Our Regular Season Came Down To the Final Game... 32 TEAM FRANCHISE #8 

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We lost to him earlier in the regular season, but need a win to guarantee a spot in the playoffs! Welcome to the Madden 21 32 Team Online Franchise!
15,000 LIKES and i'll try to do another franchise week in the future! :)
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Welcome to the Madden 21 32 team online fantasy draft franchise. It is finally time for the end of the season and these games are super important for us to win! Cowboys vs Giants division rival, playoff seeding on the line, and a chance that we can completely get kicked out. Not to mention that we have lost to this guy earlier in the regular season..


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Apr 18, 2021




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YoBoy PIZZA 18 days ago
Hope you all enjoyed franchise week! I’ll have to store up a bunch of episodes over time to do it again, but I’ll definitely do it again with how much you all seem to like it. #GOD1
LIttle Liam 28 YT
LIttle Liam 28 YT 15 days ago
Thomas III Mitchell
Show the stats piz
Dustin Hooyman
Dustin Hooyman 16 days ago
Best week ever
Becky Gaither
Becky Gaither 16 days ago
@Tony Gmen yeah it’s werid
Daniel Stainker
Daniel Stainker 17 days ago
pack out today plz
Brady Stephens
Brady Stephens 19 hours ago
I couldn’t find an active Xbox Franchise so I made my own simmed fantasy draft franchise. If you’re interested you can join at BradyNS122boss_9 or message my Xbox account at BradyNS122boss on current gen
Tony Gallardo
Tony Gallardo 20 hours ago
5 touchdowns? I’m sorry but that’s illegal #suspended
Julie Edens
Julie Edens 8 days ago
RBLXAuditorBoy 13 days ago
8:57 B was wide
Satyam Chugh
Satyam Chugh 13 days ago
I left Kamara me think karma
Simon Karsten
Simon Karsten 13 days ago
This is great I love it!
Jake Saylor
Jake Saylor 13 days ago
Wow, haven´t watched Yoboy in months don´t know why all I have to say is his channel has grown so much!
ToxicPlays 14 days ago
10:55 was the most laid back pick 6 popoff ive ever seen
Nathan Korzenik
Nathan Korzenik 14 days ago
Pizza I would absolutely loveeeee to join a 32 franchise with u. In the notigang and subbed so fingers crossed
Tonio Holman
Tonio Holman 14 days ago
had x wide open 4:26
Tom Mager
Tom Mager 14 days ago
Wolfie Gaming
Wolfie Gaming 14 days ago
Love this series no cap 🥵🔥
andrew yarno
andrew yarno 15 days ago
This series is lit🔥
Oliver Desplinter
Oliver Desplinter 15 days ago
Me kinda early
patrick ordway
patrick ordway 15 days ago
do another season with the niners uniform up to you don't hold it throw it away if needed it better than losing yard bro
Cole Johncena
Cole Johncena 15 days ago
Best series on youtube🤔
Cooper Anderson
Cooper Anderson 15 days ago
Kathy Triantis
Kathy Triantis 16 days ago
Day 8 of asking pizza to trade for a new qb
James O'Neil
James O'Neil 16 days ago
Good game’s
Chris Magill
Chris Magill 16 days ago
I like it more than packed out
Just Underscore
Just Underscore 16 days ago
Might be your best series ever!
Lochlan Murphy
Lochlan Murphy 16 days ago
Record next vid plzzz
Janet Sheffer
Janet Sheffer 16 days ago
10 likes and Pizza has to prank call all his friends and say the words "Your Mom And Them".
Johnny Bratus
Johnny Bratus 16 days ago
do a face of the franchis
Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson 16 days ago
Window comment: people say I’m like a window girls see right through me
Cynic FATEd
Cynic FATEd 16 days ago
To all the people that have been watching YoBoy Pizza since before he had 1 mil subs.
Logan Crandall
Logan Crandall 16 days ago
Pls do it again
Daniel Stainker
Daniel Stainker 17 days ago
weekly goal : score a jump ball td with anyone
Daniel Stainker
Daniel Stainker 17 days ago
btw I'm on my dads phone
Daniel Stainker
Daniel Stainker 17 days ago
well pack out is my favorite series
Daniel Stainker
Daniel Stainker 17 days ago
can you do pack out 2 times a week
Champ Gaming
Champ Gaming 17 days ago
7:59 stop staring at meee
Champ Gaming
Champ Gaming 17 days ago
Wanna hear a joke about the Seahalks? Dang i lost it last second
Elijah Pearso
Elijah Pearso 17 days ago
RPG Sour
RPG Sour 17 days ago
Ummm you showed his name
Fernando Esparza
Fernando Esparza 17 days ago
Do Tom Brady mixed with Michael Vick or Lamar Jackson
FootballSquad 17 days ago
Great videos yoboy pizza 🍕
Mindie Sandlin
Mindie Sandlin 17 days ago
Notice how madden has the word mad in it no wonder yoboy pizza eats so many pizza because he releases his anger out on pizza
Luke Lmancus
Luke Lmancus 17 days ago
MMG is better
Nathan Renoll
Nathan Renoll 17 days ago
US-first and madden yes
Mindie Sandlin
Mindie Sandlin 17 days ago
BIG DECISION YOU SHOULD TRADE DK METCALF FOR JULIO JONES!!!!!!!! And did you get fan mail yet from Thrower Sandlin do a fan mail video soon to thanks if you read this let me know about all of this stuff with that being said your the best GOD BLESS peace ✌🏻
