Paul Bissonnette & Ryan Whitney VS Chris Wagner & Brandon Yip - Return of the Sandbagger 

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The Sandbagger is back and this time it is brought to you by Peter Millar. Visit PeterMillar.com/chiclets for the best golf gear in the game. Sandbagger No. 3 is featuring Chris Wagner of the Boston Bruins and Brandon Yip of the KHL. Do the boys do some sandbagging once again? Or do they have a losing record for the first time in Sandbagger history? Tune in to find out.
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Published on


Oct 20, 2020




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Comments 100   
BillBrasky Day ago
Spittin" Chiclets golf is 1000 times better than ForePlay golf.... the Fore Play guys are awesome but this is just fantastic
Brian Hu
Brian Hu 5 days ago
Hilarious that the best golf content comes from the hockey podcast
JonS23 11 days ago
more of this content please
New Nine Golf
New Nine Golf 13 days ago
Hilarious. 🤣 For more golf content, check out our Masters show with Commie and Bo Levi. 🙏
kieran mulholland
kieran mulholland 15 days ago
"i left my glasses on the last hole" "rattled"
paul cook
paul cook 16 days ago
‘You used to those in fkn kuwan or wherever the fuck you were’
Xavier Hernandez
Xavier Hernandez 19 days ago
Anyone know the clubs / bag that Whitney uses???
Sean Dougherty
Sean Dougherty 19 days ago
Is Yip getting on a flight to Milan after the round? Get out of here with those shades
Schnab 20 days ago
I love these golf episodes
Scott 21 day ago
So awesome... but i thought these guys were good..🤔
Xavier Hernandez
Xavier Hernandez 21 day ago
I need a WITB from Whit & Bizz cause these guys are ballllllin !!!
Kev L
Kev L 22 days ago
Conor Marontate
Conor Marontate 22 days ago
biz from 25:50 to 25:56 is the funniest rollercoaster of emotions
Nick M
Nick M 23 days ago
Need to see biz and whit vs the Tkachuk brothers
Neil McInnis
Neil McInnis 24 days ago
Fel ix
Fel ix 25 days ago
Yipper muttering 'oh god' under his breath while Biz sinks the putt and wobbles into the celly has got to be the funniest scene I've witnessed on a course
Sean Gaughan
Sean Gaughan 25 days ago
Vinny Chase. Solid line
Cam 26 days ago
28:00 best part
Joshua Granville
Joshua Granville 27 days ago
Whit dog with the smooth swing
Maya Lauzon
Maya Lauzon 28 days ago
It should be mandatory that Biz take shrooms.
James Roche
James Roche 28 days ago
You guys make my day. Everyday going and leaving work I listen to you. I feel you need to make me more. Lol
15donahue 28 days ago
Biz' swing is the exact opposite of Whit's swing
Charlie Sumner
Charlie Sumner 28 days ago
yipper is a tough nickname while playing golf
ERIC CLARK 29 days ago
We're the winners so suck it lmao, this is golf at its best
Frenzy 29 days ago
Every one of biz shots. Knee down clapper....
Cyril Velasco
Cyril Velasco 29 days ago
We need more of this!! Love Biz!!!
Joshua Lemieux
Joshua Lemieux 29 days ago
Whit, please wear pants next time.
Xavier Hernandez
“You guys need ice??” Biz: “I GOT ICE IN MY FUCKING VEINS”
Xavier Hernandez
Biz is easily the funniest dude on the course 😂
Jason Powchuk
Jason Powchuk Month ago
Do they have a medic on staff at that club? That fairway next to the range is insanely close. Probably the only fairway I'd hit.
Daniel Singleton
Funny how much better this is than those other knuckle heads
Hattori Hanzo
Hattori Hanzo Month ago
Please stop talking about golf for 15-20 minutes at the end of every Chiclets.
TheRealCeech Month ago
Can you guys get shot tracers for the next one
Kyle Boyer
Kyle Boyer Month ago
You guys should play against two fans. Start an entry draw.
AssDust Month ago
the only place you can wear a hat with an american flag like that, is in america itself lol
Niles Nibogie
Niles Nibogie Month ago
This was the best filmed sandbagger so far
Al Senyo
Al Senyo Month ago
I've washed windows with more personality than Wagner.
Taylor Lucas
Taylor Lucas Month ago
this level of production is perfect, dont make it any better lmao.
kadin hendrickson
Why does it look like Biz and Whit switched outfits?
Bobby Bands
Bobby Bands Month ago
Biz thought the course was designed by Peter Millar.. lol
Bob Boucher
Bob Boucher Month ago
“I’m not doing that all day” LMFAO
King Fisherrr
King Fisherrr Month ago
Maybe get some guys with some personality next time. Wags and yip seemed like they were really hungover
Jake Castellano
Jake Castellano Month ago
Why are your golf videos better than foreplays? Not even the content, but the editing of a golf video for a hockey podcast is better than the golf podcast. Bad look rigs
Sean Hohnstrater
Who tf wears socks that high on a golf course
William Wong
William Wong Month ago
"That's quarantine bush right there"
The Happy Grower
