OVERNIGHT in HAUNTED PRISON: Visiting the Gas Chamber 

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Starting our overnight stay at the infamous MO State Penn, most known for being one of the longest standing maximum security prisons in United States history especially for their use of the Gas Chamber, we are given a detailed tour about the gruesome past and current hauntings. Biltmore Hotel, CECIL Hotel, Area 51, Clown Motel & a few surprises are all coming up next...
Part 2: us-first.info/player/video/h8-PaoORaI-Fa5s.html
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Apr 4, 2021




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TFIL 16 days ago
Sorry for the late upload! Videos are in 4K now & it delayed the vid. Part 2 coming on Wednesday! Make sure to subscribe! Our best videos are yet to come. Of course, SendItSociety.com if you want to grab some merch & support the channel!
Randy Blount
Randy Blount 2 days ago
Y’all should come down here we have a band hospital in Summit Mississippi I’ve been watching since I was 13 and I am 18
Filip Vaněk
Filip Vaněk 2 days ago
I can so much help you but im not from America, if you read it and get from me some information, just write me on my discord (filip2096)
Randy Blount
Randy Blount 3 days ago
Y’all should come down here to Summit Mississippi we got to a banded hospitals I heard the hospitals are really haunted I want you to come down here cause I’m your biggest fan I’ve been watching out since I was 13 and I am 18 now
Lilli Jagade
Lilli Jagade 4 days ago
Plz and thank you
Lilli Jagade
Lilli Jagade 4 days ago
Hey I would like to be picked to go with you it would be fun for me because I am used to being in haunted places and I would like to go somewhere so haunted
Kailey Bulow
Kailey Bulow Hour ago
that was so scary
Nena Pennington
I fucking love JJ already. 🤣
Makenzie Gassaway
I love his laugh
Maggie Liang
Maggie Liang Hour ago
jj and elton voice is so funny 😂
c.c. Nobody
c.c. Nobody 2 hours ago
Corey was probably freaking out on the inside when she mentioned the 7ft tall shadow man.
Kaz Mumma-Bear
Kaz Mumma-Bear 2 hours ago
If the scary movie whasssuuuupppp was done by women hahaha
Ava Sophia
Ava Sophia 3 hours ago
The whole video was a tour...
Bre Secor
Bre Secor 3 hours ago
I think JJ should do more videos with them😂😂😂 he definitely has the crackhead Energy and I love it!!
Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts 3 hours ago
when i heard “JJ” i was like “Wait.. KSI?”😂😂
Crazy Inferno
Crazy Inferno 3 hours ago
Hey I want to make a entry
AirreOnna Stovall
AirreOnna Stovall 3 hours ago
At 21:52 the door behind JJ closed and that’s what that noise was-
Blueberry_Mystery 3 hours ago
The tour lady was so chill about telling a shadow person that she can see them and to wave hello
Blueberry_Mystery 4 hours ago
“ you can do anything while we are not in the building. These Spirits are like are co workers and we have to deal with them when they are moody!”
Lwky Jc
Lwky Jc 4 hours ago
21:45 look at the door behind jj
Soren Shaffer
Soren Shaffer 4 hours ago
JJ seems like the greatest type of person to be around
Panda and Koala
Panda and Koala 4 hours ago
Did anyone else notice Corey when Elton was talking about how to enter the thing? 😂😂😂
Olivia Feltman
Olivia Feltman 6 hours ago
PscyllehrToka 6 hours ago
The tour guide was great!💚💚
Jeannette Willis
Jeannette Willis 6 hours ago
Austin L
Austin L 6 hours ago
Keep JJ lol, he's the best
OutBurst 6 hours ago
Where is this at?
Becca Geoffroy
Becca Geoffroy 7 hours ago
Them low-key just making fun of his voice and he’s like yeah
yass queen get it Missouri you scary scary place. BOO!
LayZ 7 hours ago
JJ is dope!!
