PC Myths you should NOT believe! 

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We’ve all heard the myths about PCs... but can you believe them!?
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Oct 14, 2019




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Tauxxy 45 minutes ago
2:16 that aged well
L. K.
L. K. 4 hours ago
1 Year later at 2:15 myth is refuted
Niko 8 hours ago
Jay saying that pairing an AMD GPU with an AMD CPU won't get better performance... -𝘼𝙈𝘿 𝙎𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝘼𝙘𝙘𝙚𝙨𝙨 𝙈𝙚𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙮 𝙝𝙖𝙨 𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙩
James Walker
James Walker 10 hours ago
Myth: AMD GPUs perform better with AMD CPUs LOL
Ron S
Ron S Day ago
The new AMD GPUs do (supposedly) work better with AMD CPUs. Well, he was right when he said it, I guess.
2:15 AMD: Makes it so the 6000 line now draws more performance from the cpu. Jay: am I a joke to you?
Destiny Welds
Jay i think you'll need to revisit pairing an amd gpu with an amd cpu making the system run better once the 5th gen cpus and rdna2 gpus are released with rage mode and S.A.M.
Khomuna Day ago
Well, funny enough that with the RX 6000 series the second item isn't a myth anymore.. hahaha
Palagashvili Day ago
2:18 well well well that didn't age well
Mistrz Stolcen
Mistrz Stolcen 2 days ago
5:10 Ok, why though? Why you care about that 2% more efficiency (then you would have with running at 90% of power)? Is it ecology thing? Because I dont see money savings here.
Borgonian Evolution
I just this past week had to rebuild my pc. It pretty much ran 24/7 for the last 9+ years. The things that kill electronics is poor frequency regulation and current spikes in the electric lines to your house. I run a Furman power conditioner / surge protector for the computer TV and surround / video system. I probably did not have to upgrade but I had to face up to win7 being phased out and that a core i7 920 is low on the totem pole these days. The computer actually did not die the cpu water block got partially clogged up with gunk finally and the processor was getting hot. As for heating up a room that all depends on the size of the room. If you are in a living room open to air flow from other rooms and people movement thats a non issue. If you have it in a room the size of a closet then yes..
Leslie Savage
Leslie Savage 3 days ago
I know a myth. Going to school and learning computers will make it so you can fix them. I bought a computer shop from a guy who did just that, and I watched him delete win.com while calling it a virus. He was only half right, and I had to get that virus from another computer to get it running again. 7:20 This can be faults for Linux, because the drives can be set to turned off while not in use. For some reason Microsoft can't keep their paws off your drive, but the biggest offender of running the drives is your anti-virus programs. Getting rid of the ant-virus software, on Windoze, will get rid of 90% of the drive action. Linux can get it down to zero, if you don't use it, and then shut down until accessed. I have 3 computers from 2013 and (2) 2014 that have all good parts still in them except 1 fan that was replaced. This is impart from shutting down the drives when not in use, and the CPUs are doing just fine for the reasons Jay mentioned. Windoze didn't make it thou, for example, one died due to Wana-cry. Now 2 run Linux and one runs Windoze 10. I also run a computer full time, which is monitoring security cameras.
Jabb3rJaw 6 days ago
I have had an HP PC that i use as my PLEX Server on for like 3-4 years. It's no powerhouse, it's not super impressive, but it's done the job without being turned off for 3-4 years. I only use this PC to run PLEX. It does nothing else.
bug 8 days ago
saying "myths you shouldnt believe" right before an advertised segment probably wasnt a good idea
Tim Ward
Tim Ward 10 days ago
I am a little short of space ..is it ok to run an acer nitro 50-600 on its side.(airholes,) up........please
Wojciech Filiciak
Wojciech Filiciak 10 days ago
A moment of silence for everyone who clicked on this video, thinking Jay is talking about the second best kind of PC...
Ettienne Vorster
Ettienne Vorster 10 days ago
The PSU myth, can you please say that to my family. Believing firmly, that if you use a psu, that the psu constantly uses the max amount of power the whole time it is on. *facepalm* I'm using a 1000 watt psu, and they firmly believe, that my entire system uses that much power the whole time it is on. When in reality I'm using less than half of that from all my components, even under full load. Like 477 watt. The system was initially going to be bigger, and the psu was the first part I got, but later turned out far smaller, 1 gpu, 2 hdd, 1 ssd, amd ryzen cpu and air cooling due to pricing changing as much as it did before I bought my parts. Still, I don't regret getting the giant psu, but damn, believing that a psu runs the max capacity the whole time, absolutely ludicrous. Can't get that into their heads...
Man Of Culture
Man Of Culture 10 days ago
why is JayzTwoCents so funny? XD
The Illusionist
The Illusionist 11 days ago
The PC is a lot like a car, the most taxing thing is the start up to many parts.
