Owners brought cat to be put down. But after examining it, vet kicked the owners out of the clinic. 

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It happens sometimes that people get pets without realizing and accepting the full responsibility of this decision. And while the pet is young and full of strength, it brings a lot of joy to its owners, but then loyal and loving pets grow old and become simply unwanted.
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Apr 3, 2021




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Kadence Eley
Kadence Eley 7 minutes ago
That Vet is amazing 👍
Kimberly Lane
Kimberly Lane 52 minutes ago
God bless
Lunar Angel
Lunar Angel Hour ago
HOW COULD YOU EVER DO THAT? I had a dog that was old, blind, and almost completely deaf, but that never lessened my love for him in the _slightest_ >:( Pregnancy or anything else should be no different I will never understand how it is possible to be that heartless 😭
Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson Hour ago
Then things ain't even people they are not fit to be called drit!!
Rachel Tabor
Rachel Tabor Hour ago
At least the kittens and mother cat, is all saved from being put down, the owners should have known better, seeing that Polly had kittens, than being in a time of passing, when a cat is having labored breathing or haveing a big stomach, that can be very sensitive to touch, then she is most likely pregnant and putting a cat, in a jeopardised situation like this, can be very harmful to the cat and kittens, at least the veterinarian, checked to find out that Polly is pregnant and not at all state of being put down. To close of a call. 😒(whew) 😻💖
I used to have three cats at the same time. My oldest I got from a shelter.
Mae Thomas
Mae Thomas 2 hours ago
My cat is turning 16 this year and still going strong! I love her so much. 💕
Windy McGee
Windy McGee 2 hours ago
I'd have mine be put down too. I don't trust anybody to take care of mine or my birds. That comes from experience. They'd be better off in most cases
Hecate Aradia
Hecate Aradia 2 hours ago
Good commentary, we like em, they are cute, then we toss them. I just spend 6000 trying to save my dear Hopi, a cat whom my brothers left in the will after he killed himself. Despite my effort I had to put her to sleep last night, today I weep for my little hopi who now is in the arms of my brother.
YeeTheDonut 4 hours ago
I still dont like how we can decide if they should stay as a family or not
BlueBraviary 5 hours ago
Actually far too many shelter pets don’t get adopted and end up put down :(
Roxana Ioana Ciciu
Roxana Ioana Ciciu 6 hours ago
Wait a sec, he prepared everything even the medication in seringe before to consult the cat, seems like he did not check her conditons if they are in acordance with how old they said that the cat is...,And after he found that she has belly???🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ This is not bringing so much light over this vet if the reality is same as it was told......
Vanessa Carey
Vanessa Carey 7 hours ago
Dont take a cat if you dont take care of the cat of every animals for that matter!!!!
「FxllenAiko 」
「FxllenAiko 」 9 hours ago
4000 message!
Bonnie Edgar
Bonnie Edgar 9 hours ago
OMG those people should be fined an spend time in jail! I think a yr for each kitten born an their Momma, altogether 4yrs, for the 2 owners !!!! I pray that they will never again be able to own any pets for life !!!WTF is wrong with some people????
Momo chan
Momo chan 9 hours ago
These people deserve to go to jail I hate them so much
Tigertile 10 hours ago
Why did they kill the kittens
September Sapphire
September Sapphire 10 hours ago
Thank God they got just the RIGHT veterinarian 🙏 Now momma and her babies will be ok 🥰
Komi 12 hours ago
We found a kitten on the street. No one was looking for her and it was clear she was abused and kicked out of someones home. Vet confirmed that and even told us the chances she would survive are small. At first she recovered. Her only problem now was bad coordination, which we thought was due to injury of her spine. After about a month first seizures started. We get her examined once again and the result was brain damage. Our vet told us she wouldn't grow up to adult cat and it would be better to get her euthanized. We refused and rather wanted something that would help her with seizures. She's now 2 years old and the sweetest and clingiest cat we ever had.