Yana Shah
Yana Shah 8 hours ago
JJs a whole mood. Loved the energy
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 8 hours ago
Haley Moffat
Haley Moffat 8 hours ago
I am sooo glad they went here and I hope they go to lemp mansion because MO has some scary stuff. Come back to see the mansion pleaseeeee...
XKC3RTY 8 hours ago
hey, ya i've been a fan of you guys for a while but um. ya my great great, uncle is Charles Floyd , "Pretty Boy Floyd" just to let you guys know.
lizzyb1rd 8 hours ago
"(...) and you hear pea-nut butt-er." "it was *nuts* ." that was nice.
Phoenixshadow ct
Phoenixshadow ct 9 hours ago
Everytime there is a tour guide its Eltons goal to make them laugh I swear. Also poltergeist means noisy ghost in German.
Yesenia Colin
Yesenia Colin 9 hours ago
Bucket and a mop for this wet (bad word) (another bad word)
Geena Budwell
Geena Budwell 9 hours ago
Ive had her as a guide! I love her so much, she did an amazing job.
Ryanguyt N/A
Ryanguyt N/A 9 hours ago
They laugh alot thats not respecting the dead give them the respect i hope she dont watch your videos @TFIL
Lizzy McRae
Lizzy McRae 9 hours ago
There are so many orbs in the psych ward! You can see them flying behind the guys and such.
Brian Shantz
Brian Shantz 9 hours ago
Omg lmao
Rosie Williams
Rosie Williams 9 hours ago
Is it just me or when she said hey is anyone there I heard a bang and when she said can you do it again I heard the same exact bang
Emily Peters
Emily Peters 10 hours ago
Another comment! Ya girl wants a win
Nathan Eugling
Nathan Eugling 10 hours ago
Riley isjevshidkwj
Riley isjevshidkwj 12 hours ago
All of these videos are so insane!!!
Madylin Allen
Madylin Allen 13 hours ago
I always have to wait a few videos before watching. I love binging them!
Taelor Fowler
Taelor Fowler 13 hours ago
my town isn’t very haunted so even if i did win...there’s not much in ohio😂😂 i love how informative this is though it’s cool to learn about this stuff
Alberta hinksman
Alberta hinksman 13 hours ago
I’m loving these videos
Kelcie Baker
Kelcie Baker 13 hours ago
At 21:49-21:50 looks like a door cracks open behind the left side of the prize winner guy. Everybody looks around for a sound right after.
Kelcie Baker
Kelcie Baker 13 hours ago
And after watching it over and over, it lines up with the audio.
michael curry
michael curry 13 hours ago
BANdavid 13 hours ago
i’m sorry but this whole fan base is unfunny
Hysterical Figure 101
Love the vids
Brooke Logie
Brooke Logie 14 hours ago
At around 21:49 when everyone’s wondering where the noise actually came from, you can literally see the door move behind the competition winner, but they weirdly looked the opposite direction? But that’s what the noise was !!
Molly Venice
Molly Venice 14 hours ago
jamaica Inn and bodmin moor in cornwall UK has been said to be one the most haunted places in cornwall and britain, please look it up it was a smugglers den/Inn many people died there or were murdered - there even a novel written about it.
zoe salinas
zoe salinas 14 hours ago
when she was explaining intelligent energy i kept hearing small banging or knocks when she was explaining 0_o
That fucking laugh though--
Dark Kirito.
Dark Kirito. 19 hours ago
Best vid ever.. I died when he told his demon pun 💀💀
Katherine Ahola
Katherine Ahola 22 hours ago
Are we not gonna talk about JJ leaning on the door and making a noise that scared everyone? 🤣
Tyra Jedi
Tyra Jedi 22 hours ago
I'm gonna buy some merch as soon as I get some money! 😁 Love you guys
Mary Figueroa
Mary Figueroa 23 hours ago
lowkey want to go here now
Brooke McPherson
Brooke McPherson 23 hours ago
Best explore group on US-first tbh!!
brandon neal
brandon neal Day ago
Broooo speaking of Alcatraz I want to go there so freaking bad! I wonder how many spirits roam the halls
Serenity Dotson
what does this "claiming" thing mean? im slow
Damitta430 Day ago
If i heard his laugh in a dark place i would most definitely pee my pants. But this place sounds very cool and the picture of the face with the mom and daughter is scary and i hope they do find some crazy evidence here.