Duckers 12 days ago
"the head". Isn't it called an actuator though? :P (that word stuck with me after i read about seagates (still to be released) dual actuator hdd)
Greggles 14 days ago
Wait, does this mean there IS an evil Packard Bell living under my bed?
Computer Lawyer
Computer Lawyer 14 days ago
Jay needs a chiroprator.
ReconZz Reviews
ReconZz Reviews 14 days ago
pro tip just drill a hole in you fridge and connect the wires and have a cool pc
Matthew Stuart
Matthew Stuart 15 days ago
“Tablets will make PCs obsolete “
Bluebrain 15 days ago
My Core i7 920 @4200 MHz + watercooling ran over 10 years 24/7. Now it continues to work for my son.
Isaiah Henderson
Isaiah Henderson 15 days ago
Now I'm stupider faster!
Banana 16 days ago
im watching this 1year and 1 day after this was uploaded
Fungalchamber 16 days ago
But how does one make their room faster then
Esther zegikniet
Esther zegikniet 16 days ago
I moved my PC to the hall closet ,drilled a hole in the wall to get the gables through . Now I can turn off the heater in hall because the pc is heating it up. No more fan noise .
madnut666 17 days ago
Page file and hibernation file are different things.
pikatu 17 days ago
69k like nice
Im Smoother
Im Smoother 17 days ago
“Ram doesnt matter” My 64gb:😭
Gary Yates
Gary Yates 18 days ago
FX8150 at 5 GHz 1.6 volts ran PassMark. It is still stable at 4.8 under a Coolermaster 240 Siedon.
Daryl Sawatzky
Daryl Sawatzky 18 days ago
Yeah I leave my computer on 24/7... but it's not doin' nuthin... thanks to WorldCommunityGrid it's trying to figure out this Covid thing. And Zika and cancer and so on. It gave up looking for aliens.
Bruce Wang
Bruce Wang 19 days ago
More RAM actually does make your computer run faster. The most tangible difference is in minimum FPS in games, which are especially important in Virtual Reality. The FPS is supposed to be locked to a certain value eg. 90hz or 120hz. In VR the average and max FPS matter little compared to min FPS. And the bottle neck in min FPS mostly lies somewhere between RAM/CPU speed followed by RAM size. The benefits from RAM size extend beyond the point of full utilization of available RAM ie. 32GB RAM is indeed faster than 16GB even if you only ever fill up say 10GB of your RAM. Check out these benchmarks at LTT (pause vid): us-first.info/player/video/obp7ipiedZtlZac.html
ShonenBeat 19 days ago
Dude, im using and 1TB HD 10 years old and its working perfectly.
simon burgess
simon burgess 21 day ago
msi and nvidia will do everything they can to make more money its part of marketing you are the one who can't hold you nerve.
simon burgess
simon burgess 21 day ago
msi and nvidia will do everything they can to make more money its part of marketing you are the one who can't hold you nerve.
Zaptosis 21 day ago
AHHHHHH he was mean to FX processors, bulldozer was king never underestimate bulldozer, bulldozer good fx god u dumb dumb AHHHHHH
Zaptosis 21 day ago
idk why companies need to pay someone else to destroy their hard drives, waste of money & a potential way someone could steal them if I ever saw one. Just use a tool like DBAN & do sometime crazy like 5 passes on the hard drive, then shoot the thing a few times & maybe burn it with gasoline if your feeling up to it. There, in about 20 min of work (plugging in a dban usb, let it run, taking the hard drive out, shooting it, burning it, garbage) you've completely destroyed the data on your hard drive & it was all free & fun.
Kraschman1111 21 day ago
I’ve seen and highly recommend Thermite to totally destroy a hard drive
ikram shariff
ikram shariff 21 day ago
safely remove the usb.. and shutting down the pc by clicking the power button is dangerous...
valiant rose
valiant rose 22 days ago
watching haunting movie with your computer will make your computer haunted .
Don't pour vegital oil on your vrms. Canola oil however....
Debaprasad Satapathy
I have a 1660 Super and ryzen 3600. Am I bottlenecking my GPU?
the green balloon
the green balloon 22 days ago
room speed 100
you could do a video with Adam savage he has a you tube Chanel
VR Wulff
VR Wulff 22 days ago
So there I was sitting in my slow going room, I turn on the watercooler and all of the sudden my room is traveling at light speed velocity
Berkster Aydo
Berkster Aydo 23 days ago
Actually, AMD can make use of proprietary protocols to take advantage of the fact that they know the major components of their system. Designs to exploit that kind of knowledge existed in sgi machines(proprietary bus line if i remember correctly). Just make a unified memory which can outperform the bus in median cases already.