FN FNC 14 hours ago
Give me the location of Polly's previous owner, i wanna say "hi"
Azarri 17 hours ago
Wow, those owners are horrible ppl. They should be the ones put down instead. I cant beleave they wanted the cat to be put down just cuz they didnt want to bring it to another country with them.
The_god_of_LESBIANS TvT
What the owners should’ve done was give her to an animal shelter instead of trying to kill her AND her kits-
Aimee Simmons
Aimee Simmons 18 hours ago
My husband and I were being forced to rehome two dogs who were rottweiler boxer mix. We called them Roxers. They were adorable. Thick form of the Rottie, and the fawn coloring of the Boxer. The girl had more of the smushed face of the boxer while her brother had more of the Rottie head. They were rescue pups. Starving when we got them. Never aggressive, always submissive. The best family dogs anyone ever had. We took special care with them to make sure that they didn't get food aggressive. We started by feeding them with our hands, and they were perfect. Luke and Leiah... (StarWars fans... :) ) We ended up having to go to a place where they did not allow certain breeds of dogs, and Rott was one of those excluded. My husband felt gutted and tried like hell to keep Luke because, by this time, Leah had displayed severe disfunction, her spine going out of alignment so bad that we didn't know what to do for her. This was before we knew there were chiropractors for animals. They were rescued from an accidental backyard breeding in the first place where the child left in charge didn't understand that he was supposed to feed the pupps separately once they reached a certain age. (sigh) My husband held Leah as she died. We had to have her put down because her disability was so severe that she had NO quality of life, and we knew that there would be no one willing to try to take her and love her as we did when we were forced to move yet again to a place where her breed, even cross bred was not allowed. Her life had become miserable at that time anyway, so we paid, and held her while she passed... What a courageous princess she was.
Alphi 18 hours ago
I love my cats, they are 1 and 7 years old, I love them both, I had another cat he was 8, but sadly he went missing, and I would give anything to have him home :(, can’t stand people like this...
Adam Eves
Adam Eves 18 hours ago
Same type of people to be like "Oops, we're pregnant!" (Even though there are thousands of foolproof ways to avoid that). They treat sex like a toy the same way others treat pets as toys. Just throw it out when your done. Some sick people in this world with no accountability for their actions and expect no consequences.
Reincarnation 20 hours ago
I am doubtful whether this story is factual. Not that very cruel and stupid humans do not exist. But....why would anyone with half a heart and brain would not look for alternatives such as a shelter? If this is just a ploy to get millions of views, shame on you and hope that you get a proper karmic result for it.
Quya Luna
Quya Luna 20 hours ago
I don't support the death penalty, but those people deserve to be put down.
1027 Petra
1027 Petra 20 hours ago
I’m crying 😿
plantlover Andrew
plantlover Andrew 21 hour ago
I agree that the vet did the right thing by chasing them out! !!
imustinsist 21 hour ago
If be more happy killing them than their cat.
ItsLittleUnicorn Elle
Ellen Vasquez
Ellen Vasquez 22 hours ago
😭😭😭😭😭 we HAD to put our cat down due to an inoperable tumor. How horrible!
CatLover Animates
CatLover Animates 22 hours ago
the only thing he didnt mention about cats, or any pet, going to a shelter is the owner physically not being able to have the pet. I had a cat named olive, very young cat and i loved her to death as did my whole family. But when we found out my brother had developed a cat allergy that could kill him, we sadly had to give olive to a shelter. we gave her to a no kill shelter and asked them to contact us when she got adopted off so we knew she was safe. months went by and nothing from the shelter so we went and looked around for olive but she was nowhere in sight..... this was back in 2017 or 2018 i believe and i still cry for her sometimes.... i hope she's happy...
Damien Nadeau
Damien Nadeau 22 hours ago
These owners are so awful
Cameron F Spalding
Cameron F Spalding 23 hours ago
I want to make sure those owners get sent to gulag
Tracy c
Tracy c 23 hours ago
I wonder how many people making comments believe it's ok to kill a baby but not a cat? Or are kittens referred to as feline fetuses until birth??