Super_Clean J10
Super_Clean J10 17 days ago
Challenge go back to madden 18 and see how long it takes to get a online game
K3lslatt 17 days ago
Champ Gaming
Champ Gaming 17 days ago
7:58 a slice of pizza.
Chill Casey
Chill Casey 17 days ago
You still gonna do the playoffs right?
ッyoitzpat 17 days ago
No he’s gonna stop week 17
Dana Gallow
Dana Gallow 17 days ago
Whiteboard comment: Who knew during COVID, I could be at a family gathering drinking illegally, and the family gathering would be illegal. 😅
isaac sands
isaac sands 17 days ago
Nathan Lingrosso
Nathan Lingrosso 17 days ago
I like franchise but I rather would have packed out
Doug Robbins
Doug Robbins 17 days ago
I want more seasons!
Michelle Bartels
Michelle Bartels 17 days ago
More packed out
King On Gfuel
King On Gfuel 17 days ago
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 17 days ago
JKRMotza Fortnite
JKRMotza Fortnite 17 days ago
i love it plz bring more
Jacob Gonzalez
Jacob Gonzalez 17 days ago
Lucas Willey
Lucas Willey 17 days ago
Dispute the suspension for the cardinal guy's draft picks. Point out he never double teamed DK so it is on him. That cost DK not only yardage and the breakout week. You should be compensated.
JC 17 days ago
I’m a Cowboys fan
Jeremiah David
Jeremiah David 17 days ago
I think there should a button where can do one handed catches
jennifer winstanley
play packed out
DragonEye96 Gaming
DragonEye96 Gaming 17 days ago
Ayo Pizza, after this series can you join my franchise? I've been dying to play a madden youtuber since I've got the game. My wifi is kind of trash so don't be surprised if u get a few free sacks if and when you play against me.
Antwan Rogers
Antwan Rogers 17 days ago
Chase Dexter
Chase Dexter 17 days ago
You should try and trade for donte Jackson 96 speed cb
Conner Enstrom
Conner Enstrom 17 days ago
Jesus died on the cross for everyone. Spread the gospel and keep God first :)
Amani Gaming
Amani Gaming 17 days ago
What do you put your injury’s at
Kamari Dorsey
Kamari Dorsey 17 days ago
Paked out next they got some crazy new cards. Weekly Goal: Score with a OLine.
Isaiah Brown
Isaiah Brown 17 days ago
I challenge yoboy pizza to a madden 21 match
Stacey Greene
Stacey Greene 17 days ago
4:28 X=TD
Jacob Frodl
Jacob Frodl 17 days ago
Kmash 17 days ago
White board comment: Substitute teacher: My name is Bill Ding. Student: why are so short then?!?!?
Ethan Honore
Ethan Honore 17 days ago
Anyone see at 2:39 one of the players on the bench just ran on the field 🤣
AirMen Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC
If 2 times 3 equal 6 than why does 2 3 times equal 8
Cayden Harford
Cayden Harford 18 days ago
name 3 players that are the best on your team
søsø OTR
søsø OTR 18 days ago
Keep this series up plz
ericcartman87 18 days ago
Really close game loving this series
Cayden Harford
Cayden Harford 18 days ago
i watched every video
Elias Ayala
Elias Ayala 18 days ago
2:39 did he just come from out of bounds
Fire Truck
Fire Truck 18 days ago
Weekly Goal: score a 30+ yard passing touchdown with a kicker. Pizza wouldn’t do it because he thinks it’s to hard.
Mr. zero
Mr. zero 18 days ago
Judah Hurst
Judah Hurst 18 days ago
Weekly goal: do a fake punt on first down and score
Billy Meltebrink
Billy Meltebrink 18 days ago
This series is gonna be lit coming up soon, really believe in this team!
Julian Cruz
Julian Cruz 18 days ago
Pizza can you show the 2021 NFL Draft pls
Daylin Comly
Daylin Comly 18 days ago
The mans who changed his name
Absolutely loving this series
MikeTFG 18 days ago
Yoboy Pizza you lying to us?!? 2:05 that is Franks gamer tag
Mystrobeatcz 18 days ago
the satisfaction of watching Tom lose :)
Champ Gaming
Champ Gaming 18 days ago
Pizza what will you do when you reach 2M? You're very close!
Maka Hardie
Maka Hardie 18 days ago
This series is lit 🔥
Fang Inuzuka
Fang Inuzuka 18 days ago
Its insane the number of guys who say Franchise is boring end up not knowing how difficult it is to get a win like this lmao we all know if this were Mut that last play on the drag would've been a touchdown 😂 bro pls keep doing this series
203Shane 18 days ago
Sorry papa 😔
Rams House
Rams House 18 days ago
800th comment
dejawhite22 18 days ago
Remember when Marvin Jones was op in the beginning?
2x.garrett 18 days ago
By far the best series 😤👑
Jake Steranko
Jake Steranko 18 days ago
What ever happend to stephon diggs
Ryno 18 days ago
How do you challenge it?
luckyboi9000 18 days ago
Great series
Austin Riner
Austin Riner 18 days ago
Jay Playz
Jay Playz 18 days ago
MMG vs yoboy pizza pt2
TROY KOZLOWSKI THE Clevelander Till my dieing day
Liam Spang
Liam Spang 18 days ago
just here to remind pizza that papa meags is better
X MappleDee X Field
I love it! Plz do more
He officially quit
He officially quit