Quantris 23 days ago
Any sources for the numbers about CPU lifespans?
Sycholic TheBigDukeSix
destroy the hd? NO. you can flat out use programs out there to re-write every single point of data on a HD and clean the drive completely to all values = 0. physically 100% of the drive has been re-written over. and they are free and public.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
I’m not sure if this is true but people tell me to not turn my pc off using the power button. I don’t do it anymore but when I first finished my build I did it for like a whole month
Jose Javier Flores
Jose Javier Flores 24 days ago
Its not really that big of an issue nowadays. By default, I believe that W10 will enter into sleep mode if you push the power button while it is turned on. You could set it to shut down upon pushing the power button. What I don't recommend, except as a last resort, is to push and hold the power button. If you do it once, its not likely anything bad will happen. But it can cause data corruption which is not good.
Ivo Radev
Ivo Radev 24 days ago
Well, the RAM point isn't exactly false. In your environment people work with proper amount of RAM, meaning that 16GB of RAM is probably the normal situation there. Especially in the budget office scene it's still 4GB the usual. Windows does scale with the amount of memory available and prepares different stuff available in the memory when more RAM is available. So, yes, in those situations there's a difference in performance between the 4GB office low end pc and having 8GB+. Of course, from a point onwards that's not happening anymore. I'd say it's not happening between 16GB and 32GB+, except if you need more for workloads of course, then more is better, of course, since RAM is way faster than the page file on your SSD, not to mention your HDD (yes, people still use such as OS disk....). So, the RAM point is absolutely legit, you're just not in the environment where it is true.
Noneya Bizz
Noneya Bizz 25 days ago
Stick 5 12ga slugs in a hard drive, nobody is getting that data...
Zleipnir Goh
Zleipnir Goh 25 days ago
Slider Head
George Muller
George Muller 25 days ago
Now see, Jay you fucked up a bit here. Back in the day, AMD cpus DID make AMD GPUs run faster because the integrated graphics on the chip could run in crossfire with your discrete GPU and would indeed run games at like 10% or even higher frame rates than you could with Intel because it didn't have said feature. Fuckin up, Jay.
Mike Wang
Mike Wang 25 days ago
People believe this shit? Goddamn people are stupid as fuck.
tal ion
tal ion 26 days ago
Mith 67# your pc needs power to turn on
prepareforflight 26 days ago
Oc is is like tuning a car you're running hot and that's going to degrade hardware. I love learning about computers
Pierre Demet
Pierre Demet 26 days ago
"leaving your pc on all night is bad for it" 3D artists going through 50h rendering sessions ; lol
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 26 days ago
7:48 Myth: Set your pagefile to two times the size of your RAM So someone with 128GB should have a 256GB pagefile? ;) Set yourself a target amount and make the physical and virtual memory add up to that. If you've got enough physical RAM in there, feel free to disable the pagefile, unless you run crappy Adobe software that doesn't like having none.
Zach Rogers
Zach Rogers 26 days ago
If you really want to destroy a drive and make sure it's dead just throw it in a volcano 😂
gjvd1 27 days ago
There is a usb stick or drive idk that will clean your drive 100% w/ no traces
Tristan Green
Tristan Green 28 days ago
I have an AMD FX8320, and I want to know what CPU he killed. 😬😬
Jeremy Bonnell
Jeremy Bonnell 28 days ago
I too have killed an Athlon FX, this was before CPUs would cut power if in danger of overheating.
XD_KillShot [SiKe]
XD_KillShot [SiKe] 29 days ago
3:26 The camera man laughing tho😂😂 Sorry Jay, I don't know his name but give him a high five from me for a doing such a great job as a camera man🤞😂😂
Xianety 29 days ago
I dropped an external SSD and it works fine still
Dog Bro
Dog Bro 29 days ago
Fun fact, my dad used to call PCs... Piece of Crap, cause his old PC was a literal piece of crap.
Ayoo_Katyusha 29 days ago
Oh I forget to put links in the description....... except the ones that make me money
Apollo 29 days ago
"Your room gets hotter, and faster" My room: ÑÝÖÖÖÖÖ
The Borgman
The Borgman 29 days ago
So the clearing off data is a bit .misleading. They nolonger just trash the drives. Depending on the level of classification there are 3 standard DOD 1 single write single delete. The number stands for the number of passes. 1 deletesalk data then writes all ones. The other two levels are 7 and 13. DoJ recommendations is 3 passes. WITH 3 passes you need CIAlevel technology not available to the consumer markets. SSDs can not e recovered after a single pass.
phuturephunk Month ago
The powerup failure tendency is probably because of the capacitors. This has a breathtakingly long history in electronics, especially during the plague years.