May Ray scrubbie galz
I'm sorry but those kind of people should be put on a do not adopt list and put on the TV saying that they can't adopt or get any animal whatsoever that angers me that family could have gave that beautiful cat to somebody that would have adored her instead of doing that those people ought to be shot I tell you that makes me angry I hope they can never adopt any other animal again
Chris Einstein
Doctor Plagus
One of my cats (who are sisters) was returned to the shelter as a kitten after adoption because she "meowed" and that was an inconvenience to the family. I adopted her and her sister to keep them together. Whoever has my princess before clearly didn't deserve love without limits.
Wimsy logic
Wimsy logic Day ago
I have recently been adopted by a farm/stray cat. She came to our house at night and just kept meowing at our window till she got our attention. She was skin and bones. We didn't have any food for her that night But we left her some water. Shouldn't wanna come in the house but we sat still and she hung around us. Then she took off and she was back in the morning Meowing at us. Neighbour gave us some cat food to give her. She was starving. Seems like she chose us to take care of her. Tell me benefiel days she's already caught us a mouse in started sleeping in our bed. Face is soExpressional. Can she look so happy here. She's free to come and go whenever she wants. As for now we understand that she's not our cat but we can definitely be her humans.
Leigh Lofgren
three cheers for the vet and more should do this - these people should never be allowed another animal again. That said, no vet should put down any animal unless sick and dying. Take your unwanted animal to a no kill shelter
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Day ago
The cat that was eating very looked like mine that died today at the vet office
noémi * kozma
God bless the doctor ❤️💞🍀and the mama kitten and the little ones ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Christine Weeden
Oeople like this should have their names put in a system that makes sure they can never have any pets again.I hope their all with loving families now❤😥
Geraldine Mitchell
I don't know why I watch these as I always end up crying.
AssButt940 Day ago
for anyone watching this, you should know in some situations you can surrender the animals over the the hospital. its mostly a life or death situation but still. if you don't want an animals anymore just take it to a clinic and see what the options are. if its old and unhealthy the most humane thing to do is euthanize it(put it to sleep). euthanizing is not a game, you are takin a life... well in this case 4. Ask questions before wanting to euthanize.
Sierra Campbell
that's messed up bro
Ashleigh Stratmann
I rather see to it my cats go to a good family and home where they be love and cared for than put them down just because I can't house them
Nikki Love
Nikki Love Day ago
Wowww... good job DR !!!i believe that we ALL should treat each other how we want to be TREATED! Especially animal's that don't have voices. Also to the person who wrote the quote by ghandi..."eventually" hasent happened yet... not with the world but with certain individuals that are ahead in/of their humanity
Corina Sifuentes
Maybe these people didn't know the cat was pregnant, its human for doctors to euthanize old animal . People aren't jailed for aborting their own children why should they be for euthanizing unborn kittens.
Caprese Katz
Caprese Katz Day ago
I LOVED your message at the end, animals ARE NOT TOYS!
LYOKO Vetryx
LYOKO Vetryx Day ago
The cat was pregnant and those psychos were going to kill her and the kittens what the fuck couldn’t they had waited for the kittens to be born obviously they didn’t have time in their right minds it’s so disgusting that they tried that.
OceAnna Downer
That isn't true, they put down pregnant cats all the time and more then likely would have spayed the cat instead of letting it have the kittens
Carolyn Woodruff
Evil people!
Shaina Michalski
My sister had a neighbor who had this beautiful retriever. He was so well behaved and everyone loved him in the neighborhood. She started dating this guy online, and after a few months they talked about him moving out here, but he wanted her to get rid of her dog. She took this dog everywhere. Was so close to this dog. She started telling people she was thinking about putting him down because she “promised him he would never have any other owner but her”. People all over the neighborhood tried to get her to allow them to keep him. She wouldn’t do it. One day they stopped seeing her with the dog. She actually fricken did it. He was only 7 years old and in completely good health. This should be illegal. And the kicker is, the guy NEVER EVEN CAME.
