue
Rayden Alexandre Ramos
Don’t imposter don t winer
Rayden Alexandre Ramos
You bad yallow
DeeDee Cairns
DeeDee Cairns 5 hours ago
i thoute it was blue
Sabertooth 6 hours ago
U copied this vid from jianhao tan u should be shamed of yourself
Mary Hickman
Mary Hickman 6 hours ago
Yellow is the Imposter
rene barth
rene barth 6 hours ago
i neu it was yellow
antek antek
antek antek 6 hours ago
lumu christian
lumu christian 6 hours ago
i thought it was green
Menchu Arcosiba Canlas
Aparna achintalwar
Aparna achintalwar 7 hours ago
Aparna achintalwar
Aparna achintalwar 7 hours ago
Offline among us 😆😆
Ela & Lena
Ela & Lena 7 hours ago
mustafa viovio
mustafa viovio 8 hours ago
Olivia Southern
Olivia Southern 8 hours ago
I play among us
Kae Chin
Kae Chin 8 hours ago
Yemisi Ajiyan
Yemisi Ajiyan 8 hours ago
And I was right!
Yemisi Ajiyan
Yemisi Ajiyan 8 hours ago
I am suspecting yellow
Siew Ling Tai
Siew Ling Tai 8 hours ago
I know it was yellow
Jacky Hebe,Sin
Jacky Hebe,Sin 8 hours ago
Siew Ling Tai
Siew Ling Tai 8 hours ago
I love aomg us 🌈🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚫️⚪️🟤🟤
Bernadette Gemino
Bernadette Gemino 8 hours ago
Mustard ketchup
Naidu YV
Naidu YV 8 hours ago
Yellow was the imposter I knew that
Tuul Jambaa
Tuul Jambaa 8 hours ago
Clint & Kylie Reid
Clint & Kylie Reid 9 hours ago
adrian chapman
adrian chapman 9 hours ago
Patricia Koroma
Patricia Koroma 9 hours ago
I can play among us
Paul Aldecoa
Paul Aldecoa 9 hours ago
I play among us to
PBS kids del
PBS kids del 10 hours ago
Jean Panes
Jean Panes 10 hours ago
Jean Panes
Jean Panes 10 hours ago
Aman Rai
Aman Rai 10 hours ago
I thought that yellow was Imposter when was yellow was looking blue in the door and when she was walking around
Rauf Begi
Rauf Begi 10 hours ago
That e 1year i wacht you but now this was my best game among us and thankyou for doing this video😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Lotus Underwood-Nishimura
I was thinking yellow sus
Tee Xiong yee
Tee Xiong yee 11 hours ago
They is manu wire task so crused how can it be
Durairajoo Munusamy
Durairajoo Munusamy 11 hours ago
i know it was yellow because she seem kinda sus
Chava Anil
Chava Anil 11 hours ago
I hate to being ghost
saira waseem
saira waseem 12 hours ago
Babu Rahman
Babu Rahman 13 hours ago
오현주 13 hours ago
HAILEY CARDENAS 13 hours ago
Yellow is the imposter
Putri Firda
Putri Firda 13 hours ago
Putri Firda
Putri Firda 13 hours ago
Md Shamimul Hasan
Md Shamimul Hasan 14 hours ago
ezra long
ezra long 14 hours ago
This video is a thing. Just think about it. This is a video on the internet that people made. Someone thought this was worthy of existing.
Jyoti Rajput
Jyoti Rajput 14 hours ago
Let me know what you think so too
Soon Weng Seow
Soon Weng Seow 14 hours ago
Do you like AMONG Us
Adelia rania
Adelia rania 15 hours ago
I like inpostar
Loafy 15 hours ago
literally james charles thumbnail
John Marbhim Beso
John Marbhim Beso 15 hours ago
I knew it was yellow she look sus 😊
kiyah tiana
kiyah tiana 15 hours ago
Green says the imposter is going to get us all
Jeremy Jutzuy
Jeremy Jutzuy 15 hours ago
Adriana Maciel
Adriana Maciel 15 hours ago
Chris burleson
Chris burleson 16 hours ago
This is hilarious
Soren Chua
Soren Chua 16 hours ago
no it is wrong because when you are the gost you don't need to do any task if you don't beleft then play among us to see when you are a gost you try to prees the task and see what will happen to the task so don't play with me i tell you huu ha ha ha so see carefully ok you mr or miss thank you very mach to all of you guys
Soren Chua
Soren Chua 16 hours ago
ha ha ha the game was fun hu you don't know
Soren Chua
Soren Chua 16 hours ago
i konw it is yellow because she want to win the game so i know elsa was the crewmade and the imposter is yellow that was easy ha ha ha because i play among us befor so i know who's the imposter
Gustavo Garcia
Gustavo Garcia 16 hours ago
Correa Renata
Correa Renata 16 hours ago
Kevin Gaspar
Kevin Gaspar 16 hours ago
i don like it
Suhail Faraj
Suhail Faraj 17 hours ago
It's yellow
Tapia 17 hours ago
Porque en ingles
Aesthetic_Rxses YT
Aesthetic_Rxses YT 17 hours ago
Fabiana Soivf
Fabiana Soivf 17 hours ago
You tajxdb kdbfgjxken
Raquel Bernardino
Raquel Bernardino 17 hours ago
can you post another video among us? plz🤗
Bacon wrapped ramen
Mom has no friends!