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PFF breaks down every pick from Round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 24   
Mike M
Mike M 6 days ago
I love the gambling aspect with the PFF forecast guys mixed with the PFF guys and Chris. Great show
Ric Blic
Ric Blic 10 days ago
what if the Bills move Rousseau to three technique and rotate him with Oliver, McDermott and Frazier love rotating D linemen
Paul Bellini
Paul Bellini 12 days ago
Austin on something?
PopularNobody 13 days ago
We know PFF hates Philly. They were just rooting for them to do something dumb. Yes trade for a QB even though Dallas and Giants both have their QBs. Meaning Fields and Jones would've been there at 12. Sure guys.
Tamerlein Music
Tamerlein Music 8 days ago
The bears literally traded up to get Fields at 12. He was definitively not there.
Ted Nicewick
Ted Nicewick 15 days ago
670 the score in Chicago put on the analysis here of the bears giants trade great analysis I’d argue the bears underpaid on that deal to get a potential q b with rumors to have gone 3. Hyped as a bear fan
Tashina K
Tashina K 15 days ago
Cris Collinworth is absolute bias garbage. He has always hated the Vikings. Everything he says about us is shaded in a negative light. Vikings got an A+ for fleecing the Jets and getting Darrisaw. And cris did not say one word at both 14 or 23. Do YOUR JOB. Your garage cris.
TheStacanova 15 days ago
I like your grading, but your analysts are imbeciles. They said “Khalil Mack has had terrible QB’s his whole career”? Oh Really? Have you seen your Derek Carr grades? You should look them up they might surprise you. Derek Carr with BILL MUSGRAVE as his OC made the Raiders Offense Top 7! Who else can say that? Derek Carr did that! The best Khalil Mack could do on the defensive side of the ball with the Raiders was a sad 20th. Also, horrible QB’s don’t usually get MVP votes.🤦‍♂️ Who knows how good Fields will be? However, 90% of 1st Round QB’s are worse than Carr.
Clay Robert
Clay Robert 15 days ago
Dave Gettleman giving Fields away for nothing is going to be a career defining error. Daniel Jones is NOT their future and they are going to have to watch Fields tear it up for Chicago while they scrounge for a new QB next year.
favor4afavor 15 days ago
They shit the bed taking Jones, but that's irrelevant in this trade. I think it was a good move for both teams.
William Blake
William Blake 15 days ago
Nothing? Dave Gettleman not only got a potential talented WR with the 20th pick, but got the bears 2022 first round pick, their 4th round 2022 pick and their 5th round pick this year. I won't call that nothing.
Rolf Wolffenbüttel
I think Year 3 is the safest bet to evaluate a QB, if DJ is not their guy, then they have the draft capital next year to go for it, and remind that due to COVID, next year draft is gonna be loaded all around so having 2 1st round picks... while the Bears will prob suck this year, imo the Giants straight fleeced the Bears.
2:06:00 these dudes actually think nfl teams listen to them? so the jags spend millions on scouting, analytics all that, and they make decisions from what is essentially a bunch of twitter and youtube "analysts". I mean okay. Its data. Data can be useful but cmon.
DTDynasty 14 days ago
@thisprofileisntrealthough nah we just know the truth instead of shouting nonsense
Deadmanjacobs 14 days ago
They have contracts with all 32 teams
Got Collinsworth hand up their ass like puppets these two. FOH.
DTDynasty 15 days ago
nfl teams actually do. They are partnered with NFL teams and teams use their data. A lot of teams have the PFF Draft Guide in their draft rooms
Jordi boy
Jordi boy 15 days ago
Great draft coverage. Usually watch the draft on espn and the pff stream afterwards to get your guys takes. But think I’m just gonna watch here from now on. George is great in the presenter role btw!
saint evil
saint evil 15 days ago
These teams and the media are so freaking dumb
YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety
Not a Bengals fan, but I loved the Chase pick. Pittsburgh is now the doormat of the AFC North.
YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety
Fields fizzled in too many big games and struggled against lesser competition he should have dominated. His Big 10 Championship games were really bad. He was doing everything possible to lose those games against Northwestern and Wisconsin. Thankfully for Fields, Northwestern couldn’t stop Sermon and Wisconsin’s punter fumbled the ball late in the game in the red zone. Fields looked utterly lost at times in those games because he can’t dissect and process quickly enough. Of course then there’s the horrid pick he threw against Clemson in the end zone that lost them a shot at the title game. Honestly, I think Lance has the better arm and is the better runner. He’s incredibly raw and has limited starts, but I think Shanahan can teach him. When’s the last time an Ohio State QB tore it up in the NFL? If Fields is such a dominant leader and winner why couldn’t he beat out Jake Fromm at Georgia? There’s a reason why the Jets, 49ers, Carolina, Denver, and possibly Atlanta all passed on him.
YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety
@PopularNobody What game was that? He had a great game against Clemson this year and the year before he threw the late INT to lose. 0 National Championships. Before both of those games, he was extremely bad in both Big 10 championship games. He did nothing to carry OSU to wins in those games. It was fumbles, interceptions, sacks, and bad decisions. Go watch the tape and check back. Go watch his game against Indiana. He's a great athlete, but he won't be a superstar.
PopularNobody 13 days ago
He dominated in his biggest game of his career wtf are you talking about?
Thebensupremacy 13 days ago
theres a reason that they all passed on him which nobody knows at the moment. You just add more speculation. As far as the Jake Fromm thing? It's hard for a freshman to take a job from an upperclassman and he didn't have a big body of HS football work so no resume to do so easily.
