PghLFilms Plays Friday Night Funkin', but Everyone Is "4K HD" 

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What's up guys, PghLFilms with another video here and TODAY!!! This mod has too much language and I hate it. Everything else is great. Enjoy the video. :)
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May 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
abdoman90 17 minutes ago
Therapist: whitty in 4K doesn't exist he can't hurt you Whitty in 4K:
Lisa McLaughlin
pls see deadly ballistic and over corrupted
Crazy Charlie
Crazy Charlie 2 hours ago
Me: seeing this and not knowing what hd means Also me: I mean yes I totally know what it means - turns happy and does spooky dance -
Paolaa F
Paolaa F 2 hours ago
Kermit TheFrog
Kermit TheFrog 2 hours ago
Pico was dating the bf in another version of pics school
Justin Preeprem 2
Justin Preeprem 2 2 hours ago
Pghlfilms: Must censor the many swears of each character Tankman: Allow me to introduce myself
tord 2 hours ago
When me and Elijah are on a date but my dad comes and says who's this filth you brought in here honey bun
Game Hunters
Game Hunters 3 hours ago
skye rose
skye rose 4 hours ago
Does no one else see hairs coming from under his belt (daddy dearest)
Kenneth Mulyadi
Kenneth Mulyadi 4 hours ago
yo pico to much shoot and shoot you brah
brandon lopez
brandon lopez 4 hours ago
Philly saying *BIG O,L BUNNY BIG O,L BUNNY*
brandon lopez
brandon lopez 4 hours ago
BF doing the spooky dance:ITS A SPOOKY MONTH
Iman Jamal
Iman Jamal 5 hours ago
Guys can we thank that he blocks the swearing with ohno
susu chu
susu chu 6 hours ago
Pico 3 wer sh girls go
susu chu
susu chu 6 hours ago
Pico go to sh school
susu chu
susu chu 6 hours ago
Pico girls don’t love pico
susu chu
susu chu 6 hours ago
And pico girls
susu chu
susu chu 6 hours ago
You can see pico tife
Bonifacia Valo
Bonifacia Valo 8 hours ago
Why do you cencord some words
De Bacon Hair Bro
De Bacon Hair Bro 9 hours ago
Did u guys just focusing on gf? LOL ME TOO
Enkhnaran Byambatseren
Ezekhiel Playz
Ezekhiel Playz 10 hours ago
I saw whitty's head On fresh In Week 1
Aidanplaysgames123 10 hours ago
George Rillorta
George Rillorta 10 hours ago
i wanted to 1v1 pgh in roblox even more fnf 2 but i can do blammed b3 hard and i can do perfect
29:19 Pico just ran out of bullets
Raymundo Abaño ll
Raymundo Abaño ll 12 hours ago
That's not ketchop that's blood
Stuart Bailey
Stuart Bailey 12 hours ago
who loves the spooky dance
diego_funkin Friday
diego_funkin Friday 14 hours ago
Skid And Pump
Skid And Pump 15 hours ago
Guys i saw whitty when he did bopeebo
Jaea Dagatan
Jaea Dagatan 15 hours ago
Thats nit ketchup its blood
Boris Playz
Boris Playz 16 hours ago
F**k the money
Miguel Galvan
Miguel Galvan 16 hours ago
No reading oh no pghlfilms ok
Carol Lynn Norman
Carol Lynn Norman 17 hours ago
picos gril : 'dies' boy ;ya bye dies to
husky concert
husky concert 17 hours ago
In the picture in pico looking mega sus
Golden Bugatti
Golden Bugatti 17 hours ago
When fresh starts:*BOTH BEATBOXING*
Cams Mom
Cams Mom 18 hours ago
Keith 19 hours ago
0:03 I laughed so hard
Ninja guy21
Ninja guy21 19 hours ago
26:23. I’m traumatised now This is a joke but still WHAT IS THAT
Ninja guy21
Ninja guy21 19 hours ago
The things that bf is saying are like what ash says from Pokémon lol!
benisfredbear wow
benisfredbear wow 19 hours ago
U missed 5 in dad song
steven kanneh
steven kanneh 20 hours ago
You could here the dude spamming his keyboard.