Dude this camera work is just embarassing...
Andrew Pruett
Andrew Pruett Month ago
Its so much better when RA isnt around
minnnn28 Month ago
The Best Duo at Barstool!!!! Keep it up boys
Grant _
Grant _ Month ago
Whit: can we get some ice? Biz: I got ice in my fuckin veins
Ryan Gargano
Ryan Gargano Month ago
Phenomenal stuff
KG Month ago
Better than Foreplay
D S Month ago
Whits swing is so clean especially when he is chipping
Evan Carden
Evan Carden Month ago
Take some advice from foreplay and learn how to make a golf video you losers
rickysnow400 Month ago
The look on Biz's face at 17:15.
Mutchy55 Month ago
Watching Biz play golf makes me feel so good about my game
ryan hickey
ryan hickey Month ago
Whitt - "thats fucked" lol
adw4891 Month ago
19:34 Biz runs away lookin like Forrest Gump lol
adw4891 Month ago
No more Yip 🐦 and not funny
Marshall Spalding
Underrated chirp “is Biz team captain?”
Scott Month ago
lmao Biz birdies the hardest hole with whit coachin with his glove on. shit was hilarious.
Paul Ramone
Paul Ramone Month ago
Biz has the most hockey shot like golf swing I’ve ever seen lol, great vid guys!
Average Jerk BBQ
What’s with Biz’s white socks? Hahahaha
HFDWHALERS97 Month ago
Boys I think it's time to give the fans what they want. We need a Chiclets vs. ForePlay four man scramble match. No chance FP even comes close to winning but it would be great content!
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter Month ago
As an avs fan I honestly miss yipper
Daniel Siwek
Daniel Siwek Month ago
I feel so much better about my calves after seeing Whit’s.
Neil Corbett
Neil Corbett Month ago
"Whit, am I lining up stra--" "I'm not doing that all day".
Eric Tarter’s
Eric Tarter’s Month ago
“Taxi!” hahaha Whits golf chirps are unmatched
jack mcalpine
jack mcalpine Month ago
whit looks like the unathletic dad who took his 12 year old golfing for the first time
Matt Shay
Matt Shay Month ago
this footage is so washed out I got a headache watching this... but I couldn't stop watching
Matthew Schwartz
"I'm not doing that all day. " fucking love whit
Dorito Dick
Dorito Dick Month ago
I have to say, this sandbagger is infinitely better than the last one but still nothing will ever top the first. I don’t know if it’s just the editing for me or the camera work but that one is still so unreal.
Carl Dagger
Carl Dagger Month ago
Can grinnelli hook up a shot tracer for the next one of these?
Daaa Bears
Daaa Bears Month ago
Someone buy biz some ankle socks
David Engel
David Engel Month ago
Thee old sandbagged invitational boys
Alex Kirby
Alex Kirby Month ago
Tons of mind torpedos!
ajh7722 Month ago
Colgate!! Raider nation
Grant Weihl
Grant Weihl Month ago
I’d love to have biz and whit in a golf outing
Uncovered Month ago
This is way better than the foreplay guys content
spencer mang
spencer mang Month ago
The face everyone makes after taking a sip of Whitney
Scott Seymour
Scott Seymour Month ago
Ryan Whitney can flat-out play golf. Great swing.
Daniel Furth
Daniel Furth Month ago
"I'll be stroking it to that shot"
Ryan Mello
Ryan Mello Month ago
What’s some more gambling things?... “Birdie”
Johnny Taxpayer
Johnny Taxpayer Month ago
What happens if the Foreplay guys do a hockey invitational?
Kevin Schumm
Kevin Schumm Month ago
Imagine being at the top of the heap in the world of content and thinking that filming a round of golf is anything close to entertaining. I love these guys, but they might as well be mic'd up playing a game of connect four.
hotshotawb3923 Month ago
Biz: Whats my distance? I didn't wanna be too close there. SONK
Christian Oliveira
Y'all need to get those camera guys some ND filters! Beyond that, great content as usual!
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly Month ago
How many holes did Biz tee up in front of the blocks on lol? Hole 8 for sure
Lucky01 Month ago
Biz put more effort in this golf video than in his NHL career
Alex Commisso
Alex Commisso Month ago
how does one not like this?
Hunter David Copus
These are honestly what US-first is about, this is good content
Johnny Drago
Johnny Drago Month ago
chiclets golf > foreplay golf. completely different stratosphere
anonplzzzzzz Month ago
Do more of these please!!!
KGBMRobson Month ago
We need a WITB
Carter Sorenson
Carter Sorenson Month ago
Biz has the ugliest swing ever
Twig Month ago
Biz making Birdies 😆
Josh Month ago
Wags has the personality of a fucking pylon
Trevor Kemp
Trevor Kemp Month ago
Amazing video!! I see this type of content getting a lot of momentum. What a great duo!!
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford Month ago
Whits calves look pretty good not gonna lie
Will Hewat
Will Hewat Month ago
I'm glad I'm not the only one who blows through their straw to mix their drink lol
Travis Sexsmith
Travis Sexsmith Month ago