Phoenix Officers Give Robber Ample Warning 

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Apr 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Kriss Wegemer
Kriss Wegemer 3 hours ago
human garbage.....
Key Master
Key Master 8 hours ago
Had plenty of room and time for electricity
Shane Causey
Shane Causey 8 hours ago
OMG...all I could think of when that guy had a knife to his own throat was Blazing Saddles!!! HOLD IT!!! ONE MOVE AND THE N---- GETS IT!!! I couldn't be a cop...if I rolled up on something like that I'd be like "go ahead...cut your own throat...I dare ya"
Darrell Sadler
Darrell Sadler 11 hours ago
Why weren't tasers or even pepper spray deployed here instead of guns to diffuse the situation?
Octonoozle 14 hours ago
Call a social worker
Matthew Stephens
Matthew Stephens 16 hours ago
"My guy" slayed me lmfao
Zimbaa 17 hours ago
These cops need better training
Gary Napoli
Gary Napoli 18 hours ago
I don't know about their department but when the firearm is used it supposed to be used to shoot to kill you're not supposed to shoot a suspect in the leg for pity
daniel Sibley
daniel Sibley 21 hour ago
These ladies are amazing, steady, tough and committed. Incredible interaction with the standard moron.
i mean they could have backed up, if they really didnt want to shoot him. you simply cant expect a person whos this far gone to comply with your line in the sand
Jonathan Harrington
The leg shot ugh so not cool
richard kim
richard kim Day ago
Only one backup officer at 2:45AM? Camelback and 43rd ave and 2 cops show up for an armed robbery call. Damn
Troy Day ago
Awesome Policing. Thumbs up up
Bayarea_pyro 415
“Shoot me I wanna get shot” *PAH!* “Whuaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! ahhhieeeee!”
Ellis Jr.
Ellis Jr. 2 days ago
Glad his wounds weren’t fatal. Had he died she blatantly said “I will kill you”. But Officer, aren’t we shooting to stop the threat, and not kill?
odiumimbues 2 days ago
"my guy.." she says. haha
Dan 2 days ago
At least she didn't think she was tasing him XD
TheNamesJT 3 days ago
Why didn't they go for the taser first then lethal? umm? when police resort to lethal right away thats kinda fucked in my opinion. This situation is perfect for a taser or even pepper spray and then taser ect.
Ethan Schlamp
Ethan Schlamp 3 days ago
Y don’t these people listen every time this is how all of them die it’s the dumbest shit unless their mentally unwell it’s fucked
David Park`
David Park` 3 days ago
I get that the dude in the knife is in fault here, but you can hear her say, "if you come any closer, I will kill you." Police cannot kill someone, they can only follow the law and stop a threat. Even in CCW training, we are forbidden to think that we are trying kill a perp because that would be murder.
MOÑK 3 days ago
Glad it was the leg 🍗
Pakner 3 days ago
The communication skills of female officers are a million times better than the male officers that start to panic the moment they leave their car seat.
** 4 days ago
Very good police work. This is one of the _very_ few scenarios where I agree with taking a shot to the legs (assuming the cop determines it's safe to do so). I really wish the courts handled attempted suicide by cop differently from regular assault, though. This kid spending 5-10 in prison as a result of suicidal depression doesn't really help anything, and it won't dissuade other suicidal people from doing the same thing. I feel for the guy.
** 4 days ago
Just watched the last part. Yeah, you're right John, that was an unintentional leg shot. *shrug
floyd schake
floyd schake 4 days ago
You should have fired when he approached, if you can't live with dusting an asshole, then get a job at local market. As a result of your trying to rationalize with a fool, you shot him in leg, now he's gonna sue you for not tazing and he will win in today's judicial atmosphere where they cater to criminals. BLM will be contacting you shortly.
wal rice
wal rice 4 days ago
you NEVER fuck around with a female cop! they are not afraid to shoot you for any reason! If you ever have to deal with a woman cop just run away as fast as you can and wait for a real cop to catch you
Just Doing It Jim
God, the stupid people in cars slowing directly in the line of fire so they can watch what's going on!
Steve Polychronopolous
Darwin rolls over in his grave when dudes like this survive and have a chance to procreate.
luda650 4 days ago
Where is Willie D on this one? Oh... There isn't a black and white angle. Got it.
Mass Hysteria
Mass Hysteria 4 days ago
They did a terrible job .he had a kitchen knife don’t cops carry batons?
Nathan Ellis
Nathan Ellis 4 days ago
Cops wake up in the morning hoping they get to kill someone
Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke 5 days ago
John...why do you call it a "de escalation technique" when cops point a gun at someone as a warning he might get shot but when a civilian does it in a similar situation you think it is illegal.??