Briana Garcia
Shame on those people!! Some people should not have pets!! The vet did the right thing & I'm happy Polly was taken care of & had her beautiful babies 💓💓
Diane Threadgold
I really dont know why people have Animals they are selfish
FIT BRO, Golden era Fitness
This is very sad ...!
jasmine massa
Poor baby all my pets are rescues. Its hard breaking them out of that sad stage where its hard to trust again its heart breaking.
Virginia Davies
How heatless is that throw away the call when it's pregnant.
gwendalynn Beeks
They didnt want it any more and was gonna kill it so no one else could have it there lucky i wasnt the vet i woulda shot them
Aayan A
Aayan A Day ago
One of my cats cats died 😥 He had a murmur in his heart But he will never be forgotten
liz ;
liz ; Day ago
this makes me so sad. i had to find my 2 cats a new home because i got pregnant. but i actually cared enough to called around to find them a legitimate home. i could never put them down, people are awful just cause they don’t wanna take responsibility. i thought of letting them be outside cats but it’s such a bad idea because of other animals preying on them, i had to give them a better home. and my boy cat was attacked before, i believe a human attacked him but idk to this day. even humans are mean. i hate people but i miss my cats 😞 those people are mean.
Why didn't they just give the cat to someone
Natalia Lelemon
Thank God that this vet noticed ❤️
lorena4mj aj90037
Those people are horrible 😳🤮😡😡😡😡😡
morah g
morah g Day ago
Bro just get a friend or family member to adopt her
Ramblin Red Girlie
Bro you're telling the story of a great veterinarian without even giving them a shout out
My cat spunky gave birth to 4 beautiful babies, and thinking about what they were gonna do to there cat just unbelievable
Jai Kumar
Jai Kumar Day ago
Can you you give me the kitten i love them if they are sick or pregnant
Justin Cooper
i've got a 7 year old cat, and a 2 1/2 year old cat. those two are goofballs, and my younger one loves to cuddle. the older one will come over and say hi once in awhile, but she mainly likes to roam around and snooze on the window sill. when i have kids, they'll learn how to treat animals properly, and i'll make sure that the cats are well treated by them. when they die of old age, i'm going to miss them so damn much. i dont think i want to know what goes through these type of people's heads. makes me want to let negan out on them when i see animals that are abused and neglected.
Dark Quaesar
Dark Quaesar Day ago
i put my two cats before anyone or anything else don't care how lazy or ungrateful they are because they have sweet moments
Sonaru Kun
Sonaru Kun Day ago
Makes me wonder why people who abuse or try to do horrible things to animals don't get punished I get it there not human beings but there still living breathing thinking creatures I don't know if they have a soul or not but I still believe animals should be shown respect not oh im tired of you go die somewhere or oh I don't wanna take care of you bye bye. Here's what I have to say about that if your not willing to take proper care of a pet then you shouldn't have or get one and if you abuse a pet you should loose it and never be able to have another
_R4Y_ Day ago
These kinds of people shouldn't even have pets. If you're gonna treat pets as toys, maybe you should get an actual toy instead of a living, breathing animal.
Qrazy Day ago
I hate putting down animals
Virginia Fuller
Oh my god why , oml NOOOOOOOOOO the kittyyyyy I'm glad they didn't kill them omllll
yee ravioli
yee ravioli Day ago
I had a wonderful dog but when she turned 12 her health took a tern for the worst. I loved that dog and it makes me sad she is no longer with us.😞
Equin0x11 Day ago
the veteran is a legend he just played them lmao
April Allen
April Allen Day ago
MUJIKA Day ago
I was so upset with my stepdad because my pregnant cat got sick and she didnt poop on her cat litter (didnt knew i was giving a different brand of food since my mom buys them) then my dad then grab my cat and threw him outside hitting her belly i swear i couldnt forgive him for awhile , immediately took her to the vet and even there i couldnt stop crying~ this is animal cruelty and i hate it there was also a time where my cat (same cat) she was just new and she was hiding under the bed my dad wanted her to get out and she wouldnt so he grabbed a stick and started poking it (he also did this to my other cat)
Chase Bodiford
Chase Bodiford 2 days ago
this vet is a hero in my book i would have done the same thing
Deena Colclasure
Deena Colclasure 2 days ago
Pacific Northwest Native
Great video! I'm not a cat person but I respect all animals. That was a good vet.
