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May 3, 2021




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CJ Faison
CJ Faison 11 days ago
Sorry for running away... things have been getting VERY scary even after we all get back home from filming... Part 4 will be enough to scare the bravest of men and women, I promise.
Jayedee Briggs
CJ this all seems to be getting to you now. Seriously, if you feel like you don't want anything to do with this any more then perhaps you should stop playing. I love watching you guys but if it's getting dangerous then maybe it's time to stop.
Christian Cowgirl
As soon as y'all found the cell 📱 , a light started to shine down the path ahead of y'all,,, crazy stuff!!!
zoomzoom885 2 days ago
@Patti Stockton I think CJ and sonny need to quit these dangerous random thingies,soz can’t pronounce it let alone say it I’m a typical Brit lol. But these guys playing dangerous now and those forests with dolls and stuff bad very bad to go near
Patti Stockton
Patti Stockton 2 days ago
I think you just need to 🛑🛑 GOING ON Randonautica adventures CJ
Karen Wise
Karen Wise 4 days ago
C. J. You. Are. A. Great. SINGER
Dreamer . always be true to yourself
I don't get it why don't you guys bring a giant light with you then you can see everything
ErieGirlAtHeart 3 hours ago
23:07 LMMFAO Sonny was just getting ready to Haul Ass the Fu@k outta There!!! 😄😀😂 C.J is gonna give him a heart attack one day if he keeps doin like that...
ErieGirlAtHeart 3 hours ago
11:26 isn't that Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn?(classic Country music singers)
Cathrine Galentine
Cathrine Galentine 4 hours ago
I love every video u do I can't go out & explore like u can so please keep up the great work & forget all the haters much love from me in Las Vegas NV
Heather Holt
Heather Holt 7 hours ago
That's Conway Twitty on the cup
Angie Saj
Angie Saj 10 hours ago
The red post is for brochures. And of COURSE these are all set up. It’s part of the fun of the game. 🤷🏻‍♀️😆
The Haunted Pineapple
Bahahahaaa! “Elvis Presley” no,.. “That’s David Hasselhoff. You know, from BayWatch” “ What’s BayWatch? I don’t know BayWatch...” It’s Conway Twitty. He was a country singer.. I am dying.... wait... damn I’m old.. 🤦🏼‍♀️ BTW, the way, that was the tune for THE TWILIGHT ZONE... 👻🍍😔
The Haunted Pineapple
CJ, please accept my condolences at the passing of your dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this tragic time of loss... 👻🍍😪
Glenda Hastings
Glenda Hastings 12 hours ago
That's not David Hasselhoff, it looks like Conway Twitty, a country music singer. (CG)
Terry Lee
Terry Lee 15 hours ago
I'm thinking that is Conway Twitty he's a country singer I have no idea who the woman is. Stay safe
Wolf Cloud
Wolf Cloud 17 hours ago
Wtf lol you play this game to find shit then when you do you are to scared to just take a phone you find in the woods.. then tell your buddy that its a matter of their friendship that he leaves the phone... then tell him if he wants to take it to go back alone and get it.... wtf... like ive heard others say your vids are faked but this just got stupid.....
Carlo Hermans
Carlo Hermans 22 hours ago
You are surging for answers.. You want to figure randonautica out... You find something interesting and than run away... I dont understand it... For me a 👎 normally i always like youre content... But now.. Im sorry.. You where so close to discover something....
Why do you put yourself through this if you are gonna let it get you. You a playing a game that full of pretty crazy shit. It’s not gonna always be peachy. But I totally understand. I have no room to talk cause I haven’t put myself out there. I intend to.
S. Raven Nagel
I am a photographer of the night, I understand how bugs, dust, and rain can appear on video. However, in the cold/freezing spots right out the gate at 7:21 minutes in you captured flurries of orbs. 8:01 is another example, Those aren’t all bugs... those are ghosts. A lot of them, animal and human. You may want to review your footage for these flurries of orbs your capturing through out. The flurries appear in the immediate foreground, look upward and you will see the bugs flying around, toward the ground; ghosts of all kinds.