Commander Meow
Commander Meow 5 days ago
What's the host's training? He seems to always know what police should have done. I'm curious what training and schooling does he have? How many gun fights and shooting/stabbing situations has he been in to always know better than active Leo's? Just curious
IcanFly2 5 days ago
I bet that hurt like hell.
Leonardo Summers
Leonardo Summers 5 days ago
Finally officers showing perps mercy and shooting in the leg rather than centre mass.
Anthony Fellows
Anthony Fellows 5 days ago
COMPLETELY unjustified shooting!! Lolol jk
Mark Herman
Mark Herman 5 days ago
How in the world can you possess the NERVE to lay there and cry? After all that!?!? At least have the decency to weep for yourself silently.
Ja Pa
Ja Pa 5 days ago
Leg shots are a sure sign of terrible marksmanship.
Bmike 6 days ago
My guy I can’t talk to u like this lmfao wtf
Nicolas Barreto
Nicolas Barreto 6 days ago
Excellent job officers!
Dawson donnelly
Dawson donnelly 6 days ago
Question... what makes this agg assault and not disorderly conduct?
clone1137 6 days ago
“It’s a knife” Ok smart ass, who got shot tho? 🤔
The Clever Conquistador
I'm glad they did great by taking leg shots. Cops never take leg shots
roufdrapht 6 days ago
You can't intimidate someone when your voice is an octave higher
Leap Frog
Leap Frog 6 days ago
People have been having knife fights for eons. What's the big deal?...
Datram Doh
Datram Doh 6 days ago
Center mass not leg....
John Harvey
John Harvey 6 days ago
Excellent job officers. Thank you for your service.
don leavell
don leavell 6 days ago
No sane humans were injured in this video.
Stacy Meminger
Stacy Meminger 6 days ago
Props to the female officers. This is one of many videos I've seen where they try to talk down a perp 1st. When they don't comply, they (female officers) shoot the perp once or twice in the leg. No LETHAL shots. Why cant more officers be like this?
KarinaTheDreama 6 days ago
One of these officers should've gotten the rubber on him 1st or taxer. I feel it was unnecessary but I do realize it was probably within the law & protocol.
lmao someone should be investigated for sending only female officers. clearly who's in charge is bent. i know they handled themselves but statistically it's just a bad situation waiting to happen.
"My guy, I can't talk to you like this" she tried bro
Kris B
Kris B 6 days ago
Can we start a movement for better audio on these cams?
MrJag408 6 days ago
Let’s take a moment to admire these women in uniform and especially our leg blaster. The 1st officer’s shooting posture is Baaad Fvckin Azz!! I think she was wearing matching thong n bra from Victoria’s Secret that day.... with a black garter on her thighs.
Dalton Woods
Dalton Woods 6 days ago
While I think the cop who fired the shot did a good job she could certainly improve. Her stance with an armed attacker was upright, stiff, and leaned back. She did not look ready to move if he decided to charge
Fatmir Buqa
Fatmir Buqa 7 days ago
Explains it all, good job Ladies
Rihsyan Adam Riansyah
regular officer will be : PUT THE FOOKIN KNIFE DOWN 999 times, if you really care and try to talk, maybe fatal outcome can be minimized
SupermotoJohn 7 days ago
100% good shoot, did everything possible to avoid having to put the nut job down.
TheRealEffluence 7 days ago
wtf that was kinda whack. He took like 2 steps
Matt Cavanaugh
Matt Cavanaugh 7 days ago
Body cams telescope the image, so good that the other cam shows just how close he'd approached.
Kyle Lanoue
Kyle Lanoue 7 days ago
Where’s the non lethals? One on gun one on beanbags or tazer. Do it fast after the first time he refuses the command to drop it.
This was a "Suicide by cop" scenario and its important to mention that from beginning of the video. Why do I say this? Because your viewers need to know that this guy will do anything to try and die by the hands of these cops, which your viewers dont know. Thanks.
Karen Singh
Karen Singh 7 days ago
love the swearing!
Fred V
Fred V 7 days ago
Bravo to this officer for aiming for the leg and not center mass. Now if he's moving quickly towards her, that would've been a different story.
Usman Tariq
Usman Tariq 7 days ago
Asks for a shot, then cries...
Matthias Stephenopolis
Not crazy, just an asshole.
Jer Harr
Jer Harr 7 days ago
Good job??? Lmao!
