OUTBREAK Trailer | Season Two | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War 

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Welcome to a massive new Zombies experience like you’ve never seen before.💀

OUTBREAK launches in #BlackOpsColdWar on February 25.


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Feb 22, 2021




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VC.Strange Minute ago
0:35, does anyone else hear the denizen sound?
JeFfRey _YounG
JeFfRey _YounG 10 minutes ago
The only thing you must do in the zombie mode is , RUN!
Enrique Gil
Enrique Gil 21 minute ago
Wow guys did you forget add any kind of personality to the voice lines? They sound awful like they are playing with their cat not fighting zombies
MrMattic :
MrMattic : 22 minutes ago
Where’s the og primis fans at🤙 Never forget.
alex ledezma
alex ledezma 30 minutes ago
They finally made a mmo
Andrei Ceban
Andrei Ceban 35 minutes ago
Haven't played any zombie game since black ops 2, and the sound they make is exactly the same??🤦🏻‍♂️
Sebastian Aguilar
Sebastian Aguilar 41 minute ago
Bring old bottle back and old pack a punch
king0gil018 47 minutes ago
They need to put zombies in warzone
B Dot
B Dot 52 minutes ago
Add split screen to zombies 🧟‍♀️
RIVR MUSIC 52 minutes ago
Looks legit
OzLU 16
OzLU 16 53 minutes ago
pq esta tan caro el juego:C
Wes Donaldson
Wes Donaldson Hour ago
Tonight's the night!!!!!!!!!
Wes Donaldson
Wes Donaldson 56 minutes ago
@Polaralpha was going to get the 25 dollar pass but short 100 cod points soo hopefully they be giving that free 100 cod points away early!
Polaralpha Hour ago
DragonBoy 32
DragonBoy 32 Hour ago
I saw a mimic. I hate Those things....
Pog Squirrel
Pog Squirrel Hour ago
Thank you for letting us play cold war multiplayer and zombies for free for a week cant wait for season 2!
squishy Hour ago
we are rea du
High Gaming YT
LFG!!! 🧟‍♂️ 💯 CANT WAIT FOR TMWR 💯💯🔥🔥
cayden bowman
cayden bowman Hour ago
considering this game is based during the cold war, itd be pretty neat to see the ability to teleport to the moon through an aether portal.
Ste Mac Official
Billy idol rebel yell great sound track guys love what you guys created 🔥🙌🏻
Phaze Ghost
Phaze Ghost Hour ago
whoever disliked this is probably a white mom that thinks video games cause violence
L R Hour ago
Uh Treyarch I know Sticks and Stones will be added soon so I can’t wait 😁
Demo man viddioes Michel joveil
I’m also waiting on that gun game
Spartan 1337
Spartan 1337 Hour ago
Visions RECX
Visions RECX Hour ago
Give me town back .
Mariano Di Latte
Edward Smith
Edward Smith Hour ago
What’s the song called?
theICON Kjf
theICON Kjf Hour ago
This looks fire can’t lie
Julio Costa
Julio Costa Hour ago
the possibility of drive a car passing through a horde of zombies and shooting them at same time putts an smile on me. Will be an great season (hope soo). The only thing that bothers me is the "futuristic" stuff. To me the closer to reality-based the better.
EXIXIS Hour ago
Treyarc, make Call of Duty: Zombies. Nothing but zombies. Every map, every gun, every character & every mode. Let go!
MLGflappybird Hour ago
Will this be on Warzone??
spooki Hour ago
The hype is real
WetNoodle5 Hour ago
wow this trailer is boring af
Miller Retriver
Miller Retriver 2 hours ago
When Zombies is where the entire budget of the game went.