That looks like Conway Twitty.
Good fire line
Valerie Smith
After 18:20 I felt that you were being watched the whole time.. I literally had goosebumps!!
Valerie Smith
I absolutely love watching you & Sonny 😊 doing a video together, I enjoy them so much. Also I have such a bad feeling about this Aaron Valentino fellow. In the video where the tent was found it was stated in the texts in the phone that was found that he drinks to excess and goes out for hours at night.... what does he do?? My imagination goes into overdrive thinking about it.
James Nagel
James Nagel Day ago
I showed my wife your vid's and she yelled at me because she got scared now she can't sleep.
Mordecai Rasputin
CJ: hey let's go into the woods and do don't Randonautung! Let's find some answers out here! *Find phone in forest Also CJ: nope nope nope I don't want another thing to do with any of this shit Sonny: 🤔
Yong Chiayin
Yong Chiayin Day ago
Next intents... zozo
Silent Drive
Silent Drive Day ago
By the marking by the gate. That is marked hiking trail probably currently being used. My cousin hikes year round, so in places like this you would most likely run into people camping off of the trail.
Patricia Sentz
First of all, camera work was so bad ... alot of out of focus video. Second, CJ is WAY to paranoid. He constantly hears and sees things that are not there. Sonny stayed calm and got things done. You should have taken the phone and checked it out back in the car. If you still didn't want to take it then toss it B4 you leave.
Purple Spider Matsumoto
Dude wtf... At 23:03 that sound it feels like if I was waiting to go in the bathroom and someone was in with door closed and the faucet would be running. That's how it sounds to me like wtf. But probably it might a pipe running hot water? But still wtf, in the middle of a forest? Man that shit's odd af! Also about that phone in the previous video to this had the background with like... It looked like someone murdered with blood all around the body.
sarah ellison
when you say you delete the app cj do you pay again every time how does that work?
Jayedee Briggs
I'm pretty sure that Johnny Cash had a song called Close Encounter of the life kind that featured other singers, two of which were Conway Twitty and Wayland Jennings. So there's your close encounter connection
Anyone know what kind of iPhone case he has on his phone?
Desie Mendenhall
Desie Mendenhall 2 days ago
I'm not sure and maybe it's just me but I'm not understanding how any of this is scary or creepy. I've been watching these videos for some time now and yes I do a lot of laughing but nothing is scary.
Enelda Ortega
Enelda Ortega 2 days ago
Hi Cj n Sonny!
Cynthia Garret
Cynthia Garret 2 days ago
Curious is this the phone that was taped to the brick clues
Connie Seal
Connie Seal 2 days ago
I love when you guys film together. It's great,
David Kelly
David Kelly 2 days ago
Twilight theme song
Sheron Oh
Sheron Oh 2 days ago
Think Sonny needs to train up to keep up with CJ who keeps running away LOL
Noel Wise
Noel Wise 2 days ago
Thats Conway Twitty who passed away in 1993. had the most singles (55) reach Number 1 on various national music charts Unless his ghost was there I dont know what the close encounter was
Lisa Fox
Lisa Fox 2 days ago
Twilight Zone
Mordecai Rasputin
Yo wtf was standing on the side of the road at 4:26 was that just a straight up German shepherd standing right there and y'all didn't say shit about it ?
fire starter
fire starter 2 days ago
cj the picture on the cup is a picture of two country singers conway twitty and loretta lynn weird
Veronica Bigelow
Veronica Bigelow 2 days ago
You are are being set up and watch be careful
Louise Davenport
Louise Davenport 2 days ago
You need to do something about you camera fading in and out very blurry at times hard to see the site:(
Kathy Baccus
Kathy Baccus 3 days ago
Wow!!!! 😬😬😬
Tieka Waterman
Tieka Waterman 3 days ago
The do do do tune was the twilight theme
Tieka Waterman
Tieka Waterman 3 days ago
The face on the cup the male is Conway Twitty a old country singer now past away don't remember the female name may be his wife whom was also a country singer
Toni Hawkins
Toni Hawkins 3 days ago
Those bugs are thick!