•milk n tea•
•milk n tea• 2 days ago
I do have a cat that I have since I was 8. My first one died and I wanted another one. My parents were against it but couldn't help their loss either. My dentist gave her kittens away and I was lucky to get one. Tho she was different from my past one and I didn't "enjoy" her. I was irresponsible and didn't fed her. My mom always told me: if you won't take care of her I will throw her out. Of course always refusing that idea I took care of her. It is pretty risky for kids to get a pet that needs a lot of care. Just playing and be done with it is always something I disagreed with as a kid, even though it was true and I refused to realize it. I'm glad that I learned it this way. But still it can be quite risky. I obviously didn't think correctly as a child. "Oh it's cute I want it." That's what a lot of kids think including me. So yeah think wisely just like I should have at the start.
Katerina Travkina
0:34 wrong software installed: dog.exe Lol this is just a joke no hate
Anastasia M. Prickett
Some humans should be urbanized. Smh
KryaDiere 2 days ago
This was a decent vet. The one in my country was shit. My old cat was ill and when I brought him there the vet diagnosed him with kidney failure. She casually told me there's no cure and asked me if I wanted to put him down NOW. I was like wtf??? I told her I'd like to bring him home and I'm glad I did. I did my research etc, and went to another vet. They changed his diet (food for renal issues that's low in salt) and told me I had to give him dialysis (hook him up to an IV) daily or made sure he drank a lot of water. I did that and he survived another 6 years, before finally passing away in his sleep (he was 16). Never forgave or went back to that vet. Heartless!
foxy gamer bak
foxy gamer bak 2 days ago
The cat at 2:52 is my cat in the past
RoyL Gaming
RoyL Gaming 2 days ago
Given that humans treated other humans like monsters for centuries, it's only a given that this treatment would be transferred to animals by those very humans.
Narksen 2 days ago
just think, these people are probably breeding right now, making more humans that they won't take care of and turn into messed up adults. If you have no soul for the well being of your cat, and no forethought to research the animal and get it spayed...I can guess you're going to really fail at parenting another human being.
Katherine V
Katherine V 2 days ago
Let me at them
SoCalGirl44024 2 days ago
If I move, my cats and dogs go with me.
Kathleen Hubert
Kathleen Hubert 2 days ago
way to go vet and the nice people do care about cats and the rescue people are nice and animals are nice and need lots of love and care
Nicky Jadee
Nicky Jadee 2 days ago
I can't stand people who have animals and don't even care when somthing happens that might be unexpected but that's no reason to kill a cat or disown it like god sake if thwatt woman was preg she shud be put down
GrayGhoul Change
GrayGhoul Change 2 days ago
Here i am,Waiting for my sweet fur baby's pregnancy (I'm having a hard time tho😂Specially when i here there meows) But i would definitely love kittens that was born from my own cat😍
Sonia Rizvi
Sonia Rizvi 2 days ago
curse those people they don’t deserve polly! take her in a stupid CARRIER! if you don’t have one, buy it! don’t kill a healthy pregnant cat!!!! GOD I HATE THESE PEOPLE! DONT BUY A PET IF YOU CANT TAKE CARE OF A PERFECT CAT! REPLY IF YOU AGREE WITH ME!
Chasity Glenn
Chasity Glenn 2 days ago
I cannot stand people who use pets for their own amusement, but then when the pet needs care, they toss it out like the trash! People like that make me sick. You should have to have a license to own pets, the way that people treat animals. The vet definitely did the right thing. Some of peoples excuses for giving up their animals just make me SMH.
Silver Mercy
Silver Mercy 2 days ago
i'd never do that to my kitties or any animals. I love my cats. :) They are sisters and have never been apart. :P
Rex Royulada
Rex Royulada 2 days ago
I was about to exit the video thinking it's gonna be like thoughty2 explaining the entire backstory+fillers but I realized it was actually 3mins, so I stayed and I'm glad I did