Bbygxrl. beth
JJ reminds me of one of the kids from south park 😂😂😭
roberto slocomb
Choose me!!
Hey tfil, I wanted to enter in the giveaway so you could come see the scariest place by my hometown and I liked and subscribed, and I love your videos, i would love to show you guys the area. Ps you guys have the best videos, and I also live in Canada.
keyve Day ago
i live in missouri-
Noah Leeds
Noah Leeds Day ago
Hi I wish I could do this
Strawberrymist X
That looks like a lot of fun! Wish I could join
King Ghost11
King Ghost11 Day ago
Pamela Books
Pamela Books Day ago
The jokes Elton makes I die laughing non stop though this whole video because of Elton.
Taco Bell
Taco Bell Day ago
Prisons are probably the scariest thing, so much happens in them I feel like they are more haunted than a haunted house. And the fact that that one ghost didn’t like he pic taken like the others are probably just owning it like a red carpet and we don’t even know it 😂😂 and of course u guys want to provoke the ghost 😂🤣
Ariel Goswick
Visit me
Ariel Goswick
Come to IOWA
Nathaniel Lopez
Not scary
Morgan Penamante
They are so damn funny 😂😂😂
C J Day ago
Love this 😂
where can i find friends like Elton and Corey
Strawberrymist X
This is crazy
Poseidon Day ago
Love all of the videos guys! I have been watching for years!!!!
School Computer
lmao -14C is warm if ur canadian
Icy Day ago
My house has a shadow man (story of first encounter) I was 13 at the time and I was getting ready to go to bed and my dad said hey why were you downstairs and I said what do you mean I have been I’m my room for an hour apparently a dark figure ran across a hallway between my parents room and my room we thought it was a home intruder but it just vanished
Lynna Hill
Lynna Hill Day ago
Liking and commenting because the 5 cents in my bank account can't afford to even THINK about merch😎
T3_ Ssrshawkey32
pee sacks
Phantom Soru
Phantom Soru Day ago
wtf this was posted on my bday
Jason Kempe
Jason Kempe Day ago
21:48 the door moved in the back left
Hayleigh Anglim
The tour guide is so sweet!
Maggie R
Maggie R Day ago
Wow just wow
Luna Haleraven
I totally love JJ.
A Loaf of B R E B
Kind of feunny how I'm in the middle of a zoom class meeting and instead of listening I'm watching this...........you can clearly see how flawed my priorities are.
Neil Janes
Neil Janes Day ago
come to buffalo we got the goods
Tyler NiteMareArmy
No way u were in my city
Jhusgus Day ago
i live in the ntherlands but there is an abbandond hospital which literally has ghosts that slam the door a second after you ask for it
M365 Day ago
I'm related to pretty boy floyd
CastleWR21 Day ago
When the lady said “this is where they held the inmates making crowns of their own feces” I almost threw up.
brianna’s random videos
anyone else from missouri
G JERK Day ago
The intro was hilarious
Trudy Slagle
Trudy Slagle Day ago
So here in Wartburg theres a prison it freaks me out it the brushy muontin prison. Me and my family did the self torw I was so scared of that place it gave me nightmares. When we did the self torw we found a sign it said Slagle on it which isy last name I don't remember the frist name I just remember the last name and ever since I've been seeing figure in my mom and dads house and I get really scared.
Savannah M. Huffman
Awe I love that everyone else agrees JJ fits right in🥺.
Samantha Acosta
i love JJ's personality............also good luck to everyone that wants to win a trip with tfil....we shall see who wins soon:)
Chris Bennett
Sounds like those guards was nothing but Dicks putting someone in the dark for 18 years.
Caughtinalie Day ago
So cool
Nevaeh Landeros
I love their energy with everyone
bob i u u
bob i u u Day ago
i love jj