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 hours ago
War zone zombies Nice
GoldMember 3 hours ago
Zombies looks like multiplayer with a zombies mod turned on 🤨 creativity went downhill
Vonsway Hendrix
Vonsway Hendrix 3 hours ago
This for warzone ????
hukyji2 2 hours ago
Cold war. For warzone it's gonna be an event with the same name/theme
Rylan Denham
Rylan Denham 3 hours ago
New perks
Xeno XGodly
Xeno XGodly 3 hours ago
Allegedly Active
Allegedly Active 3 hours ago
It ain't a party til rocketbutt undead are in the mix
Ahmed Jama
Ahmed Jama 3 hours ago
Patrick Dunne
Patrick Dunne 3 hours ago
Looks around pillar sees horde approaching ‘run’
Samwise 3 hours ago
Everything in the trailer feels out of place and I don't even own the game. I guess I just don't get it; and I never will XD
pobby 3 hours ago
"It's an avocado, thanks!" 1:25
Agent Venta
Agent Venta 4 hours ago
This will rival kino
Delano Suripatty
Delano Suripatty 4 hours ago
Man, if they execute this right its gonna be Legen- wait for it DARY. LEGENDARY
Neeno Roshi
Neeno Roshi 4 hours ago
NickOakCountach 85
NickOakCountach 85 4 hours ago
This is what we been waiting for thanks so much for this i cant wait to play it
MAD_Mickey123 4 hours ago
0:03 der eisendrache dragon 😲
Ben HDG 4 hours ago
Josh Thibodeau
Josh Thibodeau 4 hours ago
Are these new playable characters?
usa4561 4 hours ago
I hope they bought rights to use this map from "Days Gone" clearly way to similar to alot of areas in days gone which cod zombies in my opinion will never top days gone as cod zombies only focus on vary small area maps. And days gone is a big open world full of zombies an zombie hords. Dont like what I just said dont release a supposed to be free fireball z map only for ps4 to charge people to play it! Never its supposed to be free u guys that made the map even said it was I'm fully disgusted with not getting a free map that was never free but was supposed to be! You even said be on the look out for the free DLC LIES!!!!
usa4561 Hour ago
@hukyji2 really dude I'll check again thank you.
usa4561 Hour ago
@hukyji2 it even says to me as I found the download playstation plus membership required so I never got the promised supposed free new zombie map cause I dont use there membership I refuse to pay again for a game I already paid in full to play "all the features it has to offer" and not being able to is faults advertising
hukyji2 Hour ago
@usa4561 with the last update You can play offline firebase z
usa4561 Hour ago
@hukyji2 not on ps4 without paying a monthly fee as theres zero solo play option and in order to play it you have to play it in multiplayer mode and everyone knows in order to play in multiplayer mode you need to pay monthly to connect to the server where anyone can join.
hukyji2 2 hours ago
You can play base z for free
Pablo Soriano
Pablo Soriano 4 hours ago
Whats the name of the song????
Oktay 5 hours ago
Now this really look sick OMFG I WANT THIS
Syn 5 hours ago
Is this on warzone or just cold war?
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel 2 hours ago
Cold War
Viviana Cepeda Gallegos
The song is rebel yell its cool i like how cod remixed it
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker 5 hours ago
Cant wait couple more days
Wow It’s spazzy
Wow It’s spazzy 5 hours ago
The panzer is back in business baby
Exaggerated Swagger
I know this looks really cool and all but it’s probably gonna have a lot of problems
Dion Sauni
Dion Sauni 5 hours ago
This is solely why I got Cold War. Zombies has been dope asf
Ian 5 hours ago
$60 Game *Free Update
Comedian _
Comedian _ 6 hours ago
Starke Arbeit Treyarch ❤️😘🤙🏻
The Oracle
The Oracle 6 hours ago
I think im going back to Bo1/Bo2/Bo3 🥲
HandSoloFB 6 hours ago
FAŁŁØUT PRØ 64 6 hours ago
Ok I searched everywhere, whos the gas mask dude?
KennyG 6 hours ago
cod is officially the goat of zombies 🙌
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 6 hours ago
I always thought they were going to do something with verdansk with huge hordes against players stationed in the prison.
FAŁŁØUT PRØ 64 6 hours ago
Ok I searched everywhere, whos the gas mask dude?