Max Killjoy
Max Killjoy Month ago
I don't know about you guys...but I haven't noticed any bigger electricity bills and my PC is 24/7 on. No sleep, no hibernate. I am against OC cause I don't see any purpose in it.
Max Killjoy
Max Killjoy 25 days ago
@Rohit ! 630W ThermalTake Lite Power. My PC specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte AB350M DS3H V2 2*8GB Kingston HyperX Fury Black 2933 XFX RX 470 RS TripleX 4GB/256bit/GDDR5 2*WD EZEX 1TB Blue SSD Kingston 120GB
Rohit !
Rohit ! 28 days ago
How much watt is your power supply?
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson Month ago
Tried water cooling, my room *definitely* got faster. Thinking of overclocking my couch...
Inwen Month ago
"Most people upgrade their systems at around the 5 year mark"... me looking at my Phenom II X4...
Chimney Chap
Chimney Chap Month ago
lol no wonder my water cooled cube pc is basically a space heater with godly temps
Raine Bows
Raine Bows Month ago
Jesus christ. You can do more than one take m8. Lol
rented identity
rented identity Month ago
Jay: Your computer will die if you turn it on and off a lot. Also Jay: Turn off your computer every time you're not using it, because of the eNvIRoNMenT.
WildePaw The Fox
Why would caring about the environment be bad?
erikk77 Month ago
*Banks use a huge degaussing machine that creates a very strong magnetic field that pernitrates the hard drive case and totally wipes the HD clean. All information is gone. Reformat it and go.
Jon-Terje Bjørnerud
I would like to see the formula that says that the water cooler creates more heat. It dissipates heat from the wattage of the CPU. An air cooled system is less effective than the water cooled, so more energy is needed to lower the cpu temperature. Also more heat is stored and released over time in a water cooled system as it usually has more mass, that in turn helps it being more efficient as it can release stored heat when the cpu isn't working up additional heat. Another benefit from this is also less heat spikes. So conservation of energy is the answer.
D Sandoval
D Sandoval Month ago
This simple trick will triple your internet speeds. ...pay for faster internet. You're welcome.
MK H Month ago
Fk yea bro. Finally someone I can stand listening to is talking sense about pcs on US-first. Thank you!
Univist Carbon
Univist Carbon Month ago
I want a faster room and I want it now!
junex lucman
junex lucman Month ago
Jay what can u advice. Just bought ryzen 5 3600xt and i want to build mid level gaming and photo editing pc? What gpu, mobo and how many gb of memory do i need?
Adam Beiter
Adam Beiter Month ago
1:40 instructions unclear. got a water cooler now I'm in 2021
GMSneube21 Steven
my room gets so fast when i turn on my water cooled pc
Kyle Borreson
Kyle Borreson Month ago
Cable management myth is a holdover from the old ide/floppy ribbon cables. Back when cases were so restrictive that there was almost no airflow in the first place... If you didn't try to tuck them our if the way what little flow you had was blocked... Remember when 2 ribbon cables would block the entire vent openings?
Crow Demon - The Archives
Oh man I still have those massive ribbons sitting in my spare parts box lmfao
death-by-ego Month ago
"Are you going to reach that lifespan... probably not" (Looks at 3yrs..... remembers that multiple drives in my system are more)
Andrew Blonski
Andrew Blonski Month ago
So how do I make my room faster
Selä Grabs
Selä Grabs Month ago
thanks for your knowledge Sensai ; )
Jeremy Hale
Jeremy Hale Month ago
The reason electronic components fail most often during power up is due to the fact that your components draw their peak amperage during power up. As these components wear they do one of 2 things, fail to appropriately draw the correct amperage or wattage or have amperage/wattage tolerance reduced below the designed draw. The types of component failures and degradation can run for months if they are already powered, but will fail open the moment you try to power cycle them.
Dylan Dawley
Dylan Dawley Month ago
Were in the matrix
Ruger B
Ruger B Month ago
Do NOT look directly at an overclocked Merlin.
Furvus Neko
Furvus Neko Month ago
fans create cool air
Cmace Month ago
Alright, what about myths i SHOULD believe?
AuraTaipei Month ago
7:31 - My computer would be dead if it was true. FALSE.
Clint Beastwood
Clint Beastwood Month ago
6:52 - Say no more. Fuck cable managment.
Ashim Ahmed
Ashim Ahmed Month ago
What add did I just watch? 1Lr Pepsi for 50 BDT or less than a dollar only? WTF?!
Cyaneyed Month ago
i killed my 3700k well it really was the motherboard that started smoking. cause i suck at overclocking. it started getting unstable after a year, stopped booting etc. set everything back to normal and it ran for a year more i had it for 5 years total tho(the whole cabinet filled with dust and cat hair 2 XD). stuff just works