Karen Wise
Karen Wise 3 days ago
Looks. Scary. Evil. Dangerous
Mary S
Mary S 3 days ago
26:07 it sounds like the Twilight Zone song.
Suzanne Vorstenbosch
The guy on the coffecup is not Elvis, or David Hasselhof..don't know who but he seems familiar..the lady looks a bit like Ali MacGraw?? Weird..
FrankRizzo 3 days ago
So you both are apparently in the middle of nowhere deep in the woods and there’s a random radio that is on. If this is not a set up and you are definitely not alone in those woods and you both should be packing something. Somebody by themselves in the middle of the woods hanging a freaking radio on a tree he’s either following you and knowing where you’re going ahead of time and you guys need to get the F out of there
Laura Long
Laura Long 3 days ago
Hello Darling..... that's Conway Twitty!! :) Old country singer.
Karen Lauer
Karen Lauer 3 days ago
Put gloves on before u pick that cell up. Sonny, your prints are on it!!!
Chris Myers
Chris Myers 4 days ago
The twilight zone theme
Karen Wise
Karen Wise 4 days ago
Did. You. Keep. The. Radio
Karen Wise
Karen Wise 4 days ago
C. J. I. Believe. In. You
Ann Smyth
Ann Smyth 4 days ago
mothers day in canada as well as the usa and melysia
Cheyenne carver
Cheyenne carver 4 days ago
Do the bugs and dust deside to come out at night
Lee Allen
Lee Allen 4 days ago
What I want to know is where are all the dam deer? 😱
Sparkle Clover777
😂😂 ya'll crack me the F up!!! David Hasselhoff 😂 It is Conway Twitty
Raylene hatcher
Raylene hatcher 4 days ago
That pic on mug is Conway Twitty
Sarah Sherwood
Sarah Sherwood 4 days ago
We're the pictures on the cup mug shots of missing people suspected alien obductions (Close encounter?) so weird!
Holly Whiskers
Holly Whiskers 4 days ago
The Close encounters of celebrities on coffee mug ☕
Curtis Willson
Curtis Willson 4 days ago
nut falls from tree.... " somethings knocking "
Mira Jean Wever
Mira Jean Wever 5 days ago
I feel like CJ you are super mean and controlling to Sonny.
Keith Sexton
Keith Sexton 5 days ago
It was from The Twilight Zone old sitcom
Keith Sexton
Keith Sexton 5 days ago
That little tune you played was from The Twilight Zone hello sitcom
Atrayu 5 days ago
CJ, the man on the coffee mug is not david hasselhoff, it's the country singer named conway twitty.
The man on the coffee cup is Conway Twitty the country music singer I'm not sure who the female is
Ryan Hesford-goring
As cj was heading back to gate we’re car was, was that a person that walked left into trees ? Just yards infront of gate
Jackie Wheeler
Jackie Wheeler 5 days ago
The dirt roads are fire breaks in a forest, to prevent a fire from spreading and destroying a whole forest
Dayton McILvain
Dayton McILvain 5 days ago
Instead of a yellow ribbon she wore a blue ribbon😂
NC Outdoors
NC Outdoors 5 days ago
The roads are for if they ever have a fire back there or if somebody has a medical emergency or gets lost.
Red Lex
Red Lex 5 days ago
Twilight zone tune
Alexander Shaw
Alexander Shaw 5 days ago
I really love watching your Randonautica videos and haunted videos and vlogs videos and your Randonautica videos and haunted videos and vlogs videos make my quarantine so much better and I really love that
David Taylor
David Taylor 5 days ago
The phone was to clean to b lying outside n plus it was only dj s finger prints on it ,
zoomzoom885 5 days ago
No need to apologise,why the hell would there be a cup in the Forrest? At 19:39 your cam started going out of focus for a while
Sheryl ibarra ibarra
Hi there
Dayton McILvain
Dayton McILvain 6 days ago
I seen that light! I seen that light!