Logan Rosales
Logan Rosales 7 days ago
“we’re here to help you”..... “if he takes one more step i’m gonna shoot him”
Mark Snider
Mark Snider 7 days ago
Gun knife what's the difference 😂🤣💜
M1911jln 7 days ago
Only thing I didn’t like was her posture. She was standing up very erect, almost leaning back to balance the weight of the gun. That posture makes it more difficult to manage recoil. Lean into the gun a bit, with shoulders in front of your hips. As for her decision to shoot, I’ve got no concerns there. She gave him many orders to drop the knife and to stop moving. Instead, he deliberately moved towards her. Whether this was an attempt to get close enough to attack or an attempt to suicide by cop, we simply don’t know. But all the blame is on him.
TechnologyBuddha 7 days ago
He took quite a few steps after the first warning
Rick Gone Galt
Rick Gone Galt 7 days ago
Smart move from the officers! Brave!
Police should refrain from using the terms,”dude”, “man”, “ girl”. These terms are used on the street and typically are not ingredients of creation for establishing any type of crisis intervention. If I was a police officer. I’d stay away from statements such as , “ I’ll kill you”. Which I believe one of the officers stated. Even though an offender may possibly endanger himself or others . I would try my best to create a situation where words might give a better outcome.
Jonny Boy
Jonny Boy 7 days ago
She accidentally shot him in the leg now all we will hear (as we were already) was you can just shoot them in the leg...
Boba 7 days ago
Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
Ch3t 7 days ago
Wait, why would it be against policy for police officers to shoot for the legs? I'm assuming officer safety since leg shots might not always end the situation?
Ryan Smyth
Ryan Smyth 7 days ago
I can already here the BLM/Cop Hater Types - why can't they always shoot in the leg..
Keefe La Vern
Keefe La Vern 7 days ago
He would have never hurt her ik she didn't know but how he got shot and charged with agg assault on cop ?
Z N 7 days ago
You can’t tayse the dude… why are we just shooting the guy with a baby knife?? 🐥
CeeWorld 7 days ago
Wait so cops CAN shoot people in the leg!!?? WTF!!?? I was told that they CAN’T do that!! So this guy was SUPPOSED to be killed by hothead cops once they decided that he has to be shot.....WTF is this sorcery!!??
TheRickyqt1 7 days ago
I don't know why she said I will kill you, I get it in the time of the incident but still don't say that.
Adam N
Adam N 7 days ago
Love your electrical dodge job on the wall over there, lol.
maritimer Man
maritimer Man 8 days ago
Lucky guy she shot low, most are trained to shoot to kill.
Edwin Lee
Edwin Lee 8 days ago
1:30 this chick think she is on reddit or something?
darcygoesfast 8 days ago
original black background still looks better. looks more professional.
Hisslave1 8 days ago
"It's gonna be okay". BANG!
BloodlineMedia 8 days ago
Listening to these officers try to "deescalate" so they won't be crucified by MSM is so pathetic. Just kill these people. And thank you for doing it.
Matt L
Matt L 8 days ago
Now we all know she missed by shooting him in the leg. She was aiming for his balls.
Large Larry
Large Larry 8 days ago
If people hate the police so bad why do they keep calling the police for help?
David Johnson
David Johnson 8 days ago
At least no one will ask: "duh, why didn't they shoot him in the leg?" Once he came around the front of the car he needed to be shot for her safety.
Art Vogt
Art Vogt 8 days ago
Suicide by cop. It's a real thing.
Silent Spectre
Silent Spectre 8 days ago
Where were the social workers?
justin mitchell
justin mitchell 8 days ago
Are you sure that you use an app for severe weather warnings living in PHX? LOL
Christopher Velez-Cabret
Can hear the wind get knocked out of him. These officers did an amazing job, not only did they stay calmed with an armed robber but shot to disarm the problem not to end someone’s life. Amazing work God bless you all
Abe Lombrana
Abe Lombrana 8 days ago
Idk. 2 officers, one could try a tazer while the other covers. Just a thought but I’m not a cop and haven’t ever been in this situation. Good thinking for getting him in the leg. Good job officers.
O 8 days ago
WhY cAnT tHeY dIsArM hIm FiRsT iTs JuSt A kNiFe DoNt ThEy CaRe??!?
K M 8 days ago
21 feet
Leo S
Leo S 8 days ago
badge cams on the chest suck.
Gun is in their head thinking the cop will get away with it if it was a gun to use life ending decision by shooting them. WELL HE HAD A GUN IN MY IMAGINATION SO I KILLED HIM - which is : *MURDER BY COP* no matter how they gotta do the job in a life or death situation!!! SAD VERY SAD
Here a new one and a simple one for you john, How do citizens protect themselves from a cop trying to kill them without getting any more charges???? THKS (George Floyd type case)
Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker 8 days ago
To be fair, this is a case where shooting in the leg worked successfully.
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