Pawn Stars: RARE Julius Caesar Bust is PURE SILVER (Season 18) | History 

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This seller wants big money for his Julius Caesar bust made out of 500 ounces silver, so Corey calls in an expert to give his input on this rare item, in this clip from Season 18, "Pawn Shop Rock."
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Pawn Stars
Pawn Stars 18 days ago
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Pukka Editz
Pukka Editz 4 days ago
Been funny if u sold this to the palace over road for 75k haha
Troll Toll
Troll Toll 12 days ago
prob risked getting one on the way there
Diamond3go The Beast
Is this during COVID?
James Bills
James Bills 15 days ago
E ‘
E ‘ 15 days ago
Is chumlee still on the show?
Nader Behjou
Nader Behjou 3 hours ago
Why Corey looks like that?
USA NO KIM 1 Nguyen
Kane Day ago
Corey wanted the silver bust on his fireplace mantle. No other explanation.
Jared Day ago
Slowly turning into his dad 😂
William Trowbridge
Something Like That You Don't See Why Sell It Wait Another 10 to 20 years the Value Goes Up
Stoned Crusader
Stoned Crusader 2 days ago
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution 2 days ago
Aunt leaves her most prized possession to the most responsible drug addict in the family, the coke head. Her kids must be on that needle.
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards 2 days ago
The people’s faces when they explain the hackstoru
Louis Gulley
Louis Gulley 2 days ago
I wouldn't sell
Vlad Tepish III
Vlad Tepish III 2 days ago
I wouldn't sell it.
James R
James R 3 days ago
When someone say “do you mind....”, if you don’t mind, you say “no”, meaning I don’t mind.
A 3 days ago
I thought they went bankrupt
Sergio Santiago
Sergio Santiago 3 days ago
The old man would definitely melt all of this silver😂
Pineapple 3 days ago
The guy was like give me money already lol
Avihs IX
Avihs IX 3 days ago
Did Corey ever have facial reconstruction? I've never seen such a stiff upper lip. And the way it runs down from his nose looks unnatural.
Avihs IX
Avihs IX 3 days ago
"This was a vastly important piece to my family and our history" "You got cash doe?"
Diablowar 84
Diablowar 84 3 days ago
That would have been sold in Europe for over 100K €uros .. What a loss!
fire 100k sun 100k
I will sell that peace on ebay let it sit for a while until someone buys it
Alen P
Alen P 3 days ago
I would keep and sell in. 25 years
Jill Springer Forrest
I think the guy should have held out for more. You know they'll sell that piece for $75k.
Marvin Moncevais
Marvin Moncevais 4 days ago
Drills a core and finds the inside is lead 😂
Vince Black
Vince Black 4 days ago
I would rather have the piece then the cash
Michael G
Michael G 3 days ago
festus ewere
festus ewere 4 days ago
Good one
Alisa Ushakova
Alisa Ushakova 4 days ago
The guy got jipped.
J K 4 days ago
I’d love the opportunity to sell this thing. Could get double that asking and triple the offer
J K 4 days ago
I dislike cause of how much the pawn shop makes off these simps. he acts like it would be a burden to take on this piece. That’s the game. But he came make more and he knows it
J K 4 days ago
Honestly it could go for 100000. Think of who your buyers would be. Take it to Italy if you can’t find the buyer in usa
J K 4 days ago
You maybe can get 75000 when YOU MARKET AND FIND A BUYER yourself but you r at a pawn shop
J K 4 days ago
Really nice item
DingDongDaddy 4 days ago
I ain’t leavin NUTTIN to my relatives.
Dulles Perez
Dulles Perez 4 days ago
So cool
Mabdaa 4 days ago
I feel like if Corey just coughed, his voice would go back to normal..
Master Control Program
I wouldn’t of taken a silver dime less than $50,000.
Sherri Gaskin
Sherri Gaskin 4 days ago
You can tell this is all scripted because Super Rip-off knows so much about Caesar.
Nicky L
Nicky L 4 days ago
Seller was deeply in debt to the wise guys and thus he HAD to sell for whatever he could
Andrej Nikolov
Andrej Nikolov 4 days ago
He sounds like Henry Cavill
Mike Goodwalk
Mike Goodwalk 4 days ago
The silver in this thing will be worth a lot more than 40K in just a few years
Jeremy Gunther
Jeremy Gunther 5 days ago
do you mind if I have a buddy of mine come down and take a look at it? *calls in julius caesar*
Дмитрий Кириченко
They still have not sold this it’s on their website for 70k.
Tilak Prakash
Tilak Prakash 5 days ago
Corey looks like a slightly pudgy Daniel Bruhl!😂😂
TheBaldEagle 5 days ago
SMH 🤦‍♂️. This clip should be called how to lose $35,000.
Nero Soldier
Nero Soldier 5 days ago
Dude said 30,000 is a little low, bro if I had that much I'd feel rich af
Keith Rich
Keith Rich 5 days ago
Well more history lesson now
Ikemoto Systems
Ikemoto Systems 5 days ago
"He became dictator of Rome which... was a tenured position" Lol. Brilliant.