Dayton McILvain
Dayton McILvain 6 days ago
I'd rather come against aliens than ghosts cause at lest the aliens are a living thing and don't come at you from literally no where.
andrew seath
andrew seath 6 days ago
Anyone notice the phone was on camera/video mode when it was on the groud after sonny had it?.
Val Willman
Val Willman 6 days ago
Why do you even bother doing this if you don't want nothing to do with it?? I don't see the point of you having the App if you're not willing to at least go along to a certain degree, at least or just stick to going to rundown buildings!? Answers please.
Terry Howell
Terry Howell 6 days ago
One of you need to carry a weapon of some kind just in case
Terry Howell
Terry Howell 6 days ago
It's a trap
Valerie Faith
Valerie Faith 6 days ago
CJ screamed scared me so bad I gasped for air inhaling my fruit snack
kazer117 6 days ago
We’re looking for evidence of what’s going on Also finds evidence leave it alone
Greg Wells Jr
Greg Wells Jr 6 days ago
Blue ribbons are for showing support for child abuse prevention, but since corona hit they've been used to show support for healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic. Not sure if there's a connection but some information for all your viewers out there cuz , "The more you know." 😉👉
Tamara Dirks
Tamara Dirks 6 days ago
Better be safe. Then sorry.
liz milne
liz milne 6 days ago
Hi CJ and Sonny that is Conway Twitter he was a country singer in the 60s and 70s and that might have been his wife maybe I'm not sure of the lady. and just be carefull CJ and Sonny yous could be getting tracked. yous don't know if yous are getting followed either with that randanoutica. good video CJ and CJ Sonny are great together and so funny to♥️♥️♥️😄😄😄CJ and Sonny take care from scotland👍👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️♥️💛💛💛💛🤍🤍🤍🤍
Tammy Lynn
Tammy Lynn 6 days ago
Have u thought of getting a Tesla, it has cameras all around, so if anyone messes with ur car, it will be on camera.
Tammy Lynn
Tammy Lynn 6 days ago
The man on the coffee cup looks like Conway Twitty, a famous country legend. Not sure of the female on the cup tho. Stay safe guys!
Lynn Dalgleish
Lynn Dalgleish 6 days ago
It's Conway twitty on the coffee cup. He's an old time country singer
Christy Cridlebaugh
That's Conway Twitty on that coffee cup!🤣😅😂
kazer117 6 days ago
34:38 there’s a light down the end of the path
Pamela Gideon
Pamela Gideon 6 days ago
You guys are funny! That's Conway Twitty.
CopperTop8889 Gaming
I think the coffee cup has Conway Twitty on it
Mary Grant-Bishop
Same radio
daniel smith
daniel smith 6 days ago
LOving the being froze look guys
crinkycrinkles 6 days ago
That is a Conway Twitty coffee mug. Looks like it's custom made. She must be a HUGE Conway Twitty fan or it was a gag gift
thewangsta713 6 days ago
That was Valentino’s phone and that coffee mug you found was the picture of him and Donna on it and jasko found clues about him in the witch forest in Maryland you should talk to him about what he found there pay attention CJ
BamBam68 6 days ago
The pic on the coffee mug favored Conway Twitty, country music artist
Karen Sandy
Karen Sandy 6 days ago
Wow you are kinda selfish. Even after you scared the blank out of dillian at the hotel and you are complaining everything is a bust this night, you run and tuck tail when there is something and forbid Sonny to have anything to do with it. Quit Rondonautica you dont have the fortitude for this.
foreverchangingchanges changingallthetims
Song Ribbons are Blue they remind me of you. When you wearing blue walking into Pocomoke Forest looking for intent location through and through.