FAŁŁØUT PRØ 64 6 hours ago
What? Please for everyone's sake, shut up
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 6 hours ago
Boooooring !! Can't wait for the new BattleField coming out this year!
Midas Mancha
Midas Mancha 6 hours ago
I wonder what training zombies will be like with the big opens space. I can’t wait to see just millions of zombies in a huge hoard😍
Alex Xandros
Alex Xandros 6 hours ago
Kyle Branch
Kyle Branch 7 hours ago
That jump pad though
Insomnia 7 hours ago
seeing this, i'm kinda surprised they didn't use the open world nature of this to allow for 8 players
Killua X
Killua X 7 hours ago
Laze 5 hours ago
You haven’t even played it yet
Colt 2000
Colt 2000 6 hours ago
You've not play it yet 🤡
Black Panther6
Black Panther6 7 hours ago
What hour does it launch at?
Filipe Batista
Filipe Batista 7 hours ago
Finally a reason to buy CW
kevin coronelk79
kevin coronelk79 7 hours ago
Afuera platita
DAndre Reynolds
DAndre Reynolds 7 hours ago
Jacob Alden
Jacob Alden 7 hours ago
So is it basically warzone with zombies?
Jacob Alden
Jacob Alden 6 hours ago
@hukyji2 thanks, you're as much use as a glass hammer
hukyji2 6 hours ago
Not at all
Gabriel L
Gabriel L 7 hours ago
It's coming tomorrow let's goooooo
Anime Show93
Anime Show93 7 hours ago
There will be never better zombie map then Der Eisendrache because of ragnarock and bow !! I wish the did credit something like it again on different map
Adam Smart
Adam Smart 7 hours ago
So like, dayz but cod?
Castiel Angel Of The Lord
Pie 4life
Pie 4life 8 hours ago
fk commetns saying "lets go" most of them are losers making $ off u.
Ricardo Arias
Ricardo Arias 8 hours ago
Boooooring !! Can't wait for the new BattleField coming out this year!
Colt 2000
Colt 2000 6 hours ago
No one asked you
Non Specific
Non Specific 8 hours ago
I always thought they were going to do something with verdansk with huge hordes against players stationed in the prison.
Robbie Persichetti
Robbie Persichetti 8 hours ago
If this is like extinction from ghosts then im in
Flynn 7732
Flynn 7732 9 hours ago
This should be a open world game like dayzgone
Rishabh Juneja
Rishabh Juneja 9 hours ago
What about zombies in CODM bruh 🙄😭
Randall Adrian Romo
O yeah
nate schwarz
nate schwarz 9 hours ago
Every Battlefield 3/4 Player shuddered at the Jeep C4 Scene
Irongamer 29
Irongamer 29 9 hours ago
They picked the perfect song
DonSnaps 9 hours ago
this is about to go crazy
July 9 hours ago
These are just disappointing compared to BO3 zombies. Those were fun and had that zombies feel that these are seriously lacking. Shadows of evil, gorod krovi, revelations, the castle one I forget, they had that awesome feel , music, Easter eggs , great wonder weapons , characters . These are just, meh .
Yoy Eikenhorst
Yoy Eikenhorst 9 hours ago
Looks really cool, but what is with all those random out of place punchlines. Feels really unrelated and out of place
kingjxmes36 9 hours ago
*p o g g e r s*
DonoHater 9 hours ago
10 days for free??? LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!
Hunter Stone
Hunter Stone 10 hours ago
Zombies saved this game
l surnix l
l surnix l 10 hours ago
Nyxboi 10 hours ago
Cod is killing it with the music picks
Reza getnet
Reza getnet 10 hours ago
when is the new cod coming i am bored
John Waffle
John Waffle 10 hours ago
If the history of all previous treyarch COD zombie games tell us anything, it's that there's nothing new thats coming. Same ole zombies wrapped in a new skin, and tacked on with a few minor changes. Suprise me, please.
Colt 2000
Colt 2000 6 hours ago
They always had a smaller budget so 🤷
Curtis Harmer
Curtis Harmer 10 hours ago
Hi hunter
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