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Piggy Book 2 Roblox speedrunner Chapter 3 Series Animation in Minecraft Ft. Baldi's Basics, Mr. P., Sonic, Mario, Among Us, Imposters, crewmates, Baldi. Plus Peppa Pig EXE looks like Granny Piggy and there are more chapters now. This is Chapter 3. The Refinery! The game is in Roblox and now, we're taking it into the Minecraft world. Join Baldi and other friends like Sonic, Mario, Steve, and more as they take on a crazy looking Pig. THIS IS CHAPTER 3
#minecraft #animation #piggy #sonic #baldi #horror #roblox
Enjoy my 3D animation. Please like and share with all your friends and don't forget to Subscribe and Join the road to 200,000! us-first.info/more/UM9kh5pOIRjuVz4yL6z7Ng
This animation is a SEQUEL to:
AMONG US vs SONIC & MARIO BALDI RTX CHALLENGE! (Official) Cartoon Minecraft Animation.
Voices by Team WildCraft & Team Futuristichub!
Please don't re-upload my videos without my permission. These things take time to create. Thank you!
This is PIGGY BOOK 2 VS SONIC MARIO BALDI CHAPTER 3 GAME official Minecraft Animation Game Horror and Fun! Want more Baldi? SONIC THE HEDGEHOG? Looks like GRANNY. Subscribe! If Piggy Roblox Basics were in Granny's House, this is a taste of what you would see. Baldi's Basics. Featuring AMONG US Imposters and Crewmates! Maybe a dash of Sonic and Mario and Spongebob! Mr. P. Rash, Willow, Officer Doggy and more! Who wants more MARIO?! More ICE SCREAM 4?

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Apr 2, 2021




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WildCraft 18 days ago
ITS TIME! Chapter 4 is already in the works! It will not take as long as the last one! I had some issues on PC and other things. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Hope you enjoy hearing my voices like Willow, Pony, Zizzy, and more!
fig world
fig world 5 hours ago
@WildCraft okay I need proof that this is your second account because I think you got hacked or something I need poop that this is your second account
Zombiie Zachy
Zombiie Zachy 13 hours ago
Zombiie Zachy
Zombiie Zachy 14 hours ago
William Alvarez
Zombiie Zachy
Put Mario and black bear and kitty and Felix and katie and the panda and Filip
Jareed Manaf
Jareed Manaf 2 hours ago
when is the realease date of chapter 4
Traistr Plays
Traistr Plays 3 hours ago
Fall guys?
Kenny Truong
Kenny Truong 3 hours ago
Kenny Truong
Kenny Truong 3 hours ago
Kelvin Flores
Kelvin Flores 3 hours ago
I wached all your vids
Kelvin Flores
Kelvin Flores 4 hours ago
Bueno ahí tienes el chat de Ford
Random Person
Random Person 4 hours ago
oh my gipovs baldi is the best. I LOV YOR VIDS SO MUCH Oop, sorry, I just lost some brain cells and my Holy Bible after watching this
Blaise Poindexter
Blaise Poindexter 5 hours ago
When are you going to do chapter 4,5 and 6?And can you do a build mode map called the sweet shop? And distorted memory and winter holiday?
Juan Maynor
Juan Maynor 8 hours ago
Juan Maynor
Juan Maynor 8 hours ago
ladaniain kipling
ladaniain kipling 10 hours ago
poor flip
Roro toto
Roro toto 12 hours ago
Upload chapter 5 already I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks
Zombiie Zachy
Zombiie Zachy 13 hours ago
Poise zizzy😥
Zombiie Zachy
Zombiie Zachy 13 hours ago
I can't stop laughing at tiger you try to get Sonic funny 🤣🤣🤣
hernan manabat
hernan manabat 15 hours ago
pls chapter 4 the safe place
Matthew Jim
Matthew Jim 17 hours ago
How willow escaped from doggy and willow taking zizzy to a tower and she got infected
Akbar & Nurshah
Akbar & Nurshah 19 hours ago
Hi wildcraft why furistichub is not making new videos only you
ehfdjg vfvsgsh
ehfdjg vfvsgsh 23 hours ago
Jayden Hernandez
Uixie ckd c. Kf. K la Nwlx. Nx. Jxoan. Naan maosm k. J. X. Dje.skJz ‘09
Tyler Waldner
This video is trash
William Alvarez
Omg I like this so much
The Gemmy Collector!