Imah Menace
Imah Menace 5 days ago
He's gonna gamble that cash and go bust... 🤡
His aunt is turning in her grave, dude
Zouhir Bensmaia
Zouhir Bensmaia 5 days ago
Arnold Faks
Arnold Faks 5 days ago
Dude should've went straight to ceasers palace, I'm sure they would've loved to have something like this and pay too dollar too
Johnny Ringo
Johnny Ringo 5 days ago
With it being that rare, I woulda kept it. Kid must have really really needed that money 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
N8 Cabbage
N8 Cabbage 5 days ago
Don't think I would have sold the family's prized possession, but maybe he needed the money for something more important. Probably could have gotten more on Ebay though lol.
PATUNGERO 5 days ago
Ayeeee yes pawn star not close ..
Jacob Shur
Jacob Shur 5 days ago
I thought dictator was a 6 month position not 10 years 🤔
KingHaggis 5 days ago
Knowing for sure it's a genuine piece I would have kept on to it. No way I'd sell it for 40.000.
Kuno Lato
Kuno Lato 5 days ago
What stupid guy take that at the pawnshop jaja
Nils Lindqvist
Nils Lindqvist 5 days ago
Accepting 40 000 for something worth 75 000 on the market, but you’re lazy. And you’re out 35 000.
RH 5 days ago
That was made when Julius was still alive? I would never sold it for that money. Masterpiece
ROGER2095 3 days ago
The original marble sculpture was made while Caesar was alive, not this silver reproduction.
chris hammond
chris hammond 5 days ago
Alex Xander
Alex Xander 5 days ago
“I really think that I’m going to get close to my asking price.” He must be new.
anthony Aquino
anthony Aquino 5 days ago
i thought it’s liquid-metal from terminator,lol.
Ivor 6 days ago
Nobody bothered to check the bottom. Cory is a dum dum.
Dillon 6 days ago
Wow he is crazy for selling it that low! I’d take the evaluation and sell it private and get closer to the 75k 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
Poppa Bear37
Poppa Bear37 6 days ago
40,000 is 2 years of my salary
skate gawd9
skate gawd9 6 days ago
Mans got a tesla with a head
Keith Flagg
Keith Flagg 6 days ago
*I love this dude’s pizza*
Phillip D. Ward
Phillip D. Ward 6 days ago
3 months later we find out its fake...
Sam 6 days ago
Idolatry, one of the first sins listed as something still going on at the end of the world and why God is going to pour out his wrath on the world.
Dezii Pacheco
Dezii Pacheco 6 days ago
Lol 30k such a RIP off
Vilas Surjuse
Vilas Surjuse 6 days ago
Nice video brother
Str8fckn 6 days ago
For The Love Of Seattle
I would have just been happy getting the silver price. It didn't cost me anything.
Joachim 6 days ago
Why would EVER you go to a pawn shop with this kind of art? Please, that must be fake.
வெற்றி வேல்
I thought Julius Caesar himself would walk in as expert and certify it's genuine.
Kristian Gameplay
prety happy, he receive a half of the value, no way
M Roth
M Roth 6 days ago
This guy got robbed. He must need the money badly.
Samuel Luciano
Samuel Luciano 6 days ago
$200 that’s the best I can do
Kevin Christonius Budiman
Thats the real authenticator, not just valuing the object but think about the shop as well...
Nachos Brown
Nachos Brown 6 days ago
I hate how obviously scripted this show is but I can't stand Correy period
1.0 fishing
1.0 fishing 7 days ago
27 times
Aloha Mora
Aloha Mora 7 days ago
Wtf... $40k for such master piece. I would buy that for $45k shouldve came to me.
Tyrone Shoelaces
Tyrone Shoelaces 7 days ago
*Old Man melts it*
A. Vaillancourt
A. Vaillancourt 7 days ago
Mostly likely this is a setup... Guy had the piece but never sold it, just looks nice on TV.
oh Ikaros
oh Ikaros 7 days ago
some people are just so clueless 40k? a museum quality piece like this could fetch 200 easy in the right setting
Fit Potato
Fit Potato 7 days ago
Looks like the Silver Surfer.
Freaky Frank Booth
Corey is insufferable
Swallow_Skyla 7 days ago
This belongs in a museum wtf
miamimo70 7 days ago
That was a mistake
2mad2behere 7 days ago
Sooo you never see these or they come up on the market regularly in new condition for 75k, which is it?
Dave 7 days ago
It's unique in that only another 98 identical busts exist.
Mark Aba
Mark Aba 7 days ago
Deym. They way the 'expert' appraised the value, it was already a clear set-up. Poor guy
cmv707 7 days ago
Would you take $10k?? How about $30k .. okay we can do that!
Steve B
Steve B 7 days ago
The old man would have offered scrap value for it
Sequoiapocalypse 7 days ago
No one on the face of this earth sells silver at spot price
johnathan pety
johnathan pety 7 days ago
Julius Caesar is the GOAT
Rex Oates
Rex Oates 7 days ago
I’m sure they read up on Wikipedia about things before the taping so they “know” everything about everything that comes to the shop.
Shiksha With diksha
John Czajka
John Czajka 8 days ago
Probably could’ve gotten 40 after auction fees on a bad day but ok
Troll_Mander 8 days ago
Honestly, pathetic seller. He sold something that was in his family for generations. If I had that item I would've kept it or sold it to a mesuem instead of having some rich guy have it in his mansions sitting there...
Ernest Herrera
Ernest Herrera 8 days ago
I doubt the Aunt left it to a "nephew" ...no way I sell it
jasonx409able 8 days ago
Vegas gamblers gets desperate and starts selling family heirlooms..
David H
David H 8 days ago
Sells family heirlooms pasted down for generations