Konrad Smart
Konrad Smart 15 days ago
Rate Darius Butler get him on 2-4-1 or nfl pod more often
Connor Reid
Connor Reid 15 days ago
Biggest winners: Bears - Got their guy, if Fields is who we think he can be it might save Pace/Nagy's job Patriots - Stood pat and got their guy Giants - Wanted Smith but getting Toney and the Bears 2022 first round pick is very smart business Ravens - Bateman addresses their biggest need and they'll develop Oweh into an elite pass-rusher Vikings - Traded back and got the guy they probably would've taken at pick 14 Biggest losers: 49ers - Just didn't need to give up two future firsts and a third to get Lance, that was an ill-advised trade Broncos - Not in a position to pass up shots at a franchise QB Raiders - Absolutely clueless, every draft without fail they overdraft a guy by like 25 spots Steelers - Who takes a RB in the first round in 2021 like seriously?
cronoesify 15 days ago
@bearholdensharks LUX if you have an elite defense, Teddy is exactly the kind of guy you would like to have to grind out games on offense. Very high floor, but also a ceiling that isn't much higher than that. If you have a good run game and execute on the short to intermediate pass game, while also having a shut down defense? That can win you games in the NFL - even big ones. And don't forget who Vic Fangio is - he's a defense guy. They are leveraging their own strengths in their off-season moves. I respect that - Vic better build a defense that rivals what he built in Chicago for it all to work, though.
Clay Covert
Clay Covert 15 days ago
@MattyIce21 surtain is gonna be awesome but as long as Lock is bad it won't matter and were not gonna have the same opportunity to draft qb next year
bearholdensharks LUX
@MattyIce21 oh yeah cause Drew lock and teddy "two gloves" are such good QBs
Connor Reid
Connor Reid 15 days ago
@MattyIce21 I'm not saying they necessarily had to take Fields, Jones would have been the most seamless fit for that offense imo. Point is the Broncos have had top-15 picks in the last 4 drafts and have not taken a QB. If the intention is to give Drew Lock another shot don't be surprised if they go 6-11 and are back picking in the top-15 again next year.
MattyIce21 15 days ago
Broncos the biggest winners...we passed on a QB that reads 1 route and takes off with the ball, or panics and flops his arm around. He will be the biggest bust you have seen since mitchell trubisky. Funny its the bears that trade up for both lolololol yikes.
Jonny McAllister
Jonny McAllister 15 days ago
I don’t like the guy in the grey jacket... he talks a little to much
KevinTheVillian 15 days ago
@Diamond Hands 🙌🏽💎
Diamond Hands
Diamond Hands 15 days ago
KevinTheVillian 15 days ago
@Jonny McAllister it's all good. My brightness was down too and I just realized Mike is wearing a long sleeve button up not a coat lol.
Jonny McAllister
Jonny McAllister 15 days ago
@KevinTheVillian I mean the dude with the gray jacket my Brightness was all the way down so it looked black my bad , I love mike tho him and sam are my favorites on pff
KevinTheVillian 15 days ago
Mike Renner?! He's their draft scout rainman. Dude is probably the most knowledgeable of all of them on each prospect.
Alfonso Martínez
Alfonso Martínez 15 days ago
Great draft coverage
Saruto Uzumaki
Saruto Uzumaki 15 days ago
If it wasn't for Denver taking Surtain, Dallas wouldn't have given the Eagles Smith which makes the Giants move back and Fields goes to Chicago....I love nfl drafts!!!!!!
Adam Jellani
Adam Jellani 15 days ago
Mike Mayock always tries to be the smartest guy in the room and show every other GM that they have no clue what scouting talent is all about! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
TheStacanova 15 days ago
@John Franklin It comes down to this, do you believe media draft “scouts” or “analysts” really know more than NFL teams scouting departments? If the Raiders had chose Teven Jenkins, everyone would’ve said “great pick & value” instead of “it’s a Reach”, however, Jenkins didn’t go in the 1st Round, so if they Raiders had took him, that obviously would have also been a “reach”, expect you wouldn’t think so? We have no idea how other teams felt about Leatherwood? They showed us how they feel about Jenkins.
John Franklin
John Franklin 15 days ago
I agree that the Raiders, year after year, teach for ‘their guys’. But it’s not Mayock. He’s just the patsy for Gruden who has a long history of wasting draft capital and making decisions based on his ‘gut’ rather than analysis. I think it would be better if the Raiders got rid of the entire scouting team and just picked from the Athletic’s ‘consensus’ draft board.
Game Me Up Scotty
Game Me Up Scotty 15 days ago
Chris is a tough watch on game day, the dude is so biased. It comes through here too.
Francis Kanneh
Francis Kanneh 15 days ago
I loved the Darrisaw pick as a Vikings fan.
James Nicholas
James Nicholas 14 days ago
@Josh Ahlstrom I was dreading that the Chargers would pick him at 13. Minnesota did a good job trading back and still getting an OT
Josh Ahlstrom
Josh Ahlstrom 15 days ago
Who wouldn’t lol
Francis Kanneh
Francis Kanneh 15 days ago
@JD3TheGreat TM let’s hope he stays healthy and Garrett Bradbury turns it around. If that happens, we will win in the NFC North Division . Good luck with Cam Newton and Mccorkle Jones.
JD3TheGreat TM
JD3TheGreat TM 15 days ago
I loved Darrisaw pick as a patriots fan y'all did your thing with that one
Jerichoholic502 15 days ago
Welcome to Cleveland Newsome!!!! What is Vegas doing???
Tyler Ban
Tyler Ban 15 days ago
Liked the draft coverage! I watched both the nflnetwork and y’all at the same time
TheStatsLife Productions
Great show! Lot of good insight. Favorite pick of the draft was Darrisaw to the Vikings, excellent value at a premium position
Time 14 days ago
Damn right