Love you guys i hope you're safe
Lidia Mendoza
Nancy Rojo
Nancy Rojo Day ago
Wild craft please make more piggy chapter 2 videos it will mean the world to me I’m gonna smash the like button
Roisin McEvoy
Wen is chapter 4 being recorded?
Roisin McEvoy
Can't wait to see chapter 4 5 and 6
Roisin McEvoy
Poor Zizzy
joanna zarco
joanna zarco Day ago
Charles Pena
Charles Pena Day ago
gamingPJ 47
gamingPJ 47 Day ago
Sonic called tigry a kitty.
gamingPJ 47
gamingPJ 47 Day ago
Why sonic want baldi to jump through there he can't do that well baldi listen to sonic
Zombiie Zachy
Put Mario and black bear and kitty and Felix and Katie and the panda and Filip and zuzy and zee ok
gamingPJ 47
gamingPJ 47 Day ago
Nice vid
GS - 04JF 874041 Carberry PS
GS - 04JF 874041 Carberry PS 4 weeks ago if you did not post piggy book 2 CHAPTER 4 this mouth I will dislike all your videos
杨岩梅 Day ago
Maybe you to add Michael Myers In chapter 4
Zombiie Zachy
I love this video
Julia Hernandez
Vicente Talamantez
5:14 Yeah I am pretty sure if there was blood it would be kind of for teens only lol
creakcraft fan creekcraft fan
I love your videos
fire squad
fire squad 2 days ago
What app do u use for piggy video
farzana sadia
farzana sadia 2 days ago
Yaw la weo ca
XxBlueTigerxX Thany
I can't wait for chapter 4 to be out and I like/subscribed/turned on notifications. YOU'RE THE LEGEND WILDCRAFT!!!
young virtual gamer
These channel are too good
Gaster The Old Royal Scientist.
So much about this is cursed, but I will admit, willows voice dose sound like the voice I imagined.
Jenna Loeffen
Jenna Loeffen 2 days ago
Hit the like button for wildcraft to make piggy book 2 ch4! Animation and also to save zizzy!
Jenna Loeffen
Jenna Loeffen 2 days ago
In chapter 4 they have to face my worst enemy (raze)
Daegan Sowell
Daegan Sowell 3 days ago
4:17 Poor Tigry. He maybe saw things to rated M for me to say
Apple’s Fun Playtime
When you are done making chapter 4 can you make that one Christmas map winter holiday please:(
Spookz2Roblox Spooky
Pony’s voice sounds like he is a fat fortnite kid
Francisco Salazar
It was so funny when willow furball lol
{luna Crack}
{luna Crack} 3 days ago
Wildcraft es el nombre de un juego y tu no lo juegas
Sarwat Fatima
Sarwat Fatima 3 days ago
Omar Abujaber
Omar Abujaber 3 days ago
Uh oh l thought chapter 4 is not going to take long. STEVE!
Sarwat Fatima
Sarwat Fatima 3 days ago
javon davy-hamilton
This part made me laugh so hard XD 4:27
Kacie Starck
Kacie Starck 3 days ago
Why doesn't baldi have his gold ruler
TazBwasGood Yas
TazBwasGood Yas 3 days ago
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Bland Brand
Bland Brand 3 days ago
Can someone in youtube explain why tf this was recommended to me
Wyatt's World
Wyatt's World 3 days ago
Wen is sonic 10 coming out
brandon mejia
brandon mejia 3 days ago
Please bring Mario black
noveser bad i hate hem jr and jeffy good gays
zizzy pony bunny doggy the last whered are y
Subxann 3 days ago
Wolffe shut up you wolf head
Marry Ortiz
Marry Ortiz 3 days ago
American put Sonic and Minecraft chapter 10
Abd_AwesomeKid 3 days ago
Hey wildcraft! Ive been your fan for 3 years! But, how do you make animations? Do you go to vrchat? Cuz if you do use vrchat I cant launch world it doesnt work. Do we need to download vrchat or something? Thanks!