Joshua Moran
Joshua Moran 20 hours ago
it is blood
DevontePlays YT
DevontePlays YT 20 hours ago
Play kbh version some of the curse words are changed to beep like *im the realest muhbeepa in town* it’s not finished doe so it don’t have pico shooting us and 2 other things
abdo alrahman aref
abdo alrahman aref 20 hours ago
I love the paat that pghlfims said koco crazy pico 🤣 29:16
appleq penq
appleq penq 20 hours ago
know lore
Miriam Rivas
Miriam Rivas 20 hours ago
This is so funny
Alaan554_yt8 2
Alaan554_yt8 2 20 hours ago
I saw different vids about this that did not censor ik what it says when you put the ohno I KNOW WHAT IT SAYS
just an ordinary banana
PJL films if you don't know ninja muffin spread a rumour about pico and boyfriend used to date people thought it was actually lore and not of the joke it was posted April fools people thought it was lower and intimate couldn't take it anymore so he made her part of the game you dislike rolled with it
Tinecka Fortune
Tinecka Fortune 21 hour ago
I think Pico just shoot boyfriend
Jack Reeder
Jack Reeder 21 hour ago
caught on 4k means caught on 4000 graphics
Witty FNF
Witty FNF 22 hours ago
I hate lenguage
skid and pump
skid and pump 22 hours ago
?!!?!! Am scared of lemon demom
skid and pump
skid and pump 22 hours ago
Damian Joel Villanueva
it blood
On blammed: you need to click the excelmation mark to lay down when pico shoots
Mathieu Madjitey pellet
Mr. Mongolgobi
Novus Day ago
If you eat a human you can be body-shamed
Novus Day ago
I have a theory on fnf: his mom and dad put up posters on trees, buildings, people on if people thought they saw their son
Novus Day ago
Basically fnf anime!
Angelo Barbosa
Ashley do he he going to the nearest family and also your friend too that are we crazy hair that's what happened
Hi Bruh
Hi Bruh Day ago
My whole family scared of lemon denon especially 4k HD
Hi Bruh
Hi Bruh Day ago
Lemon demon's actually spitting blodd
hendri hendri
lol the spooky dance make him not miss allot
Laithpro98 Roblox pro
Not cetcab
Laithpro98 Roblox pro
No it’s blood
Amyliana Gallardo
Click 7 for name monster in week 2
Prince Randall Rapada
Nandito,s,mamamahay ,sls
Michelle Prock
Those clicks. So satisfying.
Aja Pathfinder
Ho both
Aja Pathfinder
Okay cool ldon,t hate you ?????????
Aja Pathfinder
Aja Pathfinder
Lol piko just shoot you
no one
no one Day ago
29:32 I think he means Wait... what the heck?
Teema Chokphajaroen
bf miss miku so much i know
Teema Chokphajaroen
bf have big sister miku
JacketFoster Day ago
Just saying, one bullet would have been enough to reduce your meter by HALF. So yegh, HD Pico is no joke.
Fernando Benitez
(S) he dose not know what is spooky month (P) yep
miri wolfsbane
27:07 ok wow pghlfilms is sonic that's wow 😲😳
Devilz Angel
Devilz Angel Day ago
Billy Russell
Pico shot you in week 3 its scary
Roland Ngwa
Roland Ngwa Day ago
When he says catch he mines blood
Sir Kid
Sir Kid Day ago
ummmmm are u guys sayin this is cuter than the normal fnf ;-; they thick u think thick cute ya got a problem T_T
play fnf jendr swop
Pedro Henrique Machado Lima
Its 666 dislikes dont ruin it
Turquoise Turtle
There are 666 dislikes
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Day ago
《•Lemon Demon•》
24:11 i heard PGHflims hit the keyboard i couldnt stop XD
Lili Steffensen
in pico when the train come gf hair gose in the fire
Tahmir Parks ☑️.
Lemon demon was saying I’m gonna eat your girlfriend and he said it’s just a little snack and so is your girlfriend and then he said I’m gonna tear your eyes out what is crazy
donald glover
When it went to the thirt song of dad battle the dad had blood in his mouth
Liam Conard
Liam Conard Day ago
Hd ld is scaryer
jokes universe
he hates language yet he plays a new grounds game
Brandell Forrester
Amarilis Rodriguezy'
Michelle Castellanos
I like that on South, Bf is doing the spooky dance while Skid and Pump are singing/rapping :3
Isaiah Salinas
Isaiah Salinas 2 days ago
your Good
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