Kyung Choi
Kyung Choi 4 days ago
Can you do sonic 10 I’m counting on you
The Blev
The Blev 4 days ago
Oh boy can't wait to get a cease and desist letter for posting this comment. Your channel sucks, the content is milked garbage.
Liz COCKERELL 4 days ago
Jareed Manaf
Jareed Manaf 4 days ago
Youtuber mase Moore
Baldy and sonic can you post chapter 4
Leeotis Patrick
Leeotis Patrick 4 days ago
I'm going to make chapter 4 I'm getting real angry 😡
Kyung Choi
Kyung Choi 4 days ago
What’s up Wildcraft can you do Sonic 10 since you did’nt make it for a long time
Krystle Boca
Krystle Boca 4 days ago
Lori Danek
Lori Danek 4 days ago
What happened to Baldy‘s golden ruler
Diego Perez
Diego Perez 4 days ago
It seems that sonic and baldi are very good friends🙃🤙
Hari And devu craft
Bro plz put lugi in your next video to all video when Mario is there plz
Lorena Castro
Lorena Castro 4 days ago
baldi sonic vs raze piggy chapter 4 willlow sation
Amarilis Nuñez
Amarilis Nuñez 4 days ago
Prepara to meet ya doom hedghag
comeisha moise
comeisha moise 4 days ago
Willow was so rude at sonic and balid
Blessing The rabbit
Can you add siren head but he is size of baldi and he can talk in chapter 4 Or add Tails to be in chapter 4 but make tails new version Say *Tails* or *S.H.*
Blessing The rabbit
Angry Amazon
Angry Amazon 4 days ago
Blessing The rabbit
Proof baldi is rude to girls *hits bunny with wood* *pushes mimi* *abusing teacher*
Angry Amazon
Angry Amazon 4 days ago
He be causing Hate
Angry Amazon
Angry Amazon 4 days ago
He be causing Hate
EvaUnit08 4 days ago
their movements be like popee the performer
piggygaming 4 days ago
Jack Hethcox 2
Jack Hethcox 2 5 days ago
Conchita Hurtado
Conchita Hurtado 5 days ago
Te quiero de parte de luky
ZK TV 5 days ago
Hey wene is chapter 4 coming
Bee Lee
Bee Lee 5 days ago
Did willow just said the f*ck
Sebascraft 2010
Sebascraft 2010 5 days ago
Wath happend to baldi's golden ruler
ShadowVan 799
ShadowVan 799 5 days ago
Sonic is actually 15
Aerion Ervin
Aerion Ervin 5 days ago
zizzy got i skratch from the infected and now baldi and pony have to leave her
chicken boi
chicken boi 5 days ago
The Bag
The Bag 5 days ago
Where are my comments about how terrible wildcraft is? I posted like, 3. OK, I'll say it again. STOP WATCHING "LOLY'S" VIDEOS HE IS HURTING GOOD US-firstRS NOT JUST ECONOMICALLY BUT PHYSICALLY!!!!!!
epuentespina 5 days ago
Ch 4? Piggy
Danny Gil
Danny Gil 5 days ago
Where the fff i’m not going to cos where the crap is sonic 10 is this ball sss I am not Going to cos Released sonic 10 after the next video
Aerion Ervin
Aerion Ervin 5 days ago
were is baren katie and kitty
Game Hunters
Game Hunters 5 days ago
Ugh you an idiot? How are you supposed to finish chapter 6 without the members to save
Jareece Simpson Year 08
tigrys my favourite character
lisna tanizal
lisna tanizal 5 days ago
i love your chanel
Maria 6 days ago
"an animation god" LMAO
Kyung Choi
Kyung Choi 6 days ago
Wildcraft: hey guys we’re making this new piggy chapter I had some issues sorry Me:Better put Sonic 10 please you have’nt made it for a very very very long time
Thedonutfox 6 days ago
I found your other channel😶😔😒
Liamtapia1980 Johntapia
I don't Care
Brycenhasacat 6 days ago
If you don’t like and subscribe zizzy will die and it will be all your fault and your family will disown you
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